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Poetical Essays in FEBRUARY, 175ři 87 Harry the exciseman, ever blithe and gay, Should one like bleft Flavella's Damon And chçarful always, as at quarter day;


your eyes, He'll raise the laugh, then sudden quit the Charm'd with your mind not doating on room,

Your thoughts let modeft merit influence, To kiss che maid, or parly with the groom. Enflave him-not with looks or smiles. The curate, of but thirty pounds a year, but fenre : Learned, of manners gentle, heart fincere, Reason and converse Mall the tie improve, There sparkling o'er she bowl his wit thall Till gradual friendship ripens into love. shine,

He will deserve a mother's chearful voice, All mirth--for, Ok! he cannot always dine. And the pleas'd judgment of a father's To please we'll all exert our ev'ry pow'ss. choice. And musick and the muse hall bless the Then Thall the greatest bliss the gods hour;

And all Flavella's happy fate be thine. No son of dullness Mall our joy controul, Tis not a form alone, an air, or face, But each man think alone and speak his To man or woman give the lasting grace ; roul.

(grace, Virtue in both must paffion's tide controul, Great G's health the loyal bowl ball And calmly fix her empire o'er the soul : The P-'s, D-'s, and all the royal race; Thug fix'd the basis, reason be the guide, 4-'s and W.-'s healths then shrink the And o'er the conduct thro' all life preside. bowl,

All sometimes err, yet form'd upon this And S-'s, delight of ev'ry feaman's soul,

plan, Proud of her new-built Mips, should We love the woman, and esteem the mani. Gallia dare,

Yet virtue may be rigid, sense severe, Let me for these the artful band prepars, Learning pedantick, beauty not endear: And heal for those the wounds of glorious Daughter of mercy and imperial Jove,

Parent of candour, friendship and of love, Again we'll triumph-keep us but in pay, Good-humour--with thy native charms Again reign conqu'rors o'er the boundless array'd,

(our Qave,

Descend to virtue, ferre and beauty's aidi France shall be humbled, Spain Mall be O'er these thy fav’rites, present, e'er preAnd wealth come floating home on ev'ry fide, wave,

As they o'er raplur'd paffion's giddy tide; Z

Enliven virtue with thy influence,

And sometimes veil the Argus eye of sense To Miss

So Thall no (candal to her ear be sweet, E 'ER, Phillis, Strephon o'er your heart Nor her pleas'd tongue the barb'rous talo prevail,

repeat. Or fondly you believe his am'rous tale, Be thou, her guardian goddess, ever nigh, Your hand e'er yet, incautious, you beftow, “ Glow in her cheek, and sparkle in hier Truths from a friend, O! deign, my fair, eye." to know ;

So thall her beauties know a lafting reign 'Tis plain--(be absent all my fex's art) And those her mind Ahall conquer, thou Many may conquer, few deserve a heart ;

detain :

[commend, Ravich'd with nonsense, caught with empty Teach her to smile e'en where the can't. Thow,

And thro' the lifeless verse approve the Ye fwell the triumphs of the tinsel beau : friend.

Y Shame of his fex, see yonder Fribble toy,, A whole assembly's lavish (miles enjoy ;

On the THIRTIETH of January, Whilft o'er your giddy sex these trifles reign, N both extremes our crring fathers Sincerity and, merit figh in vain.

Itray'd ;

[lway'd. To compliment what will ye not submit? Thore impious wit, thefe credlous. folly Sounds pats for rense, impertinence for The temp'rate gospel-path was trod by.

few ;

(grew. Hymen, be juft, and fix this honeft law, But ranc'rous hate with jarring notions Let each coquet, for life, enjoy her beau, The mask of pure defign each party wore,

Jointures and secrlements too oft inflame, Yet no man spar'd an inj'ry, no man bore. Or citles facrifice th' ambitious dame ; Such were the times that tore our com. The 'Squire's wife for better and for worse,

mon-weal, Tho' he loves, nothing but his hounds and When civil fury match'd with frantick zeals horse :

[ye fair, Whence discord sprung, and broils, and My lady !-charming round who can, Deny a ribbon, or refuse a far ?

