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14. Sir Thomas Lyttelton, Bart. at mandate. Mr. Lamb, a fellow of Dul.
Hagley-Hall, in Worcestershire. He was wich college, presented by the archbishop
knight of the shire for that county in the of Canterbury, to the free. School of Croy-
three parliaments called in 1714, 1722, don in Surrey.-Thomas Tanqueray, M. A.
and 1727, and represented the borough of by the countess of Eglington, to the rectory
Camelford, in Cornwall, in the parliament Bowbrick-hill, in Buckinghamshire.—Mr.
called in 1734. He was one of the lords Gibson, curate of St. Anne's, Limehouse,
of the admiralty from 1727 to 1741, when by the bishop of Gloucester, to the vicarage
he resigned. He married Christian, maid of Dudley, in Oxfordshire.--Mr. Smith,
of honour to queen Anne, daughter of Sir by the earl of Cadogan, to the vicarage of ...
Richard Temple, of Stowe, in Bucks, Merrick cum Regis, in Sussex.
Bart. and fifter to the late lord Cobham, PROMOTIONS Civil and Military.
by whom he had fix sons and fix daughters; IS grace the duke of St. Alban's,
and is succeeded in dignity and estate by his
eldest son, the Rt. Hon. George Lyttelton, chamber, in the room of his late father.
Efq; one of the lords of the treasury, and Mr. John Ellis, made gunner and engineer
member of parliament for Oakhampton, in of Dover castle. Earl of Rothes, made
Devonshire, now Sir Geo. Lyttelton, Bart. Jieut. gen. on the Irish establishment, and

16. Mr. Francis Lockwood, an eminent governor of Duncannon fort.--Lieut. col. merchant of this city.

Charles Whitford, on hall-pay, made lieut. James Mordaunt, Esq; near Chinkford, col. to gen. Irwin's reg. in Ireland. -Ralph in Effex, in the commission of the peace Cornelius Compton, Esq; made land-surfor that county. He represented the county veyor and receiver of the customs, for of Nottingham in two successive parliaments. port and coast of Cowes, in the isle of

Thomas Pochin, Elg; of Barkby, in Wight. - Major James Lawrence, made Leicestershire, long in the commission of commander in chief of the East-India comthe peace for that county.

pany's forces in the East Indies, and allo John Salt, of Betley, in Staffordshire, paymaster-general to all their garisons, Esq; in the commission of the peace for forts, &c.-Ruvigny de Corne, Esq; made that county,

secretary to his majesty's extraordinary 18. John Weller, Esq; at Tunbridge in embassy to the most Christian king : And Kent, a gentleman of a good estate in that Charles Townshend, Esq; secretary to his county, which comes to his son, George majesty's extraordinary embally to the CaWeller, Esq; counsellor at law, one of tholick king. the counsel of the Marshalsea-court, and

Irish Honours. deputy of the alienation office.

Wills. visc. Hillsborough, created visc. 20. Her grace, Anne dutchess of Bolton. Kilwarling and earl of Hillsborough.-

John Hourse, Efq; at Woolhope, in Henry lord Castledurrow, visc. Afhbrook. Herefordshire, in the commission of the -Nicholas Loftus, Esq; baron Loftus, of peace for that county.

Loftus-hall. - John lord Gowran, earl 24. Capt, George Smith, formerly a of Upper Offery.-Robert lord Bellfield, commander in the royal navy, in an ad visc. Bellfield.- John Petty, Esq; baron

Dunkerron and visc. Fitzmaurico. - St. Mrs. Wharton, of Malham- Areet, George Caulfield, Esq; made chief justice Westminster, aged 108.

of the King's. Bench, in Ireland : Warden

Flood, Esq; attorney general; and Philip Ecclefiaßical PREFERMENTS.

