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378 The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGE R. Aug. Meer, and separately çied up in two several each, the half barrels at 258. and the quar• cloths or theers : That a rope was tied ter barrels at 188, 6d. so that they miy under the arms of the deceased, and (wo now be afforded cheap. men dragged her into the pond ; and then The aflizes ended this night at Chelmr. standing one on one side the pond and the ford in Effex, when five persons received other on the other, they dragged her quite sentence of death, among whom was cross the pond several times : That after John Ives, a publ can of Colchefer, for this they brought her to the pond fide and the murder of his wife, by the wing her fet her down, and then served the husband down stairs, and beating and bru fing her in the same manner, and so on alternately, in a molt barbarous manner.-In the fore. till the woman being brought the shore noon the grand jury al he said assizes found the 3d time, and lad on the ground, foon a bill of indictment aga nit Juhn Swan expired: That each of the three times and Elizabeth Jefíryes, for he murder of Colley went into the pond, which in mud Mr. Joseph left yes, her uncle, on July 3 and water was not quite a foot and deep, last, at Walthamstow; and about tix in the and with a stick in his hand, turned the evening they were both brought to the deceased over and over, and pushed her bar and arraigned on the said indictment, up and down several times : That when to which they severally pleaded not guilty; he came out of the pond, he went round then the counsel for the crown moved to among the people, and collected money of put off their trial till the next allizes, on them as a reward for the great pains he account of a material witness being kept had taken in Mewing them sport by duck out of the way; when it was learnedly ing the old witch, as he called the deceased: debated by the gentle nen of the law on That when he was in the pond, one called both fides (the prisoners having four cnunout to him and defired him to come out, sel ;) the court were of opinion, for the and let the woman alone, for if he did reasons mentioned in two affidavits pronot, he would certainly kill her ; but he duced and read on the part of the prose. refused to come out, and said she was a cution, that the same mould be deferred witch, and he would duck her again ; to the next Lent affizes, and the prisoners and that he did after that, turn her over, to remain in custody, without bail, till and pulh her about in the pond several that time. Mils Jeffryes, the piece, times ;

that the id time of ducking her, fainted as soon as she came into court. the last before me expired, he took hold

SUNDAY, 4. of the cloth she was wrapt in, and pulled This day began the change of the mourn. her up and down the pond, till the same ing for his late royal highneis the prince came off, and her body appeared naked; of Wales, according to the orders of the and that then he pushed her on the breast ļord chamberlain, viz. The men to conwith his fick, which the endeavoured with tinue in black, and to wear coloured her left hand to catch hold of, but he (words and buckles, The ladies to wear pulled it away.-Thus, according to the black filk or velvet, coloured ribbands, sans opinion of the surgeon at the trial, this and tippets, poor woman expired by suffocation with

MONDAY, 5. water and mud. She was in the 70th year This morning, at nine, their royal of her age ; but her husband, aged 56, highnesses the prince of Wales, prince being a lusty Krong man, survived the Edward, and che duke of Cumberland, inhuman treatment of these barbarous mir. went in a barge with the earl of Alcemarle, creants. Several other persons were in and several other persons of distinction, at. dicted with C lley, two not yet taken, lended by two other of his majesty's barges, and the rest to the jurors unknown ; but with officers and other aliendants, to it is hoped they will soon be discovered and Woolwich, where the matroffes were re. receive the just reward of their crime. (Sce viewed, their colonel marching at their P: 231.)

head, with the chaplain, surgeon, and THURSDAY, Aug. 1.

other persons belonging to the regiment. General Wall, for (me time since pleni. They went thro' their exerciscs with potentiary minifter here from the king of great alacrity; and discharged their cannon Spain, having received freth letters of cre. and small arms in a very regular manner; dence, giving him the character of ambas. and concluded with letting off one piece (ador from his Catholick majesty, had a nine times in a minute; atter which, their private audience of his majesiy, at Ken. royal highnesses repaired to the governor's fington, to present his said credencial letters. house, where they dined and said two FRIDAY, 2.