Tilf royal blood diftain’d the publick fage : To view each sex then with impartial eyes, Our fertile fields were all en sanguin'd o'era, Let us alike the dross of both despise, Nor law, nor Cacred right existed more



wit ;

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hostile rage,



for my

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R, N.

88 Poetical ESSAYś in FEBRUARY, 1758. Ne'er may again such scenes our inte de. That houd he make a rbird pretence form,

To wit, or joke, or common sexje ; Tho'factions ftill foment the civil storm!.. And treat Us--at our own expence : Tho' Tindal's sons and Wesley's should We're not of beings to be crammid increase,

It must-it wilkit fall be damn'd, May charity prevail, the band of peace ! Resolv'd, by what we've heard before,

Of such like ferjemo base na MORE.

A, B, C, &c. UR seamen reduc'd, who the nation defended,

{are ended : Opinion of orber Members - (not of the Come We all must conclude, foreign troubles mittee) concerning tbe new Comedy. Our land-men continu'd, who strut witb gold border, [good order,

To the AUTHOR. At home we thall, doubtless, be kept in UCH a fuls and an uproar about your

To tbe AUTHOR of the LONDON

Sure never was heard of before !

Now 'tis out, Sir! I thank you, 'cis food
URING the run of GIL BLAS, we, Sing ribbaldry, fcribbledry M-RE.

out of cbriftian love and cbarity, Tuspended publishing our opinion of it, which is highly incumbent on us to do,

De Eodem. in order to express our resentment to that What shocking stuff after such puffing be. infolent prerogative which all along con

fore !

( MORE temptuously thewed itself, by a bluftering If this you call writing, pray let's have no fett of bree-hilling wits, and noisy friends to the author , as also to check that vanity

Anor her. and fufficiency which he himself miftakenly Well, Tom! what think you of Gil Blas? usurps in behalf of this unmeaning drama ;

Tom (iakes his head and cries-alas! and defire it may be printed accordingly.

P, le George's By order of the committee,

Encore.., Coffee- house,


Jai vu GIL BLAS, Feb. 19,1750

Hélas ! Tbe Opinion of the Council at GEORGE'S con. EPITAPH on a GIN-DRINKER. tbe

CALI 85.)

hill lies

A wretch, whose memory the fage despise. Ob, master M-RI,

Her brain all tumult; ragged her attire ; : You fon of wbore,

The (port of boys when wallowing in the I wip i bad known your tricks before.

mire. Dragon of Wantley,

Life did to her as a wild tempest seem ;, FTER such mighty fuss and puff, And death as sinking to a horrid dream. :

Hence learn, ye brutes, who reel in There's nothing new, nor one thing bright;

human shape, Nor any cbaraEter polite.

To you, superior is the grinning ape : The dialogue is all alike;

For nature's wise impulses he'll pursue, Nor scarce a sentiment to strike.

Výhilft each dread start of frenzy governs Vice (hines, but its reward is blotted :

you. And as for morel-he forgot it. What think you, Hal i' faith, Tom! Í LABEL for a GIN. BOTTLE. think,

THEN fam'd Pandora to the clouds 'Twas wrote to get a little chink; And if it gains the autbor's ends,

From her dire box unnumber'd evils ficw. Then truly he may * boalt some friends. No less a curse this vehicle contains :

Boaf, Hal! why he may boaf indeed! Fire to the mind, and poison to the veins. But all the while, 'tis us that feed :

The THUNDERER And so perverted are the gains, He feeds his belly, not his brains.

Ibu EVIL SPIRIT. You know my wishy-washy horse

HERE lurks the fiend ?-In desart, Not to improve, may turn out worse,

cave, or bower, The hint needs no great explanation ; The spirit, seeking whom he may devour?We'll print it for his information,

See, in yon glass, the author of all fina 'Tis then, th' opinion, and advice - The devil himself, in a vilc dram of gin. Of Us, whom he's bamboozled twice,

TO Vide prologue

A !

