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The Monthly Catalogue for May, 1751.

23. Remarks on the Solar and Lunar
1. FULL and final Reply to Mr. Years, pr. 6d. Davis.

24. Successions and Characters of the ton's Free Enquiry. By W. Dodwell, Kings of England, &c. from the Birth of D. D. pr. 65. Birt.

Christ, pr. 25. 60. Owen, 2. An Attempt to prove à priori, that 25. Seasonable Advice to all the Smugin Gen. iii. 15. Christ Jesus is particularly glers of French Cambricks and Lawns, pr. foretold, pr. 15. Birt.

6d. Owen. 3. The Argument of the Divine Legation 26. A Colle&tion of Letters from Alex. of Moses fairly stated, pr. 26, 6d. Davis. ander Pope, Esq; to Aaron Hill, Esq; pr. 14. The Deity's Delay in punishing the Owen. Guilty consider'd on the Principles of 27. A farther Vindication of a late Reason, pr. 18. Whifton.

Clerk in the Auditor's Office, pr. is. Owen, 5. The Theology and Philosophy in Ci. 28. The parliamentary or conftitutional cero's Somnium Scipionis explained, pr. 15. History of England. In eight Volumes, Withers.

Price two Guineas.

29. An Essay on the Existence of Mat. 6. Monita & præcepta Medica. Auctore ter, wherein the extraordinary Philosophy R. Mead, pr. 48. 6d. Brindley and Bald. of the Bishop of Cloyne is refuted, pr. 6d. win, jun. (See p. 223.)

A new Problem to discover the 30. The ancient and present State of the
Longitude at Sea. By Richard Locke, pr. Navigation of Lynn, Wisbeach, Spalding,
6d. Baldwin, jun.

and Boston. By N. Kenderley. Noon.
8. Cautions concerning the Copper 31. The genuine Memoirs and Adven.
Coin, with some Proposals for preventing tures of a Goose Quill, pr. 6d. Cooper.
the illegal Practice of Coining, add efred 32. Art in Woman superior to Reason
to the Legislative Power and to all Traders, in Man, pr. 6d. Cooper.
pr. 6d. Baldwin, jun.

33. An Address to an eminent Person 9. The general Practice of Physick. By upon an important Subject, pr. 6d. Cooper. R. Brookes. In 2 Vols. 12mo, pr. 65. 34. An Appeal to Facts, regarding the Newbery.

Home Trade and Inland Manufactures,
JO. A History of the Materia Medica,

G. Woodfall.
By John Hill, M, D. Longman.

35. Canons of controversial Writing,
ií. Obfervations on the epidemical Dir. pr. 6d. Payne.
cases in Minorca, from 1744 to 1749. By 36. Some Observations on the Antiquity
George Cleghorn, pr. 48. Wilson.

of the Moravians, pr. 6d. Owen, 12. Philosophical Transactions, No. 494. 37. The Gregorian and Julian Kalen. Davis. (See p. 218, &c.)

dars. By Aaron Hawkins, pr. 18. 6d. 13. Nummorum antiquorum Scriniis Cooper. Bodleianis reconditorum Catalogus, pr.

Poetry and Entertainment. il. 6s. in Sheets, Nourse.

38. Amelia ; or the Distress'd Wife, pr. MISCELLANEOUS.

58. Baldwin, jun. 14. A Treatise on the dismal Effects of 39. The Song of Solomon paraphrased. Low-Spiritedness, pr. 6d. Owen.

In Lyrick Verse. By Charles Johnson, 15. A Comment upon the Memoirs of pr. 18. Johnston. the House of Brandenburgh, pr. 15. 6d. 49. The Morning Walk : Or, City En. Cooper.

compass'd, pr. is. 6d. Cooper. 16. Observations upon the Diftemper of 4.1. A Letter concerning a new Edition the Horned Cattle, pr, 1s.

Roberts. of Spencer's Fairy Queen, pr. Hawkins. 17. The History of our National Debt 42. An Epistle to the Earl of Orrery. and Taxes from the Year 1688 to 1751, By Henry Jones, pr. 18. wen. pr. 15. 5d, Cooper.

