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MARRIAGES, DEATHS, &c. Feb, on the publick, in respect to any of their Edinburghshire. James Balfour, Esq; demands on the crown of Spain, ceded by in the room of Sir Charles Gilmour, Bart. his majesty for the peace and tranquillity of deceased. this nation. Resolved, that this general court doth impower the court of directors

MARRIAGES and Birtus, to lay the resolution which passed in the Jan. 28.GIR James Stirling, of Glorat, Jast general court, together with that pal

in Scotland, bart. to Miss fed in this general court, before the gentle. Stirling. men in the adininistration ; and that they Feb. 9. James Tillard, Esq; to Miss pursue all the means necessary for carrying Clayton of Ked-Lion-street. the same into execution.

12. James Bouchier, Esq; to Miss Han THURSDAY, 21.

nah Glemplon. The theriffs of London and Middlesex 15. Mr. Hyde, an eminent - Dyer in presented to the Hon. house of commons, Spittlefields, to Miss Amey Monson, only the petition of the common.council, pray- daughter and heiress of Charles Monson, ing that some remedy may be applied to pre. Erq ; of Melcombe-Regis, a 19.0col. forvent the pernicious ule of spirituous liquors;

tune. and also their petition against the bill for 18. Edward Bearcroft. Erg; a gentlenaturalizing foreign protestants.

man of a large estate in Herttordihire, to At a general court of the Bank je was a- Miss Susannah Ambcole, a 10,00-1. forgreed to lend the government all the mo. ney they mall want over and above what John Snow, Esq; of Trinity college, is to hê raised by lottery and annuities, on Cambridge, to Miss Cilds, cnly.dughter the same terms as they lent the million lant of Thomas Childs, of Framingham in year : Which sum will amount to upwards Suffolk, a 12,000l, forlune. of zco,cool.

19. John Mackrill, of Bermondsey.. FRIDAY, 22.

street, Southwark, Eiq; to Miis Gustright, The birth-day of her royal highness, a 25,0ool. fortune. Mary princess of Helle, his majesty's John Shaw, of Cheshunt in Hertfordfourth daughter, was celebrated; when Thire, Esq; 10 Miss Huxley. her royal highness entered into the 30th Rev, Mr. John Wesley, to Mrs. Vazel, year of her age.

of Threadneedle-strett, a widow lady of MONDAY, 25.

a large fortune. A bill for allering our Stile to that of the 22. Rt. Hoo, the earl of Egremont, New Stile, which is certainly nearer to the to Miss Carpenter, filler to the Rt. Hon. true course of the sun, by three days in 400

the lord Carpenter. years, was brought into the house of loids,

Jan. 29. The lady of the Re. Hun. the and the further confideration of it was put lord Romney, delivered of a daughter. off to March 11.

Feb. 4. The lady of the Rt. Hon, the In the scheme for the new lottery, are lord Broke of a ton. two prizes of 10,000l. four of 5,000l. 14. Countess of Winchellea and Notfive of 3,000l. eight of 2,ocol. twenty of tingham, of a daughter. 1,000l. and forty-one of sool. besides the

15. The lady of commodore Mitchell, first drawn 500, and the last drawn 1000. of a son. There are 70,000 tickets in the whole ; fix blanks to a prize ; and each blank va

DEATHS Jued at ax pounds.

RS. Gumley, mother to the

countess of Bach, Alterations in tbe Lift of Parliament.

28. Rev. and learned William Reynolds, XFORD university. Sir Roger New- B. D. fellow of Exeter college, Oxford,

digale, Bart. in the room of Lord and chief rurorihere, also rector of BampViscount Cornbury, called up by writ to ton in Oxfo dihire, the most confiderable the house of peers. (See p. 45.)

living in that county. Wareham, Dorsetshire. Henry Drax, Feb. 2. Thomas Borret, Esq; one of the Esq; secretary to his royal bighness the prothonotaries of the court of Common. prince of Wales, in the room of John Pitt, pleas. Esq; who accepted of a place, and is now 3. Mr. Thomas Pralt, in Southwark, member for Dorchefer.

aged 107, who had been a cobler there Heytesbury, Wilts. Col. William Acourt, upwards of 60 years, and by his industry in the room of Wm., Alhe, Esq; deceased and economy acquired upwards of zool.

