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of his Prophecy, an Exposition, by the Rev. Church of England, 12mo.:-A Memoir of the Patrick Fairbairn, Salton, author of "Ty- late Rev. Edw. Bickersteth, Rector of Watton, pology of Scripture," " Jonah," &c., 8vo:

" " Jonah," &c., 8v0:- by the Rev. T. R. Birks, M.A., in two volThe Idol demolished by its own Priest, an umes post octavo, with portrait :-Lectures Answer to Cardinal Wiseman's Lectures on on the Prophet Amos, by the Rev. Vincent Transubstantiation, by James Sheridan W. Ryan, M.A., late Curate of St. Mary's, Knowles :- A History of the Articles of Re Edge Hill, and Vice-Principal of the Colleligion, with illustrations from the Symboli- giate Schools, Liverpool, foolscap octavo :cal Books of the Roman and Reformed Primitive Obliquities; or a Review of the Communions, by Charles Hardwick, M.Ag Epistles of the New Testament, in Reference Fellow and Chaplain of St. Catharine's Hall, to the Prevailing Offences in the Church, Cambridge :-A Defence of Revealed Reli- by the Rev. R. Boys, M.A., in foolscap ocgion; comprising a Vindication of the Mira- tavo:

The Jesuits as they Were and Are, cles of the Old and Tew Testaments from from the German of Duller, translated by the Attacks of Rationalists and Infidels, by Mrs. Stanley Carr, with a preface by Sir Joseph Brown, M.D.:-Notes and Reflections Culling Eardley, Bart., foolscap 8vo. :-Roon the Epistle to the Romans, by Arthur manism as it exists in Rome; exhibited in Pridham, demy 12mo. :—Wesley and Metho various Inscriptions and other Documents dism, by Isaac Taylor, author of “Natural in the Churches and other Ecclesiastical History of Enthusiasm,” “Loyola and Je- Places in that City, collected by the Hon. suitism,” &c., post 8vo. :-Gregory of Nazi- J. W. Percy, 8vo. anzum. A Contribution to the Ecclesiastical AMONG the new works in Theology and History of the Fourth Century, by Professor kindred subjects, announced on the ContiUllmann, translated by G. V. Cox, M.A.:- nent, are the following:History of Mohammedanism and its Sects, Novum Testamentum latine interprete by W. Cooke Taylor, LL.D. (third and Hieronymo. Ex celeberrimo codice Amiacheaper edition):--The Early Progress of tino omnium et antiquissimo et praestanthe Gospel, being the Hulsean Lectures for tissimo nunc primum edidit Constantinus 1850, by W. G. Humphry, B.D., Examining Tischendorf. Cum pia memoria Gregorii Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of London :-- XVI. Accedit tabula lapidi incisa. Lipsiae, Quakerism, or the Story of my Life, by one 1850, 46 and 421 pp., 4to. who was a Member of the Society of Friends Das Buch der Religion, oder der religiöse for upwards of Forty Years, 12mo.: Geist der Menschheit in seiner geschichtProtestantism and Popery contrasted by lichen Entwickelung. Für die Gebildeten the acknowledged and authentic Teaching des deutschen Volkes dargestellt von einem of each Religion, edited by the Rev. John deutschen Theologen, 8vo. Edmund Cox, M.A., F.S.A., of All Souls' Pauli epistola altera ad Timotheum College, Oxford, Vicar of St. Helen's, Bish- graece. Cum commentario perpetuo edidit opsgate, London, 2 vols. 8vo.:-Lectures Gottlob Eduardus Leo, theologiae doctor, on Ecclesiastes, by the Rev.James Hamilton, art. mag., senatus ecclesiastici SchoenburD.D., crown 8vo.:—The Bloomsbury Prophet- gici senator, Waldenburgensis ecclesiae pasical Lectures, by twelve clergymen of the tor primar., et dioecesis superintendens.


The first volume of a" History of the Ger- The venerable author brought his labours
man Reformed Church, by Rev. LEWIS down to about 1770; the remainder of the
MAYER, D.D., late Professor in the Theo- history will be given by another hand.
logical Seminary of the German Reformed Prefixed to the first volume is & Memoir of
Church in the United States," has appeared, Dr. Mayer, by Rep. E. Heiner.
(Philadelphia, 8v0., pp. 477.) This volume
is chiefly occupied with an account of the

THE American translation of Neander's Reformation in Switzerland: the second is Life of Christ has been reprinted in Engdesigned to embrace the history of the Ger- land, as part of Bohn's Standard Library. man Reformed Church in the United States.

Classical and Miscellaneous.



