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In this Volume are printed, in parallel columns, the Authorised Version of 1611 and the Revised Version, of which last the Old Testament appeared in 1885 and the New Testament in 1881.

The left hand column contains the text of the Authorised Version as usually printed, with the marginal notes and references of the edition of 1611, the spelling of i these being conformed to modern usage. In the left band margin are also placed, in

square brackets, the more important differences between the edition of 1611 and the text now in use, whether these differences are due to corrections of the edition of 1611 or to errors which have subsequently crept in.

The right hand column contains the Revised Version, with its marginal notes and references.

The Prefaces of the Revisers, and the lists of renderings preferred by the American Committee, are also included in this Volume.

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