hours, and upon their return went on Was a sale of the Britisn pickled herrings, board the King George yacht at Greenwich, at Garraway's coffee house ; when the and drank coffee ; and about fix o'clock whole barrels fold, on an average, at 21. 48.

they arrived at the Tower. The colours of


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17512 I be MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. 379 the several vessels they paffed by were dir dying wrongfully ; upon which Welch played, and their royal, highnesses were Swore a great oath, and said Coleman died Laluted by 21 guns from the Tower-wharf, wrongfuliy, for that Nicholls, Jones, and as also by the cannon from Woolwich, he, were the persons concerned in the the yachts at Greenwich, and the thips in murder for which Coleman (uffered. The the river.

young man to whom he said this bore it THURSDAY, 8.

upon his mind for a year ; but being very One Robert Darby, alias Jones, was uneary about it, at last disclosed the whole taken at Graveler d, as he was endeavour conversation, upon which the criminals ing to get a paslage to France, on suspicion were apprehended. of his being the person who robbed the The same day a most shocking and unWestern-mail on July 29 laft. (See po natural act was committed at Henley upon 377.) On Saturday he was brought to town, Thames on Mr. Blandy, an attorney, and examine i at Pont c's by Mr. alderman gentleman of a good estate and great chaRawlinson, who committed him to the racter in his profession, by his only daughPoultry-counter for further examination. ter, whose inclinations he opposed, with His wife was with him, and she was com respect to her keeping company with a mitted to Woodstreet.counter. On Monday Scots officer, said to be nearly related to he was brought to the general poft office, two noblemen of that country, in revenge and examined at the board, where were of which, and in order to be her own mirpresent Mr alderman Winterbottom and Mr. tress, me perpetrated the unnatural crime alderman Rawlinson, and after some time of parricide, by poisoning her own father, he was remanded back to the Counter for as it is said, in the following manner; further examination, the poft-boy not being water-gruel being his customary breakfast, positive to his person or dress. But the The put some poison into it ; he drank only next day he was examined again, and part of it, saying to the maid it had an committed to Newgate ; but his wife was odd raste, and the maid not imagining any discharged.

Wicked design, drank it up; but in a mort FRIDAY, 9.

time both of them found it to be poison, The parliament, which stood prorogued and immediately sent to an apothecary, to the 13th instant, was ordered to be tur. who fent them something to prevent any ther prorogued to O&. 15.

bad effect ; but the cruel daughter found MONDAY, 12.

means to put some more poison in that This night, between 11 and 12, a fire which the gentleman was to take, which broke out in a warehouse at Cox and Cot soon killed him. 'Twas said the officer ton's wharf, near the Bridge-yard, South had a wife in Scotland, which was the rea. wark, which burnt with great violence son of Mr. Blandy's forbidding his addrefres for several hours, and consumed two to his daughter. But the circumstances of dwelling-houses, and several warehouses this horrid affair must be left to time to dir. with goods therein to a considerable value. cover. The Aames communicated to the shipping,

THURSDAY, 15. fome of which received great damage in The worshipful company of stationers their rigging, &c. others, by nipping their held their annual venison feast at their hall anchors, escaped.

near Pater-nofter-row. Their entertain. TUESDAY, 13.

ment was closed with dishes of British Thomas Jones and James Welch were pickled herrings, which gave great satisface committed to the New Goal, Southwark, tion. On the occasion Mr. Leveridge sung charged on oath before justice Clark, on a long in praise of the British fishery, to a an information taken in writing of one molt jovial chorus of, a fishing we will go's Nicholls, a carman and accomplice, with &c. accompanied with inttruments. forcing from him the person of Sarah

