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Poetical Essays in JANUARY, 1751.

41 Roll the dry desart o'er yon impious hoft, For all the charms of the whole sex comTill, with their hopes, their memory be bin'd, loft.

In one Amanda thou'll be sure to find : So spake the god. Th' aerial king In her all virtues and all graces shine ; comply'd,

(iain's fide. Thrice happy Dick, if thou canst call her And, with his fceptre, ftruck the moun. thine. Loud thunders the rent rock ; and from ODE for the New YEAR; in a Dialogue within,

between FAME and VIRTUE, Out rush refiftiess, with impetur us din,

F. LORY! where art thou, goddess, The hoarse iude winds : and sweeping o'er

where? the land,

Direct me, Virtue, to her fight; In circling eddies whirl ch' upisted sand.

'Tis 1, 'tis Fame, prefer the pray’r, The dusty clouds in curling volumes rise,

Left I m:take her shade for light. And the loose mountain seems to threat the

V. Well hast inou pray'd, illustrious Fame! Ikies.

Nor shall delufion wrong thine eye ; A MOROSOPH defcribed.

Enthron'd, behold, behold her there ; The fage Mahometans have ever paid

Affert, and round her to the sky.

F. O glorious view ! th' immortal ray
Distinguish'd honours to the fools and mad:
And wisely they. For oit, when reason

Around the Britilh Cæsar beams;

Distinguish'd as the rising day, wings Her fight, fuperior to terrestrial things,

That o'er the golden ocean gleams. The thoughts beyond the starry mantions

V. Not brighter shines the folar ball,

Or moves with more exalted mein rove, Blest with the converse of the gods above ;

F. Refulgent, visible to all,

Yet to itself alone unseen, And thence to mortals less exalted sense,

V. 'Tis not the waited world,
Instructive truths, oracular, dispense.

Or dire destruction hurl'd
At Cairo sojourns a piirenerick sage,
In pır'd with all this theomantick rage

By arms injuriousy victorious :
I mark'd where'er the morofoph appear'd,

Cb. But to protect, to save, (By crowds surrounded, and by all rever'd,)

Avows the great, the brave : How young and old, virgins and matrons

Thence ! thence alone is empire glori us! kissid

F. These are thy views, Auguftus, this The footsteps of the bleft gymnosophift.

The just ambition we adore : The eager bride touch'd each propitious

Thus guarded, liberty and peace (pow'r,

With wreaths of glory crown the part Thar best prolifick virtue might impart.

V Happy subje&s,
Whilst on the sacred raptures of his tongue

Envy'd objects
The litt’ning multitudes, astonish'd, hung. Of the bless'd with kindred sky:
Then harte we back to Cairo, I advise,

All their pleasure,
And let the fool give counsel to the wise.

Wanting Cælar,

Wants the bliss our hinds enjoy. A New-Year's Gift ro Mr. Richard Wil. F. From Cæsar's patriot-sway,.

liams, Executor of sbe late Mr, Morgan, The heart-reviving ray of Carmarı henshire.

Of liberty serenes our sphere ; LD Morgan's gone, and left to thee

Hence! hence arise our vows, OLD his store ;

That glory and repose What canst thou, happy Dick, desire more ? May, long porsels’d, preserve him here ! For thirty years his gold had bury'd lain,

Ch. That glory and repose And, by his death, is come to life again. May, long possess’d, preserve him here. Do thou, my friend, throw sorrow to the On Miss Polly Roberts, of L-t, near feas,

Stroud, Gloucestershire. Freely enjoy what thou hast get with ease. HILE gay coquets each method try, A miser, till he dies, doth nothing right.

