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$751. MARRIAGES, BIRTHS, Deaths, &c. 381

22. Mr. John Lloyd, an eminent brewer Holderness, by whom she has left the prein Golden-Lane, to Mrs. Dolfuls, of fent earl of Holderness, and the counters Stoke. Newington, a 20,000l. fortune. of Ancram ; but has lest no issue by her

Dr. Watts, an eminent physician at St. Taft hufband, the earl of Fitzwalcer. Alban's, to Miss Everett, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Smith, minister of Moulsey, late Mr. deputy Everett,

and preacher at Kew chapel. Hon, Thomas Penn (one of the two 8. Sir Harry Seaton, Bart. in Scotland, proprietors of the province of Pensylvania) 9. Dr. Freind, canon of Christ.church, to the lady Juliana Fermor, youngest Oxford, and prebendary of Windsor, for daughter to the Right Hon, the late carl of merly master of Wellminster-school, in Pomfret,

the 85th year of his age. July 24. The lady of the lord Byron, Major-general Alexander Gordon, aged deliver'd of a daughter.

near 90, at his leat at Auchintoul, in 27. The lady of Sir George Beauchamp, Bamffshire. He was attainted by the name Bart. of a daughter.

of major-general Thomas Gordon, after Aug. 3. The lady of John Corbett, of the rebellion in 1715 ; by which misno. Shrewsbury, Esq; of a son.

mer he was made free, and has ever face 11. The lady of the Hon. Admiral Bor. lived at home in a private manner. cawen, of a lon.

10. Dr. Thomas Crowe, aged 80, many The lady of the Right Hon. the lord years an eminent physician of this city, George Manners, of a son,

and one of the vice-presidents of St. Luke's 17. The lady of Barker, Era; hospital for lunaticks. htter to the countess of Marchmont, of a Mr. Terry, eldest door-keeper to the daughter.

house of lords, having enjoyed that port The lady of the Hon. Richard Fitzpa. upwards of 40 years. trick, of a daughter.

Lancelot Rollefton, Esq; at his feat at 24. The lady of capt. Wetherston, of Watnall Hall, in Nottinghamshire. the first regiment of foot guards, of a le. Nicholas Merwin, Esq; formerly one of venth son, having been married 7 years. commissioners of bankrupts, &c.

27. Marchioners of Granby, of a con Mr. Jackson, at his house near Croydon, and heir,

in Surrey, on whose evidence a poor larrier DEATHS.

was executed about 3 years ago, for a July 20.

IR Standih Harston, Bart. im supposed robbery committed upon him ;

but a fellow, who has fince been executed, 27. Sir John Houston, of That Ilk, in and hung in chains, for robbing and murScotland, Bart.

dering Mr. How's servant, confessed the Rev. Mr. Aaron Thompson, vicar of robbery, for which the above unhappy Broad Chalk, in Wiltshire.

person suffered. Mr. John Wilson, at Kendal, in West, 15. Thomas Shaw, D. D. professor and moreland, a noted botanist of that place, principal of St. Edmund's Hall, in the uni. and author of a Synopsis of British Plants, versity of Oxford. after Mr. Ray's method.

16. Mr. John Coggs, a wholesale stas 30. Rt. Hon. the countess of Thanet, tioner in Bread-street. wife to the present earl.

23. The lady Wrey, daughter of John Aug. 1. Mr. Peter Hartopp, an emi. Edwards, of Highgate, Elq; and wife of gent Turkey merchant.

Sir Bouchier Wrey, Bart. The lady of the Rt. Hon. Sir John Jonathan Collyer, Esq; one of the die Rawdon, baron Rawdon of Moyra, and rečtors of the South Sea company. fifter to the Right Hon. the lord viscount Sir William Twysden, of Eaft Peckham, Hillsborough, in Ireland.

in Kent, Bart. 2. James Trimnell, Esq; nephew to the 25. Her grace the dutchess of Richmond, late Dr. Trimnell, lord bishop of Norwich, at Goodwood, in Suflex, in the 45th year Capt. John Melling, aged 86, who had

of her age. been a commander in the train of artillery 26. William Potter, Esq; poffefied of a upwards of 50 years, and was at the tak. plentiful fortune in Hampshire, which ing of most of the towns in Flanders, un. comes to his only lon, one of the clerks, der the duke of Marlborough.

of his majesty's hourhold. 3: Gilbert Walmsley, Esq; register of 29. Mr. Roger Bayley, deputy house. Litchfield cathedral.