TUESDAY, 20. Green, on July 23d. 1748, in the evening, This morning, at the aflizes at Kingston, in a place called Parson's-walk, near New came on the trials of Thomas Jones, a ington church-yard, in Surrey, and then porter, and James Welch, a hackney wrie and there afsaulting, wounding and ill ter, on the evidence of James Nicholls, a treating her, of which wounds the died in carman, an accomplice, for the murder of St. Thomas's hospital. This was the in Sarah Green, near Newington, in July, human murder Mr. Richard Colemin, the 1748, for which murder Mr. Richard Cole. brewer's clerk, suffered for, who left the man unhappily suffered. There were the world declaring his innocence in the most greatest number of persons at the trial evet folemn manner, (see Mag, for 1749, po known on such an occasion, all expressing 142, 19.) This black and shocking affair their abhorrence and deteftation of lo came out by an accidental conversation an shocking a crime. In the course of Nin atquaintance had with Welch about persons cholls's evidence he opened (ush a scene



July 26.


The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. Aug. of cruelty, as drew tears almost from the der of Ruth Osborne, the supposed witch, whole court, and Mr. justice Burnet gave for which I am now so deservedly to suffer a most moving charge to the jury, who, death. without hesitation, brought them in guilty. I am fully convinced of my former error, Seven more were convicted and condemned and with the fincerity of a dying man, deat the said aflizes for different crimes. clare, that I do not believe there is such a Welch and Jones are to be hanged in chains thing in being as a witch ; and pray God, immediately after their execution. Of that none of you, thro’a contrary perluawhich we shall give an account in our next, fion, may hereafter be induced to think, together with Coleman's folemn declara that you have a right in any shape to pertion of his innocence.)

fecute, much less endanger the life of a SATURDAY, 24.

fellow-creature. This day Thomas Colley, for the cruel I beg of you all to pray to God to forgive murder of Ruth Osborne, on supposition me, and to wash clean my polluted soul in of her being a witch, was executed at the blood of Jesus Chrift, my Saviour and Gubblecut - cross, near Marlston - green, Redeemer. in the parish of Tring, in Hertfordshire. So exhorteth you all, the dying About 10 on Friday morning he received

'Thomas College the sacrament at Hertiord, administered to him by the Rev. Mr. Edward Bouchier,

MARRIAGES and BIRTHS. when he figned a solemn declaration of his

Hristopher Metcalf, of Tot. belief relating to witchcraft ; which he defired might be carried to the place of Clegg, of the same place, a 30,00ol, for. of execution, and was there publickly read, tune. at his carnest request, just before he was 27. Capt. Baker, commander of the turned off, by the Rev. Mr. Randal, mi Stafford Indiaman, to Miss Small, daughnister of Tring, who attended him in his ter of the lieut, governor of St. Helena. last moments. He was escorted by 108 28. Francis Wharton, of Lengdon, in men belonging to the regiment of horre Worcestershire, Esq; to Miss Dennis, only blue, with their officers, and two trumpets; daughter of capt. Dennis. and the procession was low, solemn, and Charles Burgoine, of Oxfordshire, Esq; moving. Friday night he was lodged in to Miss Henrietta Smallbrooke. St. Alban's goal; and at five the next 29. Valentine Nevill, Esq; counsellor at morning was put into a one-horse chaile, law, of Gray's. Inn, to Mrs. Wellbee, a with the executioner, and came to the widow lady, of 20,000l. fortune. place of execution about eleven, and after Aug. 8. Henry Toye Bridgman, of half an hour (pent in prayer he was exe Pincknah, in Gloucestershire, Esq; to cuted, and immediately after hung up in Miss Floyer. chains on the same gibbet he was hanged Mr. Glegg, only son and surviving heir on. The infatuation of most of the peo. of Mr. Giegg, late an eminent banker in ple in that part of the county was such, Lombard - ftreet, to Miss Cartwright, of that they would not be seen near the place Lad. Lane. of execution, infilling that it was a hard 9. George Hawkins, Esq; of Alltree, in cafe to hang a man for destroying an old Middlesex, to Miss Margaretta Baiker, of woman that had done much damage by

Great Ruffel-ftreet. her witchcraft. It was raid, he was to 10 Capt. Macdonald, to Miss Debordes, have been executed a week sooner, but of Chelsea. when the proper officers came to con. 13. Sir William Maynard, Bart. to Miss vey him from the goal, a prodigious mob Charloste Bihop, second daughter of Sir ailembled, and would not suffer him to be Cecil Bishop, Bart. and niece of the Rt. taken out of prison.