43. Four Pastorals, Morning, Noon, 18. An Enquiry into the Nature of the Evening, and Night, pr. is. Vaillant, Human Soul, pr. 19. Owen.

44. The Artful Lover : Or, The French 19. A Letter to Mr. Thomas Bigg, late Count turned Doctor, pr. is. Cooper, Surgeon of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. 45. An Oxford Dream. By Mr. Painter, By R. Russel, M. D. pr. is. Russel. pr. 6d. Cooper.

20. Considerations upon the proposed 46. On the immensity of the Supreme Bill, for amending the Statute of Frauds, Being. By C. Smart, A. M. pr. 60. pr. 4d. Owen.

An Address to the Educators of

Youth in Great Britain, pr. Ed. Trye. 47. A Sermon before the Sons of the

pr. is.

22. A succinct and impartial History of Clergy, at St. Paul's, May 1, 1751. By all the Regencies, Protectorships, &c. of A. King, LL. B. pr. 6d. Whifton. England, pr. 15. Cooper, See p. 147.)




The Monthly Catalogue for June, 1751. DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY. 25. Self Entertainment, or Day Thoughts, 1. • FÓRM of Common-Prayer for A

pr. 15. 6d. Cooper. Christians of all Denominations, 26. An Exay on the Virtues of Dunre pr. 18. Bound. Millar.

Spaw in Scotland. By Fr. Home, M. D. 2. A compleat Collection of the Ser.

pr. 35. 6d. Knapton. mons and Tracts of John Jeffery, D. D. 27. Mr. Tiffin's new Help to the Art in 2 Vols. pr. 118. Payne.

of swift Writing, pr. 55. Osborne. 3. Observations on Daniel's Prophecy of 28. An Essay on the Venereal Gleet. By the seventy Weeks, pr. 15. 6d. Owen. Samuel Chapman, pr. 15. Owen.

4. The History of the Holy Bible, in 29. Academic Cantabrigienfis Luctus in 2 Vols. By Edward Hauley, Esq; Bathurst. obitum Frederici celfifsimi Walliæ Principis, 6. Efsays on the Principles of Morality

pr. 45, Bathurst. and Natural Religion, pr. ss. Knapton. 30. A Funeral Oration ac Norwich, on

6. * An Introduction to the Knowledge the Death of the Prince of Wales, pr. 3d. of the Chriftian Religion. By H. Croft- Cooper. man, M. A. pr. 15. Dodd.

31. An Index to Mankind, or Maxims Entertainment and Poetry.

selected from the Wits of all Nations, pr. 7. The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq; is. Carnan, compleat, in 9 Vols. 8vo. pr. 21. 25. in 32. A Supplement to the Answer to Mr. Sheets. Knapton.

Ferguson's Effay on the Moon turning 8. The Shetland Herring, and Peruvian round her own Axis, pr. 60, Roberts. Gold Mine. By John Lockman, pr. 6d. 33. The present Pra&tice of Fines and Robinson.

Recoveries, pr. ks. Waller. 9. The Rural Maid: A Poem, pr. 6d. 34. A Description of Westminster-Bridge. James.

By Charles Labelye, pr. 5s. Nourse. 10. The Adventures of the Rev. Mr.

35. A Letter of Thanks from the ProJudas Hawke, pr. 1s. 6d. Waller.

testant Jews, to the twelve Apostles of the 11. The Modern Courtezan, pr. 18. Circumcifion, pr. 18. 6d. Hopkins. Carpenter.

36. Philosophical Letters upon Phyfiog12. The Friend of Liberty: An Ode. By

nomies, pr. 28. 6d. Griffiths. Mr. Boyce, pr. 6d. Cooper. See p. 276.) 37. A Description of the Pictures, &c.

13. A Poem in Blank Verse, on a vio- at Wilcon House. By Richard Cowdry. lent Storm. By Edward Stevens, pr. 60. Robinson. Cooper.