WHEN wieldrew,



THE Dorfutenire ftream's diminutive


Poetical ESSAYS in FEBRUARY, 1751. 89

What holds the good liquor with bouncing TO AR DEL A.

good mealure, B' LEAK winter's gone, and spring's re- And fit for a miser to put in his treasure ; turn'd again,

[plain ; But if to old sounds you more reverence bear, And snow no more, but verdure decks the Name the third where houses and cottages The frozen channel Phoebus now diffolves,

are ;

[wide space, In purling streams it once again revolves; With the colour delighting thro' nature's The blushing cowlips grace the verdant And the whole is the name of a sweet rural

place. And azure bills a pleating prospect yield; Solution of the RuBuS in Dec. laf, p. 567. Sweetly the warblers tune their notes

HE arourd,

Wey And echo too repeats the joyful found; Which boasts neither structure nor strand; Amidst the fragrance of the flow'ry mead, But intricately winding, flirteth away, The blooming primrose tears its velvet headi

And runs thro' a good fertile lande And fertile vales their vernal tributes bring, To welcome in the glad approach of spring;

On tbe frequent Repetition of tbe Words Devil The budding trees and springing flow'rs

and Devilish ir obe new Comedy of Gil

Blas. declare The plenteous prospect of the rising year.

OWN, Gil Blas, 'tis strange to me, Then, dear Ardelia, haste and let's im.

cramm'd, prove The present happy hours in mutual love ;

But ftranger still, that you should be

So full of devil, and not damnd. Love, which by friendthip's aid unites our fouls,

On Mr. Rand bis Followers.' And all the anxious cares of life controuls :

holds forth, the giddy throng No brutal passion dwells within my breast,

With itching ear attends Which palls the weary'd fancy when porsessid,


To catch (cme new thing from his congues

Which not the heart amends : But constancy and truth with honour

While reason's ftill small voice, we find, The blent affociates of a virtuous mind.

Condemned is unhead; Love fix'd on beauty, wrinkles may destroy,

And dons of sober sense and mind
And age too foon effice the transient joy;

Are deem'd not worth regard,
But love like ours no time can e'er allay,
Founded on reason, it will ne'er decay ;

Thus with physicians does it fare,

When patients play such pranks,
Increasing years shall feed the noble fire,

As to commit their body's care
And each fuccefive day augment desire.
Then to fome lonely cottage let's repair,

To quacks and mountebanks
Where free from noise and undifturb'd by

The Sun and CLOUD, a Fable.

S Phoebus once most brightly shone, care, Connubial rites shall bind the union faft,

('Twas in the month of May ;) And social harmony for ever!afe :

A cloud as black as e'er was known, No envious jealousy, or factious strife,

Arole from out the sea. Shall e'er disturb the quiet of our lire;

At dilance long, with envious eyes, Bleft in each other, we'll securely neep.

He view'd the radiant god ; While guardian angels mall their vigils

Then mounted higher in the skies,

And tow'rds him bent his road.
Thec only I'll adore, my lovely fair ; Urg'd on by spite, he aim'd to hide
Gaze on thy charms, and be till death

Those beams that caus'd his grief ;
fincere :

Vain wretch! his impotence and pride

Met death and not relief.
Nor shall our love top here its lasting course,
For death, too, Thall behold its powerful

Big with his hopes, he straight obscures force :

The surface of the fun ;
And tho' he shall destroy this mortal frame, But for a moment (carce endures
Yet (hall our heav'n-born souls be Mill the The post he thought he'd won.
fame ;

The god indignantly beheld And when we meet in blissful realms above, His weak opponent's spleen, kind heaven shall reward our virtuous

And with a smile the cloud dispellid,

Which made ihe fky serene.

A R E B U S.

Thus, when an upftart mushroom bard
HE name that you give to a garment Attempts to rival Pope ;

He meets a thorough disregard, And that of a house with a fign at the door; To curb his glowing hope. February, "?510



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THE unge wore,


Montbly Chronologer .

N Tuesday, Jan. 29, bis

majesty continuing 80-

vernor, Peter Burrell, Esq;
was re-ele&ed fub-gover-
nor, and John Bristow,

Esq; deputy.governor, of the South Sea company. And on the gift the following gentlemen were chosen directors of the said company, viz. Richard Baker, Thomas le Blanc, Jonathan Col. lyer, Samuel Craghead, John Edwards, Francis Fauquier, Francis Gamry, Joseph Gulfton, jun. Richard Hall, J fiah Hardy, Richard Jackson, Thomas Lane, James Lock, Sydenham Malthus, Henry Muilman, Nathaniel Paice, John Phillipson, Richard Salwey, Samuel Smith, John Warde: John Wenham, Rnbert Wylde, Thomas Coventrye, Brice Fisher, Tilman Henckell, John Smith, Thomas Strode, John Torriano, Walter Vane, and Lewis Way, Esqrs.

