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Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.


MARCH, 1751. To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in quantity, ibar,any Monthly Book of tbe JamePrice.) I. An Account of the Masque of Alfred. XVII. Account of an extraordinary Meteor. II. Description of an extraordinary Rainbow. XVIII. Of Street. Walkers and BawdyIII. Reason of the Difference between Old Houses, being a necessary Supplement to and New Stile.

Justice Fielding's Inquiry, &c. IV, Letter to the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford. XIX. Extracts from the Scribleriad, V. Account of a famous Roman Camp. XIX. Account of the Death of his Royal VI, Extracts from the Bishop of Worcester's : Highness the Prince of Wales, his Iffue, Dedication.

Opinion of the Physicians and Surgeons of VII. The JOURNAL of a Learned and the Diftemper that occafioned his Death;

Political CLUB, &c. continued : Contain. the Mourning for him, &c. ing the SPEECHES of T. Sempronius XXI. POETRY: Prologue and Epilogue Gracchus, Cn. Fulvius, C. Trebonius, and to Allred ; Elegy written in a Country C. Salonius, on the Question concerning Church-Yard ; to Miss P-yH; the Staff Officers, &c.

occafional Prologue and Epilogue to 0:helVIII. Of general Na'uralizatim Bills.

lo ; a Song ; Advice 10 a young Lady ; IX. A Delc iption of Staffordshire.

the Gin. Drinker, a Picture ; the Heroines; X. Of the gradual Approach of the Earth to on a Lady's Birth-Day ; the Rover, a the Sun.

new Song set to Mufick, &c. XI, A Supplement to the OEconomy of Hu. XXII. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : mn Lile.

Sellions at the Old Bailey ; Afts passed ; XII. Mischiess of our publick Diversions,

Malef.&ors executed, &c. &c. &c. XIII. Of collecting Charity on Briefs. XXIII, Promotions ; Marriages and Birtis; XIV, A Question in Surveyin,

Deaihs ; Bankrupts. XV. Remonstrance against Spirituous Li- XXIV, Prices of Stocks for each Day. quors.

XXV, Monthly Bill of Mortality. , XVI. The Voyage of Life, from the Ram." XXVI. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. bler.

XXVII. A Catalogue of Books. Wi h a New and Accurate mai of STAFFORDSHIRE ; and a Beautilul view of RICHMOND HILL, in SURREY, ne itiy Engraved.

MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Roli in later-Nofter-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any lingle Month to complear Sers.



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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.
N account of the masque of Alfred of streetwalkers and bawdy. houses, bé.

99 ing a necessary supplement to justice Some thoughts on naturalization bills 101 Fielding's Inquiry into the causes of the Case of the Carthaginians and their foreign late increase of robbers, &c. troops

How the rich are in great measure answer. A hint to the news-publishers ibid. able for the vices of the poor 129 A description of the county of Stafford 103 Mischiefs of our publick diversions 130 Litchfield and Stafford described ibid. : Extracts from the Scribler

130, 131 Newcastle under .Line, Tamworth, and How the ladie's may avail themselves of the the other market-towns 104 alteration of the file

131 The Journal of a learned and political POETRY. The Rover, a new sung set to CLUB, &c. continued


132 SPEECH Of T. Sempronius Gracchus, in A country dance

133 favour of thie motion relating to the staff. Prologue and epilogue to Alfred, a masque offic:rs in the army 103

ibid Care of the Roman armies 105, 106, 107 An elegy, written in a country church-yard Oi serjeants and corporals

134 Proceedings of Caius Marius

107 Strip-me-naked, or royal gin for ever ; a SPEECH of Cn. Fulvius against the motion


135 ibid, F

'The heroines, or modern memoirs ibid. SPEECH of C. Trebonius in favour of it

To Miss P-y H

136 30g “An occasional prologue and epilogue to He gives an instance of the abuse of the


ibid. colonel's power over the Aafr-officers,

A song

137 in an affair at the Westminster election

The 15th of February, being the birth-day ibid. G of Mrs. C. D.