Distort each feature, air, and eye, Of all the Dicks that e'er appear'd in Conrending who Thall bear the bell; song,

Roherts, despising all their arts, Sure, thou art happ'eft of the happy throng. By which their want of rense is thown, Chloe, that whilom was so shy and coy, Daily attracts, and conquers hearis, Will now caress her rich enamour'd boy : By fimple nature's help alone. But Chloe Mun; Me loves thy shining pelf, With sense, good-nature, virtue fair, 'Tis chat which captivates and not thyselt. And innocence with beauty join'd, Amanda (lovely maid!) with transport She reigns, with unaffected air, view;

And charms alike witb form and mird. To ev'ry other female bid adieu ;

Jan, is, 1750

1. M. January, 1751





Montbly Chronologer .

THURSDAY, Jan. 10.

Committee from the go. vernors of the Foundling

Hospital, waited on the

Society of the Free British
Fishery, at Mercers-hall,

when they generously offered to let such foundings as had strength fufficient for it, be employed in weaving twine, making nets, ropes, &c. for the service of the aforesaid Society ; which proposal was gracefully accepted.

At a general court of the South-Sea com. pany, it was resolved to address his majeity, that he would be pleased to continue to be their governor, and that he would take into his royal consideration the state of the company, in relation to the treaty with Spain. Several schemes and propofals were read, tending to Mew the ad. vantage that would accrue to the company by putting the unsubscribed ftock on the fame footing with the subscribed ; and, after some debate, it was agreed, that the faidh proposal Mould be printed, and sent to each proprietor : Then the court ad. juned to Wednesday, for farther consideration. The chief speakers were, Mr. Sloane, Mr. Tomkins, Mr. Herherington, Wir, alderman Baker, Mr. Dacofta, Sir James Creed, Sir Julius Beck, Mr. Legg, Mr. Edwards, and Mr. Samburn.- Adividend of two per cent. for the half year's interest due at Chriftmas last on the capital nock of the said company, was declared to be payable the 13th of February next.

SUNDAY, 13. The court went into mourning for the death of the empress dowager of Ger. mary, widow of the imperor Charles VI.

TUESDAY, 15. At the seffions at Hick's-hull, one Mil. ion was tried, upon an indictme: t found. el upon a statulc in the reign of Q. Elizabeth, for exercising the art and mystery of a tin-plate-worker, not having served a Tegular apprenticeship to the same; when, after many learned arguments by the coun. lel on both sides, the laid Milton was ac. quitted, by reason the tin plate workers were not incorporated vill many years since that statute.

WEDNESDAY, 16. At a conserence at the Founding-Hofpital, between the governers of that cha. n'y, and a commi tee from the Society of the Free British Fishery, many things were

proposed for: he encouragement of laudable industry in this kingdom, and the inceasing of its naval streng h.

His majesty in council was pleased to appoint the following sheriffs for the year enluing, viz. for Bucks, Henry Lovibond, E:q;—Derbysh. Sir Thomas Greifley, Bart. -Glouc. Richard Hill, Esq;-Northumb. William Bugge, E!9;— Notting. John Borlace Warren, E9;-Rutl. Thomas Riddlington, E1q;-Shrop. Sir Richard Acon, Barl.-Sufti Ik, George Gooday, E'q; Warw. Edmund Chambers, E1q;Worcest. George Holland, Erq;- For North Wales, Denbighih. John Holland, Esq; (See our Maz. for Dec. latt, P. 169, 576.1

At agentral court of the South Sea company, aiter many debates, they came to the following resolution, viz.

1. That it is the opinion of this general coure, tha: in the present fi'uation of this company's affairs, the fund of the trading teck, or any part thereof, is not sedeemable by law, without the conlert of the corr pany i and having an intire confidence in the faith of parliament, they do not ayree to accept the proposal now read, and which was laid before this general court the ob instant."- The gentlemen that spoke on this occafion were, Sir James Creed, Sir Juftus Beck, Mr. Harding Tomkins, Mr. Hetherington, Mr. S. Dacosta, Mr. Co. ventry, Mr. Sloane, &c.