A PERPETUAL activity pervades the whole the future service of the journal, are Bopp, field of classical philology in Germany, Diefenbach, Haase, Hartung, Lassen, and especially the domain of Greek Lexico- Zumpt, and others. The cost of the jourgraphy. In this department two important nal, in this country, will be about $3 50 works have appeared, which we have not per annum. seen, but which are highly commended

A REMARKABLE production of the past in the Leipziger Repertorium. They are

year is Ιστορία των Ελλήνων Ποιητών the Handwörterbuch der Griechischen Sprache, von C. Jacobitz und E. E. Seiler,"

και Συγγραφέων, υπό κ. 'Ασωπίου. Τόμ. 2 vols., large 8vo., pp. 1502 and 1792: and the πρώτος, Α-Ζ. 'Εν Αθήναις, 1850, 960 Griechisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch zum Schul

8vo. The author, Constantine Asopios, is und Privatgebrauche, von Jacobitz und Seiler,"

Professor of Greek Literature in the Otto large 8vo., 1650 pp.

University at Athens. The work, when The whole number of matriculated stu

completed, will embrace the history of

Greek Literature from the earliest times up dents at the University of BONN for the winter semester of 1850_1851, was 911;

to the year 1453. of whom 58 were students of Theology un- To show how comprehensive are the atder the Protestant Faculty, and 204 under tempts of modern philosophy, we give the the Catholic ; 308 of Jurisprudence, 127 of title and contents of a new German treaMedicine, and 144 of Philosophy and The tise, viz. :-" System der Wissenschaft: ein ology. The University of BRESLAU, for the philosophischen Encheiridion von Dr. Karl same half-year, had 823 students, of whom Rosenkranz, 1850, pp. 621, 8vo.The con297 were students of Theology. In JENA, tents are as follows:-1. REASON: the scithere were 358 students, of whom 78 were ence of the logical Idea (Dialectics), in three Theological; MARBURG, 263 students, 72 parts: (1.) Being (Metaphysics): (2.) ConTheological ; MUNICH, 1884 students, 315 ception (Logic): (3.) Idea (Ideology). Theological ; WURZBURG, 672 students, 96 II. NATURE: the Philosophy of Nature Theological.

(Physics): (1.) Matter (Mechanics): (2.) THE fourth part of the second volume of

Power (Dynamics): (3.) Life (Organice).Passow's Greek Lexicon (newly edited by III. SPIRIT : (1.) the Subjective Spirit (PoyRost, Palm, and Kreussler) is published, chology): (2.) the Objective Spirit (Ethics): and extends from the word repaoia to

(3.) the Absolute Spirit (Theology). πλινδυφής.

We notice the completion, at last, of Dr. We have received the first number of a

Traill's translation of Josephus' Jewish new philological journal entitled "Zeitschrift War, edited by Isaac Taylor. The work is für Vergleichende Sprachforschung, auf dem

in two volumes, price about $10. gebiete des Deutschen, Griechischen und AMONG the new works in Classical and Lateinischen, herausgegeben von Dr. J. Au- Miscellaneous Literature announced on the frecht, Priv. Doc. &. d. Universität zu Ber- Continent are the following :lin, und Dr. A. Kuhn, Lehrer am Cöln. Bibliographisches Handbuch der philosoGymnasium.” (Berlin, F. Dümmler ; New- phischen Literatur der Deutschen v. der York, Westermann, Brothers.) The first Mitte des 18. Jahrh. bis auf die neueste number gives good promise, both in matter Zeit. Von Dr. Chr. Ant. Geissler. Nach and appearance, of a useful and attractive J. Sam. Ersch in systemat. Ordnung bearb. journal. The space is about equally divided . m. den nöthigen Registern versehen. between the three languages, German, Greek, 3. Aufl. Leipzig, 1850. 283 pp. 8vo. and Latin ; and this proportion is to be Histoire de la philosophie; par l'abbé kept up in future numbers. Among the J. B. Bourgeat. Philosophie orientale. contributors to this number, besides the Paris, Hachette. 1850. 8vo. editors, may be found the names of Förste Grundzüge d. Systems der Philosophie mann, Curtius, Benary, and Jac. Grimm ; od. Encyclopädie der philosoph. Wissenand among the collaborators engaged for schaften von Dr. K. Ph. Fischer, Prof. 2.


Bd.: Die Wissenschaft des subjectiven u. Organismus der lateinischen Sprache objectiven Geistes. 1. Abth. Erlangen, oder: Darstellung der Weltanschauung des Palm. 1850. 272 pp. 8vo. .

röm. Volkes in seinen Sprachformen. Von Lehrbuch zur Einleitung in die Philoso- Dr. Ant. Schmitt. 2 Thle. Mit 6 Forphie. Allgemeine Einleitung, Psychologi

mentaf. 2. Aufl. Mainz. 1851. 310 PPLogik. Von Dr. R. Joh. Lichtenfels. 1850. 8үo. . 267 pp. 8vo.