Dorchester town. John Pitt, and Jo- in money, which he left to his neice, now feph Damer, Esqrs. in the room of Jolin a servant at the Rose in Bermondsey-street, Browne, Erg; an eminent counsellor, de.

5. Dr. Hall, physician to the Charter. cealed, and Nathaniel Gundry, Esq; made house, a judge.


Jan. 25. M



93 9. Licut. general Borgard, an old ex. PROMOTION8 Civil and Military.

AJOR general Sir age.

13. John Skynner, Esq; eldest clerk col. of the reg. of dragoons, late Naiunder the comptrollers of his majesty's zon's ; and the Hon. John Waldegrave, board of Green.cloth, and chief clerk of Esq; col. of the reg. of foot, late Powlett'ss the Poultry-office.

- Frederick Frankland, Esq; made major Charles Maiiland, Esq; member in the in the second reg. of dragoon guards, com. present parliament for the burghs of Aber. manded by Sir John Ligonier ; Charles deen, Inverray, Montross, Aber brothwick Roper, Esq; eldest captain, Purbeck Langand Brechin.

ham, Esq; second capt. Hon. James So15. Mr. Thomas Howard, a gentleman merville, Erq; third capt. William Ar. of a very considerable fortune in Effex, nott, Elq; capt. lieut. Edmund Cox, and owner of feveral coalting vessels. gent. lieutenant, and Mr. Joseph Gabo -18. Lieut. general Peter Campbell, lieut.

bot Cornet in the faid regiment.-Right governor of Portsmouth, first gentleman Hon. Thomas earl of Pomfret, made ran. of the beer buttery at St. James's, former

ger and keeper of St. James's park. (See ly col. of a rez. of foot, and nearly related P. 45.1-Capt. Forbes, made a major, to his grace the duke of Argyll.

and lieut. Marshal a captain in the royal Rev. Richard Mee, D. D. who had seg. of dragoons. John Enys, of Enye been rector of Wishall in Cheshire upe in Cornwall, Esq; appointed by his royal wards of so years, and never quitted his highness the prince of Wales to be meriff regdence during all that time.

of that county for the year ensuing. 20. Thomas Brydges, Esq; one of the Nicholas Vaux, Esq; made capt, lieut. Ax clerks in Chancery.

and lieut. Field, capt, in the train of arAlice Wise, at Yo:k, aged 108, com. tillery at Woolwich.---- Hales, Esq; ron mon), known by the name of dutchers of Sir Thomas Hales, made one of the Dalton: Her defire was to have as many

clerks of the board of Green-cloth, and invited to her fureral as she was years old, clerk of the Poultry office, in the room of and accordingly that number of her ac- John Skynner, Esq; deceased.. Benjamin quaintance accompanied her corpse to the Keene, Eiq; appointed his majesty's am

barrador extraordinary and minister pleni. 25. John Gough, Esq; principal inspecpotentiary to his catholick majesty.--Hon. tor of the inland duties of excise.

Richard Maynard, Esq; made deputy se

cretary to his royal highness the prince of Ecclefiaftical PREFERMENTS.

Wales.--William Purcas, of the MiddleTR. Henry Bund, fellow of Worcester Temple, Esq; made one of the fix clerks

8 ave.

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Mcolege, Bextora, presented to the chancery General se. clair, macelets

vernor of Cork in Ireland.-Lieut. general Sir Philip Honeywood, made col. of the blue guards, in the room of the late duko of Richmond, --Sir John Ligonier, made col. of Honey wood's reg. of horse ; lord visc. Tyrawley col. of Ligonier's Irish dra. goons ; col. Leighton, col. of the reg. of foot, late Hargrave's, deceased.Capt. Taylor, made major to Leighton's reg. at Gibralter.

