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Poetical ESSAYS in 1751,
ther fouth, even in that country, than Incomprehensible ; for thee, in vain,
the rivers of Carolina. Whether there may Rapt in eternal clouds, and in the dark
be part of the mighty shoal of herrings, Pavilion seated of unfathom'd night,

Would search the ken of bold aspiring mana
which, at its first paffing by the coast of
Greenland, may, instead of advancing Qidly 'studious, impotently wife !
south-eastward with the rest) steer to the Man, foolish man, forego thy daring
coasts of America, on the north-west
fide : Or whether there may be the re- For know, that ever wand'ring, ever tort
mainder of such as pass our chanoel, can-

On the wide ocean of infinity,
not be determined. But this is certain, Thy thatter'd bark shall never find a shore.
that they are not found, (at least, in any With holy awe, and humble ignorance,

Then let me bow, and hail thee Pow's
quantity) near any of the southern king-
doms, as Spain, Portugal, the south paris


[pitying view of France, on the side of the great ocean,

Look down, bleft Pow'r, look down, and in the mediterranean, or on the coast of Thy servant ftruggling thro' this vale of Africa.


Be thou my God, my Saviour, and my Il- MEDIT ANTE. When death-like Neep o'er all the works

of men
Mpatient to behold the birth of worlds,
In heavenly arms, that thro' the gloom In folemn darkness reigns, and hush'd is all

The noise and bustle of the busy world;
Flam'd forth intolerable day, ye stood, Let me, unseen by mortal eye, repair
Ye heard that voice, attonich'd Chaos To the deep covert of fome lonely wood,

Where yews and cypress spread their
Which bade his warring elements to cease. mournful boughs,
i Twas then his hand omnipotent outspread, And the proud ruins of some fately palace
Heav'n's azure canopy, and the bed pro- Rear mid the trees their venerable heads.

[heads There, while thro' rufling leaves and hole Of mighty waters; then first rear'd their low vaults

(ear The everlasting hills, and the bright sun The wind howls mourosul, and the lift'ning Rejoic'd to run his course; the jocund hours of tumbling waters hears the diftant echo, Before him danc'd, till night assum'd her With downcast looks and footsteps Now reign ;

I'll treasi, Then rose in filent majesty the moon, While the pale moon, in filent glory clad, And round his filver throne the planets Gilds with a trembling light the folemn rollid. (breught forth, scene.

(glade Mean time her offspring pregnant earth But, ah! what awful form thro' yondet Sweet (melld the newborn flow'rs, and Stalks on majestick! Hail, fair Wisdom, hail, fruits mature,

Thrice hail, thou blooming maid, who
Tall forests nodded on the mountain's brow, mid these bowers,
Where, (as amid' the flow'ry vales below,) These mors-grown caves and lowbrow'd
Unnumber'd crcatures rov'd secure, or rocks wert born,

(haunt brouz'd

(herb; Of contemplation, and still deign't to The cragged rocks, or cropt the verdant Thy native shades ; obedient to thy call The feather'd squadrons through the wide I come expanfe

[waters O guide, O guard me, to thy facred feats, Of æther wheel'd their course. And in the Ye twinkling Itars, who gird with count. Of limpid river, and the hoary main

less horts

(lemn night, Frisk'd all the finny race. Last wert thou The moon's pale orb, and thou moft roo made,

Inspire my breast with ev'ry awful thought; Man, of the visible creation lord,

Then Thall the soul on meditation's wing Of form majestick, and a front erect

Mount with bold fight towards her native Towards the skies, the soul within im. skies, piels'd


And scorn the reach of dull mortality,
With reason's fignet, that thy heart might Creator infinite, whose pow'rful hand
Thy gracious God, and knowing him Hung with yon shining lamps the vault of

heaven ;

[this frame There are thy works, O Lord, and there Who mad'st the night, the day, and ali thy power,

Of universal nature fair and good,
Which formid, preserves ; these we behold Accept my praise : Thee, when the wake.
Jo admiration, and with reverence low

fut lark
Bend at thine awful seat; for thou art Lord, Begins her matin rong, and the grey dawa
For thou art Great, Eternal, Infinite. Peeps o'er the hills; thee, when the bird
Thee not the heav'n of heavens can con of night



M submition,


Flits through the dusky air, and all things Such are the woes with which the afflicted rest (best, grieve,

[relieve, In darkness and in fleep ; thee greatest, Such are the woes your bounteous hearts Immortal God, my gratelul tongue hall Vain were the talk, a glorious deed to raise, praise,