Hon. the lord viscount Falmouth.

Richard Adams, Esq; recorder of the His Declaration, abspie- mentioned, was as

city of London, to Miss Molinier, daugh. follou s. Good people,

ter of John Molinier, of Putney, Esq;

15. Sir Archibald Grant, of Monimusk,

Bart. to Miss Callendar, a 30,000l, fortune. an unhappy man's suffering ; that you Hon. William Egerton, Esq; son of the be not deluded into lo absurd and wicked

Jate lord bilhop of Hereford, to Miss Mary a conceit, as to believe that there are any Kirke. such beings upon earth as witches.

20. Mr. James Townlend, an eminent It was that foolish and vain imagination, wholefale grocer in St. John-freet, to heightened and unfamed by the strength Miss Deborah Waring. They were mara of liquor, which prompted me to be in.

ried at the Quakers-meeting at Alton, in frumen'al (with others as mad brained as Hants. oyrelf) in the horrid and barbarouo mur.


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1751. MARRIAGES, BIRTHS, Deaths, &c. 381 22. Mr. John Lloyd, an eminent brewer

Holderness, by whom (he has left the prein Golden-Lane, to Mrs. Dolfurs, of fent earl of Holderness, and the counters Stoke-Newington, a 20,000l. fortune. of Ancram ; but has lest no issue by her

Dr. Wates, an eminent physician at St. last hufband, the earl of Fitzwalter. Alban's, to Miss Everett, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Smith, minister of Moulsey, late Mr. deputy Everett.

and preacher at Kew chapel. Hon. Thomas Penn (one of the two 8. Sir Harry Seaton, Bart. in Scotland. proprietors of the province of Pensylvania) 9. Dr. Freind, canon of Christ.church, to the lady Juliana Fermor, youngest Oxford, and prebendary of Windsor, for daughter to the Right Hon, the late carl of merly master of Wellminster-school, in Pomfret,

the 85th year of his age. July 24.. The lady of the lord Byron, Major-general Alexander Gordon, aged deliver'd of a daughter.

near go, at his seat at Auchintoul, in 27. The lady of Sir George Beauchamp, Bamffshire, He was attainted by the namo Bart, of a daughter.

of major-general Thomas Gordon, after Aug. 3. The lady of John Corbett, of the rebellion in 1715 ; by which mirno. Shrewsbury, Esq; of a son.

mer he was made free, and has ever face 11. The lady of the Hon. Admiral Bor. lived at home in a private manner. cawen, of a lon.

10. Dr. Thomas Crowe, aged 80, many The lady of the Right Hon, the lord years an eminent physician of this city, George Mannere, of a ron.

and one of the vice-presidents of St. Luke's 17. The lady of Barker, Esq; hospital for lunaticks. filter to the countess of Marchmont, of a Mr. Terry, eldest door-keeper to the daughter.

house of lords, having enjoyed that port The lady of the Hon. Richard Fitzpa. upwards of 40 years. trick, of a daughter.

Lancelot Rollefton, Elq; at his feat at 24. The lady of capt. Wetherston, of Watnall Hall, in Nottinghamthire. the first regiment of foot guards, of a le. Nicholas Merwin, Esq; formerly one of venth son, having been married 7 years, commissioners of bankrupts, &c.

27. Marchioness of Granby, of a ron Mr. Jackson, at his house ocar Croydon, and heir,

in Surrey, on whose evidence a poor farrier DEATHS,

was executed about 3 years ago, for a July 20. IR Standith Harston, Bart. in supposed robbery committed upon him ; Ireland

but a fellow, who has Gnce been executed, 27. Sir John Houston, of That Ilk, in and hung in chains, for robbing and murScotland, Bart.

dering Mr. How's servant, confessed the Rev. Mr. Aaron Thompson, vicar of robbery, for which the above unhappy Broad Chalk, in Wiltshire.

person suffered. Mr. John Wilson, at Kendal, in West, 15. Thomas Shaw, D. D. profeffor and moreland, a noted botanist of that place, principal of St. Edmund's Hall, in the uni. and author of a Synopsis of British Plants, versity of Oxford. after Mr. Ray's method.