Persoms dec!crid BANKRUPTO. Homas Yeldal of London, mercer.

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living of Chetton, with the chapel of Leigh-
ton annexed, in Worcestershire. - Mr.
Wavel, one of the canons of Winchester,
to the living of Chilcoombe, in Hamp.
Tire.-Mr. Cauldwell, to the re&ory of
Shillington, in Dorsetshire.-James Scott,
M. A. to the rectory of St. Laurence,
with St. John, in the town and coun-
ty of Southampton.--Mr. Territ, reader
of the Temple, and fellow of St. John's
college, Oxford, to the living of Hoin.
fey in Middlesex, vacant by the
fignation of the Rev. Mr. Cole. -Mr. Cor.
nelius Crawford, rellow of Baliol college,
Oxford, to the living of Lamorran, in
Cornwall.-Mr. Mence, vicar of Pancras,
made a minor canon of St. Paul's.-Dr.
James Martin, appointed one of his ma.
jesty's chaplains in ordinary.--Mr. Land,
presented to the v.carage of Bampton, in
Oxfordihire.--Mr. Horne, chosen lecturer
of St. Mary Woolnoth, Lembard-Atreet,
in the room of Dr. Finley, deceased.--Ar.
thur Bret, B. D. prefented to the rectory
of St. Mary's in Bedley, in Northampton
Mhire.- Mr. William Douding, to the recto-
ry of Tottenham in Middlesex.


victualler. - Richard Box, lace of Bristol, dealer.-Stephen Jephs, of Norwich, weaver, woolfactor and innholder. Richard Sture, of Plymouth, merchant, grocer, and dealer in spirituous liquors.- John Pearson, of King's Lynn in Norfolk, Tip-builder and dealer in timber. -Henry Finch, of St. Clement's, East cheap, Lon. don, vi&tualler.--William Frood, of Liverpool, merceri-William Lessly, of St. Botolph, without Aldgate, mariner and merchant. – John Watkins, late of St. Luke's, Middlesex, glover.



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Males, soi} 1182

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PRICES of STOCKS in FEBRUARY, Bill of MORTALITY, &c. BANK INDIA South Sea, South Sea South Sea + per Cent.it per Cent. Bank An.f3 perCent. IndiaBonds B.Cir.pr Wind a

Wearber BILL of Mortality from STOCK.STOCK. STOCK. Annu. old Ann, new

1746. 1747• 1748.9. 8. Annu. præm.


Deal. London. Jan. 22. t. Feb. 19.
100 i

N. E. hard front

Chrift. 3) 135 112 103 10cio 102 102 :

41. 25
ce, by N. cold thaw

{ 591

E. by N. frost

Males 1049)

136 184 IIZ
103 101 Ž

E by S. hard front Femal. 10785
1 12 103 101 102

6 N. front fair Died under 2 years old 687
103 101 102 101

t N. E. troft (now Between 2 and 5-135

103 101 ;

41. 25

6 E. hy S. front fair

5 and 10- 31 8 136 1185 11112 103

102 1

31. 185

6 W. by S. (roit fair

10 and 20 - 59 us 103

101 JO2 31, 135 26 S, W. troft thaw

20 and 30

168 10 Suoday

W. S. W. frosty

30 and 40 31 136 185 $

1121 103

102 IOI 102

5 S. S. W, cold thaw

40 and 50-241 12 136 185 * $ 11 12 103 101 102 101 ) 102

31. 198 5 S. W. windy

40 and 60

185 q IL12!12 103

31. 198
W. wind rain

6 and 70

31. 185 25 CW. N. W. cold rain

351 136

5 N. W. rainy

So and go 50
36 135
186 $ 1104 103

102 ) 101 1

N. by E.

fair 37 Sunday

S. W. milling

2127 28 137 186 110

6 103 102 } 101 102

S. W.

clou, mulai 19 136

Within the Walls 166 186 103 102

27 (W. S. W. windy 186

Without the Walls 497 103



7 6 S.W.by W. milling 211 1374 137 18647871 110

in Mid. and Surrey 978 끓

2 1 6s. w. bys




City & Sub. Wij. 486

S. W. fair
110 4 103
101 IO2

W.S. W.


