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should they not obey, to employ the best manticists: V. Missions in South Africa:
medicine to heal them-force. The empe- VI. Lancashire and Yorkshire since 1800:
ror, delighted with his success at Augs- VII. The Papal Index of Prohibited Books :
burgh in 1530, proposed to settle the dis- VIII. The Correlation of Physical Forces:
pute by a council—a proposal from which IX. Naturalism versus Inspiration.
the pope, and, in secret, the cardinal also,
shrunk back with fear. It is well known, the following articles :—I. Moral Limits to

THE Prospective Review for August has however, that Charles, after being long Economic Theory and Socialist Counterkept in suspense, finally brought about the

Theory: II. Serpent-Worship and the Age convocation of the Council of Trent. Dr. Heine has given us these remarkable Zumpt: IV. Casa Guidi Windows: V.

of Stonehenge: III. Life and Writings of letters in Spanish, with a good German version, and has added other important kin

Bland and Kingsley's Sermons: VI. Rusdocuments, as well as very valuable re

on Sheepfolds: VII. Reformatory marks and observations of his own.

Schools: VIII. Oakley's Ritual of the Mass. J. L. J.

THE North British Review for August Our esteemed correspondent, Professor J.

contains the following articles :--1. The L. JACOBI, has been transferred from the

Social Science-Its History and Prospects: University of Berlin to the University of

II. Literature of Apologetics: III. Net ReKönigsberg, and will continue his letters

sults of 1848 in Germany and Italy: IV. to us from the latter place.

Typical Forms-Goethe, Professor Owen,

and Mr. Fairbairn: V. Recent Works of We propose hereafter to give statements

Fiction: VI. Kingsley's Saint's Tragedy, of the contents of all the foreign theologi- and Sermons: VII. Character in Architeccal journals of importance. Our readers

ture-Ruskin's Stones of Venice: VIII. will thus be enabled to see what subjects

The Five Wounds of the Holy Church: IX. are treated of in these journals, and those

The Exposition of 1851.
who wish it, can send for single numbers
containing articles of interest to them,

THE Edinburgh Revicu, August:-I. The through Mr. Putnam or Mr. Wiley, of New

Greek Text of the New Testament: II. York.

Johnston's Notes on North America: III. THE Theologische Studien und Kritiken for

Hartley Coleridge: IV. Fatal Accidents

How far Preventible: V. Pulszky's Tales July contains the following articles :I. Neander's Services to Church History,

and Traditions of Hungary: VI. Sir Edward by Prof. L. R. Hagenbach, of Basle: II.

Bulwer Lytton's Letters to John Bull:

VII. The Romans in Britain: VIII. Grote's Ernesti on Phil. ü, 6, in reply to Baur: III. Umbreit on the Seventh Chapter of Ro- History of Greece, vols. vii and viii: IX.

Dixon's Life of Penn: X. Modern Chemismans: IV. A new Explanation of Rom. viii, 18–25, by F. Zyro, of Bern: V. A Review

try-Its Progress and Extent. of Semisch's Justin Martyr, by Grimm: THE Theological Critic (edited by T. K. VI. A Review of Arnaud's Critical Re- Arnold) for June contains the following searches on the Epistle of Jude, by Dr. articles :-1. The Month of May: II. OraKienlen: VII. The Ecclesiastical Assem- tio D. T. Matthæi: III. Passaglia on the blies in Wittemberg, 1849, and in Stutt Prerogatives of St. Peter: IV. The Millenigardt, 1850, by Lechler.

um: V. The Lord's Supper: VI. On the NIEDNER's Zeitschrift für Historische The Bishops of the New Testament: VII. On ologie for July contains the following arti- the gift of Tongues : VIII. Theodoret and cles :—I. A Survey of the Literature of

his Times: IX. Hebrews xiii: X. Things Church History from 1825 to 1850, by Dr.

New and Old. Engelhardt of Erlangen: II. The relation Monthly Christian Spectator, (London,) of the Syriac recension of the Ignatian June :-1. Illustrations of Protestantism Epistles to the shorter Greek Version, and and Romanism: II. Miss Harriet Martineau the authenticity of the Epistles themselves, and Atheism: II. Thoughts on the Great by Uhlhorn, of Göttingen.