38. A Project for the Preservation of 14. The Double Intrigue: Or, The Ad.

Sunday, pr. 18. Shuckburgh. ventures of Ismael and Selima, pr. 16. 39. Common Sense a common Delufion : Corbett.

Or, The generally received Notions of na. MISCELANEOUS.

tural Causes, Deity, Religion, Virtue, &c. 14. Six new Deligns for convenient Farm- as exhibited by Mr. Pope in his Essay on Houses. Part II. By W. Halfpenny, pr. Man, pr. 1s. Reynolds. 28. 6d. Sayer.

40. A Discourse on the Propriety of Man16. The Theory and Practice of Com. ners, Taste, and Beauty, pr. ed. Sheepey. merce and Maritime Affairs. By Don Ge.

41. Considerations on the Woollen Manutoniino de Uze riz. In 2 Vols. pr. jos. factures of Great Britain, pr. is. Vaillant, Rivington.

42. An Account of the Princes of Wales, 17. Some Reflections on the Causes of from the first Institution, to Prince Henry, the Putrefaction of dead Bodies. By J. Son of James I. pr. 15. Cogan. Kirk Patrick, M. D. pr. 1$. Millar.

43. A Differtation upon the Origin and 18. The Theory and Construction of Structure of the Latin Tongue. By G. Fortification. By Lieut. Charles Biffet, pr.

Sharpe, L. L. D. Millar. 138, Millar,

SERMONS. 19. Chinese Archite&ure. Part III. By 44. A Sermon preached on the Death of w, and J. Halfpenny, pr. 28. éd. Sayer. the Rev. Mr. Bentley. By John Rogers, 20. Liberty invaded : Addreffed to the

pr. 6d. Keith. Hon. House of Commons, pr. 19.

Owen, 45. A Sermon at St. Anne's Scho, April 21. A Vindication of an innocent Lady, 24, 1751. By John Dalton, D.D. pr. 6d. pr. 6d. Cooper.

Whilton. A new critical Examination of a 46. A Sermon at the Vifitation at Ba. Paffage in Mr. Locke's Effay, pr. 15. Ro. Enzstoke. By F. Toll, M. A. pr. 6d. binson.

Shuckburgh 23. A general Hinory of Plants. By 47. The Case of the Thief on the Cross. John Hill, M. D. pr. 11. 108. Osbourne. By T. Newman, pr. od.

24. The Inspector : Containing a Col. 48. A Sermon at the Funeral of Baptist lection of Exays and Letters, pr. is. El of Gainsborough, April 18, 17:1. By Gotfiihs. (See p. 273.)

I on Skynaer, M. A. pr. 6d. Dodley.

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Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.




1751. To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, tban any Monthly Book of the Sinelnice.) 1. A Summary of the most important Af- XIV. Letter in relation to the Candid Dire fairs in last Session of Parliament.

quisitions. II. The JOURNAL of a Learned and XV, On the Conduct of the late War.

Politica) CLUB, &c. continued : Contain. XVI. Arithmetical and mathematical Quee' ing the SPEECHES of L. Oppius Salina. Niins folved. tor, Arrianus Maturius, and C. Popilius XVII. Two Letters of Diogenes the Cynick, Lænas, in the DEBATE on the famous relating his Interview with Alexander the Regency Bill.

Great, III. A State of the Nazional Debt, with the XVIII. POETRY: To Lavinia ; 10 Mr. Produce of the Sinking Fund.

Gurney ; to Mr. Romaine ; on the Incon. IV, Life and Writings of Mr. Pope, with an venience of Rhyme ; on the Death of a

Account of the new Edition of his Works, hepelui Youth ; the Lover's Gift; the Rats and a Sketch of his Character,

and the Cheese ; Mutual Love, a new Song; V. Cautions concerning Marriage, with a Solution of a Riddle ; the Happy Couple, remakable Story.

a new Song, set to Musick, &c. VI. Annual Recessions into the Country, XIX. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIR : VII. The only Means of reforming a State. Birth of a Princess ; remarkable Letter, VIII. King of Prullia's Letrer, on the refusing a Challenge ; the Bacon claimed

Grievances of the Hungarian Protestants. at Dunmow ; Mr. Jefferies murdered ; IX. Leiter published in Virginia,

Sellions at the Old Bailey ; Malefactors 'X. Character of Mrs. Bury, the Country executed, &c. &c. &c. Housewife.