[the choir

With all the soft impertinence of praise ; Long as that tongue can speak ; with me Nobly you act in virtue's heavenly cause, Of cherubs and of radiant seraphim

And your own conscience is the best apTheir fongs shall join : Men, angels, all plause. thy works

[name. To praise fuch merit tho our forces fail, Sball join to praise thine ever glorious At least our gentle wishes shall prevail : Begin, immortal spirits, the song of praise, If you, who take the wretched to your Serike on your golden harps a louder strain, care, And let the chorus of creation rise,

Some little strokes of human anguish thare, Begin, for ye before the saphire throne Oh! may you feel like those you aid) no For ever stand miniftrant, and with ronga more of folemn jubilee the Godhead chaunt Your former pangs, or be what you deplore! Perpetual

, echoing 'mong the starry May joys returning wave their gladrome spheres ;


[fpring. Begin, for ye were present, when thro' And health fow largely from this vital

realms Of Chaos old, omnipotent he rode,

To bis Grace ebe Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,

&c. &c. With awful majefty and with brightness cloth'd

Tbe bumble Petition of MARGARET Wor. Tneffable ; when ye before him march'd

FINGTON, Spinjer.
Myriads on myriads of angelick hosts.
Then, tho' the labour of the olive fail,

A Y it please your grace, with all
The fig-tree cease to bud, the grape to glow,
And famine waste the desolated plain ; I humbly offer my petition ;
Tho' mid the fold the herds unnumber'd

Lec others with as small pretenfions, (nations,

Teaze you for places and for penfions ; Tho' war, and fickness wither half thé I scorn a pension, or a place, Thee will I praise, and in thy mercy trust,

My whole design's upon your grace.
Thee will I fear alone ; for thou shalt grace

The sum of my petition's this,
Thy faithful servants with a radiant crown I claim, my lord, an annual kiss ;
Of stars, that Mine with unextinguish'd A kiss, by facred custom due


To me, and to be pay'd by you ;
In robes of light array'd, and deck'a with But left you entertain a doubt,
Victorious in their hands, on golden thrones I'll make my title clearly out.
In bow'r of bliss for ever shall they fit,

It was, as near as I can fix,
When all this mortal frame thall be dir.

The fourth of April, forty-fix ; folv'd;

[decay, (With joy I recollect the day) When earth, the reas, the skies in smoke As I was dressing for the play ; And nature's fell expires in agony. In stept your grace, and at your back,

Appear'd my trusty guardian, . Mac ; PROLOGUE to be ORPHAN, when A fudden tremor (hook my frame, rafted at Bath, Dec. 18, for obe Bee Lord, how my colour went and came : morfie of tbe General Hofpital ; Spoken by At lengih, to cut my story short, Mr. Brown.

You kiss'd me, Sir, heav'n bless you for't. 10 raise the tender paffions, and impart The magick touch my spirits drew The foftest anguish to the hardest Up to my lips, and out they few ;

Such pain and pleasure mix'd, I vow, For this the (ragick mure, melodious queen! I felt all o'er, I don't know how. Tunes her soft lays, or swells the lofty The secret, when your grace withdrew, Pene.

Like light'ning to the Green Room flew ; But need we now the personated woe, And plung'd the women in the spleen; The studied pang, the tear that's caught The men receiv'd me for their queen ; to now,

(nature's pen,

And from that moment swore allegiance, The feign'd distress, tho' drawn from Nay, Rich himself was all obedience. To roure the soul, and tell you, you are Since that your grace has never yet, men ?

(glows, Rcrus'd to pay the annual debt: When ev'ry breast with generous pity To prove these facts, if you will have it, For more, alas! than vionary woes ! Old Mac will make an affidavit : For real wants, misfortune's baleful train, If Mac's rejected as a fibber, The smart of anguill), and the rack of pain ! I must appeal to Colley Cibber.

Ma: Swirry


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Dec. 19.


by the

Whave the following to add to the

ADDITIONS 10 DECEMBER, 1751. 603 By good advice 1 hither came,

26. Christopher Sommers, Erq; a young To keep up my continual claim;

gentleman of a large estate, to Miss Ma. The duty's not confin'd to place,

thews, of Cavendith square, with a for But ev'ry where affects your grace ;,

tune of fool. a year, &c. Which being personal on you,

James Beft, of Chatham, Erq; highNo deputy, my lord, can do.

