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141 MARRIAGES and Birtis. knights of the Mire for Worcestershire, now BOUT the beginning of February,

cail of Coventry. A

Lancelot Lee; E1q; of Coton, in 21. Right Hon. the earl of Gaimbo. Shropshire; to Miss Scrope, of Bridge- rough, at his seat at Exton in Rutlandthire, horth.

who is succeeded by his eldest son the lord Samuel Smith, jun. Efq; of Alderman- Camden, now earl of Gainsborough. bury, to Miss Watson, of Lothbury, a

26. Right Hon, the dutchess dowager 16,05cl. fortune.

of Portland, aged near 80, grandmother March 2, Edward Gale Bildero, of to the present duke, and one of the daughGray's-inn, Esq; to Miss Brass, a 10,000l. ters of the great Sir William Temple. fortune.

14. John Warde, of Squerries in Kent, Ecclefiaftical PREFERMENTS. Efq; to Miss Hotkins, of Croydon.

ICHARD Lowe, M. A. presented to 19. Mr. Samuel Wathen, an eminent surgeon in Devon (hire-square, to Mirs thire. --Richard Thomas, M. A. to the Malihus, youngest daughter of Sydenham rectory of Llanwernach, in, PembrokeMalchus, Esq; one of the directors of the

mire.-Mr. Berry Dobson, to the rectory South-Sea company.

of Thelveston, in Norfolk. --Mr. John John Shaw, Esq; of Cheshunt in Hert.

Dyer, to the rectory of Belchford, in Linfordshire, to Miss Meliora Huxley, a 25,0001 colníhire.--Mr. Scott, to the rectory of fortune.

Methley in Yorkshire. --Richard Dicey, Mr. William Cromwell, of Gray's. Inn, B. L, to the rectory of Wharton in Bucks. great grandson of the famous Oliver Crom

--Mr. Angel Chauncey, to a prebendary in well, to Mrs. Welthy, a widow lady. the diocese of Lincoln, and to the united

26. Sir George Beaumont, of Dunmow, rectory of St. Andrew Underthaft, and St. in Effex, bart. to Miss Howland, neice to

Mary Axe, in London, in the room of Dr. Mr. Edward Coldham, of St. John's-street, Moss, promoted to St. James's, WeltRobert Ball, Esq; of Stonehouse in

minster, (See p. 45.) Mr. Alwood, Gloucestershire, to Miss Dickinson, daugh- chosen lecturer of St Margaret, Westmin. ter of Marthe Dickinson, Erq; alderman of fter, in the room of Scawen Kenrick, Queenhithe ward, a 12,000l, fortune, D.D. who resigned.-Mr. Christopher PrerMarch 9. The lady of the Rt. Rev. che

ton, presented to the vicarage of Coton, bishop of St. Alaph, delivered of a fon.

alias Chilverston, in Warwickshire.- Mr. The lady Elizabeth Wortley, eldest Patterson, to tlie living of St. Mary Stoken, daughter of the earl of Orrery, of fon. in Berks.-Dr. Long, master of Pembroke. - 22. Counters of Dyfert, also of a fon.

hall, and professor of astronomy in the DEATHS.

university of Cambridge, to the living of Feb, 24. IR

Bradwell Juxta Mare, in Eflex. - Mr. bart, auditor-general of Scot.

Richard Roberts, to the rectory of Frey. land.

ftrrp, in Pembrokeshire. - Edward Muf28. The Rt. Hon, the earl of Stafford,

grave, M. A. to the vicarage of Triploe, who is succeeded in dignity and estate by

in Cambridgeshire. ins uncle, now in France.

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. March 2. Mr. Batty Langley, an eminent forveyor and architect, well known to the R. Richard Grindall, chosen a liftant publick by his many useful books on archi. lecture, defigning, drawing, &c.

when 461 governors ballotted.-Mr. George 6. The Re. Hon, Henry Lowther, lord Sinclair, advocate, made one of the lords viscount Lonsdale, baron Lowther of Low. of council and session in Scotland. - Sir ther in Westmoreland.

Peter Halket, bart. made col. to che reg. Rt. Hon. che lord viscount Mountgarret,

of foot, late Lee's, deceased.-Alexander the first viscount of Ireland.