The last eight in the room of Sir Charles Egleton, Knt. Joseph Fawthorp, George Jennings, Roger Mainwaring, Robert Lovick, Esqrs, who went out by rotation ; and Jof. Adams, John Coke, and Thomas Swayne, Efqrs. who are dead.

The same day came on the election for a member to represent the univerfity of Oxford in parliament, in the room of lord Cornbury, called up to the house of peers, when the numbers were, For Sir Roger Newdigate

184 The Hon. Robert Harley, Efq;

126 Sir Edward Turner

67 Whereupon Sir Roger Newdigate was declared duly elected,

From Vienna we had an account, that above three parts of the city Fiume had been swallowed up by an earthquake, with most of the churches, convents, and ware. houses, whereby the merchants and traders in Ifria were ruined. During the earthquake, the sea overflowed a little island near Fiume, and all the inhabitants perished : The next day, tho' the rea was Very calm, not the least veftiges of that island could be seen ; so that they presume its subaqueous communication with the continent was broke off by the violence of the earthquake.

FRIDAY, Feb. 1. Information having been given to justice Fielding of a number of people, who frequented a noted gaming-house in the Strand, he, this evening, fent for a party of foldiers (in number 40) from the Tiltyard, with a proper officer, who accord. ingly belet the house, but finding their

number insufficient to secure them all, they were obliged to send for a reinforce ment from the Savoy and Srmerset-house, which made up the numb:r about 8o. They thon proxeded to buónels, when fix soldiers and a ferjeant entered the room, where the gamblers were afscmbled, with their bayonets fixed, and penned them up in a corner, till the rest came in and fecured them. The method the «fficer took, was this : Each prisoner was put into the custody of a soldier, and both their names were entered down, lo that the soldiers were each of them obliged to see his man forth coming, and the remaining party guarded them before and behind ; and in this manner they were carried before justice Fielding, who was till iwo o'clock the next morning examining them, when zo were sent to the Galehouse, and fx admitted to bail. During their march several of the prisoners offered the soldiers five guineas each to let them escape, but they were true to their trust, and not one got off. There were three cables broken to pieces, which cost near hol. a. piece, under each of which were found iwo iron rollers, and two private springs, which chore who were in the secret could touch, and stop the tørı-about whenever they had any youngsters to deal with, and by that means fleeced them of their money.

Letters from Dublin, of the ad instant,
bring advice, that the verdict and judge
ment obtained on the famous trial in the
court of Exchequer by the Hon. James
Annelley, Esq; against his uncle, Richard
eari of Anglesey, was, on Jan. 28, affirmed
in favour of Mr. Anneley, in the court
of Exchequer chamber ; and the writ of
error brought by his lordsnip on that occa-
fon ro king ago as Nov. 1743, to ftop
further proceedings, was fec afide. (See
a particular account of the trial in our
Mag. for 1744, p. go-4, &c. 486

A proclamation was publiMed, offering
the following rewards for the discovery of
the author, printers and publichers of the
Conti'utional Queries, &c. to be paid on
conviction, viz. for the author thereof
acool, for each of the printers 200l. and
for each of the publishers soi. for the pay.
ment of whick raid several rewards, his
majesty gave neceffary orders to the lords
commissioners of his treasury. (See p. 43.).

Was held a general. court of the South-


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The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. 91 Sea company, when several proposals were The Westminster petition, which was offered for paying off the old and new presented to the house of commons on the unsubscribed annuities of the said company; 28th ult. Tee p. 43.) did not come to and after some hours debate, that called hearing. Complaints had been made a., the proprietors proposal was approved of gainst some persons for misbehaviour at the by che faid court, in order to its being pre- election, and two of them were sent to lented to parliament. (Sec p. 42.)