keeper of St. James's, and door-keeper of 4. Mr. William Cole, one of the clerks his majesty's chapel royal. belonging to the Treasury, and son of Ecclefiaftical PREFERMENTS. James Cole, Ela;

TR. 7. Rc. Hon, the countess of Fitzwalter,

bury cathedral.--Mr. Henry Shepeldest daughter of the late duke of Schoma hierd, presented to the living of Friskney, berg: Her first husband was the card of



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in Lincolnshire.Mr. Archer; to the reco late of Whitehaven, merchant. - Philip
tory of St. Martin's le Cray, in Suffolk, Forelle, Farelle, or Ferrilt, of Westminfier,
- John Noyes Jones, M. A. to the united haberdasher, Joho Golding, of South-
livings of Hilve, alias Culve, and String. wold, in Suffolk, draper and taylor.
con, in Somerset fire.-M. Harding, to · Henry Bas{tone, late of Taunton Dean,
the living of Great Malton, in Efex.com innholder.- John Tuke, of York, dealer.
Mr. Dyron, to the rectory of St. Gcorge's, David Henbury, late of Frodsham, in
in Amyard, Hants. -Edward Sayer, B. D. Cheshire, cheese-fa&or.-Peter Doruillier,
to the rectory of Woodhurst, in Hunting- latc of Rathbone place, Soho, merchant.
tonshire.--Mr. Richard Peers, to the vi. William. Connop. late of Southwark,
carage of Eparston, in Nottinghamshire, tobacconift.---Peter Davis, of Newport, in
Mr. Stephen Duck, appointed preacher at Monmouthshire, money.scrivener: Geo.
Kew chapel.-Mr. John Arnold, presented Bull, of St. Andrew's, Holborn, Cheelo.
to the rectory of Conningsby, in Lincoln monger. Samuel Hardcalle, late of Leeds,
Thire.-John Finer, L. B. to the rectory clothier. - John Clarke, late of Leeds,
of Water Stratford, in Lincolnshire.-hopmerchant. · Edmund Anderson, of
David Tanqueray, M.A. to the rectory Town-Malling, in Kent, grocer and dealer,
of Cranely, in Surrey. Mr. Ezekiel Price, Benj. Costerton, of Great Yarmouth,
to the vicarage of Hilbridge, in Notting-

anchorsmith and dealer.-Roger Pickering, hamshire.--Mr. Collins, chosen lecturer late of Muswell-Hill, near Highgate, Mid. of Low-Layton, in Eflex, --Henry Toun: dlesex, dealer. - George Hulme, of Man. drow, D. D. piesented to the re&ory of chefter, linendraper.-William Lee, of St. Otton Beauchamp, in Effex.-Mr. Thomas Bartholomew the Great, vicualler.- John Owen, to the rectory of Abborsham, in Dickeson, of the parish of Clifton Dykes, Devonshire. Dr. Allingham, to the reco in Weltmoreland, dealer. - William and tory of Bead, in Hampshire.

Thomas Gilpin, of Whitehaven, in Cum.

berland, merchants. Susanna New, late PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. of Bristol, spinster and merchant.-James OSEPH Tuder, Erq; made one of the Crofte, of Weybridge, in Surrey, dealer,

commiffioners of the customs in Scoc. Tho. Wright, of St. Giles's in the Fields, Jand. - Hugh Lee, Esq; made s major, cheesemonger. - Jon. Parker, of the parish George Osborne, Esq; a capt. and Abra. of Saffron-Walden, in Essex, builder. ham How, Esq; a lieutenant, in col. John Ross, late of Kingston upon Hull, Churchill's reg. of foot.-John Hearle, merchant. Daniel Clarke, late of Liver. Esq; appointed, by the earl of Waldegrave, pool, grocer. - George Smithson, of St. vice-president of the Stannaries, and Mar. Andrew's, Holborn, broker.

Joseph Hill, tin Davis, Erq; steward of the Stannary late of London, merchant. Elizabeth Ste. court, in Cornwall.-Corbyn Morris, Esq; phens, of St. Ives, in Cornwall, mercer. made secrerary of the customs and salt du. Benjamin Rice, of Rotherhithe, in Surrey, ties in NorthBritain.--Sir Cecil Bishop, tallowchandler. - James Barry, of Hastings, Bart, made superintendant of the founderies in Sussex, Topkeeper and dealer.--Abei in the office of ordnance.--Lord George Atkinson, of Liverpool, merchant and Sackville made secretary to the duke of grocer, William Cuzzins, late of PhilaDorset, as lord lieutenant of Ireland. delphia, but now of London, and Edmund Miss Powers, made one of the maids of Smyter, of Paradise- ftreet, in the parish honour to her royal highness the princess of St. Mary, Rotherhithe, in Surrey, mer. Augufta,

chants and partners. - George Mepham

the younger, of Cratfield, in the county of
Perfons declar'd BANXXUPTS.