Duroure, Esq; made col. to the reg. of foot, 9. Mr. William Foster, an eminent filk- late Phillips's, deceased. -Robert Butcher, min, in Ave-Mary lane, who a few days Efq; made gentleman of his majesty's before had a tumour cut out of his thigh, buttery, in the room of Peter Campbell, which weighed 8 pounds and g ounces. Eiq; deceased. - Job Staunton Charlton,

13. Major general Fleming, col. of a Erq; made clerk of the deliveries in the reg. of foot at Gibraltar.

office of ordinance.--Lord Robert Man. 18. Rt. Hon. William earl of Coventry, ners, made col, of the reg. of foot, late viscount Deerhurst, lord lieut. and cur- Fleming's, deceased.- John Leighton, E'q; tos rotulorum of Worcestershire, and one made lieut-governor of Portsmouth, in of his m jesty's most Hon. privy council. the room of Peter Campbell, Esq; deceased, He is succeeded by his eldest son, George

[Bankrupts in our next.) William, lord viss, Deerhurst, one of the


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Femal, 122832418





41. 75
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10 Sunday



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JA сло 17 MAKLri, BILL OF MURTALITY, &c. BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea,+ per Cent./4 per Cent. Bank An,3 perCent., India Bonds B.Cır.py, Word of

Wearber Bill Of Mortality from Stoc X. STOCK STOCK. Annu. old Ann, new 1746. 1747 1748-9. B. Annu.

præm. 1. Deal. London

Feb. 19. 19 March 26. 136 & 186 110111 103 100 101 102

6W. S. W. rain a 136

1031164) 102

101 $

41. 78
2 1 2 6 S. W.

fair rain 3 Sunday

S.W.by W. hail rain 186 $

5 1198

103 102


2 12 6 w. by N. (wind rain!
$ 136 1 186


102 98 2 I 2


6W. S. Wh. very win. Died under 2 years


41. 6s
W.S.W. h. Inil rain Between

2 and

5 173 21 137



6 w. by S. wind rain

5 and 10- 48
103 102

41. 63

c S. S. W. fair mild

lo and 20 –

70 103 * TO2


41. SS
2 12 6 S by W

20 and 30

W. S. W. cloudy

30 and 40 - 241
102 # 101

6 S.W.by W. rain

40 and 50- 216 101

1 1 2 S. W. bys.

so and 60

259 10;1104 102

2 12 6
S. W.

60 and 70 - 173
101 102 103 10:10: 98

41, 55
2 1 2
6's. W. hard wind rain

70 and so II 15 533 102 103 102 103 102 103 99

41. 68 2 1 : 6 S. S. W. fair clou.

8o and go

sr 1101 1034

103 | 103 99 41. 63 2 I 2 6 w. by N. cloud, fair

go andioo 7 1; Sunday

W. by S.

fair 138 187 %

103 1021 1 103

103 99 41. 38

2 12

6s. W. hard very win.
102 & i| 102 103 103

99 41, 85
6 w.s. W. fair clou. Within the Walls


102 102

1 103

41, 8s
2 15 ON.W.byn. tair rain

Without the Walls 584
137 1 187 į juostel

101 102 103 103

ON by W. clou, cold

In Mid, and Surrey 1124
27 138 139 187 %

102 j103 98 41. 65

이 N. W. frost fair

City & Sub. Wf. 505
ON. N. E. clou. cold

24 Sunday

S. W. windy Weekly Feb. 26

534 1871881111112!

104 I 199
OS. W, frem rain





41. 8s
3 OW. N. W. rain fair


104 99
N. W.b.W. fair rain

19 459
103 | 102


N. W cloudy

26 5.8


41, 85
6 N. by W. rain wind



N. W


Wheaten Peck Loaf 15, 9d.
W. by S. fair

Pease 205. to 233. per Q.
Bear. Key. Basingstoke. Read.pg. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes.

71!5s load
Wheat 245 10 275 gr

71 15s load
71 178 load

81 os load

zl 19 i load
Barley 145 to 17

325 to 38 ar 46 6d buih.

