The Complete Poems of Sir John Davies, Zväzok 2

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Chatto and Windus, 1876

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Strana 89 - God forgive me my sharking, and lay vsurie to my charge. I am a Marriner, and am now come from the sea, where I had the Fortune to light upon these few trifles. I must confesse I came but lightly by them ; but I no sooner had them, but I made a vow, that as they came to my hands by Fortune, so I would not part with them but by Fortune.
Strana 248 - 1 or an apricocke," te " aye, or," &c. RC of this, I faith shee would give you little thankes I can tell you, for offeringe to draw so faire a flight from her Pigeon-house (as you call it) to your Dayrie-house. Jo. Wisely, wisely, brother Richard ; I...
Strana 88 - Madame, it is an olde saying, There is no fishing to the sea, nor service to the king: but it holdes when the sea is calme, and the king vertuous.
Strana 247 - Workmen about it 10 within less then these two howers. Besides, I doubt my Mr. and Mrs. are not at home ; or, if they be, you must make your owne provision, for they have noe provision for such Strangers. You should seeme to be Ladies; and we in the country have an old saying, that ' halfe a pease a day will serve a Lady.

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