Exhibition: IV. Respectability: V. May The British Quarterly for August contains Meetings of 1851. July:-1. A few the following articles :-). Theories of Thoughts on Abstract Principles : II. The Human Progression: II. Dramatic Poetry Women of the Commonwealth --- 2. Mrs. in the Age of Elizabeth : III. Thoughts on Hutchinson: III. Christ and the Essenes : the Labour Question: IV. The German Ro- IV. Words for the Wise-2. Mammon in

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the Chair: V. Old Trees: VI. The Poetry las Wiseman, D.D., by William Palmer,
of Cowper: VII. Kate Hall, or one of the M.A., Prebendary of Sarum, new edition
Graces : VIII. Poetry-Hymns for Morning. revised :-The Life of St. Paul, illustrated
August:-1. Revelation - The Religious from contemporary History, with the Epis-
Guide of Human Nature: II. John Milton: tles Chronologically Arranged, and Lite-
III. The Gospel and the Poor: IV. The rally Translated upon the basis of the Au-
Educational Controversy-Free Education thorized Version, by Thomas Lewin, M.A.,
Schemes-Endowment of all Religious of Trinity College, Oxford, in two volumes,
Opinions-Interests of the Churches in crown 8vo.:--An Analytical Arrangement
Voluntary Education: V. Words for the of the Holy Scriptures, according to the
Wise-3. How did you Like Him? VI. The Principles developed under the name of
First Step: VII. Reginald Knatchbull, or Parallelism in the Writings of Bishop
Religious Trials of the Sixteenth Century: Lowth, Bishop Jebb, and the Rev. Thomas
VII. Poetry A Song of the Affections. Boys, with an Appendix and Notes, by

Richard Baillie Roe, B.A., in 2 vols. 8vo.:-
Eclectic Review, June :--I. Hartley Cole-

Lectures on the Christian Miracles, uniform ridge's Life and Works: II. The Fugitive

with * Apocalyptic Sketches," by Rer. Slave Act: III. Papal Power and the State

Dr.Cumming :--Five Letters to Archdeacon Church in Ireland : IV. Westwood's Burden

Hare on Hippolytus, Presbyter of the of the Bell: V. The University Commission:

Church of Rome, Author of the recently VI. The Bards of the Bible: VII. The Great

discovered book ascribed to Origen, and the Exhibition. July :-I. Descartes--his His

bearing of his work on the leading Questorical Position and Philosophical Claims:

tions of Ecclesiastical History and Polity, II. Tales and Traditions of Hungary: III.

by C.C. J.Bunsen, D.C.L.:-The Church of Daniel De Foe: IV. Firmamental Architec

Christ, in its Idea, Attributes, and Ministure: V. Gillies's Memoirs of a Literary try, with an especial reference to the ConVeteran: VI. Apuleius and the Second Cen

troversy on the Subject between Romanists tury: VII. Italian and English views of the

and Protestants, by Edward Arthur Litton, Papacy. August :-I. Delta's Sketches of

M.A., Perpetual Curate of Stockton Heath, Poetical Literature: II. Sculpture-Works

and late Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford: of Edward Hodges Baily: III. Progress of

Protestantism and Popery contrasted by Australia: IV. Protestant Protests: V. A

the acknowledged and authentic Teaching Pilgrimage to the Land of my Fathers :

of each Religion, edited by the Rev. John VI. Bede's Ecclesiastical History: VII.

Edmund Cox, M.A., F.S.A.., of All Souls' Life of Edward Baines, M.P.: VIII. Animal

College, Oxford, Vicar of St. Helen's, BishMagnetism.

opsgate, London, 2 vols. 870.:-Indian The following works in theology and the Missions in Guiana, by the Rev. W. H. kindred sciences are announced as pub- Brett, fcp. 8vo. :—An Exposition of the lished or in press in England :—The Rev. Principal Motives which induced me to Dr. Halley's Second Course of Lectures on leave the Church of Rome, by C. L. Trivier, the Sacraments, 1 vol. 8vo.:—The Person- formerly a Roman Catholic Priest, transality of the Tempter, and other Sermons,

lated from the French by Mrs. Bushby, fcp. Doctrinal and Occasional, by J. Vaughan, 8vo.:-A History of Erastianism, by ArchD.D., Head Master of Harrow School, Chap- deacon Wilberforce, post 8vo. lain in Ordinary to the Queen, 1 vol. 8vo.: AMONG the new works recently anOn the State of Man subsequent to the nounced on the continent are the followPromulgation of Christianity, Part I., em- ing:

bracing the period from the Birth of Christ Praktische Theologie von Dr. C. Immanto the Death of Constantine the Great, fcp. Nitzsch. 2. Bd. 2. Buch: Das kirchliche 8vo., being No. 19 of “Small Books on Verfahren oder die Kunstlehren. 2 Abthl.: Great Subjects:"~Quakerism, or the Story Der evangelische Gottesdienst. Bonn, Marof my Life, by a Lady, who for forty years cus. 1851. 8vo., pp. 128. was a Member of the Society of Friends, Beiträge zum Schriftverständniss in Preroyal 12mo.:-Letters on some of the Errors digten von F. L. Steinmeyer, Lic. d. Theol. of Romanism, in Controversy with Nicho- u. Berlin, 1851. 8vo., pp. 254.

