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The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. May benefaction of go guineas to that charity, of Suffolk, by persons armed and disguised, inclosed in a paper with the following who, it was generally supposed, had here. lines :

tofore rode and been conversant with 'Tis what the bappy to th'unhappy owe; smuggling armed gangs, which had insulted For what man gives, the gods by him and inteited that county : His majesty beflow.

Pope. was plealed to promise his most gracious

pardon to any of the offenders, who mall, At a general court of the South (ca com within three months, discover any two or pany, it was agreed, that after the expira. more of his or their accomplices, so that tion of the three years of the present di. they may be apprehended and convicted : redors of that company, the election shall And as a further encouragement, if any be made annually, and for 15 directors on- of the persons concerned in any or all ly. (See p. 185, 187.)

of the said facts, or any other person or The Society of the Free British Fishery, persons whatsoever, thall apprehend and with their officers, went from Mercers.ball take any of the offenders, such person to Leicester-house, where his royal high- or persons Mall receive from the lords ness the prince of Wales accepted of commissioners of his majesty's treasury, being their governor, and they all had a reward of icol, for each person so taken, the honour of killing his royal highness's within one month after conviction, over hand.

and above any other reward they may be
The (peech addrefied to his royal high. entitled to by law.
ness, on this occasion, was as follows.

May it please your Royal Highness,

Thomas Harrison, Erq; was sworn into

the office of chamberlain of this city, be. The president, vice-president, council

fore the right Hon. the lord mayor and and Society of the Free British Fishery, en.

court of aldermen. Immediately after couraged by his majesty's royal approba.

which he entered into his office, by ad. tion, humbly approach your royal highness, to intreat your favourable acceptance of

mitting leven persons into the freedom of

this city; and then went by invitation to being their governor, an honour conde

dine with the lord mayor at Vintners hall. (cended to by your illustrious and muchlamented father, whose princely virtues

(See a particular account of his ele&tion to

this important office, p. 221.) were eminently conspicuous, by his confant attention to, and his generous con

We received the following melancholy

account from several of the poor Bricern for, the welfare of this kingdom, and the prosperity of its commerce.

tish captives lately redeemed from havery As we considered the success of this na.

in Barbary, some of whom came home in

the Blandford mast of war the 22d of last tional undertaking, from which the most Jafting advantages are expected, to have

March, viz. That they sailed, OA. 1745, depended greatly upon his gracious pro.

out of the river Thames, in the Inspector tection, we cannot but hope for the same

privateer, capt. Veale, of 22 carriage guns, benefits from the influence of your royal

besides swivels ; and in Jan. 4, 1745-6, highness, the inheritor of all his virtues ;

were wrecked in Tangier. Bay, on the and therefore, Sir, we beseech you to take

coast of Barbary, where they loft 96 of the this fishery under your proteâion, which

crew, and 86 getting on More alive, were will add new vigour to our endeavours, and

immediately seized and stript by the Moors; prove the most auspicious omen of its

79 of them being carried to prison, were

chained 20 together, and kept in that mire. success.

rable condition four days and four nights To which his royal highness returned the following answer.

successively, without any thing either to eat

or drink, and lay upon the bare stones ; Gentlemen,

under which diftreffes they were consulting I return you my thanks for this mark of to draw lots for one to be killed io fubfift your duty to the king, and of your regard the rest ; but on a remonstrance from the to me. You may be affured, I thall always goaler, that they were near expiring, the peo. be glad to contribute every thing in my ple of the town sent them eight small sheep, power to the success of your laudable ato two of which they instantly devoured raw, tempe, for extending the commerce of his and from that time they were allowed majesty's subjects.

bread and water. In which condition they SATURDAY, II.

remained four months, and were then It having been represented to the king, drove up the country from Tangier to Bufthat divers robberies and burglaries, (al. coran, which is 200 Engliñ miles, baretended with several circumstances of ex.

footed, like a flock of theep, to the emtreme cruelly and barbarity) within some

peror of Morocco, who ordered them the cime past, had been committed in the county third day to Navery, in building up and