rain 24 Sunday

S.W. by W. wind rain Weekly Jan, 29

-470 25-136 187 1104 103 104 102 1 101 102 TO2


Feb. 5-
41. $ 2 10

N. E.
26 136

101 1025

566 W. 102

poigh wind 271 136 186

103 101

41. 45
2 lo
S. W. normy

28/ 136


2 10 CW. S. W. cloudy

Wheaten Peck Loaf 15. 9d.
Peale 2C1. to 245, per Q.

(Rye 1;3. to 175 per Q.
Bear. Key.

Balingstoke. Reading Farnham, Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes, Gloucester. Northampc.
Wheat 245 to 27$ qr
71158 load 71155 load 71 178 load 81 os load 71 195

265 to 37 90
325 to 38 qr
48 6d buih.

245 to 28q4 Barley 148 to 17 oos to oo ar 175 to 19 qr 175 to 19 gr

18s to 19 97

Igs to 16 155 to 19 23 ord

165 to 17 Oats 125 to 135 60

145 to 16 od I is to 19

iOS to 20 125 to 15 od 125 to 17

155 10 20 23 to 1898 135 to 15 Beans 18s to zas 6d 269 to 24 od 215 to 23 245 to 25 2 15 to 2+

298 to 31 225 to 23

28 gd to 36

186 to 11 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, sid. 59. â 45, 6d, ul. 36. edy

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FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1951. 65 SINI INCE our last there have been two rable, yet the consternation they have

placarts of the fates of Holland pub- thrown the inhavitants into is so great, Bhed at the Hague, in the firit of which that they flock to this c.ty with their best they complain of the opposition and mal. effects, as thinking themselves safer here. treatment the collectors of their taxes have The noise in the bowels of the earth ftill met with in the execution of their duty, continues, and is sometimes like that of declare all persons concerned in such out- thunder. At Lourde, a small city in Bi. rages, enemies to their country, and order Korre, they have had one shock more viotheir fiscal to prosecute them; and they Jert than any felt by their neighbours, ina impower their collectors to stop and search fomuch that a mountain was thereby all carriages by land or water, and to pro. tumbled down into an adjacent valley, the vide themselves and affiftants with arms greatest part of which was filled up by it, for repelling force with force. And in the Upon this our bishop has judged it necer. other they declare, that the oath taken by sary to have recourse co spiritual means, merchants and traders for preventing and has accordingly ifsued a mandate for a frauds in the collection of the duties shall fast of several days, in order to obtain a be binding, till abrogated or renewed. ceffation of these earthquakes."

The French king's ediet for erecting a In Spain as well as France, they are re. military school at Paris ", was published the pairing their marine with the utmost dr. Jatrer end of last month ; and as a fund patch, there being now four men of war for supporting this school, the duty on cards upon the ftocks at Ferrol, and preparations has been doubled, and the revenues of all are making for putting fix more upon the vacant benefices are to be applied to the stocks there. And from Cadiz we have same purpose. A plan for the building has the following account of the thips that been already presented to his majesty by entered that port in the course of the last M. Gabriel, his chief architect, which has year, viz. 789 English, including 17 men been approved of, and according to which of war ; 171 French, eight of which were it is to be fituated on the river Seine, a lit. men of war ; 144 Dutch, including two tle below the invalids, to have above 150 men of war; 45 Spanish, including 20 toises in front, and above 100 acres allot. men of war and 14. Xebeques ; 34 Danes; ted for the building, and for the avenges to 29 Swedes ; 5 Malteze ; 3 Venetians ; 2 it, which are all to be planied with trees. Tuscan ; i Portugueze ; 1 Neapolitan,