AMERICAN PROFESSOR CONANT, of the (Baptist) Uni- view of Schaff's Church History: VI. Jourversity of Rochester, has in preparation a nal of a Voyage by Rev. H. M. Muhlenberg: “New and Complete Translation of the VII. Notices. Holy Scriptures from the Original Lan

Quarterly Review of the Methodist Epis guages, with brief Explanatory Notes."

copal Church, South, (Richmond, Va.,) for MessRS. DERBY, MILLER & Co. (Auburn) July:-1. Traits of History and Doctrine announce as in press " Episcopal Method- peculiar to Christianity: II. Philosophy of ism as it was and Is,” by Rev. P. D. Gor- Infidelity: III. Modern Lexicography rie: also the “Young Man's Book, or Self- Freund's Latin Lexicon: IV. High ChurchEducation,” by Rev. W. Hosmer: and ism, its Affinities and Tendencies : V. Analy“Lives of the three Mrs. Judson," by sis and Review of the first eight Chapters Arabella W. Stuart.

of Romans: VI. Chalmers and Sidney Smith MESSRS. LANE & SCOTT have received on Methodism. from London the second and concluding Church Revier, (New Haven, Conn.,) volume of Moody's New Testament, and it July :-I. Wordsworth: II. The Rev. Samuis now passing through the press as rapidly al Farmar Jarvis, D.D., LL.D.: III. The as possible.

Puritan Church: IV. The Canadian Clergy WE intend hereafter to give summaries

Reserves: V. Colleges and the Ministry:

VI. Letter on Modern Pantheism: VII. The of the contents of the leading American journals, for the same reasons as have pre

Secessions : VII. Virginia Colonial Church vailed with us to give the European. Our Papers. readers will thus be kept acquainted with

Bibliotheca Sacra, (Andover,) July:the contents and tendencies of the best I. The Arrangements in the Constitution periodical literature of the age.

of the Mind for a Future Judgment and THE Mercersburg Review for July con

Retribution: I. The Relation of Style to tains the following articles : I. Our Na- Thought: III. The Four Gospels as we now

have them in the New Testament, and the tional Religion: II. The Apostle Peter: II. The Anglican Crisis: IV. Myer's Hegelian Assaults upon them: IV. TransChurch History. September: I. Bailey's lations from Anselm: V. An Investigation Festus: II. The Cicadæ: III. The Nature

in Syriac Philology: VI. Life of Zuingli: of the Reformation and its Preparation:

VII. Unity amid Diversities of Belief, even IV. The Holy Eucharist-Translation from on Imputed and Involuntary Sin. Thiersch's Lectures: V. Early Christianity:

Theological and Literary Journal, (NewVI. Zacharias Ursinus.

York,) July :-I. Brown on Christ's Second Brownson's Quarterly (Boston) for July:- Coming: II. A Designation and Exposition I. Cooper's Ways of the Hour: II. Nature

of the Figures of Isaiah, Chapters xüi and and Faith-a Review of Whately's Essays

xiv: III. Philological Contributions: IV. on Romanism: III. Bushnell on the Mys

The Theophany Celebrated Psalm xviii, tery of Redemption: IV. The French Re

Real, not Figurative: V. The Papal Power

identified with the Little Horn of the public: V. The Fugitive Slave Law: VI. Literary Notices.

Fourth Beast, Daniel vii: VI. Gobat's

Three Years' Residence in Abyssinia: VII. Southern Presbyterian Reviero (Columbia,

Critics and Correspondents. S. C.) for July:-1. Domestic [i. e., Southern] Literature: II. Validity of Popish

Christian Examiner, (Boston,) July :: Baptism: III. The Millennium: IV. Credi

I. Dr. Wood's Works: I. The State and bility and Plenary Inspiration of the Scrip- Statesmanship: III. John Wiclif and the tures: V. Harmony of Revelation and Na- First English Bible: IV. Euphranor: V. tural Science, with special reference to The Apostle Paul: VI. Ecclesiastical ChrisGeology: VI. Hugh Miller's Foot-prints of

tendom. the Creator.