Tisdale, Efq; follicitor general in the said Wilkinson, presented by the earl kingdom, of Bristol, to the rectory of St. Co

Perforis declar'd BANKRUPTS. lumb, in Somersetshire.- Mr. Prior, by OHN Thornly, of Norwich, cornthe lord Ashburnham, to the rectory of St. Stephens, in Gloucester Mire.-Natha. fton upon Hull, grocer.-Cornelius Fenton, niel Smith, M. A. by the lord chancellor, of East Greenwich, in Kent, vintner. to the vicarage of Hough cum Branden, in Richard Willun, of Cornhill, merchant, Lincolnshire.-Edmund Pyle, D. D. in. and haberdasher of hats.-Edward Darley, stalled archdeacon of York, at the king's of Woodbridge, in Suffolk, shipwright and nomination. Smallbrook, Esq; fon timber-merchant.-Ezra Ridgard, of St. to the late bishop of Litchfield and Coventry, Andrew's, Holborn, distiller. - John Main, appointed principal register of Litchfield, of St. George's, Middlesex, merchant and cathedral, in the room of Gilb. Walmesley, mariner.-William Turner, of Salisbury, Esq; deceased.- John Garnett, B. D. fellow dealer. Richard Clues, of Bulkington, of Sydney college, Cambridge, 2d chaplain in Warwickshire, Gilkman and victualler. to the D. of Dorset, as lord lieut. of Ireland, John Stors, now or late of Stockport, in admitted to the degree of doctor in divinity, Cheshire, merchart. in that univerfity, by virtue of his inajesty's


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PRICES of STOCKS in SEPTEMBER, BILL of MORTALITY, &c. BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Seaje per Cent.4 percent.Bank An., 3 per Cent., IndiaBonds,B.Cir. pri Wind at Wearber

Bill of Mortality from STOCK. STOC X. STOCK. Annu. old Ann.new 1746. 1747 1748-9. B. Annu.

1. s. d. Deal. London.

Aug. 27. to Setp. 24.

W.S.W. h. fair rain

Males 6202 186 10511AC 10451ft 1.103 ft (104}in 1.1043A 101

1 200 51. 109 W.N.W.F. fair


Femal. 5803 3) 140 186 185 114

105 $ 104 103 104 100 sl. 108

W.byN. fr. fair

Males 6:02

Buried 41 140 106



N. W.
sl. 108

Femal. 6653
140 Å
185*186 114


gl. gs

E.S. E. rain Died under 2 years old 547
114 105 106 104


S. E. cloudy Between

2 and 5 89 10 106 104 1 103 104 104

rain S, S, E.

5 and 10 – 39 8 Sunday

W. N. W. fair

10 and 20

40 105 106 104 103 104 104 4 ) 100 51, 8s

fair o w. by N.

o and 30 — 106 185 101 141 115

fair 105106 10+ 103

104 1oo W. N. W.

30 and 40

31 141 1854 114 $

W. S. w. clou, rair.
103 104


40 and 50
104 103

100 sl. 78
N.by W.fr. cloudy

50 and 60

72 1854186 115 *105 104 103

104 104 di 100

fair 5l. 75 S. W.

bo and 70

88 14 186 105 104 1036

104 104 4 100

fair sk. 88 o S. S. W.

70 and 80 45 15 Sunday

E. N. E. fair

8o and go

16 141

ITS 105
103 i 104

100 51. 88 N. E. cloudy

go andioo 186 115 105 104 103 104 104 100 i 5l. 8s

ol S. by E. cloudy

103 104

| 104

sl. 88

6 S.S. E,

6 s. by W. th. form. Within the Walls 19

104 103


100 20141 186) 1151

104 103 105

104 | 1011001 104

Sl. 8s

6 S. W. cloud.fail

Without the Walls 337 3 104 1103 105

104 104 100 /



In Mid. and Surrey 597 5

W. 22 Sunday

N. W.

fair City & Sub. Wef. 279 105 104 $ 103 104

104 ico;

sl. 88
5 2 6 N, N, E. fair

104 103

6 N. by E. fair rain
104 104

100 sl. 85 5 2

Weekly Sept. 3

291 25 141 $ 186

115 104 1 103 104 $

104 100 51, 88

10 milling * 6 w. by S.


5 186 115


sl. 88

5 2 6 N. by E. h.


27| 142

187 I
104 103



N. W. fair rain

344 28

104 103

104 100 5 2 6 W. N. W. cloudy

13'5 a Sunday

W. fair Whoaten Peck Loaf 25. 30 142 115 103

100 }

6 s. s. w. cloud, fajr|Pease 2os. to 235. per Q.

(Rye 155. to 185. per Q.
Bear. Key.

Basingitoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucester. Northampt.
Wheat 308 to 345 qr

71155 load
71158 load
71 178 load 81 os load

71 19s load

355 to 41 gr 355 to 41 gr 48 6d buth. 24 to 18,
Barley 148 to 16 oos to oo ar 175 to 19 qr 178 to 19 qr

188 to 19 qr
178 to 18 195 to 2

18s to 21

28 ord
Oats 128 to 168 od
148 to 16 od

148 to 16
168 to 20 128 to 15 od 145 to 17

168 to 10 28 to 18 gd 138 to 15 Beans 188 to 199 od 203 to 24 od 218 to 23 248 to 25 1 18 to 24

248 to 28 298 to 31

28 gd to 38

18s to 31 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, ul. 136. 6d. ul. 138. 11. 135, 6d. 111. 148. Isl. 136. 6d. 131. 148. Bil. 138. 6d. ril. 128. 6d. rtl. 138. 11. 125, 6d.

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FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1751. 431 ROM the Hague we are told of a foot, 45,000 horse, 700 elephants, and F

360 pieces of cannon ; whereas the others strengthening the alliance between that at moft made no more than 800 French, republick and Great Britain, by having a 3400 Cypayes, and soo horse, with a train marriage concluded between the princess of only 20 field-pieces. Caroline, daughter of the prince of Orange However, some of the officers lately are their Atadtholder, and his royal highness rived at Paris from the East Indies, acknow. the prince of Wales ; but it is thought, ledge that M, Dupliex has a little too pre. that before the consent of the republick can cipitately embroiled himself in the interest be obtained, the and her confort must and quarrels of the natives, which may agree to renounce, for themselves and their raise a jealously among them, that must posterity, all right and pretension to the be attended with bad consequences to the Atadtholdership, which is now settled upon French trade in those parts. her, in failure of heirs male ; and how The dispute between his moft Chriftian the can do this before being of age, is a majesty and his parliament of Paris is not question.

yet settled ; for tho' his majesty repeated The grand affair of the poft office reve. his orders for their registring, without any pue in Holland is now at last settled. That modification, his edi& relating to the gorevenue has hitherto been in the hands of vernment of the hospital at Paris, the par. private persons, having been always granted liament after deliberation resolved to postby the states to their relations who had pone the affair till the 24th of November the greatest interest in their assembly, a next. pra&ice frequent in all republican governo His majesty has created the marquils de ments, where a true publick spirit does Mirepoix, his ambassador, here at London, not prevail. But from henceforth it is to a duke and peer of France ; and he has belong to the publick, and to be managed appointed, M. de St. Contest, lately his by five commissaries, the present pro

ambaffador at the Hague, to be secretary prietors being allowed a reasonable confi. of state for foreign affairs, in the room of deration for the extinction of their leveral M. de Puyfieux, who has refigned, and is terms. The dispute with the wine mer. to have an apartment in Versailles, with a chants seems likewise to be over, those at penfion of 20000 livres a year, near 1000l. Rotterdam having all fubmitted to take the Iterling. oath required, except fix, who have de. Paris, Sept. 19th N. S. On the 13th 2. clared themselves wholesale dealers, and bout half an hour past one in the morning, cɔnsequently are not obliged to take the after a labour of ten minutes, the dauphin. faid oath ; for in Holland they have no ess was delivered of a prince, and botte cuftoms paid upon importation, all their likely to do well. The news was immedia taxes being paid by the retailers.

ately proclaimed by the firing of guns, The following is an abstract of the ac ringing of bells, and all other demonstraa count lately br: ught to Paris of their great tions of joy, which have continued ever victory in the East Indies, viz. That Na. fince. His majefty, defirous that this bles. zerfingue, who had in vain befieged Pon. fing should be celebrated in a manner acdicherry, to retrieve past misfortunes, had ceptable to heaven, has fignified to the assembled a considerable army, in order to corporation of Paris, and of all other ciattack the French and their allies ; the tes and towns, that the monies designed to Sieur Dupleix, upon this sent orders to the have been expended in publick rejoicings, French to march towards him ; so that