The 3d inft. N. S. the trial of the fa- and · Ruffian. In all 1178 merchantmen, mous M. de la Bourenaye, was conclud. and 47 men of war. ed t, and being acquitted of every accu. From Venice we hear, that the mir fation brought against him, he was dif. understanding between that republick and charged from the Bastile, after a three years

the courts of Vienna and Rome is at lenger confinement ; a poor reward for the service adjusted ; the patriarchship of Aquileia behe did his country.

ing thereby to be abolished, and for the We have had lately an account of several future to be divided into two archbishopnew discoveries made in France, viz. ricks, one of Udine for that part of the That the Seur Guittard had found out a com- Trioul, belonging to the republick, and pofition like that of which China is made : the other of Gorizia for that part of it That a country surgeon had discovered a which belongs to the house of Austria. kind of agarick, or fungus, which Mops From Turkey our late accounts say, that the bleeding in amputations, wiihout tying the grand lignor has admitted even to the up the arteries; and that a third person most secret consultations of the Divan, the had found out the secret of piecing glass, fultan Ibrahim, his nephew, the son of without the least apperance of ics having Achmet III. deposed in 1704, and who ever been broken or joined.

was declared fucceffor to the empire in By a letter from Tarbes in Bigorre near. 1736. This Ibrahim is the idol of the the Pyrenees, dated Feb. 6, N. S. we have Jiniffaries, because they perceive in him a the following account :

" About three martial-genius ; in consequence of which weeks ago a rumbling noise was heard they seem to be preparing for war, orders several days fucceffively in the Pyrenees, being sent to the troops cantoned in the inte. which greatly alarmed all the inhabitants rior provinces of that empire in Europe to of that neighbou hood. To that noise hold themselves in readiness to march to. fucceeded several mocks of earthquakes, wards the Danube. Thay have likewise re. which were likewise felt in the principality inforced the garisons of Bender, Chockzim, of Bearn ; since which they have had. Ockzakow, and some other neighbouring eleven shocks faccefsively : And tho' the places ; and are filling their magazines on damage done thereby is not very confide. that fide, with all sorts of provision and

Dr. . See our Mag. for laff year p5756 See our Mag. for May, 1747, pi 227. And ear Mag. for 1748, p. 1436




The Monthly Catalogue for February; 1751.

28. A seasonable Letter to the Author of HE philosophical Principles of Na. Considerations on the Mutiny-Bill, pr. is, "THE

tural and Revealed Religion. Un. Price. folded in a geometrical Order. By the C. 29. Reflections on Conversation, pr. 26. Ramsay, Price one Guinea. Longman, 6d. Owen.

2. A Survey of the Do&rine and Argu. 30. Two historical Accounts of New, ments of St. Peter's Epistles. By John Forest in Hampshire, and Richmond Park Whitaker, A. M. pr. is. Owen.

in Surrey, pr. is. Cooper. 3. An Abstract of the Old and New 31. The original Story from whence the Testament, in five Books, pr. 6d. Çorbett. new Comedy of Gil Blas is taken, pr. 6d. 4. An Enquiry into the Truth and Cer.

Owen, tainty of the Mosaic Deluge. By Patrick 32. A Treatise on the Rights of the Cockburn, M. A. pr. gs. Hitch.

Crown, pr. 25, Owen. 5. Tracts and Sermons, occafonally 33. A brief Examination of certain or. published by John Abernethy, M. A. pr. 'dinary Complaints in these our Days. By 45. Griffiths,

W. Shakespeare, pr, 18. 6d. Jackson. 6. A second Vindication of the Miracu. 34. A State of the Proceedings of the lous Powers, against Dr. Middleton. By Parliament for the Stannaries in Cornwall, Th. Church, D.D. pr. 25._Rivington. pr. is. 6d. Baldwin, jun. Entertainment and Poetry.