16. Mr. John Coggs, a wholesale fa. 30. Rt. Hon. the counters of Thanet, tioner in Bread-street. wife to the present earl.

23. The lady Wrey, daughter of Joha Aug. 1. Mr. Peter Hartopp, an emi Edwards, of Highgate, Esq; and wife of gent Turkey merchant.

Sir Bouchier Wrey, Bart.
The lady of the Rt. Hon. Sir John Jonathan Collyer, Esq; one of the die
Rawdon, baron Rawson of Moyra, and rectors of the South Sea company.
fifter to the Right Hon, the lord viscount Sir William Twysden, of East Peckham,
Hillsborough, in Ireland.

in Kent, Bart.
2. James Trimnell, Esq; nephew to the 25. Her grace the dutchess of Richmond,
late Dr. Trimnell, lord bishop of Norwich, at Goodwood, in Suflex, in the 45th year

Capt. John Mefling, aged 86, who had of her age. been a commander in the train of artillery 26. William Potter, Esq; poffeffed of a upwards of so years, and was at the cak plentiful fortune in Hampshire, which ing of most of the towns in Flanders, un. comes to his only son, one of the clerks der the duke of Marlborough.

of his majetty's houshold. 3. Gilbert Walmsley, Esq; register of 29. Me. Roger Bayley, deputy house. Litchfield cathedral.

keeper of St. James's, and door-keeper of 4. Mr. William Cole, one of the clerks his majesty's chapel royal. belonging to the Treasury, and son of Ecclefiaftical PREFERMENTS. James Cole, Esq;


bury cathedral.-eldest daughter of the late duke of Schoma herd, presented to the living of Fribney, berg: Her first husband was the cast of


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Pin B. Hon. the counters of Fitzwalter, Moloert; elected a canon of Salic

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in Lincolnshire.Mr. Archer; to the reco late of Whitehaven, merchant. - Philip
tory of St. Martin's le Cray, in Suffolk, Forelle, Farelle, or Ferrilt, of Westminfier,
- John Noyes Jones, M. A. to the united haberdasher, Joho Golding, of South-
livings of Hilve, alias Culve, and String. wold, in Suffolk, draper and taylor.
con, in Somerset fire.-M. Harding, to · Henry Bas{tone, late of Taunton Dean,
the living of Great Malton, in Efex.com innholder.- John Tuke, of York, dealer.
Mr. Dyron, to the rectory of St. Gcorge's, David Henbury, late of Frodsham, in
in Amyard, Hants. -Edward Sayer, B. D. Cheshire, cheese-fa&or.-Peter Doruillier,
to the rectory of Woodhurst, in Hunting latc of Rathbone place, Soho, merchant.
tonshire.--Mr. Richard Peers, to the vi. William. Connop. late of Southwark,
carage of Eparston, in Nottinghamshire, tobacconift.---Peter Davis, of Newport, in
Mr. Stephen Duck, appointed preacher at Monmouthshire, money.scrivener: Geo.
Kew chapel.-Mr. John Arnold, presented Bull, of St. Andrew's, Holborn, Cheelo.
to the rectory of Conningsby, in Lincoln monger. Samuel Hardcalle, late of Leeds,
Thire.-John Finer, L. B. to the rectory clothier. - John Clarke, late of Leeds,
of Water Stratford, in Lincolnshire.-hopmerchant. · Edmund Anderson, of
David Tanqueray, M.A. to the rectory Town-Malling, in Kent, grocer and dealer,
of Cranely, in Surrey. Mr. Ezekiel Price, Benj. Costerton, of Great Yarmouth,
to the vicarage of Hilbridge, in Notting-

anchorsmith and dealer.-Roger Pickering, hamshire.--Mr. Collins, chosen lecturer late of Muswell-Hill, near Highgate, Mid. of Low-Layton, in Eflex, --Henry Toun: dlesex, dealer. - George Hulme, of Man. drow, D. D. piesented to the re&ory of chefter, linendraper.-William Lee, of St. Otton Beauchamp, in Effex.-Mr. Thomas Bartholomew the Great, vicualler.- John Owen, to the rectory of Abborsham, in Dickeson, of the parish of Clifton Dykes, Devonshire. Dr. Allingham, to the reco in Weltmoreland, dealer. - William and tory of Bead, in Hampshire.