The proposal above mention'd, which was laid before the general court the cih instant, was as follows: That upon the government's continuing to the company an interest of 4 per cent per annum on their prevent capital of 2,662,-841. 8s. 6d. for seven years, and then to be reduced to 3 per cent. per annum ; the c mpany will undertake to pay off 2,325,0?31. 75. uid. old and new South Sea annuities, uníuh. scribed ; 1,220,9281, s. iod, whereof to carry an interest at 3 percent. per ann. for five years, and then to be reduceri to

And the remainder, being 1,104,cosh, 58, id. at an interest of

3 per cent, until paid off out of such monies as Mall be applied by parliament for discharge of the national dent, after payment of 1,100,00 I, or thereabouts, lately agreed 10. be advanced by the Bank of England ; and in care they thall not reccive the first monies that thail be applied by parliament, then the South Sea company are to be paid


3 per cent.


43 the said 1,104,0951. gs. id. in any sums than ten for stealing the merchants goods not less than 100, ool. at any one time. off the river Thames and the keys, or re. THURSDAY, 17.

ceiving those goods, when ftolen. Of the Hs majesty went to the house of peers Gift there are four old bumaboatmen, or with the usual folemni y, and cpened the Jumpers, who have for many years part feffion of parliament with a mon graciou: plied on the river Thames, and subhiited Speech from the th one. (See an abstract themlelves by plundering the merchants. of it, p. 33.)

Of these John Leghorn, a lighter man at The same day Sir Edward Seymour, Shadwell, one of the mi ft dextrous of the Bart. took the oaths and his feat in the gang, was convicted of stealing wo bags house of peers, as duke of Some set : As of cotton, weighing upwards of 500 Ib. did also the earl of Besborough, of the out of a lighter at Summer's key, which kingdom of Ireland, as baron Sysonby in had been configned to Mr. Hinton Brown, the county of Leicester,

banker, in Lombard Alieet, for the use of FRIDAY, 18.

Mr. Nicholas Lynch - It appeared upon The R. Hon. the house of peers pre- the evidence, that the corton was worth fented their address to his majesty, in an- 19d. per lb. and that he horn and his ac. (wer to his moft gracious speech. (See this complices sold it to John Rowff, who is to address with his majesty's answer, p. 34.) be tried at the next aflizes for Surrey for SATURDAY, 19.

receiving it, for 8d per in. This is the
The Hon. the house of commons wait. 13th person who has receivet judgment of
ed on the king with their humble address transportation at the prosecution of the
on the fame occafion, (which see, p. 35.' merchants.
A farther refpite, during his maje iy's

pleasve, came . Newrate for Joshua The sheriffs of Middle ex attended in
West, hitely belonging to the Bank, (See New Palace yard, to see a leditious paper,
Appendix ic lift year, p. 602.)

intitled, Conftirutional Queries, burnt there SUNDAY, 10.

by the hands of the common hangman, This being the anniversary of the birth pursuant to a vote of bo'h houses for that of his royal highness the prince of Wales, purpo:e. who then entered into the 45th year of his

MONDAY, 28. age, their royal highnefles received the 'The burzefles and inhabitants of the city compliments of the nobilty and gentry, at of Westminster presenied a petition to the Le celler-house, on the occasion ; but the Hon. house of commons, complaining of chiet cciebration of it was deferred to the an undue election and return for the said next day.

city. Sir George Vandeput, Bart, also MONDAY, 21.

petitioned to the time purpose.
The selfions ended at the Old- Bailey,
when the 13 following malefactors re.

