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Laura, woman to Aurora, a pert, A new Comedy, intitled, GIL witty chamber-maid; by Miss Mi

BL AS, wrote by Mr. Moore, having been latıly brought upon the Beatrice, woman to Ifabella, a Stage et Drury-Lane, we mall, treacherous chamber-maid ; by Mrs. as usual, give our Readers some

Account of it. (See p. 85, 88.) A Bernarda, one who lets Jodgings
The Scene is laid at Salamanca in at Salamanca, a goslipping, parali-

Spain, and the Persons of the tical landlady ; by Miss Pitc.
Drama are :

CT I. opens the plot
M E N.

of the piay, and a Don Lewis Pacheco, a young Spa

little of the several nish nobleman, of great courage, and

characters that are to rakish, but of natural good quali. B

appear in it, as fol. ties ; acted by Mr. Woodward.

lows: Aurora having Don Felix de Mendoza, a young seen Don Lewis at Madrid, and Spanish nobleman, of fierce courage fallen deeply in love with him, reand strict honour, brother to Aurora; folves to try what effect her beauty acted by Mr. Palmer.

may have upon him at a personal Don Gabriel de Pedros, a reduced

interview. For this purpose the sets nobleman, supported by Don Lewis, out privately for Salamanca, attended

с but false and treacherous to him; by her two fervants ; for which acted by Mr. Sowdon.

place Don Lewis had but juft fet out, Gil Blas, servant to Aurora, a in order to proiecute his itudies at fellow of some humour, and so vain

that univerfity. Ac Salamanca She as to fancy every woman in love

hires two lodgings, in one of which with him ; acted by Mr. Garrick


The appears in her own dress and Melchior, servant to Don Lewis; character, and in the other se afby Mr. Yates.

fumed the dress and character of her Pedro, fervant to Don Felix; by brother Don Felix. At this last, Mr. Shuter.

which was Bernarda's, she is inform. W O M E N.

ed by her landlady, of Don Lewis's Aurora, a young lady of great being a great rake, and having an spirit and itriet virtue, but deeply in , intrigue with labella ; and likewise

E love with Don Lewis ; acted by Mrs. receives a hint of Isabella's being Pritchard.

false to him, by intriguing with his Isabella, an abandoned young la- friend Don Gabriel. As Don Lewis dy, mistress to Don Lewis, and in- had his lodgings in the same house, triguing with Don Grabriel; acted and arrived soon after, their two by Mrs. Bennet.

fervants meet and know one another, February, 1751.



52 Account of the PLAY of GIL BLAS. Feb. which ends the first a&t, in which business, upon receiving an express there are several diverting scenes from Madrid, but that he had de. between "Aurora, Laura, and Gil fired his fifter Aurora to entertain Blas, who began to fancy, that his bim sill his return. Upon this there is lady was in love with him, and had a very natural scene between Don made her escape from Madrid on Lewis and Aurora, who puts him in purpose to marry him ; and in the A a furter, by telling him that stie exja ticene between Melchior and Gil pected a visit from a lady called IfaBlas, the former gives an account of bella, an advocate's daughter; but his having been in England with a Me at lait relieves him, by giving tharper, who, by being a gaineiter, orders to be denied to her and in Had free access to all people of, rank the mean time Gil Blas brings her a in that kingdom; and that his matter billet doux directed to Don Felix at and he had there married several B her other lodgings, defiring her to wires, but did not stay long enough mect a lady that night at 8 o'clock with any of them to know their in a close walk behind St. Anne's, teir pers.

which letter she throws upon the Bernarda haring made Aurora, in fioor ; Gil Blas takes it up, and rethe charadler of Don Felix, ac- folves to keep the appointment in her qinainted with Don Lewis, they dine stead, which he does in another dress rogether ; and the IId act opens C of an officer, meets there Isabella, with Gill Blas's giving Laura, in follows her to her house, but is inboy's clothes, an account of their terrupted by Don Gabriel; and the conversation at dinner, in which he lady appoints him to be with her favs, Aujora' seemed the greater next day at four in the afternoon. sake of the two, so that he was Act IV. opens next morning at forced to give her a nod now and Bernarda's, where Aurora, again in then to hold her hand, left Don D the character of Don Felix, expects I ewis should smoke the woman by a visit from Don Lewis, who enters her want of conscience. In this act after Gil Blas had finished the acthere are several diverting scenes count of his adventure with Isabelabout liabella, who in a private la ; and after Don Felix had made conversation with · Don Gabriel his excuse for not returning to Don thews herself to be an abandoned Lewis the night before, the latter woman of a most violent teniper ; E declares his passion for Aurora. and Aurora, in the character of Upon this Don Felix says, “ I wishi Don Felix, having informed Don you had kept this declaration from Lewis, that Aurora was come to I had news for you that town, invites him to fup at her friendfhip required