XX. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; XI. A Description of RUTLANDSHIRL.

Deaths ; Bankrupts.
XII. On the Increase of Robberies and XXI. Prices of Stocks for each Day.

XXI. Monthly Bill of Mortality XIII. Account of Mis. Leapor, with her XXIII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. consolatory Letter to a young Lady.

XXIV. A Catalogue of Books. With a Beautilul Map of RUTLANDSHIRE, and the Head of ALEXANDER

POPE, Esq; finely engraved from an original Painting.

MULTUM IN PARVO. LONDON: Printed for R. Baldwin, jun. at the Rofe in Pater-Nofter-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

i or any single Month to compleat Sets.

C O N T E N T S. A

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293 D.

regency bill


markable story of a happy and unhappy fairs in the last session of parliament marriage

318, 319 291 Memoirs of the life and writings of that Of the king's speech, and the two addresses celebrated poet, Alexander Pope, Esq; ibid,

310 The affair of the Westminster ele&ion, An account of the new edition of his and case of Mr. Crowle, Mr. Gibson, works

321 and the Hon. Alexander Murray, Efq; A sketch of his character

ibid. E 291-293 A remarkable paragraph from his preface A remarkable letter published in Virginia


Character of Mrs. Busy, the country houseA ftate of the national debt in the year wile

ibid. B 1750

294 Two letters of Diogenes the cynick phiAccount of the produce of the linking fund losopher, relating his interview with for that year 295 Alexander the Great

323 A description of Rutlandshire 296 POLTRY. The happy couple, a new song, The JOURNAL of a learned and political set to mufick

324 CLUB, &c. continued 297–307 A country dance

325 Further DEBATIS on the regulations in the To Mr. Gurney, on his book of Morte ibid. writing

ibid. SPLLCN of L. Oppius Salinator against a To the Rev. Mr. Romaine

ibid. council of regency

297 The posey, or lover's gift, a new song ibid. That the royal power may be limited, but The rats and the checle

326 cannot be divided 297,298 Solution of a riddle

ibid, That a council of regency is an oligarchy, From queen's college, Oxford

ibid. instead of a limited monarchy

Wbet ails my beart a new song 327 The dangers it may expose us to 300 Mutual love, a new song, sung at VauxSPEECH of Arrianus Maturius in favour of hall, by Mr, Lowe

ibid. a council of regency

ibid On the inconvenience of rhyme ibid. The argument from precedent resumed, On the death of a hopeful you'h, which

and that a regent with a council of re. occasioned his mother's diftraction 328 gency, is lels dangerous than a sole re- To Lavinia

ibid. gency with sovereign power 301 The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIR 329 Remarks upon the several councils of re. Excellent letter of a lieutenant refufing a gency, that have been in this nation challenge, with remarks upon it

ibid. 302, 303 Ceremony of obtaining the gammon of baSPRICH of C. Popilius Lænas, by way of con at Dunmow in Eflex,

ibid. reply

304 Mr. alderm. Dickenson declared theriff 330 Arguments against a council of regency in Mr. Jefferies murdered in his bed ibid. the present case 304,305 A remarkable trial

ibid. The argument from precedent overturned Seffions at the Old Bailey

ibid. 306 Birth of a princess

ibid. A particular clause in the bill objected a- Proclamation about halfpence

ibid. gainst 307 Incendiaries

ibid. of the increase of robberies and murders General court of the S. S. company 331

ibid. C Address of the lord mayor and aldermen The only means of reformning a nation 308 on the birth of a princess

ibid. A letter in relation to the Candid Disquifi- Mr. alderman Gascoyne elected verdurer of tions

308, 309
Waltham foreft

ibid. On the conduct of the late war, and brave Malefactors executed

ibid. action of general Ligonier 310,311 Old inscription in Iington church ibid. Account of the late Mrs. Leapor, the