Biblical Repertory, (Princeton,) July: Evangelical Review (Gettysburg, Pa.) for I. Inspiration and Catholicism: II. Peter July:-1. Bible Influence Indispensable to Collinson Memorials of John Bartram and Society: II. Nature of the Saviour's Pre- Humphry Marshall: III. Kurtz on the sence in the Eucharist: II. Inquiry into Old Covenant: IV. Panslavism and Gerthe Nature of Fundamental Doctrines : manism: V. The Typology of Scripture: IV. Review of Irving's Mahomet: V. Re- VI. The General Assembly.

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Christian Review, (New-York,) July:- V. The Military Orders: VI. Sketch of the I. The South American Republics: II. The Life and Character of Hon. Simeon BaldPromise Fulfilled, Acts ii, 1-4: III. On the win: VII. The World's Progress. Signification of krious, Rom. viii, 19–22: THE “ Methodist Monthly," (Lexington, IV. The Works of Leonard Woods: V. Lin- Ky.,) edited by Rev. T. N. Ralston, assisted coln's Horace: VI. Wordsworth Considered by Rev. W. H. Anderson and Rev. E. W. as a Religious Poet: VII. Robinson's Greek Brush, is sold at the low price of $100 a and English Lexicon.

year. A marked feature of this journal Nev-Englander, (New-York,) August :- is the generally substantial character of its I. The Railroad Enterprise-Its Progress, articles -- feature in which it contrasts Management, and Utility: II. Amuse- most favourably with the current monthly ments: III. James H. Perkins: IV. The Re- magazines. It deserves the largest suclation of Baptized Children to the Church:


Classical and Miscellaneous.


MESSRS. WILLIAMS & NORGATE, London, stone, 2 vols. post 8vo. :-Memoir and Diaannounce an edition of Wunder's Sopho- ries of Plumer Ward, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo.: cles, with English notes, and a collation of -Farini's History of the Roman State, 2 Dindorf's text, introduction, and indexes, vols. 8vo. :-Poole's Horæ Egyptiacee, 8vo.: to be sold at three shillings a volume in -A Voyage to the Mauritius, by author of paper. The Edipus Rex has already ap- “Paddiana," post 8vo.:--The Palaces of peared, and the remaining plays will follow Nineveh and Persepolis, by James Fergusat brief intervals.

son, forty-five woodcuts, 8vo. :-The HisThe third volume of Merivale’s “ History tory of Greece, from its Conquest by the

Crusaders to its Conquest by the Turks, of the Romans under the Empire,” is an

and of the Empire of Treziband, 1204–1461, nounced as forthcoming in London.

by George Finlay, Esq., Honorary Member AMONG the new works announced as of the Royal Society of Literature, Author published or in press in Great Britain, are of “Greece under the Romans," 1 vol. demy the following:

8vo. :-Notes of a Residence in the Canary The Literature of Italy, from the Origin Islands, the South of Spain and Algiers, of the Language to the Death of Boccaccio, illustrative of the State of Religion in those an Historical Sketch, by Leonard Francis Countries, by the Rev. Thos. Debary, M.A., Simpson, post 8vo.:—The Morning Land, post 8vo.:-The Present State of the Repubor a Thousand and One Days in the East, lic of the Rio de la Plata, (Buenos Ayres,) by Frederick Bodenstedt, with notes, &c., its Geography, Resources, Statistics, Comby Richard Waddington, 2 vols. post 8vo.: merce, Debt, &c., described, with the His-Tibet, Tartary, and Mongolia, being their tory of the Conquest of the Country by the Social and Political Condition, and the Spaniards, by Sir Woodbine Parish, F.R.S., Religion of Boodh, as there existing, com- K.C.H., F.G.S., formerly Her Majesty's piled from the Reports of Ancient and Consul General and Chargé d'Affaires at Modern Travellers, especially from M. Buenos Ayres, with new Map and IllustraHuc's Reminiscences of the Recent Journey tions, 8vo.:-Contrasts of Foreign and Engof himself and M. Gabet, Lazariste Mission- lish Society, or Records and Recollections aries to Mongolia, by Henry T. Prinsep, of a Residence in various parts of the ConEsq., post 8vo. :-Eight Years in Palestine, tinent and England, by Mrs. Austin, 2 vols. Syria, and Asia Minor, from 1842 to 1850, post 8vo.:—The History of Herodotus, & by F. A. Neale, Esq., late attached to the new English Version, translated from the Consular Service in Syria, 2 vols., with Text of Gaisford, and edited by Rev. Illustrations:--Narrative of Five Years' George Rawlinson, M.A., Exeter College, Residence at Nepaul, by Thomas Smith, Oxford, assisted by Colonel Rawlinson, Esq., late Captain, Bengal Native Infantry, C.B., and Sir J. G. Wilkinson, F.R.S., with Assistant Political Resident at Nepaul, 1 copious Notes and Appendices, illustrating vol. with Portrait, Map, &c.:-England in the History and Geography of Herodotus, the Nineteenth Century, by William John- from the most recent sources of informa