Suffolk, dealer in butter and cheese, grocer
EORGE Davies, of Chelsea, dealer. and woollendraper.-Nathaniel Rawlings,

Dennis Gainer, of Long-lane, Welt. of the city of Bristol, tobacconist and chapSm thfield, sadler. - John Kinnersley, of man. - Jonathan Moulton, now or late of St. Mary, Whitechapel, distiller.-David Pudding lane, London, merchant.-WilHenbury, late of Frodsham, in Cheshire, liam Chisholm, of the borough of Berwick cornfactor.-- Francis Sayers, of Great Yar. upon Tweed, merchant.--Samuel Wage mouth, in Norfolk, grocer, and dealer in ftaff, of Aldersgate-street, London, grocer. spirituous liquors. Robert Trent, of -John Lucy, of St. Bennet, Grace.church. james freet, St. Andrew's, Holborn, apo. street, butcher.-Benjamin Greene, late of thecary. -Robert Young, of Monmouth- Ampthill, in Bedford/hire, draper.--Tho. Atreet, ralesman. Samuel Warren, of King, of Leigh upon Mendip, in SomerShepion-Mallett, in Somersetshire, mercer. fetshire, distiller and brewer. - Geo. Wil.

Thomas Ward, late of Ipswich, mer- fon, late of London, merchant.-John Al. chant. - George Law, of Stacksteads, in len, now or late of Rotherhithe, in Sut. Lancadhire, piece-maker, Robert Gilpin, rey, timber-merchant,

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Sl. 88

Males 694} 1419


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14 12 6

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PRICES of STOCKS in AUGUST, BILL of MORTALITY, &c. 5 A NX INDIA , South Sea South Sea South Seal 4 per Cent.14 per Cent. Bank An. 3 per Cent. IndiaBonds B.Cir. pr] Wind at Weatber BILL of Mortality from STOCK. STOC X. STOC K. Annu.old Ann. newl 1746. 1747. 1748.9. B. Annu.

præm. 1. 1. d. Deal. London.

July 23. to Aug. 27139 182 1811 1131121 205003118: 103ittl. 10331R 1.103AT 500 Sl. 88 4 12 6 S. W. fair clo. S Males 705)

| 103 105 102 103 ( 1035

Chrift. 6 S. S. W. fair clou. 13

Femal. 666} '377 31 183184 113 10; 103 102 103 103 4 100

gl. 85 4 12 6,S. W. bys. fair 4 Sunday

S. S. W.

Buried fair

Femal. 7'55 1831 113 105 103 i 103

103 }

103 1 100 I 5l. 8s 12 6 S.W. by S. thun, Tho Died under 2 years old 574 139 1834184) 113

103 104 103 104 104 100

S. W.

fair Between i and 5-III 183 106 104 103 104

104 100 51. 75 14 12 6 w. by N. fair rain

s and 10- 45 183

106 104 103 1 104 100 6 W. N. W. fair rain

10 and 20 33 113 106 14 104 104. | 100

6 N.W. fair rain

20 and 30 - 108 10) 139 183

113 106 10+

10+ 104 I J 100 sl. 78 14 12 6 S. S. W. fair

30 and 40 - 149 31 Sunday

rain fair

40 and so - 138 12 139 183–184 114

104 103 | 104 104 i 100 % si. 88 4 12 6, S. W. by S. fair

-13 139 139 183 1 4 114

103 104 104 100 5l. 86 4 12 6 E. S. E. foggy fair

bo and 70-9%
341 139

114 106

104 103 IC4 104 | 100

18 6 N. E. fair

70 and 80 - 42 15 139 184(1831 106 1104 103 104

104 100 % Sl. 88 12 6 E. S. E.


So and go

20 16 139 1 # 184 114

104 1 103 104 104 g 100 1101

12 6 s. by E. clow. rain

go and100 27 184 1 114

106 1045 103 104 i 104 100 101 sl. 86 is 6s. W. fresh fair cloud.