System der speculativen Ethik, oder AMONG the new works announced in Philosophie der Familie, des Staates u. der Great Britain are the following : --Sketches religiösen Sitte. Von H. Mor. Chalybäus. of the Poetical Literature of the past Half2 Bde. Leipzig. 1850. 1143 pp.

Century, in six Lectures, delivered at the Schleiermachers Sittenlehre ausführlich Edinburgh Philosophical Institution, by D. dargestellt u. beurtheilt mit e, einleiten- M. MOIR (DELTA), foolscap 8vo.:--Sir John den Exposition d. histor. Entwickelungs- Richardson's Journal of his Boat Voyage ganges der Sittenlehre überhaupt. Eine through Rupert's Land, and along the Cen: : v. d. K. Dån. Gesellschaft zu Kopenhagen tral Arctic Coasts, in Search of the Discovery gekrönte Preisschrift. Von Dr. Frz. Vor- Ships under Sir John Franklin, 2 vols. 8vo., länder. 1851. 348 pp. 8vo.

Map, coloured Plates, and Woodcuts :-A Vom Staatsleben nach platonischen, History of Greek and Roman Classical Lite aristotelischen und christlichen Grundsät rature, with an introduction on each of the

Eine staatswissenschaftliche Ab languages, biographical notices, an account handlung von P. H. Stuhr. 1. Thl. Berlin. of the periods in which each principal au1850. 327 pp. 8vo.

thor lived and wrote, so far as literature Gottfried Hermann's pädagogischer Ein- was affected by such history, and observafluss. Ein Beitrag zur Charakteristik des tions on the works themselves, by R. W. altclassischen Humanisten von Dr. K. Fr. Browne, Professor of Classics at King's ColAmeis, Prof. u. Prorector am Gymnasium lege, London, 2 vols., 8vo. :—The One Prizu Mühlhausen. Jena. 1850. 115 pp.


meval Language, traced experimentally 8vo.

through ancient inscriptions, in alphabetiCorpus inscriptionum graecarum. Auc-.

cal characters of lost powers from the four toritate et impensis acad. litterar, regiae Continents, including the voice of Israel Boruss. ex materia collecta ab Aug. Boeck- from the rocks of Sinai, and the vestiges of hio ed. Jo. Franzius. Vol. III. Fasc. II. patriarchal tradition from the Monuments Berolini. 1850. Pp. 689–1032. gr. Fol. of Egypt, Etruria, and Southern Arabia, Lehrbuch der griechischen Antiquitäten.

with illustrative Plates, a Harmonized TaVon Dr. K. Fr. Hermann, Prof. zu Göttin- ble of Alphabets, Glossaries, and Translagen.

3. Thl., die Privatalterthümer ent- tions, by the Rev. Charles Forster, B.D.:haltend. 1. Hälfte. Heidelberg. 1850. Schiller's Complete Poems, including all his 210 pp. 8vo.

early 'suppressed Pieces, together with the Griechische Mythologie. Von Dr. Em. Poems introduced in his Dramatic Works, Braun. In 3 Büchern. 2. Buch. 1. Hälfte. attempted in English, by Edgar Alfred Hamburg u. Gotha. 1850. Pp. 211-442. Bowring :- A Handbook of the Eng

Geschichte der griechischen Literatur. lish Language, by R. G. Latham, M.D., Von Dr. Ed. Munk. 2. Thl.: Geschichte late Professor of English Language and der griechischen Prosa. Berlin. 1850. Literature in University College, London, 669 PP. 8vo.

1 vol., 12mo. :-Letters on the Physics of Histoire de la liltérature Grecque; par

the Globe, by H. Buff, Professor of Physics Alex. Pierron. Paris. 1850. 12mo. in the University of Giessen, edited by Dr.

Demosthenes, ausgewählte Reden. Erk- A. W. Hofman, Professor in the Royal Collärt von Ant. Westermann. (In 3 Bdchen.) lege of Chemistry, London, foolscap 8vo.:2. Bdchen.: [XVIII.] Rede vom Kranze.

The Naturalist in Jamaica, by P. H. Gosse, [XX.] Rede gegen Leptines. Leipzig.

