Madame Récamier and Her Friends

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Knight and Millet, 1867 - 281 strán (strany)

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Strana 276 - Je ne puis; — malgré moi l'infini me tourmente. Je n'y saurais songer sans crainte et sans espoir; Et, quoi qu'on en ait dit, ma raison s'épouvante De ne pas le comprendre et pourtant de le voir.
Strana 265 - Je ne saurais vous dire au juste le quantième. Dans ma tête, un beau jour, ce talent se trouva; Et j'avais cinquante ans quand cela m'arriva.
Strana 39 - ... without your assistance — some casual acquaintance would no doubt have introduced me — but I should never have penetrated to the intimacy of this sublime and beautiful soul, and should never have known how much better she is than her reputation. She is an angel sent from heaven to reveal the divine goodness upon earth. To make her irresistible, a pure ray of celestial light embellishes her spirit and makes her amiable from every point of view. 'At once profound and light, whether she is discovering...
Strana 186 - ... Thou mayest dry up with grief." Then the other, who was very polite and sensible and courteous, replied with the words: " Certainly I am sorry that two such gentlemen as these should fight on our behalf over so small a disagreement. But I cannot disregard my claim, for I am in too great need of it. So I should be much obliged to you if you would give me what is rightly mine.
Strana 40 - Widow, an oriental melodrama which she has just finished, will be played in October; it is charming. Coppet will be flooded with tears. Constant and Auguste are both composing tragedies; Sabran is writing a comic opera, and Sismondi a history ; Schlegel is translating something, Bonstetten is busy with philosophy, and I am busy with my letter to Juliette.
Strana 40 - I last wrote have been confined to journeys to Lausanne and Coppet, where I often pass three or four days. The life there suits me perfectly, — the society still better. I delight in the wit of Constant, the erudition of Schlegel, the amiability of Sabran, the talent and character of Sismondi, the naturalness and truth, the good judgment of Augustus, the sweet and spirituette loveliness of Albertine.
Strana 141 - Yesterday there was a brilliant assembly at the Abbaye-auxBois, to hear " Moses" read. Lafond read very badly, because the manuscript was poor ; but M. de Chateaubriand took it, and read it himself: so what was lost in the reading was amply made up in the interest. Your aunt, however, was on thorns ; but be assured that all went off very well, and every one was delighted, as it was natural they should be. Among the auditors, I shall confine myself to mentioning Mesdames Appony, de Fontanes, and Gay...
Strana 169 - Florence, exploring ancient monuments, churches, museums, libraries. During the mid-day halt, as well as in the evening, they talked of what they had seen, they read aloud to each other, or Ballanche and his young friend earnestly discussed questions of history and philosophy. Mme. Re'camier had the wonderful faculty of instantly transforming the meanest chamber of a wayside inn and giving it an air of elegance: a cloth thrown over a table, books and flowers arranged upon it, a muslin coverlet spread...
Strana 141 - ... that all went off very well, and every one was delighted, as it was natural they should be. Among the auditors, I shall confine myself to mentioning Mesdames Appony, de Fontanes, and Gay ; MM. Cousin, Villemain, Lebrun, Lamartine, Latouche, Dubois, Saint-Marc-Girardin, Valery, Me'rime'e, G6rard, the Dukes de Doudeauville and de Broglie, MM. de Sainte-Aulaire, de Barante, and David, Mme. de Boigne, Mme. de Gramont, Baron Pasquier, Mme. and the Mlles, de Barantes and Mile.

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