friendship required me to tell ; and lodgings, after his having been to now it will look like an officious pay a visit to Isabella, to whom he concern for my fifter.” She then had sent Gil Blas with a letter, who F informs him of Isabella's inconti by that means having seen Isabella, nency, which is confirmed in a ludi, the act ends with his giving Aurora crous manner by Gil Blas, who in an account of 'her being extreincly forms him of her appointment with handlome, which makes her ex. her lover that afternoon at four ; tremely untaly.

whereupon Don Gabriel enters, who A& Ill. opens with a scene at fancying that he had fe en Isabella Aurora's other lodgings, where the G burn all the love-letters " he had and Laura appear in their true cha- wrote to her, gives an account of racters Don-Lewis calls according his discovering a gallant with her to appointment, and is told that the night before ; and that her Don Felix was just gone out about maid had told him he was to be

gain >


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1751. Account of the Playof 'GIL BLA'S:

gain with her that day at four, and morning to Don Lewis, which he
that if they came thither fhe would supposes to be from the Don Felix
open the door for them. Upon this, who lodged in the same house with
Don Lewis resolves to go thither at him ; and as he was his friend, and
the time appointed ; and Don Ga- brother to Aurora, he sends Gil Blas
briel being retired to wait for Don to tell him, that he would meet him
Lewis at his own apartment, Don Ano where but at his filter s. Gü
Felix tells him he must defer his in- Blas having accordingly gone to the
tended visit to his filter Aurora till place appointed in the letter, finds
next morning i which surprises him, there the true Don Felix, and being
but at last he agrees to put it off. furprised at his calling himself so, is
There is then a very busy and en. frightned, and forced to promise to
tertaining scene at Isabella's, where lead him to Aurora's lodgings, The
her maid, contrary to her orders, let B scene then changes to Aurora's,
Don Lewis and Don Gabriel into where Don Lewis is told by Laura,
her apartment while the was alone that Aurora had that night been for.
with Gil Blas, in the dress and clia. ced into a coach by her brother,
racter of an officer, who discovers and fent away to Madrid. Aurora.
himself, and Kabella, after having then appears in the dress and cha-
endeavoured to stab him with Don racter of Don Felix, in which cha-
Lewis's sword, discovers the trea-Cracter Don Lewis provokes her to
chery of Don Gabriel, confirming it fight : She at last draws ; and that
by some of his letters, which, un. instant her brother, the true Don Fe.
known to him, the had preserved, lix, enters, conducted by Gil Blas in
on which Don Lewis orders him a terrible fright ; upon which a dif-
never to see his face again, and re. covery of the whole is made: Don
tires with Gil Blas ; and Isabella be. Felix is convinced of his sister's in-
ing thus left alone with Don Gabri- D nocence, Don Lewis of her love,
el, she puts him upon getting Don and the of his, by his declaring
Lewis assassinated. The scene then that it was his only wish to marry
changes to Aurora's lodging, where, her.' Then Bernarda comes in, and
at her desire, Gil Blas had enticed informs them of Don Gabriel's
Don Lewis to make a visit,' contra. having last night been wounded in.
ry to the promise he had made to several places, in his attempt to get
her in the character of Don Felix ; E Don Lewis assassinated at the desire
after which the scene changing to of Isabella, who had that morning
the street, discovers the true Don Fe- robbed her father, and was gone off,
lix in a riding dress with his man leaving Don Gabriel to his fate.
Pedro, fearching for Bernarda's, on After which the play ends by Auro.
a suspicion that his fifter had ar- ra's defiring them to follow Bernar.
sumed his name and dress, and lived da to her other lodgings, whither
in infamy with Don Lewis, who F fhe, after being again a woman,
enters the street drunk, and is at. would follow them in a few mi.
tacked by Don Gabriel with three nutes ; and Don Lewis answers, To
or four affalsins; but being alofted by give me that happiness, which a
Don Felix, they are driven off, and false friend and falser mistress pro-
then Don Felix finds that it was mised me in vain,
Don Lewis he had thus relieved,
but suspends his revenge till next G To all my follies here I bid adieu,
day, as Don Lewis was then drunk. Reclaimid and fix'd by virtue, and