Theriff for Kent, to Miss Shelly, daughter But, hold ! say some, his Guation

of Richard Shelley, Esq; one of the come Is chang'd, consider his high ftation, miffioners of the stamp duties. Can station, or can titles add

31. William Clarkson, of Seaforth, in To Dorset, more than Dorset had!

Suflex, Líq; to Miss Anne Newnian, of Let others, void of native grace,

Lewes in the said county, Derive faint honour from a place ;

DRATHA. His greatness to himself he owes,

IR Hugh Clopton, hart. * Nor borrows luftre, but bestows,

his feat at Clopton, in Wasa That's true, but Aill you answer wide,

wickshire. How can he lay his state afide?

20. Hon. Sir Robert Hay, of Linplum, Then think betimes, can your weak fight

in Scotland, bart, who served many years as Support that sudden burst of light!

lieut. col. of the Scots Greys, and behaved Will you not ficken as you gaze,

as a brave and gallant officer. Nay, happ'ly perish in the blaze ?

Lady viscounters Faulkland, in France.
Remember Semele; who dy'd
A fatal victim to her pride.

Ecclefiaftical PREFERMENTS.
Glorious example! How it fires me!
I hurn, and the whole god inspires me!

dean and chapier of Worcester, lo My borom is to fear a stranger,

the vicarage of Landridge, in Worcestershire, The prize is more enhanc'd by danger.' -Mr, Toilie, hy ditto, to the rectory of St.

Martin's, in Worcester.Mr. Cornthwai(e, ADDITIONS to December,

of Trinity college, Cambridge, by ditto,

to the curacy of Mortlake, in Surrey.-we

Ms, Seele Maxey, by the court of affiftants her Danish majesty, (iee p. 571.) That of the grocer's company, to the living of princess had been some days indispored by Northill, in Bedford hire. — Jcha Price, a rupture. This disorder was judged to M. A. by the archbishop of Canterbury, be so dangerous, that after a consultation to the living of Henderson, in Sullex.of physicians and surgeons, it was re- Sackville Turner, M. A, by the dean and folved to make an incision in her side, chapter of St. Paul's, to a prebendary in in order to rectify the bowels. Her ma- that cathedral. — Balthasar Regis, D. De jesty underwent this operation with as, and Erasmus Saunders, M. A. made much conftancy as refignation ; but the canons of Windfor, by his majesty,- John disorder afterwards growing worse, that Nicol, D. D. made canon of Christ church, princess died on the 19th, N. S. ahout in Oxford, and Lewis Crucius, M., A, 4 o'clock in the morning, after having canon of Worcester, both by his majesty. edified, by her fen:iments of piety, all -- John Bowling, M. A. presented by lain those who were witneties of the loss of majesty, to the re&ory of Narbeth, in a princesa so worthy to be regretted. She Pembrokeshire.-Mr. Bisieby the earl was near the end of the time of her of Northampton, to the rectory of Bexpregnancy. Every thing possible was done, Mead, in Lincolarhire. - Mr. Harding, to save the child, which was a prince ; by the lord visc. Howe, to the vicarage of but all to no purpose. The evening be. Spillingdon, in Huntingdonthire. Mr. fore the queen's death, he took leave William Williams, by Hesketh Yarburgh, of the king with much tenderness, and Efq; to the living of Snaith, in Yorkshires also of the prince royal and princesses, her -Dr. Prescot, by the governors of the children.

Charterhouse, co the rectory of Baltham, By an account taken of the number of in Cambridge hire. --Mr. Stuart, curate of inhabitants in the city of Berlin, it ap- St. Mild:ed in the Poultry,, unanimously peared, that in 1747 it amounted, includ- chosen lecturer of St. James's, Garlick-hiil. ing the garison, 10 107,224 persons, and -Mr. John Henchman, presented by Wils that it had increased several thousands liam Hunt, of Basingstoke, Esq; to the during the following years, so tha!, at the Vicarage of Dennington, in Oxfordshire. end of this year there were computed to be -Mr. Corderoy, B. D. by the lord bishop 113,000 inhabitants.

of Exeter, to the rectory of St. Bridget, MARRIAGES.

near Honiton. -- Dr. Lee, appointed by ARKER Urwicke, of Leeds, the archbishop of Canterbury, judge of

in Yorkshire, Esq; 10 Mils the prerogative court of Canyerbury, and Harriet Wood, of Rygate, in Surrey,



Dec. 25:

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dean of the arches, in the room of Dr. baker. Frederick Bede, lace of St. Maro
Betterworth, decealed.--Mr. George Har. tin's in the Fields, linen-draper and millinef.
rison, presented by the lord chancellor, - William Sopp, of Southwark, carman
to the rectory of Letterston, in Pembroke. and dealer. John Jones, of Cow.cross,
Thire.--Mr. Charles Compton, by Henry vi&tualler.- John Gilbert, of Thornsy-Ab-
Compton, Esq; member for Northampton, bey, in the ille of Ely, thopkeeper.- John
. to the living of Eaftwell in that county... Monk, of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire;

Mr. Duck, by the lord chancellor, to mercer.-George Drakes, of Kingston up-
the living of Byfleet, in Surrey.

on Hull, linen-draper.-Robert Hawkins
PROMOTIONS Civil and Military,

of Carshalton, in Surrey, malfter.-Luke

Meredith, of Edgware, in Middlesex, brew-
ON. Edward Keppel, Esq; made in.

; : er.--Christopher M'Lean, of London,

merchant.-James Rennie, of the parish of
exports at the Custom-house. - Samuel St. George, in Surrey, tobacconift.-Ben-
Dickens, M. A. made reader or professor jamin Bailey, late of the parish of Stebon.
of the Greek tongue, in the Univerfity of heath, otherwise Stepney, in Middlefex,
Oxford.-Hon. George Boscawen, Ela; vietualler.- John Hill, of little Walfing-
made licutenant governor of the isle of ham, in Norfolk, merchant.Edward Cote
Wight.-George Cousemaker, Esq; made tereil, late of Marlborough, innholder.
principal examiner in the Exchequer.-Jo- Alexander Wilson, late of St. Margaret's,
Thua Van Neck, of Putney, Esq; made a Weltminster, banker, broker, merchant,
baronet of Great Britain.John Proby, and dealer.-Richard Rann, of Birming-
jun. of Elton-Hall in Huntingdon sbire, ham, ftrivener.-Lewis Julian, of London,
Erq; created an Irith peer, by the title of merchant,- Juftinian Moss, of Barnet, ia
baron of Carysfort.-Nicholas Harding, Hertfordsh. coach-maker, Marlar Scarr;
Efq; and the Hon. Nicholas Herbert, Esq; of Alderfgate-ftreet, hofier. - John Lee,
made joint receivers and pay-masters to of London, wine merchant.-Wm. Green..
the prince of Wales.-Hon. Col. Conway, wood, of Sowerby, in Halifax, chapman.
made Col. of the reg. of Dragoons, late -Wm. Bartlett, of Spitalfields, dyer.
Sir Charles Amyand Pawlet's ; and major John Manning, of St. Martin's in the Fields,
Ruffel, colonel of col. Conway's, now at vi&tualler.-David Kennard, of Southwark,
Minorca. Richard Roach, Esq; made a victualler.- John Radwell the elder, of St.
captain, and -- Hudson, Esq; a lieutenant, Leonard's, Shoreditch, carpenters-Wm.
in the first reg. of foot-guards.-Fury. O:dilworth, of Milk Atreet, oilman.- Wm.
Esq; second son of Peregrine Fury, E'q; Price, of Great St. Helen's, London, packer.
made a lieutenant in gen. Fleming's reg. - John Coghill Knapp, late of London,
of foot. Francis Gathry, Esq; made trea- merchant.-Cottrell Hughes, late of Yarm,
furer of the board of Ordnance, in the in Yorkhire, grocer. · Nicholas White,
room of John Plumptree, Esq; deceased. late of St. Paul's Shadwell, apcthecary.
- James Oswald, Esq; made one of the
commiffioners for trade and plantations, in

A General Bill of all obe Cbrifinizgs and Bu.
the room of the Hon. Robert Herbert, Ela;

rials, from Dec, 11, 1750; to Dec. 10, 1751.
made receiver of the crown lands.-Willie


an Mellish, E[q; made one of the commií.
funers of Excise.


Females 10589

Decreased in the burials this year 2699.
John Shelley, Esq; son of Sir John

Died under 2 years of age
Shelley, bart, for East Retford in Notting.

bamshire in the room of William Mellith,

Between 2 and 5


Esq; now one of the commissioners of



Perfons declar'd BANKRUPTS,

30 40

ILLIAM Verelft, late of Thread.

40 SO

50 60

- Richard Horlock, of Hammersmith, far.

60 70

rier, and dealer. - James Cooper, of St.