S, W. 18 Sunday


Within the Walls 19) 1 139 184 106 of 104 103 104. 104 100 Sl. 98


S. W. fresh fair cloud

104 101
3. 98

Without the Walls 351

W. fair rair 182 106 104 103 104

101 ) sl. 95

o S. S. E. 5

In Mid, and Surrey 651

182 114 106

103 104


sl. 98

Cicy & Sub. W.A. 3:3

182 183 114 )
103 104
100 Sl. los 5 o N. N. W. fair


103 $
104 * $ 100 í sl. 108

N. E byN.


Weekly July go 309
25 Sunday

E. fair

303 26 185 186

106 104 103 104

104 I 100 sl. 108 N. E. fair


186 185) 104
31 106

104 100 sl. 118


20 304 28 140 1 18511865 114 106 104 4 # 103 104 * $ 104

51. 108 S. W. clou. rain


29 140 141 186 14

104 103

100 101
51. Tos
S. S. W. fair

30 1403 186 114 103


31. 10s

S. by W. fair Wheaten Peck Loaf 21. 311 141 186

103 101 104
100 % 51. Tos

S. W. fair Peale 19s. to 225. per Q.
Beas Key. Bafingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucester. Northampt.
Wheat 248 to 275 gr 7115s
load 71 158 load

81 os load
71 190 load
305 to 37 gr 355 10 38 qr 48 6d buih.

245 to 28 que Barley 148 to 17 oos 10 00 qr 175 to 19 qr 175 to 19 qr 188 to 19 ar 178 to 18

18s to 21

28 ond

165 to 17 Oats 125 10 135 od

145 to 16 od 196 to 19 168 to 20 128 to 15 od 145 to 17

>68 to 20

25 to 18 gd 135 to 15 Beans 185 to 225 od

205 to 24 od 215 to 23 245 to 25 219 to 24 249 to 28 298 to 31

25 gd to 38

18s to 21 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, n. 135, 6d, alle 128, pil, 128, 6d. Bilo ots, bd, rila 188. 11. 115. 6d. inl. 129. 6d, islo ijs,

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HE oath impored upon the wine the parliament still continues obstinate in

their refusal ; for when it was put to the
tinues to produce great commotions there, vote, there were but two for complying,
as most of them refuse to take it, and one and 130 against it. In the mean time,
of them named Haagendoorn, at Rotter- the archbishop revels in the absolute power
dam, having lately complied, the mob he has got, and as he is a hot persecutor
afsembled on the 17th init. N. S, broke of the Jansenists, he has removed a great
into his house, let the wine out of his number of persons from their employments
carks, destroyed his furniture, and plun- in the said hospitals, who are but fuspected
dered his house. Upon this the magiftrates of favouring Jansenism, which is like to
ordered the city drums to beat to arms, ruin the hospitals ; for as their principal re-
and the alarum bell to he rung, for the venue depended upon casual donations,
burghers to affemble, who accordingly there have almost entirely ceased fince the
about ten at night appeared in arms at the establishment of the archbishop's despotick
usual parade, and a party of them was or. power.
dered to march to M. Haagendoorn's house, From Madrid we hear, that four mips
where the mob were still rioting. Upon arrived last month at Cadiz from Vera
their approach, several bottles, and other Cruz, with a prodigious rich cargo, as fol.
mobbith artillery, were discharged at them, lows: On the king's account 1019 ferons
which obliged them to retreat twice, but of cacao zoconusco, 1003 chests of cholo.
at last they marched resolutely up, with. late, jour chests of powder of goaxaca,
out firing, and by threats and persuasions 1025 arobes of pipe tobacco, 1986 cheits
prevailed with the mob to disperse, after of tobacco-Itaiks, 2792 plates of copper,
They had been rioting in the house three and 4803 effective piasters : On the mer-
hours and an hall, in which time they chants account 20,221,791 effective pi.
drank or let cut thirty pipes of wine, be- afters, 4543 marcs of wrought plate, Spa.
fides the damage they did in the house. nith pistoles to the value of 45,522 piantes,
A& the burghers did not attempt to reize 1010 marcs of gold, 1,073,9:0 pounds of
any of the mob, the magiftrates have of. fine cochineal, 25,350 pounds of wild co.
fered 1000 for ns to discover the ring. chineal, 59,725 pounds of indigo, 104,719
leaders ; and the states have issued a new of vanillas, 34,925 of jalap roots, 3810
placare for enforcing the taking of this oath quintals of campeachy wood, 2570 pounds
by all who deal in the home consump. of drugs and other medicaments, 3896
tion, but excuting those who deal only in raw hides, 1246 tanned hides, 1394 chefts
the foreign trade ; fince which several of of fugar, 1007 chets of china, 1010 bales
the most eminent wine merchants at Am- of fallaparilla, 1006 ferons of cacoa, 1008
Hierdam have taken the oath required, chests of chocolate, 24,225 pounds of car.
which may induce the rest to comply.. mine, 1669 serons of snuff, 2025 ferons