145 to 38q4
OOS 10 ou qr 175 to 19 qr 175 to 19 qr

175 to 18

iss to 16
Oats 125 to 138 60

25 oid
145 to 16 od
145 to 16

155 to 19

125 to 15 od Beans 185 to 22$ 6d

1:8 to 17

iss to 20 204 to 24 od

28 to is gd 225 to 23 245 to 25

133 to 15 218 to 2+ 245 to 28 295 to 31 225 to 28

28 gd to 38

18s to 21 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, ul. 75. 111. 78. 62. u. 65. 111. 6s. 6d. sid. 75, 6d. 11. 73. 111. gs. 6d. al, 85, 131.75. 11. 8s. ill. gs.

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March 5


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FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1751. 143 HE French are every day not only by the king of Portugal, he has larely re. T

duced the duties payable upon the importaject for increafing their trade and improv- tion of Sugar from Brazil to one half of ing their marine : For these purposes, re. what have been paid for some years, in veral fhips have lately failed with recruits, order to restore that branch of trade', which to compleat the garisons in their several has been almoft ruined by the high duties. American colonies; and it is reckoned that At Madrid they have advice from Peru, above 600 officers discharged fince the peace, that a deep cavern has been discovered in a are gone to serve in those colonies. Anum- village called Urcos, about 15 miles from ber of vessels are fitting out in order to Cusco, upon the river Quiquixana, in which transport artillery and ammunition to the were three coffins of mally gold, two inchcoast of Africa, and likewise fome hun. es and a half thick, wherein, as far as they dreds of people, who are intended to found could judge from some Hieroglyphicks ena colony there : In order to improve their graved upon them, were deposited the bones Turkey trade,, they have, besides the so of three of the ancient kings of Peru. sols per ton upon foreign shipping, impo- From Vienna we have advice, that on sed a duty of to per cent, upon all goods March 19, N. S. her imperial majesty was imported from the Levant by foreign ships; happily delivered of a princess. and that they may never want expert sea- By accounts from several places we are officers, a marine academy has been esta. told of great preparations making by the blished at Breft, the members of which are Turks for a war in Europe, and that seve. directed to compile a dictionary for explain. ral changes have been made in the divan, ing every thing relating to naval affairs.

all of which seem to tend the same way; An expedient is talked of at Paris for which is the more to be apprehended, as composing the difference between the king the troubles in Persia seem to increase raof France and his clergy ; the latter being

ther than diminish, so that the Turks have willing, it is said, to give a declaration of nothing to fear from that quarter. And their revenues, provided they be always from Petersburg we are told by the last allowed to grant a supply to his majesty, mail, that the Czarina has given orders for under the title of a free gist.

hiring a great number of transport Tips Among the many good regulations made upon the Duina and gulph of Finland.


The Monthly Catalogue for March, 1751.

10. A genuine Accrunt of the Life of DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY.

William Parsons, Esq; executed at Ty. Clear Distinction between true and burn, Feb. 11. pr. 15. Corbett.

false Religion, pr. 6d. Robinson. 11. Memoirs of the Life of William 2. A second Letter to Mr. Whitfield, pr. Parsons, E.4; pr. 18. Stamper. 18. Ed. Cooper.

12. National Thoughts recommended to PHYSICK and SURGERY.

the serious Attention of the Publick, pr. 3. A new Treatise on British and fo- 60. Dodney. reign Vegetables, pr. 45. Owen.

13. Confiderations on the Regulations 4. An Exposition of the Uncertainties at Cambridge, pr, is. Pavne. in the Practice of Phyfick. By B. G. Feij?, 14. A Differtation on the Hebrew Vowel Maiter general of the Order of St. Bene- Points. By P. Whitfield, pr. gs. Vaillant. diet, pr. is. Tonson.

15. A Letter to the Right. Hon. the 5. A new general System of Midwifry, , Lady V--- V-, pr. 15. Owen, By B. Exton, M. D. pr. 4s. Owen.

16. A Letter to Henry Lord Viscount 6. An historical and physical Disserta- Cornbury, pr. 6d. Lion. tion on the Case of Catherine Vizzani, 17. The Sentiments of a great Man upon pr. 15. Meyer,

reducing The Interest, pr, 6d. Whirridge. 7. The Cure of the Miliary Fever, pr.

18. The History of Westminster-Abbey. Is. 6d. Say.

By R. Widmore, A. M. pr. 55. Fox. MISCELLANEOUS.