From the Westminster. Journal, Jan. 5. ceived sentence of death, viz. James

Field, the noted fage-boxer, fir robbing

SOME time lince wrote you a letter,
Davit Woodman of a pair of spectacles, a in which I attempted to thew you, in
tobacco.box, and 138. in money, near what the grand fiihing scheme will miscar-
Moorfields : Joseph Farris, for stealing ry, if they do not contrive to filh as cheap
plate and money from the dwelling-house as other folks.
of John Collingwoud : Hugh Dun, for The Foundling Hospital, in a short time,
torging and publishing a bill of Exchange by the great number of children they now
for gol. 185. 6d. wiih intent to defraud : have and must have, would be able 10 fit
William Vincent, for robbing Charles Red. fleet of hufes every year.
man, in Cathrine-wheel-alley, of a pair There are great numbers of other cha.
of liver knee buckles : Richard Parlors, rities might be made quite uíeíul, if indus.
for returning from tranfportation before the try was encouraged ; but the charities of
expiration of his time: Jeremiah Sullivan, the English are so extenfive, that they
for forging and publishing a seaman's pow. maintain their poor without, or with very
er of attorney : Thomas Applegarth and little, industry at all.
Michael Sauce, for robbing James Spor- Your news-papers are half fill'd with ad.
ling, Esq ; near Fenchurch-itreet, of a vertisements of sermons to be preached,
gold watch ; Daniel Davis, for robbing almost at every church, for the benefit of
Thomas Linter, in Chick-lane, of a hat, the poor boys and girls of every parith;
wig, and cuff of a coat: Thomas Cle. which parithes aie lo anxinus in taking
ments and Anthony Weney, for a burglary: care of the souls of the children, that I
Edward Smith, also for a burglary : And don't know any of them who are set to
John Hughes, for robbing William Law. work, but depend on the charity of the
rence of a hat near Fleet-market.--Thiriya well disposed, as they call it.
five were ordered to be trantported, and two I shall conclude with telling you, that
to be branded. Among the persons order- the other day, as I was riding down a
ed for tran portation, there were no les

free 34.


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in that counts.


MARRIAGES, DEATHS, &c. street near Cripplegate, a sudden noise 25. Capt. William Price, of Richmond came out of a window, ro Mrill, that my in Surrey, to Miss Collins, of the fame horse farted and throwed me down. I was place. carried into a house, where I was cbliged Joseph Ward, of the Inner. Temple, to stay some time. Upon inquiring into Erq; to Miss Martyn, of Hampton.court, the occasion of the noise, I was told it a 10,000i, fortune. was a charity-school, where th:re were a 26. Mr. William Singleton, an eminent great number of children who lung pfalms druggist in Cheapride, to Mi's Nanny Bird, ro much every day, that, except some few daughter of John Bird, of Coventry, Esq; old women, most of the inhabitants were Charl s Talbot, of the Middle-Temple, inclined to give warning to leave the Esq ; to Miss Haffel, of Tottenham-court place; and that I was not the only one road. who had suffered from that excessive noise.

Jan. 19. The lady of the Hon. George I had not sat long before I saw a great Greenville, Eq; vne of the lords of the number of children go (wo hy two, with Treasury, ded: vered of a daughter. bibles under their arms. The people told 22. Marchionels de Grey, lady of the me they were going to church, which they Hon. Philip Yorke, Esq; of a daughter. did every day, where they ring psalms ? 5. Lady Mary Mackenzie, the lady of again.

lord Fortrose, also of a daughter. Ithen reflected and thought, that if thore, 28. Dutchers of Leeds, of a lon. and thousands more of children, were em- The lady of Sir W. Beauchamp Proctor, ployed some hours in the day in some use. Bart. knight of the shire for Middlesex, of tul manufactory, it might be as well, or a daughter. better for them, and of greater service 10 the community. I intended to say much

DEATHS. about the faral consequences of idleness, the Jan. 1. OHN Williams, Esq; at Tremethods to prevent it, and the use of in

worgey near Love in Cornwall, duitry; but mult conclude at present, formerly m:mber of parlament for Fowey

Your humble servant,

Dr. Patrick Mitchel, an eminent phy-
S, T. rician at Dublin.