Newgate. Soon after which the petiti. FRIDAY, 8.

oners thought fit to withdraw their petition. Was held a court of common.council

TUESDAY, 19. at Guildhall, when a motion was made At a court of common council at Guild. and paired, That the town-clerk do wait haw, a motion was made and agreed to, on the Right Rev. che lord bishop of Wor- for petitioning the Hon. house of com: cefter, with the thanks of that court for mons against the hill for a general natura. kis excellent sermon against the excessive lization of foreign proteftants. use of spirituous liquore, preached before

WEDNESDAY, 20. the lord-mayor, aldermen, and governors A great number of Libors affembled in a of the 'everal hospitals of this city, on tumultuous manner in Bartholomew-lane, Easter-Monday last ; a copy of which his behind the Royal Excluange, from a mit. lordship had fent to every member of the taken notion of an advertisement inferiod faid court. (See p. 83.)

in the papers, in expectation of receiving Another motion was made,' and una- 50. per man, as bounty money, for the nimously agreed to, to petition the Hon. taking our enemies Tips of war and pria house of commons, to apply such iemedy, vateers, at the Fountain tavern in Burthoas to their wisdom thali leem molt proper, lomew-lane; but being disappuinted, they to prevent that pernicious practice.

entered the house, seized the supposed au. A motion was also made, that 2801 per thor of the advertisement, put him in a ann. should be added to r201, the antient coach, and carried him in triumph, guard. salary of the recorder, and paid to Riehard ed by some hundreds of their tralernity, to Acams, Esq; the present recorder of this the Admiralty oflice ; but being Ath.wed. city, as long as he Mall continue in the

nelday, there was no hoard; they afterlaid office, unless he mall be hereafter made wards conducted him to St. James's, where a judge of any of his majesty's courts, or they were refused admittance ; on which accept of the office of aterrey or folici- they went to justice Fielding, who told tor general; and in that case the faid them the affair was not cognizable belore grant of 2801. is to cease; and the question him, as it was transacted in the city, and being put, it paffed unanimously in the therefore recommended them to the lordaffirmative. The recorder being then call- mayor, whither they accordingly went, ed in, returned his thanks to the court for and his lordship committed the man to so distinguishing a mark of their appro- Newgate, from whence he was soon dir. bation of his conduct.

charged : But a falle report being spread, MONDAY, I.

that their money was at Mr. Beichier's in Of the 13 malefactors condemned the Loinbard-Areet, they assembled in a tu. Jant feilions at the Old-Bailey, (see p. 4.3.) nu uogs manner before the said house, the 10 following were this day executed at (which obliged several bankers and traderTyburn, viz. Field, Vincent, Parsons, men to thut up their thops) and continued Sullivan, Applegatih, Sauce, Davis, Cle- in so rio ous a manner, that alderman ments, Wesley and Smith. They were Winterbottom was desired to re:d the procarried in four carts : Vincent, Clemen's clamation against riolers twice, from a and Weley, three boys, went in the first, window at the Crown and Anchor in the Smith and Davis in the recond, Apple- same freet ; during which time the lord. garth and Sauce in the third, and Field, mayor liad sent for two companies of fol. Sullivan and Parfons in the last. Field diers, the one from the Tower and the Ohad irons on for fear of a rescue. They ther from the Savoy, to prevent any dile in general behaved in a decent manner, turbance. Thomas Smith, one of the becoming perfons under their unhappy cire , ringleaders, was taken into custody for incumstances, but particularly Parsons, why, fuiting the alderman in lus office, and fent tho' he had been so long in pron, still re- to Newgate, guarded by a file of musquecained the appearance of a gentleman, and (eers, who were ordered back to the Roy.' feemed to be duly affected with the near al. Exchange, to continue there till iwelve prospect of a future Hate. Dun and o'cluck at night, and then to be dischargHughes are to be transported for life, and ed, if there was no appearance of disorder. Fairis for 14 years.

At a general court of the South-Sea comTUESDAY, 12.

pany, it was resolved, That the resolution A ballot being demanded upon the ques- agreed to as the last general court, is not inrion at the Souch-Sea houre, upon casting it c-nded nor thall be deemed to relate to, or up this night, the numbers were, for the any way affect, the claim this con.pany question 385, against it 286,

M 2

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