The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER, 235 pulling down large castle walls, where they 117.)- A bill for paving, enlightening, and worked with very heavy tools from sun ris- .dorning Golden-square.--A bill for the ing to sun-setting, Sundays and all days a. preservation of the game in Scotland.--A like ; their allowance, for a great part of bill for enlightening and better watching their Navery, being but halt a blankeen a The open ftreets in the parish of St. Matday, which is hut one penny, and at the thew, Beihnal: Green.-A bill for encurmost only a whole blankeen. In this con- aging the hempen and linen manufactures dition they remained for upwards of four in Scotland.- A bill for the helter regulatyears, when they were redeemed by Wil- ing the river Avon, running thro' the counliam Latton, Esq; his majesty's embassador ties of Warwick, Worcester, and Gloue to Muley Abdallah, emperor of Morocco. cester, and settling the rates of water care And it is very surprizing, that so many of rage. A bill for amending a bill passed them survived these great fatigues, (only last year, for the more speedy and easy reeight of them dying in the country, as they covery of small debts in the city and libernever had any thing to lie on but the ground ty of Westminster.-- A bill for the build. and stones, and nothing to cover them but

ing a bridge over the river Ribble, near a straw hat on their heads, and a piece of

Preston in Lancashire.--A bill for rebuild. a blanket round their bodies, in the day

ing Illington church- .A bill for Jaying time.

out, making, and keeping in repair, a We were informed, that when the mar. road proper for the pallage of troops and quifs of Rockingham came of age, on the carriages, from Carhlle 1o Newcastle upon 13th inst. a most extraordinary enter. Tyre. --The Werdover, York, Durham, tainment was provided at Wentworth- Lancaster, Manchester, &c. road bills ; house, in Yorkshire, which confifted, and to 24 private bilis. among several other th ngs, of the follow- The following is an exact list of the couning particulars, viz. 110 dishes of roast cil appointed to affist her royal highness the beef, 70 pies, 53 dishes of mutton, 48 princess of Wales as regent or the kingdom, hams, 55 dishes of lamb, 70 dishes of in cale bis majesty's demnise thould happen veal, 4o dishes of chickens, 104 dishes of before the prince of Wales is 18 years of age, fish : And the liquors drank on the occa- viz. His royal highness the duke of Cumfion, were, 13 hogsheads of aie, 20 hog- berland : The archbishop of Canterbury : Therds of strong beer, 8 hogsheads of

The lord chancellor : The lord high trea. punch, and 4 hogMaeads of wine. There Turer of Great Britain, or first lord comware behdes, 8 hogsheads of strong beer

missioner of the treasury: The president drank the next day, and to load of wheat of the council : The lord privy real: The baked into bread and pies. There were

lord high-admiral of Great Britain, or first upwards of 10,000 guests in the whole ; commitsioner of the Admiralty : The two 3000 of which, or upwards, were enter- principal secretaries of fate: And the lord tained within the house : And after they had chief justice of the King's-bench. dined, the victuals were carried out into

FRIDAY, 24. the booths for the populace, who had Krong

The birth day of his royal highness beer and ale as much as they pleased. George prince of Wales was celebrated WEDNESDAY, 22.

with great rejoicings, when his royal highHis majesty went to the house of peers

nels entered into the 14th year ot his age. with the usual solemnity, and gave the roy.