Act V. opens with the true
Don Felix's sending a challenge next

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54 A Description of HAMPSHIRE.


from the heath is the worst, but that A Description of HAMPSHIRE. gathered in the champaign country With a new and accurate MAP

is of twice the value, and yields annexed.

about iol. per barrel ; but the wax of AMPSHIRE, or Hantshire, both forts is equally good. The

called also the county of earth allo affords great plenty of Southampton, is a very considerable A iron, which is here wrought from maritime county, having the fea, or the mines. They are exceedingBritish channel, on the south, Berk

k ly well accomodated for sea trafMire on the north, Wiltshire and fick, having several good ports, to Dorleifhire on the West, and Sur- receive and send out thips of great rey and Sussex on the east; in length burden. The most noted forest about 50 miles, in breadth 30, in this county is that called Newand in circumference about 160, B Forest, which lies on the east side exclufive of the Isle of Wight, which of the Avon, over against the Me belongs to this county, and of which of Wight, and is about 30 miles we shall speak separately. It is di- in compass. In order to make this vided into 19 hundreds, contains forelt, it is said, the Conquerer 1,312,500 acres, in which are one caused 36 parishes-churches, with city, upwards of 20 borough and all the houses belonging thereto, to other market towns, 253 parishes, 9 C be pulled down, so that the poor foreits, and 29 parks, and (including inhabitants were left destitute of 6 for the Isle of Wight) sends 26 houle or home. In this forelt it members to parliament, the present was that his son and successor, Wilknights of the Thire being lord Henry liam Rufus, as he was hunting, was Powlett and Francis Whitehead, shot with an arrow and killed. (See Elg; The air of this county is, in his monument erected here, in our molt parts, temperate and healthful, D Mag. for Dec. last, p. 548.) There and even that by the creeks of the are nine walks in this forest, which dea, and on the borders of Sussex, is has two rangers, a bow-bearer, and better than that in the hundreds of a lord warden. It beirg defenceless Effex, and on the coast of Kent. It towards the sea, Henry VIII. to is well watered with rivers and secure it, caused Hurst-castle to be brooks ; and here's plenty of fresh. E built, which commands the sea on water and sea fish, particularly lob- all sides, and Calfhot, to secure the sters, foals and flounders, as good entrance of Southampton bay. In as any in England. The soil is rich the former of these it was that both for corn and pasture, plenteous K. Charles I. was confined, after be in woods, and fruitful in all com- was brought over from Carisbrook. modities. Here is store of black castle in the Isle of Wight, and in • cattle, and there are great focks of g a short time after, as is too well freep on the Downs, which are ex- known, his tragical death ensued. cellent meat, and yield plenty of The chief places in this county are wool; tho' their cloathing trade is

as follows. . not so good as formerly. Their 1. Kingsclere, about 5 miles S. hogs make the beft bacon in England, from Newbury in Berkshire, a pleabeing fed in the forests during the sant town, feated in the woodlands, acorn season, so that it comes little G formerly a seat of the Saxon kings.

short of that of Westphalia. They. It has a well frequented market on : are noted also for their bees, which Tuesdays. yield sore of excellent honey, of 2. Whitchurch, 6 miles S. W. different natures according to the a small town with a market on Frivariety of the soil; that collected day : Yet it is an antient borough