Thomas Gilpin, of Whitehaven, in Cum.

berland, merchants. Susanna New, late PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. of Bristol, spinster and merchant.-James OSEPH Tuder, Erq; made one of the Crofte, of Weybridge, in Surrey, dealer,

commiffioners of the customs in Scoc. Tho. Wright, of St. Giles's in the Fields, Jand. - Hugh Lee, Esq; made s major, cheesemonger. - Jon. Parker, of the parish George Osborne, Esq; a capt. and Abra. of Saffron-Walden, in Essex, builder. ham How, Esq; a lieutenant, in col. John Ross, late of Kingston upon Hull, Churchill's reg. of foot.-John Hearle, merchant. Daniel Clarke, late of Liver. Esq; appointed, by the earl of Waldegrave, pool, grocer. - George Smithson, of St. vice-president of the Stannaries, and Mar. Andrew's, Holborn, broker.

Joseph Hill, tin Davis, Erq; steward of the Stannary late of London, merchant. Elizabeth Ste. court, in Cornwall.-Corbyn Morris, Esq; phens, of St. Ives, in Cornwall, mercer. made secrerary of the customs and salt du. Benjamin Rice, of Rotherhithe, in Surrey, ties in NorthBritain.--Sir Cecil Bishop, tallowchandler. - James Barry, of Hastings, Bart, made superintendant of the founderies in Sussex, Topkeeper and dealer.--Abei in the office of ordnance.--Lord George Atkinson, of Liverpool, merchant and Sackville made secretary to the duke of grocer, William Cuzzins, late of PhilaDorset, as lord lieutenant of Ireland. delphia, but now of London, and Edmund Miss Powers, made one of the maids of Smyter, of Paradise- ftreet, in the parish honour to her royal highness the princess of St. Mary, Rotherhithe, in Surrey, mer. Augufta,

chants and partners. - George Mepham

the younger, of Cratfield, in the county of
Perfons declar'd BANXXUPTS.

Suffolk, dealer in butter and cheese, grocer
EORGE Davies, of Chelsea, dealer. and woollendraper.-Nathaniel Rawlings,

Dennis Gainer, of Long-lane, Welt. of the city of Bristol, tobacconist and chapSm thfield, sadler. - John Kinnersley, of man. - Jonathan Moulton, now or late of St. Mary, Whitechapel, distiller.-David Pudding lane, London, merchant.-WilHenbury, late of Frodsham, in Cheshire, liam Chisholm, of the borough of Berwick cornfactor.-- Francis Sayers, of Great Yar. upon Tweed, merchant.--Samuel Wage mouth, in Norfolk, grocer, and dealer in ftaff, of Aldersgate-street, London, grocer. spirituous liquors. Robert Trent, of -John Lucy, of St. Bennet, Grace.church. james freet, St. Andrew's, Holborn, apo. street, butcher.-Benjamin Greene, late of thecary. -Robert Young, of Monmouth Ampthill, in Bedford/hire, draper.--Tho. Atreet, ralesman. Samuel Warren, of King, of Leigh upon Mendip, in SomerShepion-Mallett, in Somersetshire, mercer. fetshire, distiller and brewer. - Geo. Wil.

Thomas Ward, late of Ipswich, mer fon, late of London, merchant.-John Al. chant. - George Law, of Stacksteads, in len, now or late of Rotherhithe, in Sut. Lancadhire, piece-maker, Robert Gilpin, rey, timber-merchant,

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