MONDAY, 27. al affent to the following bills, viz.-A bill

The festions ended at the Old Bailey, for providing for the administration of the when the nine following malefactors regovernment, in case it should defcend to a. ceived sentence of death, viz. Joseph Pea. ny of the children of his late royal highness cock, for robbing Mr. John Coulson in the the prince of Wales, under the age of 18 Fleet-market, of a gold watch and his hat. years, and appointing a guardianship for Thomas Qain, Joseph Dowdell and Tho. their persons, (commonly called the regen- mas Talbot, for robbing George Ruck, cy bill, see p. 188.)- A bill for regulating near Covent-garden, of a silver watch and of trials by juries. - A bill for reducing the 3.1. in money : The two former of these intereft-upon the capital stock of the S. S. were discharged out of Newgate last fefsisonipany, and for providing against frauds in ons, having been confined there

year, the officers and servants of that company. for rescuing a notorious thief out of the -A bill for the relief of the annuitants of Gatehouse ; and the last received judgment the Mercers company. -A bill to indemnify of death about a year ago, which was mi. justices of the peace and consables in the tigated to transportation for life. William due execution of their office, and prevent- Harton, for a burglary. Phillip Gibson, ing any vexatious and litigious law suits. for a Itreet-robbery. Robert Damsel, for -Abill for the more easy recovery of small a robbery on the highway, near Hunnow debts in the city of Lincoln, and the coun. hevo. Michael Levi, a Jew, for the dety of that name.--A bill for regulating the teftable fin of sodomy : And Capt. Henry commencement of the year, and for cor- Dylon, for a forgery. recting the calendar now in use. (See p. 116, G & 2


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ALTERATIONS in tbe List of Parliament, 23. William Gooch, Esq; youngest son
fonce rbose in our Mag. for Feb. p. 92. to the bishop of Ely, to Miss Sawyer,

URGHS of Aberdeen, Montrole, Bre-

chin, &c. David Scott, Esq; in the May !. The lady of Sir Charles Miles, room of Charles Maitland, Esq; deceased. Bart, delivered of a son and heir.

Worcester fhire. 'John Bulkely Coventry, 11. The lady of William Basil, Esq; of
Efq; in the room of his brother, lord a daughter.
visc. Deerhurst, now earl of Coventry.

Downton, Wilcs. Thomas Duncombe,
Esq; in the room of George Proctor, Esg;

April 23. deceased.

of the Re. Hon. the lord Gatron, Surrey. James Colebrook, jun.

visc. Tracey Esq; in the room of Paul Humphrey, Erg; 25. Thomas Page, Esq; brother to Sir deceased.

Gregory Page, Bart. of Blackheath. Saltarh, Cornwall, George Bridges 27. Rev. Dr. Bateman, archdeacon of Rodney, Esq; in the room of Thomas Cor- Lewes, master of St. John's hospital, bett, Efq; fecretary to the admiralty, de- chancellor and one of the canons relidenceased,

tiary of Litchfield cathedral, and rector of
Hampshire. Alexander Thistlethwayte, St. Dunstan's in the East, Londor.
Esq; in the room of Francis Whitehead, Rev. Timothy Thomas, D. D. re&or of
Esq; deceased.

Preseigne, in Radnorshire.
Hindon, Wilts, Francis Blake Delavall, 30. Thomas Corbett, Eq; recretary to
Esq; in the room of Valens Comyn, Erq; the Admiralty, and member of parliament

for Saliam, in Cornwall.
Surrey. Thomas Budgen, Efq; in the Slorwick Carr, Esq; mayor of the town
room of Charles lord Baltimore, deceased. of Northampton.

May!: Capt. Andrew Agnew, eldest April 21. EV. John Head, D. D. arch. son of Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart.

deacon of Canterbury, to 2. Hugh Fortescue, earl Clinton, baron Miss Jenny Geekie, filter of the Rev. Dr. Clinton, and baron Fortescue, of Carle. Geekic, archdeacon of Gloucester,

hill, in Devon, and knight of the most ho. 30. Mr. Richard Sclater, an eminent nourable order of the Bath. He dying a Drugg ít in Newgate-street, and deputy of bachelor, his eflate, and the title of baron the ward of Farringdon within, to Miss Clinton, descends to his half brother, Penelope Lutley, of Henwich near Worces. Matthew Fortescue, Esq; of Cirencester, ter.