19. * Interest at one View, calculared 8. Observations on Mr. Fielding's En- to a Farthing. By Richard Hayes. The quiry, pr. 15. 6d. Newbery.

Eighth Edition, with Additions, Meadows. 9. A true Copy of the Poll taken at 20. A Treatise on distributive Justice, Oxford, Jan. 30, 1750. with Lord Corn

Owen, bury's Letter to the Vice-Chancellor, and 21. Observations made by Mr. Birtram, all the Papers relating to the said Election in his Travels from Pensy'vania to Ononwhich were sent to the common Room, of dago, pr. is. 6d. the respective Colleges, pr. 6d. Baldwin, 22. Serious Advice to Silk Manufactu. jun.

Tars, pr. 60, Whitridge,

pr. 18.

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pr. is.



The Monthly Catalogue for March 1951. 23. Considerations on the Expediency of and Mr. John Fletcher. Collated with a a general Naturalization, pr. 6d. Say, the former Editions. In 10 Vols.

24. Some Thoughts on a general Nacu. 48. A satirical Dialogue on the playing ralization, pr. 6d. Owen.

of Othello, pr. 60. River. 25. A Narrative of the Proceedings

49. The Laurel : Containing various concerning the Herring Fishery. By T.

Branches of Poetry, pr. 25. Woodfall. Cole, pr. 6d. Owen,

50. Poems and Miscellaneous Pieces. 26. A Dcience of the Old Stile, pr. 6d. By J. Free, D, D. Rivington. Owen.

51. An Ode on the Powers of Poetry, 27. A dispasfonate Remonstrance of the

pr. Is. Cooper. Nature and Tendency of lowering Inte- 52. A Letter to Francis de la Val, Esq; rest, pr. is. Robinson.

pr. 64. Meyer.
28. The Consequences of laying an ad- 53. Wit tiying at St. James's, pr. 6d.
ditional Duty on Spirituous Liquors, pr. 6d.


54. Commerce ; a Poem. By Mr. Ar-
29. A Parallel between Lady Frail, and nold, pr. is. Dodney.
the Lady of Quality in Peregrine Pickle, 55. Religion ; a Rhaprody. By G. A.

Stevens, pr. 6d. Reeve. 30. A Proposal for uniting the King- 56. The Progress of Envy. Newbery. doms of Great Britain and Ireland, pr. is. 57. An occasional Prologue and Epilogue Millar.

to Ochelin. By C. Smart, A. M. pr. od. 31. An Inquiry into the Damages of Newbery. (See p. 136.) Spirituous Liquors, pr. 6d. Trye.

58. The Bul finch. Vol. II. (Being a 32. A View of the Proceedings of the choice Collection of Englith Songs, pr. is. general Afferably of the Church of Scot

6d. Stamper. land, pr. 6d. Owen,

59. The Poems of Mrs. Leapor, Vol. II.
33. A Valuation of Annuities and Leases Roberts.
certain, for a single Life. By Weyman 60. The Royal Jefter ; or Cream of the
Lee, Esq; pr. is. 6d. Shuckburgh.

Jeft, pr. 18. Stamper.
14. The History of Lapland. By John
Scheffer, pr. 15, 6d. Griffiths.

35. Candid Disquiftions on the Execu- 61. A Sermon preached at Sunbury,
tion of the Laws of England, pr. is. Middlesex, Jan. 6. By John Mullo, M. A.

pr. 6d. Whifton. 36. An Efray on the new Species of 62. A Sermon besore the Society of free Writing, pr. js. Owen.

and accepted Malons, at Gloucester, pr. 37. A short View of the Families of the


Owen. present English Nobility. By Mr. Salmon, 63. A Sermon on the Common Prayer

and Communion, By Lewis Jones, M. A. 38. The Economy of the Sexes, pr. pr. 6d. Owen. Noon.

64. A Seimon at Worcester, August 39. A Letter to Mr. Thomas Bigz, late

36, 1750. By J. Tottie, A. M. pr. 6d. Surgeon of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. By Sandby. R. Ruffel, M. D. pr. 1$. Rullel.

65. A Sermon at St. George the Martyr, 40. Observations on the part Growth

Southwark, Jan. 30.