1751. A Description of HAMPSHIRE.

55 that sends two members to parlia- house was begun, but never finished, and ment, their present representatives fo remains to this day. Abundance of being the Hon. Charles Wallop,

gentry live in and near this city, whichi

its chief support; for it being an inland Esq; and John Selwyn, jun. Elíq;

town, nestler manufactures nor foreign 3. Basingstoke, 10 miles E. of trate are

trade are here carried on, The buildings, Whitchurch, a large populous town, Thu' not magnificent, yet have a venerable surrounded with woods and pastures, A air of antiquity, and the treets are broad rich and fertile : It is governed by

and clean. The city is walled round,

having 6 gates, and is about a mile and a a mayor recorder, 7 aldermen, z

halt in compars within the walls. Out of burgesses, &c. and has a good mar- 32 parish churches, which it once bad, ket on Wednesday for all sorts of there are now but 8, beli les che cachedral, grain. The inhabitants drive a.

which is very antient. The fee of Wina

chester is one of the richest in England, great trade in malt, and of late years

and contains, belides Hampshire, with the the manufacture of druggets, Thal. B Ine of Wight, the county of Surrey, and loons, &c, has been carried on with the inands of Jersey and Guernsey. In. success.

the suburbs is Winchester-college or school, 4. Andover, 6 miles S. W. of founded by William of Wickham, for a Whithurch, pleasantly feated on

seminary to New-college in Oxiord, with

revenues for a warden, io fellows, 2 mala the side of the Downs, and a great ters, 70 scholars, &c. The markets here. thorough-fare on the western road. are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and It is a large, populous borough-C the city is governed by a mayor, aldermen,

&c. and sends two meinbers to parliament, town, and has a good market on

the present members being George Bridges Saturdays. It sends two members to

and Henry Penton, E qrs. parliament, who at present are John

10. Rumsey, 8 miles S. W. of Win. Pollen and J. Griffin Griffin, Esgrs. cheiter, an aotient town, governed by a It is well built, and has a good trade mayor, recorder, 6 alder men, &s, and in malt and shalloons. Near it, in

having a good market on Saturday.

i. Waltham, 8 miles S. E. of Win. September, is kept Wey-hill fair, D cheller, is also a market-town. one of the greatest in England, espe- 12. Petersneld, jo m les N. E. of Wal. cially for sheep, hogs and cheese. tham, a small well-built town in a low

5. Odiam, 6 miles E. of Bafingstoke, a fruitful soil, surrounded with hills. It has, birall corporate town, with a market on a market on Saturdays, and sends two. Saturdays. To the north of this, on the members to parliament, who at present are borders of Berkthire, lies the ancient Roman John Jolliffe and William Conolly, Esqrs. city Silchester, of whose present state tee 13. Fordingbridge, on the borders of our Magazine for last year, p. 505. E Dorsetshire, has a weekly market, and

6. Alton, 6 miles S. of Odiam, has barges come up to the town by the Avon. a great market on Saturdays.

14. Southampton, fituale between the 7. Stockbridge, 7 miles S. of Andover, two rivers Tees and Itchin, 62 comgoverned by a bailiff, contable and fer. puted and 78 measured miles S. W. of jeant. It is a great thorough-tare, and de- London. It is the chief town of the pends chiefly upon its inns, which are very county, and gives name to it. The Daconvenient, and has a market on Thurf- nith kings often resorted hither, and it days. It fends two members to parliament; F hair to be set on the shore, as ih: tide was

was here that king Canute ordered his their present representatives being Daniel Boone, and William Chetwynd, jun. Efqrs. coming in, and forbad it to approach him,

8. Alresford, 8 miles S. W. of Alcon, is or wet the feet and clothes of us lord and well built, and has a considerable market mafter ; which when it did, he rose up, on Thursdays.

and gave a just rebuke to his courtiers for 9. Winchetter, 6 miles S. E. from their blasphemous flattery in making him Stockbridge, and 54 computed and 07 more than human. It was a fourishing measured miles S. W. from London, a toivn in the time of the Normans, and was very antient ciry, much noted in the time G burnt by the French in the reign of Edof the Romans, as it has been ever fince. ward III. but rebuilt in a more convenient It stands in a vale, on the banks and at the place, and strongly fortificd. It had once conjunction of two small rivers. At a lit- a considerable trade, which is now much tle distance from it K, Charles II. intended decayed. It enjoys many privileges, and is to build a fine palace, and inclofe a large a town and county of itself. It is encompark, 10 miles in circumference : The


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