in Gloucestersh re, but the title of earl John Campbell, Esq; cashier of the Clinton, granted by patent in 1746, is ex. the royol bank of Scotland, to Miss Anne tinct. Caroline Campbell, eldest daughter of 5. Clayton Kenrick, Esq; formerly an James Camrbell, of Tofts, Esq;

eminent merchant on Dougate-Hill. May 2. Richard Sharp, E'q; one of the * 6. Moses Gomes de Mesquita, rabbi of clerks of the board of green-cloth, to Miss the Portuguese Jews fynagogue, much Braithwaite of St. James's-square.

esteemed for his learning.
4. Sir Edmund Inham, Bart, to Miss Gee, Rev.Dr.Skerritt, vicar of Greenwich, and

William Nortley, of Compron Baffet, rector of St. Peter le Poor in Broad.street.'
in Wilts, Erq; member of parliament for 8. John Cheale, Esq; norroy king at
Calce, to Miss Hopkins, daughter to the
Jate Richard Hopkins, Esq;

Jo. Sir William Heathcote, of Hursley, in
Rt. Hon. the earl of Coventry, to Miss Hampshire, Bart. fo created by his prelent

majesty in 1733. He is succeeded by his 9. Mr. John Thurman, of the Devizes eldest son of the same name, in Wil's, to Miss Bundy, daughter of the 13. Hon. George Bridges, Esq; member Jate Rev. Dr. Bundy:

of parliament for Winchester, in a very Hon. col. Waldegrave, brother to the advanced age. earl Waldeyravé, ro lady Elizabeth Leveson 14. Her Grace the dutchess of Monta. Gower, daughter to the Rt. Hon, the earl gue, youngert daughter, and one of the Gower.

coheirs of the great duke of Marlborough. 14. Henry Lloyd, of Barrington in Der. Richard Chiswell, Efq; an eminent Tura byshire, Esq; to Miss Cholmondeley, of key merchant. Brook. ftreet, a 20,000 1. fortune.

1. Dr. Aliree, an eminent physician 22. Edward Antley, Esq; eldest son of and man-midwife in Norfolk-street, a genSir Jacob Altley, of Melion Conflable, in tleman of an excellent character, Norfolk, Bart, to Miss Delaval, eldest daugh. 17. Edward Busby, Ela; one of the ter of Francis Blake Deiaval, Esq; a

procurators general of the arches court of $9,000l, fortune

Case .

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237 Canterbury, marshal of the high court of and clerk to the constable of the said castle, Admiralty, and late high sheriff for Stas- &c.--Capt. Johnson made lieut. col. and fordshire.

ensign Davie captain in the fifth company 20. George Mertins, Esq; ron of the of the first reg. of root guards. - Courlate Sir George Mertins, Knt. lord-major thope Clayton, Ero; made major of the of London, and treafurer of Christ's ho- first troop of horse grenadier guards. spital.

Thomas Cleveland, Esq; made secretary

to the admiralty, in the room of Thomas Ecclefiaftical PRETERMINTS,

Corbett, Erq; deceased. -Sir William Rule

fel, Bart, page to his royal highness the nity-hall, Cambridge, and lecturer of

duke of Cumberland, made an ensign in the Huntingdon, presented by the college to first reg. of foot guards.--Earl of Coventhe rectory of Swannington, and to the try, made lord lieut. and custos rotulorum

of Worcestershire.--Robert Palmer, Esq; living of Woodalling, in Norfolk.-John Fortin, M. A. assistant preacher at Lincoln's

made clerk of the naval or navy office of Inn, to the living of St. Dunstan's in the