4. Richard Bord, Esq; many years go. Chalked on sbe Sbulters of an infernal GIN. vernor of Minorca, in the reign of Queen SHOP

Anne, RITON ! if thou wou'dft sure deftruc- Rev. David Jones, M. A. a minor canon tion shun,

(run : of Westminster. From there curft walls, as from a serpen, John Carew, Erq; of a large estate in For there a thousand DEATHS in ambush Devonih re. lie,

(nigh. Mrs. Grace Ridley, waiting-woman to Fatal to ALL, who dare approach too the late dutchess of Marlborough, who left The THUNDERER. her 76,cool.

8. James Lowther, Esq; . poffered of a MARRIAGES and BIRTHS.

large estate in Linceinshire.

Rev. Mr. Christopher Morrison, vicar large eftate in Rutlandshire, of Tottenham in M ddlesex. to Miss Caroline Burdett, of St. James's- Mr. Thomas Hyde, elected last Mid. square, a 20,00ci. fortune.

summer day one of the al conrers of this Sir George Calquhan, Bart. capt. of a City; he was formerly bridge. maner, but company in the earl of Drumlanrig's turned out of that office about eight years Scotch regimen', in the service of the

ago. States of Holland, to Miss Jones.

Geor e Lewis Coke, Esq; eldert 11. Capt. Scott, to Mrs. Haddock, son of the late --

- C ke, Esq; vice chamniece to the earl of Northampton,

berlain of his majesty's houshold. 16. Thomas Wilcox, of Hornsey, Esq; Jimes Wortel, Esq; at Lyme in Cheto Miss Margaret de la Roach, a 15,00ui. Thire, aged 104. fortune.

12. Rt. Hon. Thomas Thynne, lord vis. 17. Mr. Thomas Ripley, belonging to count Weymouth, ranger and keeper of the Annuity.office in the Exchequer, lon St. James's and Hyde parks. He is luc. of Thomas Ripley, Esq; rurveyor of the ceeded in digrity and estate by iis eldest son, board of works, to Mifs Dawion, eldest Rev. Dr. Anttey, at Trumpington, daughter of John Dawson, Eig; clerk cf near Cambridge. the debentures in the Exchequer.

13. Jimes Venables, Esq; in the com20. James Martin, of Oxford, Esq; to mission of the peace for the county of Miss Jenny Perang, of Old Bond-freet. Derby.

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45 14. William Hoskins, Esq; in the com- house of commons.- Mr. Parfect, chosen mission of the peace for Surrey.

Thursday's lecturer, for St. Peter's Cornhill. 13. Rev. Mr. George Stephens, a pre- - Mr. Davidson, presented to the living of bendary of Windsor, and vicar of ille. Christ church, Hants, - Ephraim Megoe, worth.

M. A. to the rectory of Spexwell, in Suf. 20. Edward Atkyns, Esq; aged near folk.-Mr. Thomas Hinton, made a pre80, at his feat in Nortolk, in the commir. bendary of Windsor --Mr. Plumpton, prefion of the peace for that county, and sented to the rectory of Witham in Lincoln sometime bigh theriff of the same.

Thire.--Mr. Heron, to the rectory of Cor. Major-general Hargrave, whose first grave, in Nottinghamshire.-Rich. Brown, commission, as an eolign, is dated, April B, D, to the living of Launton, in Oxford23, 1бол. .

Thire.- Mr. Maurice Smelt, of Peter house, 21. Ro. Hon. John Hervey, earl of Cambridge, to the living of Donnington, Bristol, and baron Hervey of Ickworth in near Shoreham, in Suflex,-Mr. Hartley, Suffolk, in the 85th year of his age. He to the rectory of Minton, in Worcestershire. is succeeded by his grandion, George Wil- -Mr. Vernon, to a canonry in the catheliam lord Hervey, now earl of Bristol, son dral church of Peterborough. of the late lord Hervey, who died in

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. 1744.