Marriages and births

ibid. young poetess 311-314 Deaths

33 Her consolatory letter to a young lady 314

Ecclefiaftical preferments

333 King of Prussia's letter to the bishop of Promotions civil and military ibid. Breslau, concerning the grievances of the New members

ibid. protestants in Hungary

Perlons declared bankrupts

Of the customary annual recessions into ihe Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, weather

134 Arithmetical and mathematical questions Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. rolved


335 Cautions concerning marriage, with a re. Catalogue of books

336 W. bave received several marbematical and poetical pieces, and othera on various fubjefits, abieb jhall bave a proper regard paid is rbom,







Westminster. The history of this ele&ion, A Summary of ebe most important Affairs in before its being brought into parliament, ibe laj Seffion of Parliament.

may be seen in our Magazine for 1749, AST session, being the p. 527, 528, 575 ; and 1750, p. 42, 43, fourth of this present 92, 188, 234, 459. In consequence of parliament, assembled at this debate, a petition of the several bur. Westminster on Thurl. gefses and inhabitants of the city and lia day, Jan, 17,, and was a berty of Weftminster, whose names were opened, as usual, by a thereunto subscribed, in behalf of them.

molt gracious speech from selves and several other burgesses and inha. the throne ; (lee our Mag. for Jan. lant, bitants of the said city and liberty, was p. 33.)

presented to the house, and read, on Mon. In answer to this speech both houses, as day, Jan. 28, complaining of an undue of late has been usual, presented long ad- election and return for the said city ; and dreftes : That of the house of lords met it was ordered, that the said petition should with no oppofition, and, with his majesty's be heard at the bar of the house, on Feb. 5, answer, may be seen in our said Magazine, B then next. At the same time, there was p. 34. But that of the house of commons, presented to the house, and read, a petition which was moved for by Horacio Walpole, of Sir George Vandeput, Bart. complain. jun. Esq; and seconded by John Proby, ing of an undue ele&tion and return for the jun. Esq; was ftrenuously opposed, on ac. said city ; which petition was ordered count of an amendment offered by the earl to be heard at the same time with the of Egmont, who moved for leaving out all former. the paragraphs relating to our foreign Upon this, and without any complaint transactions, as containing at least a leem. C from any person whatsoever, a motion was ing approbation of measures they had not made, thic the Journal of the house of Feb. any way inquired into or considered, and 22 and 23, then last, containing the entry consequently, inconsistent with the dignity of the proceedings of the house, in relaof that house ; which motion was lup. tion to the execution of the writ, which ported by Robert Henley, Esq; Henry Ba. was ordered to be issued on Nov, 16, 1749, Thurst, Esq; general Oglethorpe, Sir John "for the election of a citizen to serve in the Hynd Cotton, Bart. Samuel Martin, Erq; present parliament for the city of Welt. George Dodington, Esq; Thomas Porter, minster, in the room of the Right Hon. Efq; and Dr. Lee ; but as it was inlifted D Granville Leveson Gower, Esq; commonly on by William Pitr, Esq; Henry Pelham, called lord viscount Trentham, might be Efq; Horatio Walpole, Esq; and Henry read; and the same being read accordingly, Fox, Esq; that the address contained no it was moved, that Peter Legh, Erq; high approbation of any measure, and that it bailiff of the city of Westminster, should was customary to return some sort of an. atrend that house immediately, in order to swer to every thing mentioned by his ma. give the house an account of what he did in jesty in his speech from the throne, the pursuance of the dire&tions given to him by amendment was, upon a divifion, reje&ed e that house, upon Feb. 22 and 23, then last. by 203 to 74, and the address proposed in relation to the execution of the precept, agreed to, which, with his majesty's an. issued to him in pursuance of the said wric. (wer, lee in our laid Magazine, p. 34, 35. This motion (not being, I supposc, 'ex

As to controverted ele&inns determine pected) was agreed to without opposition ; in this session, there was but one, and that and the high bailiff being then, by accia very remarkable one, meaning that of deri, in the lobby, he was immediately


called Su our Magazine for last year, p. 459.

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