York river in Virginia.- Lord Fitzwilliams, East, void by the death of the Rev. Dr. made one of the lords of his majesty's bed. Bateman.--Mr. Fulham, one of the ca

chamber.-Hon. master Stanhope, and nons of Windsor, presented to the vicarage master d'Arcy, made pages of honour 10 of Illeworth, in Middlesex. - Mr. Ewer, the prince of Wales.-Dr. Philip du V:l, another of the canons of Windsor, to the made phyfician in ordinary to the princess living of West Illey, in Berks.-Dr. Ar- of Wales.-- John Selwyn, Esq; made cher, to the rectory of St. Mary's, in

treasurer to the prince.- John Selwyn, Winchester. Daniel Lipla, LL. D. rector

jun, and George Augustine Selwyn, Esqrs, of Lewes, in Susex, appointed first chap

made grooms of the bedchamber to his lain to her royal highness' the princess royal highness.-- Thomas Harrison, Esq; dowager' of Wales.-Mr. John Spetyne,

chamberlain of London, made receiver presented to the rectory of Virginstow, in general of the land-tax for London, WestDevonshire.-Dr. Newton appointed chap

mintter and Middlesex. - Earl of Albe. Jain to his royal highness the prince of marl, made groom of the stole to his Wales. - Savage Tindal, D. D. presented

majesty, and Francis Seymour Conway, to the vicarage of Barking, in Essex.-Mr.

earl of Hertford, a lord of the bedchamber Peter Hynde, to the living of Cadworth,

in his room.- Claudius Amyand, Esq; in Hampshire.- Mr. George Price, to the

made deputy secretary of state under the living of St. Mary, Leicester fhire, with

duke of Newcastle.-Francis Ailkill, gent. the living of Marlyton therero annexed.

made his majesty's consul ac Malaga. Dr. Roger Long, to the rectory of Brad.

Perfons declared Bankrupts, force those in cur well, in Essex.-Dr. Herring, a near rela.

Mag. for February. uon of the archbishop of Canterbury, made dean of St. Asaph, in the room of Dr.

AMES Scholefield, of Southowran, Powell, deceased. -Mr. John Newell, presented to the vicarage of Hennenden, in Burrough, of the parish of St. Augustine, Kent. - Mr. John Samuel Hill, made a London, cheesemonger.- Joseph Twining. prebendary of Ely, in the room of Dr. of Haverfordwest, linen-draper. - Mary Ralph Perkins, deceased. - Dr. Blacket, Love, of Beckington, in Somersetshire, wie made affiftant preacher at Lincoln's Inn, dow, and clothier. - John Smith, of Strat. in the room of Mr. Jortin, who resigned. ford upon Avon, mercer.-Timothy Child, --Dr. Jorrick, presented to the rectory of of Twickenham, disiller. - Thomas Sea: St. Peter le Poor, in Broad-treet, in the good, of Bartholomew.close, carpenter. room of Dr. Skerrist, deceased. Mr. John Lee, of Holbourn, salesman, and Hunt, to the living of Ironing, in Suffolk.

dealer.--Thomas Rowntree, Rob. Wrang. -Robert Wright, M. A. to the vicarage

ham, and John Wrangham, of New Mal. of Bulmer, in Effex.

ton, in Yorkshire, leather-dressers, dealers,

and partners.-- James Coombs, of FroomePROMOTIONS Civil and Military. Selwood, in Somersetthire, clothier.ECIL Bishop, Esq; son of Sir Cecil John Dignam, of the Poultry, linen diaper,

Cuthbert Ogle, late of Newcastle upon his royal highness the prince of Wales.- Tyne, merchant.-John Sharman, of De. fames Douglas, Esq; made chief cleik of benham, in Suffolk, cheese-factor.- Perer the green cloth to her royal highness the Hodgson, of Gracechurch street, woollenprincess dowager of Wales. ---Rr. Hon, the draper'.—John Ravenscroft, late of London, countess of Middlesex, made mistress of the vintner, and victualler.- John Wood, and robes to her royal highness.- Jonathan Henry Haddon, of St. Botolph's without Wells, Elq; made fteward of the lordships, Aldgate, grocers.

PRICES manors, &co belonging to Windsor Cafle,

[Tbe rest in our next.]


s. d.


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PRICES OF STOCKS in M AY, Bill of MORTALITY, &c. BANK INDIA (South Sea, South Seafouth Sea, + per Cent., 4 percent. Bank An.13 perCent. IndiaBonds, B.Cir.pn, Wind at Weatber BILL of Martality from STOCK. STOCK. ISTOCK. Annu.o Ann, new 1746. 1747. 1748.9. B. Annu.

præm. 11.