A very serious contest has lately hap. of leaf tobacco, 1002 pearl necklaces, and
pened between the French king and his 1048 planks of Caoba wood; this last
parliament of Paris, relating to the go- wood is of a beautiful red, and surpasses
vernment of the general hospital of that any in the whole world for furniture.
city, and the other hospitals depending And that his majesty being convinced of
upon it, in which the parliament had for. the advantages which would acc. ue from a
merly a great share ; but on the 24th of greater number of Europeans settling in hia
May last, his majesty issued an edict, by American dominions, has offered confide-
which he placed the whole in the arch. rable privileges, exemptions and advan-
bishop of Paris, and forbid the parliament tages to Italian families, who will go and
to interfere any way with him. The re. establish themselves in that country.
gistering of this edict the parliament deli. The oft inft. N. S. The affairs of Cor.
berated upon till the zoch vit, and then fica were entirely settled at a general mect.
agreed to it in these terms, “ Registred, ing of the deputies of the people of that
but by direction of the king's attorney- island at San Forenzo, with the cheva-
general, and to be executed under the pe- fier Chauvelin, minifter plenipotentiary of
nalties, restrictions, and moditications, France, where they acknowledged the fo-
fpec:fied in the votes of this day.” Upon vereignty of the republick of Genoa, and
this the first president was ordered to at. swore to submit to her upon the terme
tend the king at Compiegne the 3d inft. which his most christian majesty has been
N. S. where his majesty ordered his edict pleased to prescribe to them. What those
to be registered without any restrictions, terms are we do not yet hear ; but it seems
or explanations ; and hereupon the parlia- the French troops are to remain there, for
ment have made very strong remonftrances, securing their observance of the oath ibey
but the king insists upon being obeyed, and have taken.

* See our Mag. for June, p. 286.
(Catalogue of Books is our next.)

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To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Monch.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, ibon any Monthly Book of the same Price.) 1. A Letter to a Member of Parliament, XV. A Remonttrance againit an Abule in

recommending Courts of Conscience, and relation to Holy Orders.
the regulating Proceedings in Law,

XVI. A new burning Mountain in Savey,
Il, Method of gathering Manna near Naples. and Earıhquakes in Italy.
III. Bemarkable Case of a younger Brother. XVII. French Pretensions to St. Lucia.
IV. A Letter of Mr. Secretary Cok aflert- XVIII, Mr. Coleman's Declaration his la

ing the British sovereignty of the Seas. V. A particular Account of a very extraor. XIX. An historical Account of Commerce. dinary Dwarf.

XX. POETRY: On a young Lady's admiring VI. The Journal of a Learned and Politi. herself in a Glass ; on a celebrated Beauty;

cal Club, &c: continued. Containing on Belinda, a quondam Toast ; on seeing the SPEECHES of T. Sempronius Grac- a Picture of Miss G-nn-gi on Mis. chus, P. Curiatius, C. Livius Salinator, W-f-n's Vifit to Ireland ; to a successCn. Fulvius, and L. Lucretius Flavus, in ful Rival ; Beauty, an Ode'; on the Una DEBATE relaring to the High-Bail ff of certain'y of all sublunary Enjoymenis; a

Westminster, and the Westminster Election. Song in the Sacrifice of Iphigenia, let co VII. A Letter from Diogenes to the Grecians, Munck, &c. &c. being a severe Satire upon them.

XXI. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : VIII. Extract of a Letter from Nova Scotia. Stions at the Old Bailey ; Welch and IX. A Description of WILTSHIRE.

Jones executed; general Court of the X. A particular Account of STONEHENGE Bank ; a remarkable Trial, &c. &c. &c. on Salisbury-Plain.

XXII. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;
XI. A proper Answer to Urban's Refle&ion. Dealhs ; Bankrupts.
XII. A SUMMARY of the last Session of Par- XXIII, Prices of Stocks for each Day.
liament, continued.

XXIV. Monthly Bill of Mortality.
XIII. A Letter from a Nobleman to his Son. XXV. FORBIGN AFFAIRS.
XIV. Pernicious Effects of Gaming.

XXVI. A Catalogue of Books.
With a Beautiful MAP of WILTSHIRE, ard a Reprefentation of the SOLANUM
LETHALE, or DEADLY NIGHT SHADE, curiously engraved on Copper.

MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rose in Pater-Nofier-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any single Month to compleat Sets.

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