Mr. John Welch, one of the moft'con. Obert Welsh, Esq; of lieut. gen. Churchsiderable cloth-workers in England. 22. Abraham Purcas, Elg; at Low

in the hon. col. Bocland's regiment, now Layton, an eminent merchant of this city. in the north.--Thomas Beach, Esq; made

23. Right Hon. Jady Frances Hastings, his majesty's attorney general in the inland aunt to the present earl of Huntingdon. of Jamaica.- Arthur Acheion, Esq; made

25. John Anger, Esq; proprietor of the capr. of a troop in lord George Sackville's light-houses in the North, for the conve- reg. of horse ; St. George Richardfon, gent. niency of thipping.

and Edward Alkenhurst, gent. lieutenants; Mr. Nathaniel Whittle, aged 103, for- and Samuel Ball, gent, a cornet in the merly a considerable whitfter of linen in said regiment. Right Hon. the earl of Elfex.

Pomfret, made ranger and keeper of HydeJohn Tall, Esq; in the commission of park, in the room of the late lord visc. The peace for Middlesex.

Weymouth.-Hon.---Murray, Esq; bro. John Angel, Esq; in the commission of ther to lord Ellibank, made lieut. col. to the peace for Surrey.

col. Jordan's reg. of toot; and capt. John 27. Rev. Dr. Stephens, vicar of Bark. Maxwell, major, in his room.-Rr. Hon. ing in Eff x.

the lord visc. Cornbury, eldest son to the 29. Rev. Dr. James Finley, vicar of earl of Clarendon and Roch:fter, and mein. Christ-church in Surrey, and lecturer of St. ber of parliament for the university of Ox. Mary Woolnoth, Lombard-street.

ford, call'd up by writ to the house of

peers, where he took his seat accordingly. Erelefiaflica! PREFERMENTS.

Perfons declar'd BANKRUPTS. cheiter, and chaplain to the bishop of Athaniel Kerfoot, of the Fleet MarLondon, presented by his lordihip to the ker, dealer. -Charles Watkins, late rectory of Se. James's, Westminster.-Mr. of New York, last of London, merchant.Creed, senior fellow of Brazen-nofe college, Alexander Scott, of Buih-lane, CannonOxford, to the vicarage of Bentbam, in ftreet, merchant. - John Read, of St. Mar. Gloucester Mire.-- Mr. Bloom, to the recto. tin's street, Leicester-fields, mariner and ry of Hadd in, in Oxfordshire.-Gloucester merchan:.-- Jonathan Gamon, of Chester, Ridley, L L. D. miniller of Poplar, to the Woollen-draper. Jacob Walton, of rectory of sumlord, in Ellex.--Dr. Sumner, Smock-alley, grocer.-Griffith Howel, of head master of Eton school, and rector of Thames, street, Ironmonger.--Peter Bean, Barwick in Elimet, made a prebendary of and Joseph Walter, late of Hoxton, dyers, Windlor.-s. Fitzherbet, made a minor calicoe printers, and partners.— Jeremi.la canon of Westminster abbey-David Price, Sition, of the parish of St. Clemenc Danes, B. D. fenior ellow of Jetus college Oxford, mathematical instrumenc-maker, Abel presented to the living o! Afton Clinton, in Strettel, now or late at Manchester, linen. Buckinghamshue.---Stanley Lealhes, A. M. draper.- Jonathan Carlos, of the parish of to the rectory of Plumítead, in Norfolk.- St. Anne, Limehoułe, carpenter, and vietu. Mr. Ray, to the rectory of Shadden Maller, aller.--Atwood Cooper, of London, main Sutlux.--- Mr. Jordings, to the rectory of fon.-Charles Lucas, of St. Mildred in the St. Mary's at Cheitham, in Oxfordshire.-- poultry, dealer. George Forbes, Mr. Cope, appointed chaplain to the Hun. Wandiworth, in Susrey, scarlet-dyer.





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