should be distributed in portions to poor the two armies encamped at four leagues maidens, to which the mag. ftrates of Paris distance with a river betwixt them; the answered : “ Your majesty's good city of bad weather, and scarcity of provifions, for Paris will do both." This answer, it is supsome time would not admit of any attempt; pered, will be general, and thereby, it is but upon the return of tair weather, it was computed, that 20000 poor maidens will determined to give battle, notwithstanding get husbands, each couple being to have such a disparity : Accordingly the French, 600 livres, with a new suit of cloaths for after a toillome march, having found a the bride and another for the bridegronm. ford, 'came within fight of the enemy's The birth of this prince proved fatal to camp at four o'clock in the morning on fome men and alfo to some horses, for in Dec. 15, and immediately fell upon them; playing off a firework at Veríailles in the after a fight of four hours the enemy was evering some sparks fell upon the tables put to the rout, and Nazarfingue killed in and let them on fire. The damage is comthe pursuit. The greatest Thare of the puted at a million of livres, and some of victory indisputably belongs to the French, the men that affift.d in putting it out, as and is the more glorious, as there was well as some of the hories that were in the no proportion betwixt the two armies ; ftables, perilled in the fames, that of Nazerlingue confifting of 40,000


Pr. 56. Hitch.


The Monthly Catalogue for Aug. and Sept. 1751. DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY. between the King of Great Britain and the

N Examination of Dr. Foster's Ser. Emperor of Morocco, pr. 1$. Owen. A

mon on Catholick Communion, 24. * The Lady's Companion : Containpr. 35. 6d. Cooper.

ing apwards of three Thousand different 2. The extreme Cruelty and Danger of Receipts in every Kind of Cookery, and introducing a supposed Happiness, in room those the best and most fashionable ; being of the Scheme of Jesus Christ. By Rode. four Times the Quantity of any Book of rick Mackenzie, pr. 6d. Keith.

this Sort. In 2 Vols. 5th Edit. with great 3. The Enthusiasm of Methodists and Additions,“ rendering it the most useful Papists compared ; the third and last part, Family Book extant. Price 6s. bound in pr. 45. lewed. Knapton.

Calf. R. Baldwin, jun. 4. A Defence of Dr. Sharp's Differta. 25. An authentick Narrative of that tions. By Geo. Kelmar, pr. 16. 6d. Sandby. most horrid Parricide committed on the

s. The Chriftian's Pocket Companion Body of Mr. Blandy, pr. 6d. Cooper. and Instructor, pr. 28. Owen.

25. Eleanora ; a tragical but true Case 6. A Vindication of the Lord Shaftes. of Incest in Great Britain, pr. is. Cooper, bury, on the Subject of Ridicule, pr. 6d. 27. Ad Virum Clariffimum, Ric. Mead, Noon.

M. D. Epiftola. Auctore Davide Hartley, Mathematicks and Phyfick.

A. M. pr. 6d. Cooper. 7: The Mathematician : Containing 28. An Account of the Malefactors exe. many useful Dissertations on the Rise and cuted at Kennington-Common, pr. 4d. Improvement of Geometry, pr. 6s. Wilcox. Nicholson.

8. * Euclid's Elements, in 15 Books. 29. The remarkable Confession of Tho. By Isaac Barrow, D. D. A new Edition, Colley, executed for the Murder of Ruth

Osborne, a supposed Witch, pr. 4d. Walker, 9. A pra&ical Essay on the Ule and 30. Puerilia ; or Amulements for the Abuse of warm Bathing in Gouty Cases. Young. By John Marchant, pr. 25. Ste. By W. Oliver, M. D. pr. 28. Cooper. vens.

10. Philosophical Transactions, No. 495, 31. Free Thoughts on University Edu. S pr. 38. C. Davis. (Sec p. 388, 389.) cation. Part I. pr. 18. Cooper,

2 11. The Province of Midwives in the 32. A Collection of all the Orders of Practice of their Art. By Wm. Clark, Council concerning Diftemper'd Caitle. M. D. pr. 18. Cooper.

Balkett. 12. Practical Observations in Surgery 33. A Compendious Dictionary of the and Midwifry. By Dr. Frederick Ruysch, Latin Tongue ; designed for the Use of the pr. 35. 6d. Ofborne.

British Nations. In three Parts. By Ro. 13. A Mathematical Miscellany, pr. 28, bert Ainsworth, in 4to. The third Edition, 6d. Cooper.

pr. il. 55. Longman. MISCELLANEOUS.

34. The Letters of Pliny the Younger. 14. An occasional Letter addresled to

By John Earl of Orrery. In two Vols. Mr. Pelham. By R. Robinson, Esq; pr. 8vo. pr. 125. Vaillant. 6d. Browne.

Poetry and Entertaiment. 15. An Enquiry into some late Proceed.