By L. Howard, and present State of the City of London, D. D. pr. 6d. Hodges. pr. 25, 6d. Woodfall.

66. A Sermon Portsmouth, Dec. 25, 41. Memoirs of the Duke of Sully, 1750. By J. Sturch, pr, 6d. Hitch. Ambaffador at the English Court from

07. A Sermon at ihe Confecration of the Henry IV. of France, pr. 58. Dudley. B.thop of Bristol, Dec. 21. By F. Web

42.. A Key to the Fragment. By Amias ber, D. D. pr. 6d. Rivington. Riddinge, pr, 18. Cooper.

68. Two Sermons on the Sabbath.

W. Webder, D. D. pr. 6d. Clarke.
Entertainment and Poetry.

69. A Sermon on Self-Love, at York, V. 43. The Adventures ef Peregrine Pickle. Dec. 30. By Ch. Cooper, A. M. pr. 6d. In four Vols. 12mo, pr. 12S. Wilson,

70. A Sermon before the Lords at Weft. 44. Three original Prems : Being the minster Abbey, Jan. 30.

By Frederick
Posthurious Works of Pendavid Bitterz. Lord Bishop of Litchfield ard Coveotry,
wigs, pr. is.

pr. 6d. Dudley.
45. Alfred; a Masque. By Mr, Mallet, 71. A Sermon at Long Ditton, at the
pr. is. 6d. (see p. 99.)

Funeral of Juleph Clarke, A. M. By R. 46. The Scribleriad. Book II, III, IV, Wooddelon, A. M. pr. 6d. Innys. and V, pr. is, tach. Docfley. (See p. 72. A Sermon before the Commons, 130.)

Jan. 30. By F, Allen, D. D. pr. 6d. 47. The Works of Francis Beaumont, Shuckburgh.

pr. 38.


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Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For APRIL, 1751.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.). Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, iban ony Monthly Book of tbe Same Price.) I. A History of the Princes and Minorities XIII. Of trading Companies. in England since the Conquest.

XIV. Peevithocfs oil, layed and censured. II. The Life of the celebrated Shakespear. XV, Account of the whole Ceremonial at III. Diverting and instructive Story of Cleora the Funeral of his late Rcyal Highness IV, Second Letter on the remarkable Bull the Prince of Wales. of Pope Clement VI. with a Copy of the

XVI. Affairs of the South Sea Company: said Bull.

XVII. Mr. Heathcote, to the Livery of V. Humble Remonftrance and Petition of London. the SPIRITS.

XVIII. Character of Chrysalus and Eriphile. V1. Of the Swedish Succession, and Declara. XIX. POETRY: Britain's Ijle, by the tion of the new King.

Author of Arno's Vale, a new Song let to VII. The JOURN

NA L of a Learned and Mufick ; Extract from Tbe Bramin ; Political CLUB, &c. continued : Contain. Psalm 1. paraphrased ; on the Death of ing the SPEECHES of C. Popilius Lænas, the Prince ; on Woman ; on Happiness ; Julius Florus, and M. Ogulnius, on the Epistle to a friend ; Songs; Rebus solved; Question concerning Staff Officers : And Hobbinol, a new Song set to Mufick, the SPEECH of C. Claudius Nero, on the &c. &c. * British White Herting Fishery Bill.

XX. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : VIII. A Marriage negotiated by Bill of Ex- Seffions at the Old Bailey ; Proceedings change.

against Gaming Houses ; Malefactors éx. IX. Humorous Letter on Chanting.

ecuted, &c. &c. &c. X. On the Death of the Prince of Wales, XXI. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; with his Chara&ter.

Deaths ; Bankrupts. XI. Arithmetical and Mathematical Ques- XXII, Prices of Stocks for each Day. tions,

XXIII. Monthly Bill of Mortalicy. XII. · Type and Calculation of the Lunar XXIV. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.

Eclipse, which will happen on May 29. XXV. A Catalogue of Books. With a Representation of SHAKESPE A R's Monument in Wenminster Abbey, and the Effigies of the surprizing British GIANT; both neatly engraved on Copper.

MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON: Printed for R. Baldwin, jun. at the Rofe in Parer. Nofter-Rozv. or whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this time, neatly Bound, or Sirchid,

or any single Month to compleat Sets.

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