35., A Voyage to Shetland, the Orkneys, 7. The History of a Woman of Qua

and the Western Ines of Scotland, prds. lity, pr. 25. 60. sew'd. Cooper,

6d. Corbett. 8. 'Memoirs of Mademoiselle de St. 36. A Letter to the Author of a brief Eugene, pr. 18. 6d. Griffiths.

Ellay on the Trade to France, pr. 6d. 9. The History of Pompey the Little,

Cooper. pr. 35. Cooper.

37. Another Fragment, pr. 6d. Pope. 10. The Modern Fine Lady, pr. 6d. 38. A Treatise concerning Oaths and Dodney.

Perjury, pr, 15. Roberts. 11. A physical Rhapsody, pr. 15. Ro- 39. A Letter to Henry Fielding, Erg; binson.

12. An Elegy wrote in a Church-yard, 40. The OEconomy of Female Life, pr. 6d. Dodney.

pr. 1S. 6d. Smith. 13. A Northern Circuit, pr. 18. Payne. 41. The Fragment, Chap. 12, 13, 14,

14. Vifions in Verle, for the Entertain. 15. containing many curious Acecdotes, ment of young Minds, pr. 18. 6d. Dodney.

Cooper, 15. The Theatrical Manager, pr. 18. 42. Memoirs of the House of Brunswick, Lownds.

By Henry Rimius, pr. 145. Comyns. 16. Gil Blas. A Comedy, pr. 16. 6d. 43. The Patriot display'd. By James Franklin. (Sce p. 51.)

Barclay, pr. 6d. Jolinion. 17. The Royal Manual, pr. is. Dod. 44. An entertaining Account of Guern. MISCELLANEOUS.

sey. By T. Dicey, Gent. pr. zs. Newhery, 18. The Compleat Angler. In z Parts. 45. Some Thoughts upon a Bill for a By Moses Brown, pr. 38. Kent.

general Naturalization, pr. 6d. Cooper. 19.4 A Narrative of the Adventures and 46. The Weakncis of certain modern Sufferings of Wm. Wills, pr. 18. Cooper. Preachers, pr. 6d. Webb.

20. The Polite Companion : Containing 47. An Institute of the Laws of ScotEfsays on various Subjeâs ; illustrated with land in Civil Rights. Millar. Passages from the most excellent Poets, 48. A brief Narrative of the late CamOrators, Philosophers, and Historians, a paigns in Germany and Flanders, pr. is. Vols. pr. 68. Baldwin, jun.

Lion. 21. The Conclusion of Bishop Burnet's 49. An Epistle to the Lord Mayor, &c. History of his own Time, pr. is. Millar. by Isaac Lord Bishop of Worcester, pr. 6d. 22. The Merry Man's Companion, pr. H. Woodfall. Kent and T. Payne.

50. Miscellaneous Differtations on the 23. The Presbyterian Clergy detected, Origin of Masquerades, &c. By A. Betpr. 25. Corbett.

fon, pr. is. 6d. Meighan. 24. The Morals of a People, the best 91. A Collection of Tracts relating to Security of good Government, pr. 6d. the Herring Fishery, pr. 15. 6d. Griffiths. Cooper.

PHYSICK and HUSBANDAY, 25. Fresh Intelligence from the Shades, 52. Practical Cases and Observations in pr. 6d. Withers.

Surgery. By Dale Ingram. Clarke. 26. Plain Truth on both sides, pr. 6d. 53. An Esay concerning the Effects of Herring.

Air on human Bodies. By John Arbuch 27. A Treatise on Brag. By Mr. Hoyle. not, M. D. pr. 6s. Tonson. Jolliffe.

(Tbe reft in cur next.]


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