Deal, London. April 23. ro May 28. 189 113 11041141 10;11.104111r.10+11,103 99 41,178 3 10

o S. S. W.

rain cold

Males 676)
103. ij 103

102 }
102 100
41. 178 3 10

? Femal. 635} 1313

S, W.
113 $3103

41. 188
c W. S. W.

Males 9983


99 %
41, 188

ol S, S. W. 3 10

Femal.10,93 2057

5 Sunday

W. S. W. wind rain Died under 2 years old 650
103;104 103

99 $


N. W. thail thun. Between 2 and S-137 7 137

1036 04 103 103 101

99 3.

41. i 18s ON, N, W. fair

s and 1073
8 137 1 190 ? 113


41. 188
o E, N. E.

10 and 20 63 9 1374137 190 113 103


103 | 102

41, 173 } 12 6 E. N. E. fair cold

20 and 30 - 189 10 136 137 1901191113 || 103 103 103

Too 41. 195

3 12 6) N. N. E. fair rain

( 30 and 40 - 204
11 137
191 113

103 103

41. :88
N. W. fair

40 and 50 - 240 12 Sunday

E. S. E. clo, rain

so and 60-161 131 137 191 11) 103

1031 10:


41. 188
3 12 6 S. by E. rain fair

60 and 181 14 1371367 1911TX uŹ 1 103 103 103 102

41. 18s

6 w. by S.
rain fair

70 and co-
15 137

191 113 103

103 쉬 102

41. 188
S. W. clou, rainy

80 and 90-
16 136

113 105

N. W. fair rain

go andioo 4 19111 11; 114 103 103 41. 195 13 12 6W, N. W. clou. rain

2057 103 104 103

3 12 6 N.

29 Sunday

Within the Walls
N. N. E. fair

2011361371) 191 114

103 10+ 103 1 102 TOZ | 1001

51. 28 13 15 0 N. E. fair

Without the Walls 573 104

100 Sl. 28

In Mid, and Surrey 873
0 N. N. E,

104 103

5l. 25
315 0

City & Sub, Wif. 458

N. E fair 23 137 191

114 104 103

5l. 28 3 15 0 N. by E. clou. cold

24 138
192 113

153 & 1103


N. W. (air Weekly April 30 104 1

104 1 103 103 * 100 3 15 N. by. W. clou, rain

May 7 438 16 W, Sund.

N. by E. fair

14 - 461 27

104 104 I
103 103
3 15 0 S, W. fair clo.


114 1C4 104

103 103
315 0W. N. W.

29 138
10+ 104 104 103 103


3 17
6 N. W. cloudy

30 138
104 10+ 104
103 TO3

317 6 N. by W. fair Wheaten Peck Loaf 18. 10d,
104 104


gl. 48

3 17 6 N. N. W. ltair clou. Rye 16s. 6d, per le
Bear-Key. Basingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley, Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucester. Northampt.
Wheat 24s CO 278 qr
71155 load 71 155 load 71 178 load

81 os load
71 193 load

325 to 38. qr 48 6d buth, 2 4s to 38qw Barley 148 to 17 oos 00 00 qr 175 to 1990 175 to 19 gr

188 to 19 qr 175 to 18 155 to 16 155 to 19 23 ozd

168 to 17 Oats 1 28 to 138 60 148 to 16 od 145 to 16 128 10 15 od 128 to 17

1gs to 20

28 to 18 9d 136 to 15 Beans 186 CO 228 6d 203 to 24 od

215 to 23 245 to 25 2 15 to 24 249 to 28

298 to 31 228 to 28

28 gd to 36

18s to 20 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, 11). 108, 6d. ul, 116, ril, 138. 6d. 11. 151. Iil, 158, 6d.

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137 1

6 137

18 131

137 22) 137


Price of corn Ww.

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