70 80

John the Evangelift, Westminster, cooper.


- John Lloyd, of Golden-lane, London,

brewer.- Jobo Jefferson, of St. Botolph's, A hundred and one 3. A hundred and
Aldersgate, grocer. - Thomas Hyde, late of two 3. A hundred and three 2. A hundred
St. Saviour's, Southwark, fuller.- Joseph and five s. A hundred and tix z. A
Galindo, of Gun-street in Spital-fields, hundred and eight 1. A hundred and
watchmaker, and dealer.m-Wm. Budden, nine I.
late of South impton, corn chandles and


Females 21673 14691

Males 10339 21028

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to the Essays, POLITICKS, Domestick and Foreign
OCCURRENCES, &c. 1751.

[blocks in formation]

Accidents, remarkable ones






Alfizes 140, 185, 177, 178, 179, 426
Alteftation of last wilis, cf the bil relaling
to it

Aurora australis, account of one

ACON, Sir Francis, his opinion of

24+ B, 245
Bank, general court of, their resolution

92. Another general court 138, Ano-

Bankruptcies in foreign parts

Barbary, miferable condition of the Britiin

captives lately redeemed from Navery

Bavaria, of the late treaty with 448 F,

Bedford, duke of, refigns

Bees, curious observations on them 562,

Berkshire, a description of
Berlin, important advices from 47. See
Pruffia. Number of inhabitants there

Bethlem and St. Luke's hospitals, an ac-

count of 371. The latter opened 377
Bills of mortality. See Burials.
Blandy, Mr. poisoned, as supposed, by

his daughter 379. She is put in irons
to prevent her escape 47 ; Depositions :
of witneffes on this affair 512. Copy of

the coroner's inquest
Blenheim house, deicription of
Bluster, 'squire, his character 363
Bodies, human, their wonderful fructure,

223, 224
Bolingbroke, late lord, his death and cha.

Bosworth, Sir John, refigns the chamber-

lainship 187. His letter of resignation
221. He is put up for sheriff, but loses

282, 310
Bourdenaye, M, de la, acquitted and data

Breslau, bishop of, king of Prussia's letter

to him, concerning the grievances

of the protestants in Hungary 315
Briefs, observations on the present method

of collecting charity en them, and a
remedy proposed to lellen the expence

Bripht, Mr. remarkable for his encimous
hulk, an account of him

British caotives. See Barbary.
British pickled herrines, sales of 373, 425.

Honoured at Stationers nal!
British sovereigrity of the seas
Britith white herring fishery bill, deha's

on it 198-161, 201--211. See Fith-
ery, and Free British F.lacry.


33', 379, 425, 427, 522, 523
A&s pared

138, 139, 235, 283, 571
Adains, Richard, Esq; recorder of Lon.

don, addition made to his salary
Address of the lords 34. Of the com-

mons ibid. Of the lords again 515.
Of the commons

Address of both houses, in answer to his

majesty's meffage about a regency 412
Address, debate on a proposed amend..

ment to it 441-453, 489-499
Addresses, how they are concerted 450 E.
Adee, Dr. his opinion of Jeffop's well

Admiralty, new commiffion of

Adventures of a country retirement 362
Afranius Burrhus, his speech against the

amendment to the oath of secrecy in
the mutiny bill 18. His speech for
a reduction of 2000 seamen

African, East India, South Sea and Turkey

Alexander the Great, Diogenes's interview

with him 323. He reproaches his am-
tious proceedings

Alfred, the masque of, an account of it

Algiers, extract of a letter concerning it,

and the fate of Navery there 342 E.
Additional article to the treaties between
his majeily and that state

Amanda's letter in praise of marriage 339
Ambition, mischiefs of
Ambresbury, a great fire there 282
Amelia and Caroline, princesses, their
birth-day celebrated

Amelia, a novel, an account of it 531-535,

592--596. Remarks on it 596
Annesey, James, Erq; verdict and judge
ment affirmed in his favour

Annuities, notice for redeeming them and
paying them off

Ansiruther, general, affair of або D.
Antiquaries, society of, incorporated 475.
Their officers and council

Aquileia, the patriarchíhip to be abolithed

Arithmetical question folved 29. Others
proposed 176. Sved

Arnold, late Mr. alderman, his bene-

faction to Bethlem hospital 473
Arrianus Maturius, his speech in favour
of a council of regency

Afiatick Tolerant, an account of that piere

Appendix, 1751


558 G.


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