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1751. Extracts from the SCRIBLËRIAD, &c. 131

comp: fed of Acrosticks, pbine came ibe impatience had impelled her to give here
Chronograms and Anagrams, &c. Ibe self a delperate wound, upon which Saturo
riff are described as follows,

cuts her atai hair, and me dies.
To join these squadrons, o'er the cham.
paign came

The Temple about mentioned is described as
A numerous race of noignoble name ;

folows. The mighty Crambo leads the intrepid van : Soon I descry'd where near a cypre's The rest a forward, loud, industrious clan. A wood, Riddle, and Rebus, Riddle's dearest ron; A dome, upheld by ftatcly columns, Nood: And false Conundrum, and insidious Pun ; Where brass and variegated marbles join Fustian, who scarcely deigns to tread the Their mingled beams, to grace the splendid ground ;


[cold ; And Rondeau, wheeling in repeated round, Here glite'ring ores their native charms unHere the Rhophalics • in a wedge are There yellow mundick thines like burnish'd drawn,

(lawn. gold, There the proud Macaronians + scour the B Sulphurs and marcasites their heams display, Here fugitive and vagrant o'er the green, And lucid crystals rival Titan's ray. The wanton Lipogrammarilt is seen. Rang'd as a cornice, various foflis stand, There Quibble and Antithetis appear, The mimick sport of nature's wanton hand. With Doggrel-rhymes and Echoes in the Mitre and turban-sormis the work ad, rn, rear.

Triton's huge trump, and Ammon's boast.

ed horn. * Rbopbalic ver ses begin wieb a monosylla

(ing vein, ble, and continue in words graving gradually

Here fibrous plants with many a branch. longer to tbe last, wbieb must be ive longest of Pue how, o ! how thall fancy's pow'r

And there the curious texture of the brain. all.

recal Rem regem regimen regionem religionem.


The forms that breath's alongihe paturid + The Micaronian is a kind of burlesque Where in Mofaic wrought, the thells surpass poetry, confifting of a jumble of words of

The pencil'd canvas, or the sculptur'd brals. different lasguages, with words of obe vulgar Dearest to nature first are feen a race tongue latinized, and Latin words modernized.

Who bear the marks of her peculiar grace. This verse bas employed ibe pens of many Here griffons, harpies, dragons mix in Freneb and Italian writers

: We bave seen D Aight, three or four long poems of Ibis kind by our own Here wild chimera rears her tripp'e height. countrymen.

In glowing colours mighty Geryon stands, Et dabo fee simple, fi mooftras love's And bold Eriareus wields his hundred hands.

pretry dimple, Gownos, filkcotos, kirtellos, & pericotos, LD England, of March 9, concerning Luskos & raccos, ttomacheros, cimbrica (mockos.

Ignoramus, with a word in favour of the ladies, as

fuligw3.- This change of the tile will cause Tbe ARGUMENT of the Tbird Book.

E an anticipation of their usual reckoning, Pricitels of Rumour relates to Scrib. and precipitate them sı days sooner than

lerus the history of the queen of the they expected, into the ftate that is molt country. He is Nruck with the beauties dreadful to a fair lady, virgin, wife, or of an elegant temple, which he describes, widow ; I mean the fate of old age. as also the queen's magnificent entry and But as there must he ji days left out of her personal endowments. He makes the year, in which we are to make our ef. himself known to her. She prosesses her fort to come up with time ; and there it regard for his family and for his own merits, f days muit of consequence he, thic year, to which she is no ftranger : After which totally expunged from the calendar ; about the invites him to a partnership of her bed one 3d part of the British ladies will have and throne. Scriblerus consults with Al. no birth day in this year of contraction, bertus, and is advifed by him to accede to and therefore may fairly squetze the 23 her proposal of marriage : Saturn endea. months and 2 ebirds, which will intervene vours to deter him from it by fearlul dreams betwixt their preceding and subsequent aod omeng: Notwithftanding which, the birth-days, into a single year. And, as it marriage is celebrated, but the consum. is not yet certainly and generally known, mation prevented by the flight of two owls, G in what part of the year it fe diys will which, added to the foregoing portents, be'omitled, every lady in the kingdom has intimidate the hero to that degree, that a right, at present, to flater herseli with he resolves to Ay from liis beloved queen. the hopes of Heing u months and 20 days Her reproaches and entreaties prevailed on yrurger, rather than 11 days older, by this. him to return, but not till her unhappy reformation in our calendar,

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Poetical Essays in MARCH, 1751.


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First and second couple take hands, let and cross over improper ; the same again proper , cross over and turn-, hands 4 round with the top couple .

Poetical ESSAYS in M ARCH, 1751.


Maique, lately afted wirb Applause at ibe Tbeatre. Ruyal in Drury-Lane. (See p. 99.)