Esq., author of Popular British Ornitholo1850. 218 pp. 8vo.

gy, &c., post 870., with coloured Plates :Platonis opera omnia uno volumine

omnia uno volumine Wesley and Methodism, by Isaac Taylor, comprehensa. Ad fidem optimor. libror. author of Natural History of Enthusiasm, denuo recognovit et una cum scholiis

&c., post 8vo.:-The Italian Volunteers and graecis emendatius ed. Gfr. Stallbaumius, Lombard Rifle Brigade in 1848–1849, from Prof. et Gymn. Rector. Edit. stereot. the Italian of Emilio Dandolo, post 8vo., Map Lipsiae. 1850. 728 pp. Large 8vo. and Plan:-Examples of the Architecture of

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Venice, selected and drawn to Measure win, by the Rev. R. B. Paul, Vicar of St. ment from the Edifices, by John Ruskin, Augustine's, Bristol, and late Fellow of author of The Stones of Venice, Seven Exeter College, Oxford, edited by the Rev. Lamps of Architecture, Modern Painters, T. K. Arnold, M.A., 12mo.:-Demosthenes &c., to be completed in Twelve Parts of folio de Corona, the Greek Text, with English imperial size, price one guinea each. Notes, by B. W. F. Drake, M.A., Fellow of Each Part will contain Five Plates, engraved King's College, Cambridge, crown 8vo.:by the first Artists, and as nearly as possi- The Oration on the Crown, done into Engble fac-similes of Mr. Ruskin's original lish by the Rev. J. P. Norris, M.A., Fellow drawings, but of mixed character :--The

of Trinity College, Cambridge, and one of Search for Sir John Franklin, by C. R. Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, crown Weld, Assistant Secretary, Royal Society, 8vo.:—Theocritus, the Greek Text, with in 8vo. :-Life in Sweden, by Hans Chris- English Notes Critical and Explanatory, for tian Anderson, author of The Improvisa- the use of Colleges and Schools, by the Rev. tore, in post 8vo.:-Leith to Lapland, or E. Perowne, B.A., Fellow of Corpus Christi Pictures from Scandinavia, By W. Hurton, College, crown 8vo :-Plato's Republic, a in 2 vols. post 8vo.: The Andromache of new Translation into English, with an InEuripides, edited, with notes illustrative of troduction and Notes, by Two Fellows of the text, by the Rev. J. Edwards, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge: Critical EsSecond Master of King's College, and the says on Philosophy, Literature, and AcadeRev. C. Hawkins, B.C.L., in 8vo.:-The mical Reform, contributed to The EdinOration of Demosthenes on the Crown, burgh Review by Sir William Hamilton, edited from the best Text, with English Bart., with additional Notes and Appendices, Notes and Grammatical References, by the 8vo.:—Euripidis Iphigenia Taurica, Helena, Rev. Thomas Kerchever Arnold, M.A., 12mo.. Ion, Andromache, cum Præfatione, Emen-The Elements of Natural Philosophy, by dationibus, et Notulis. Edidit Carolus BadJames Beaven, D.D., Professor of King's ham, M.A., accedunt “Lectiones Codicis College, Toronto, small 8vo.:-The Ajax Vaticani a C. G. Cobeto denuo collati,” Pars of Sophocles, with English Notes, trans- Prima Iphigeniam et Helenam continens, lated from the German of F. W. Schneide




OCTOBER, 1851.


Nature and Blessedness of Christian Purity. By Rev. R. S. FOSTER, A. M. With an

Introduction by Edmund S. Janes, D. D., one of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church. New-York: Lane & Scott. 1851.

THIS is a book for the times. It comes from a warm heart and an energetic pen. The author is impelled to write. He sees the worldly tendencies of the age—the rush for wealth and honour—the powerful antagonisms which contend for the hearts of men and the sad defects of the Church. He knows the remedy, and longs to proclaim it the world over.

But he cannot reach all men. Thousands hear him, but tens of thousands cannot, and he seizes his pen, as if by an impulse of inspiration, and before most men would have had time to read up and settle preliminaries his book is announced.

The haste of our author may, on some accounts, be regretted. More deliberation would doubtless have contributed to unity and completeness of discussion and to accuracy of style. Some repetitions might have been avoided. A few passages which, however interesting in themselves, hardly belong to the plan of the book, might have been omitted, and given the writer room to enlarge to great advantage upon some fundamental points. Many sentences, quite too loose and complex, might have been analyzed, and those representing thoughts entirely distinct might have had the advantage of a periodic structure. The very fervour of the author's mind has often loaded his style with intensive qualifying terms and epithets, and pushed out into the region of " luxuriant" and "gorgeous," expressions which, by careful weeding, could be made very energetic and beautiful. All these blemishes might have been avoided by taking the time requisite for judicious criticism; and in a subsequent edition we hope the author will give the work a thorough


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