Strategic Communication: New Agendas in Communication

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Anthony Dudo, LeeAnn Kahlor
Routledge, 1. 7. 2016 - 204 strán (strany)

The focus of this book is Strategic Communication. Communication can be defined as strategic if its development and/or dissemination is driven by an expected outcome. These outcomes can be attitudinal, behavioral, persuasive or knowledge-related; they can lead to change or engagement, or they can miss their mark entirely. In looking at strategic communication, one is not limited to a specific context or discipline. Many of the scholars in the volume are generating research that covers strategic communication in ways that are meaningful across fields.

This volume collects the work and idea of scholars who cover the spectrum of strategic communication from source to message to audience to channel to effects. Strategic Communication offers news perspectives across contexts and is rooted firmly in the rich research traditions of persuasion and media effects. Spanning multiple disciplines and written to appeal to a large audience, this book will be found in the hands of researchers, graduate students, and students doing interdisciplinary coursework.


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Narrative Messaging
The Social Nature of Online Media and Its Effects
Strategic Communication and U S National Security
MarketerConsumer Language Cooperation in Strategic
How Marketing Communications Influence the Formation
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Anthony Dudo is an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

LeeAnn Kahlor is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

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