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the rogue,

Employs his serious head on ftate a&airs, Gallants, look herefaith I have play'd And sole his wand-by way of epilogue. You critics, there below, had belt be civil: For I, with this same rod, can play the

devil ;


Spoken by Mr. GARRICK.
N arms renown'd, for arts of peace

Alfred, the nation's father, more than lord,
A British author has presum'd to draw,
Struck deep, even now, with reverential

awe ; And sets the godlike figure fair in viewO may discernment find the likeness true, When Danish fury, with wide-wasting hand,

[land, Had spread pale fear, and ravage o'er the This prince arising bade confusion ceale, Bade order Mine, and bleft his ifle with

peace ; Taught liberal arts to humanize the mind, And heaven. born science co sweet freedom

join'd. Unired thus, the friendly Gifters Thone, And one secur'd, while one adorn'd his

throne. Amidst there honours of his happy reign, Each Grace and every Muse compos'd his

train : As grateful servants, all exulting srove, At once to spread his fame, and mhare his

love. To night, if ought of fiction you behold, Think not, in virtue's Cause, the bard 100

bold, If ever angels from the skies descend, It must be truth and freedom to defend. Thus would our author please be it your

part, If not his labours, to approve his heart,

Tie all your busy tongues up, one by one, And turn what share of brains you have

to itone: The beau's soft scull convert to folid rocke • What then she wig will always have its

block. But for the men of fad and solemn face, The deep dark lages in or out of place, Who much in port and politicks delight, Small change, God knows, will make them ftatues quite.

[neer The ladies too but now these witlings No, fair ones, you shall meet no insult

here : I only hint my power--that, if I lift, I yet can charm you two long hours from

whift. But, cards are ready, you are all bespoke To spoil a dozen drums, would be no

joke. Besides, 'twould be mere arbitrary (way:

of old, was us'd at Nero's play, Who, when he sung and fiddled to the town, Still, as his subjects yawn'd, would knock them down,


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Such as,


Poetical Essays in MARCH, 1751. No, firs; to gain a heart, we must not Oft did the harvest to their fickle yield, teize :

[please. Their harrow ost the Aubborn glebe has Who would engage it, first should aim to

broke ;

[field ! This part be mine : and, if I now succeed How jocund did they drive their team a. To my own wish, you will be pleas'd in- How bow'd the woods beneath their deed.

fturdy stroke! Then--for a trial : thus, I wave my hand, Let not ambition mock their useful toil, To prove the power of this inchanting Their homely joys and destiny obscure, wand.

Nor grandeur hear with a disdainful fmile

The fhort and fimple annals of the On waving her wand, the scene opens,

poor. and discovers a beautiful valley, bordered The boaft of heraldry, the pomp of pow'r, on each hand by forelt trees, riling irregu- And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er larly, and forming from space to space va.

gave, tious groves. The profpe&t behind is a Awaits alike th' inevitable hour ; landscape of woodlands, and of mountains The paths of glory lead but to the that ascend above one another, till the

grave. laft seem to lose themselves in the fky. Forgive, ye proud! the involuntary fault, From the summit of the nearest hill a river If memory to these no trophies raise, pours down, by several falls, in a natural Where thro' the long-drawn ine, and fret. cascade. The warbling of birds is heard.

ted vault

(praise. Then en'er, first, a husbandman, his wife, The pealing anthem (wells the note of and family ; afterwards, a Mepherd and Can story'd urn, or animated bult, Thepherdess ; and lastly, soldiers : All of Back to its manfion call the feeting them linging the blessings of freedom and

breath? peace.

Can honour's voice provoke the Glent duft,

Or Aalt'ry footh the dull cold ear of An ELEGY written ixi a Country Cburcba

death? yard.

Perhaps in this neglected spot'is laid,

Some heart once pregnant with celestial THE MHE curfew tolls, the kne!) of parting

fire :

{sway'd, day,

Hands that the reins of empire might have Thelowing herd winds flowly o'er the lea, Or wake to extary the living lyre. The plowman homewards plods his weary But knowledge to their eyes her ample page, way,

[to me. Rich with the spoils of time, did ne'er And leaves the world darkness and

unroll; Now fades the glimm'ring landskip on the Chill penury repressed their noble rage, right,

And froze' the genial current of the rool, And all the air a solemn ftillness holds ;

Full many a gem of pureft ray serene
Save where the beetle wheels his droning The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean


Treen, Or drowzy tinklings lull the distant Full many a flow's is born to blush un. Save that from yonder ivy-mantled tow'r, And waste its sweetness on the delart The moping owl does to the moon com.


(breast plain

(bow'r, Some village. Hampden, that with dauntless Of such, as wand'ring near her secret The little tyrant of his fields withitood,

Moleft her angient folitary reign. Some mute inglorious Milton here may reft, Beneath these roggéd eims, thaç yew-tree's Some Cromweli guilters of his country's Tade, (ing heap, blood.

(mand, Where heaves the rurf in many à mould'r- Th' applause of liftening renates to comEach in his narrow cell for ever laid,

The threats of pain and ruin to despise, The rude foresathers of the hamlet To scatter plenty o'er a smiling land, Песр.