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tion, 4 vols. 8vo. :-Letters and Journals divi Augusti I-VI. Mit den Varianten der of General Sir Hudson Lowe, revealing the Florentiner Handschrift. true History of Napoleon at St. Helena, De veterum Ægyptiorum lingua et litepartly compiled and arranged by the late ris, sive de optima signa hieroglyphica Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, with portrait, explicandi via atque ratione. Accedunt 3 vols. 8vo.

indices et vocabularii hieroglyphici speciAmong the new works announced on the men. Scripsit Max. Ad. Uhlemann, Phil. continent are the following:

Dr. AA. LL. M., Soc. Lit. Orient. Germ. Cornelius Tacitus. Erklärt von Dr. Karl Sod. Lipsiae, 1851, 8vo., pp. 116. . Nipperley. Erster Band. Ab excessti


MESSRS. C. S. FRANCIS & Co., New-York, The “Editor's Drawer" is another novelty, are now publishing “The Writings of Alex- and is very attractive. The only rival of ander Hamilton,” to be completed in seven Harper in the field is The International octavo volumes, of which four are already Magazine," which is conducted with the issued. The contents of the several volumes highest degree of taste, skill, and vigour. are as follows:-Vol. I. comprises the cor- Its section on “ Authors and Books" alone respondence of Hamilton prior to the estab- is worth the price of the whole work. lishment of the present government (from

We have received the first number of the 1769 to 1789): Vol. II. embraces the residue

" Southern Repertory and College Revier," of the writings of this period, a series very

conducted by the Faculty of Emory and essential to a correct knowledge of our

Henry College, Virginia. A paramount early political history: Vol. III. contains

object of the journal will be to promote the the papers which relate to the organization

cause of education, while the general interand conduct of the fiscal department, its

ests of literature, science, and art, will by revenue and public credit: Vol. IV. will

no means be disregarded. The following include the period from 1789 to 1795, em

is the table of contents :-I. Introduction: bodying the papers designated as “ Cabinet

II. Classical Education,- Dr. Anthon's Papers," comprehending the most impor- Text-books: III. Emory and Henry Coltant part of Washington's administration: Vol

. V. will be devoted to other officiai lege : IV. The Voice of God: V. Geometry writings, not coming within the previous Truth and Romance : VIII. Canzonet: IX.

as a Text-Book of Logic: VI. Beauty: VII. description. The remaining volumes will

Composition : X. Clerical Disfranchisement give the correspondence subsequent to the

-the Virginia Constitutional Convention: year 1789, and an accurate series of politi- XI. The Exponents of American Letters : cal papers of great and lasting value.

XII. Intellectual Cultivation. MESSRS. JAMES MUNROE & Co., Boston, THE “ Temple(Harrisburg, Pa.) is a have in press The Philippics of Demosthe- magazine devoted to Masonry, literature, nes, with Notes, Critical and Explanatory, and science, edited by B. Parke, Esq., and by Prof. M. J. Smead, Ph. D., William and Professor C. E. Blumenthal, of Dickinson Mary's College, Va., 1 vol. 12mo.:-The College. The several numbers of this new Camel Hunt, a Narrative of Personal Ad- journal which have come to hand, display ventures, by Joseph Warren Faber, 12mo.: an unusual degree of tact, skill, and infor-Companions of my Solitude, by the Au

mation on the part of the editors. Of the thor of "Friends in Council,” &c., &c., Masonic part we cannot speak, being, for16mo.

tunately or unfortunately, not among the HARPER'S New Monthly Magazine con

initiated; but the literary execution of the tinues its career of success. We notice

work is far above the ordinary standard of that the recent numbers contain elaborate our magazine literature. The work is original articles by American writers, add- very neatly got up, and is furnished at the ing greatly to the value of the journal. low price of $150 per annum.

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