35. An Ode on Free Masonry. By the ings in the University of Oxford, pr. 18. Rev. Mr. Hudson, with Annotations by Goddard.

H. Jackson, pr. is. Griffiths. 16. A compleat German Grammar ; in 36. Memoirs of a Coxcomb, pr. 36. two Parts. By J. J. Backmair, M. A. sewed. Griffiths. pr. 55. Clarke.

SERMONS. 17. A Letter upon Occafion of Essays 37. God the Mariner's Hope. A Ser. upon Morality and natural Religion, pr. mon. By Theodore De la Faye, A. M. Wilson,

Cooper. 18. The Ordinary of Newgate's Ac 38. A Sermon preached in the Parish count of the Malefactors executed at Ty Church of Halifax. By J. Watson, A. M. burn, July 29, pr. 6d. Corbett.

pr. 60. Robinson. 19. National Expectations on the Change 39. A Sermon at Little St. Hellen's, of the late Ministry, pr. 18. Cooper. Aug. 1. By J. Hodge, pr. 6d. Gardiner,

20. * The practical Justice of the Peace. 40. A Sermon at the Funeral of the By Joseph Shaw ; in 2 Vols. 8vo. 5th Rev. Mr. Dawson. By Hugh WorthingEdit. pr. 148. Wicksteed.

ton, A. M. pr. 6d. Ward, 21. A Letter of Advice from a Father to 41. The Christian Soldier : A Sermon his Son. By Mr. Draper, pr. 6d. Withers. before the ancient Britons. By J. Evans,

22. The unparalleled Cafe and Hardship pr. 6d. Cooper. of George Boyle, Master and Owner of

42. The Lord's Day Evening Entertain. the Dummer Merchant Ship. Moncțieff. ment : A Collection of Discourses ; in two

23. A Treaty of Peace and Friendship Volle By John Malon, A. M. Buckland,

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Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligercer.

For OCTOBER, 1751.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.)
Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, iban any Monthly Book of obe fam.Price.)
I, A particular Account and Description of XVI. Death and Character of the Prince of
STONEHENGE upon Salisbury. Plain.

II. Several curious Remarks in Mr. More's XVII. Account of the Tobacco A2,
Travels thro' Italy.

XVIII. Dispute between the British Sugar III. Duke of Dorset's SPEECH at the Open Colonies and the Northern Colonies. ing of the Irish Parliament,

XIX, Dapule between the Clergy and Landiv. Letter from a Lady to a young Gentle holders of Scotland, man, her Relation, on Marriage.

XX. POETRY : A Soliloquy, by a CentleV. Human Weakness, and knavish Flattery. man en his Birth Day ; Care and GeneroVI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Politi. fiy, a Fable ; on the Death of a favou.

cal CLUB, &c. continued : Containing rite Lincet ; Mally, a Paftoral ; Lileriy the SPEECHES of T. Sempronius Grace regain'd, an Ode ; a Farewel co Chloe ; chus, Julius Florus, and M. Fabius Am the Farmer and the Hare, a Tale; the buftus, on the Motion for an Address,

Highland Laliie, a new Song, ict lo MuVII. A Description of GLOUCESTERSHIRE. fick, &c. VIII. History of a Garret.

XXI. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : IX, Letter of Diogenes the Cynick to Alex. Sellions at the Old Boiley : Malefactors ander the Great.

executed; Affair of the Journeymen TayX. Account of an Horse bit by a mad Dog. lors ; Society of Antiquaries incorporated, XI. Of the Royal Touch for the Evil.

&c. &c. &c. XII. A SUMMARY of the last Seffion of Par. XXII. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; liament, concluded.

Deaths ; Bankrupts.
XIII. A Letrer to a young Lady, on the Ob. XXIII. Prices of Scocks for each Day, ·
servance of the Lord's Day.

XXIV, Monthly Bill of Mortality.
XIV. A TYPE and Calculation of the XXV, FOREIGN AFFAIRS.
Moon's Eclipse on Nov. 21.

XXVI, A Catalogue of Books.
XV. Remarks on Government.
With a New Map of GLOUCESTERSHIRE, and a curi us View of
STONEHENGE, on SALISBURY-Plain, neatly enir ved on Coprer,

LONDON: Printed for R. Baldwin, jur. at the Rose in Pater. Noter-Row.
Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this time, neatly Bound, or Stich'd,

or any single Month to compleat Sets.

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