And read their hift'ry in a narion's eyes, The breezy call of incenfe-breathing mom, Their lot forbad: nor circumscrib'd alone The swallow twitt'ring írom the straw- Their growing virtues, but their crimes built thed,

(horn confin'd, The cock's fhrill clarion, or the echoing Forbad to wade thro' Naughter to a throne, No more thall rouze-them from their And mut the gates of mercy on manlowly bed.


kind, For them no more the blazing hearth mall The struggling pangs of conscious trulh to Or busy house. wife ply her evening care, hide,

thame, No childien run to lilp their fire's return, To quench the blushes of ingenuous Or climb his knces the envy'd kiss to Or heap ihe shrine of luxury and pride Thare.

With incense kindled at the mule's Ramea 5


“+ year,


For thee, who, mindful of th" unhonour'd I MUST: ! will have Gin !—Thatfxillet

Poetical Essays in M ARCH, 1751. Far from the madding crowd's ignoble “ There (catter'd oft, the earliest of the ftrife,

[“ lets found i Their sober wilhęs never learn'd to Aray; « By hands unseen, are showers of vio. Along che cool requester'd vale of life, “ The red-breast loves to build and war. They kept the noiseless tenor of their way.

“ ble there,

[“ ground.' Yet ev'n these bones from insult to pro. “ And little footsteps lightly print the

Tbe Ε Ρ Σ Τ Α Ρ Η. Some frail memorial Mill erected nigh,

ERE ture 'deckt,


(known : Implores the passing tribute of a figh, A youth to fortune and to fame unTheir name, their years (pelt by th' un.

Fair science frowa'd not on his humble birth, letter'd mule

And melancholy mark'd him for her own, The place of fame and elegy supply, Large was his bounty, and his soul fin, And many a holy text around the itrews,

cere, That teach the rustick moralift to die.

Heav'n did a recompence as largely send : For who to dumb forgetfulness a prey,

He gave to mis'ry (all he had) a tear : This pleasing anxious being e'erre. He gain'd from heav'n ('twas all he fign'd,

wish'd a friend, Left the warm precincis of the chearful

No farther reek his merits to disclore, day,

(hind ?

Or draw his frailties from their dread Nor cast one longing, ling'ring look be.

abode, On some fond breast the parting foul relies,

(There they alike in trembling hope repose) Some pious drops the cloning eye re.

The bosom of his father and his God. quires;

Strip-Me-Naked, or Royal Gin for ever. Ev'n from the tomb the voice of nature

A PICTURE. cries, Awake and faithful to her wonted fires,

take :

(bake. dead,

Pawn it :-No more I'll roast, or boil, or Doft in these lines their artless talc relate, This juice immortal will each want supply. If chance by lonely contemplation led,

Starve on (ye brats !) so I but bung my eye. Some kindred spirit thall inquire thy Scarve! No This Gin does mother's

milk excel ;

[repel. Haply some hoary-headed swain may say, Will paint the cheeks, and hunger's darts · Ost have we seen him at the peep of The skillet's pawn'd already.---Take this dawn

сар ;

(lap.“ Brushing with hatty iteps the dews away, Round my bare head I'll yon brown paper “ To meet the sun upon the upland Ha ! half my petticoat was tore away 16 lawn.

[“ beech, By dogs (I fancy) as I maudlin lay. ". There at the foot of yonder nodding How the winds whistle thro' each broken " That wreaths its old fantastick roots

[rain ! [“ Itretch, Thro' the wide-yawning roof how pours the " His listless length at noon-tide would he

My bedstead's crack'd; the table goes hipAnd pore upon the brook chat babbles hop.

(dial drop i [" in Scorn, But see! the Gin!-Come, come thou cor" Hard by yon wood, now smiling as Thou sovereign balsam to my longing heart! “ Mutt'ring his wayward

Incies, hc Thou husband ! children ! - all! We ( would rove :

[“ forlorn,
must not part !

slane it goes : " Now drooping, woeful, wan, like one. [Drinks.] Delicious !-0!--Down the red “ Or craz'd with care, or cross'd in

Now I'm a queen, and trample on my woes. “ hopeless love.

Inspir'd by Gin, I'm ready for the road ; " One morn I miss'd him on the custom'd Cou'd Moot my man, or fire the king's

[“ tree,

(round and round: Along the heath, and near his fav’rite

Ha! my brain's crack'd. -The room furns “Another came, nor yet behide the rill,

Down drop the platters, pans :-I'm on Nor up the lawn, nor at the wood the ground;

(care I? was he:

My tatter'd gown flips from me:-what “ The next, with dirges due, in sad array, I was born naked, and I'll naked die. “ Slow thro' the church-way path we saw him borne ; [“ the lay

The HEROINES : or, Modern Memoirs. " Approach and read (for thou can't read) N


(were chalte, A .

When Britic dames for conscience. Sake

fate ;


« so high,

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" hill,

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