ibid SPEECH of C. Salonius against the motion On reading an inscription in chalk, gin fold


ibid. The colonel justified with regard to the af. Advice from a matron to a young lady fair at the Westminster election

concerning wedlock

ibid. Extracts from the bishop of Worceser's The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 138

dedication, sewing the horrible mil- General court of the South Sea company chiels of gin-drinking 13

ibid. A letter to the vice chancellor of Oxford, Proceedings of the court of common council to be read in convocation

ibid. Repentance, being a supplement to the Sessions at the Old. Bailey

ibid. OEconomy of Human Lle 115 Acts paffed

ibid. A concise but clear account of the diffe. General court of the Bank

ibid. rence between the old and new stile, and Death of his royal highness the prince of the Gregorian account preferred to the Wales

ibid, Julian

116, 117
Account of his issue

ibid. A description of an extraordinary rainbow Manner of creating a prince of Wales 139

117 Cale of llae Black Prince and his son Richard The present condition of the Roman camp

ibid. at Castor in Norfolk

Acts passed by commission

ibid. Roman bricks, and their minner of build. His majesty's anfwer to the lords and coming

mons addresses of condolence

140 Of the gradual approach of the earth to Malefactors execnied

ibid. the sun 121 Mourning for his royal highness

ihid, An account of an extraordinary meteor, Opinion of the physicians and surgeons of

resembling a water-funut ibid. E the distemper that occasioned the death The voyage of life, from the Rambler of the prince

ibid. 122-124

Marriages and births A question in surveying proposed and an. Deaths

ib.d. swered

Ecclesiastical Preserments

ibid. A letter from a gentleman in the country Promotions civil and military

ibid. to his friend in town, being an affecting Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, weather remonftrance against spirituous liquors

143 ibid. and 126 Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. Observations on the present method of col. FOREIGN AFFAIRS

143 Jecting charity on briefs, and a remedy Catalogue of books

143, 144 proposed to lessen the expence 127

Tbe aritbmetica! questions mufl be deferred to our next, wben we shall also give obe second letter en ibe pope's bull; and small pay a due regard to be love pieces we bave received lince, as alja 19 our cbanting correspondent.Tbe if pfalm, ibe verses on woman, obe epifle to a friend, ibe *imarks on a late new comedy, and several other pieces, shall nor be forgetlenia





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peace. Then come forward Corin and A new MASQUE, called ALFRED,

Emma talking of their lodger; whom wrote by Mr. MALLET, having they suppose to be some valiant Enbeen lately atled with Success at the

glish chief. She puts her husband in Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, we mind of their danger,' and of the Mall give our Readers jome Account Danish king's proclamation, that of it, as follows:

A whoever harboured an English capMH E persons of the tain thould be put to death, but who

drama are, Alfred, ever discovered any of their haunts T

the unfortunate, but should be highly rewarded; to which
afterwards great king Corin answers,
of England ; acted

Now just heaven forbid,
by Mr. Garrick. An Englishman Mould ever count for gain
The earl of Devon ; by Mr. Lee. B What villany must earn, &c.
Edwin, another brave English

A second meperdess laments in a nobleman ; by Mr. Burton.

song the death of her lover in battle, A hermit, whose cell was near the

and then Devon and Edwin come to isle of Athelney ; by Mr. Berry.

Alfred, when together they form a Corin, the cottager in the ille of scheme for attacking the Danes in Athelney, at whose cottage Alfred

their camp at three next morning, had concealed himself, during his C whilst those in Kinwith castle, which distress ; by Mr. Blakes.

the Danes were belieging, should feThe Danish king ; by Mr. Sow

cond their attack by a fally from the don.

castle. In this dialogue Alfred ex. First and second Dane; by Mr. prefies the following noble sentiment: Palmer and Mr. Mozeen.

That prince who Sets his country laid in Eliruda, Alfred's queen ; by Miss

ruins, Bellamy.


His subjects perithing beneath the sword

Of foreign war; who fees and cannot lave
Emma, Corin's wife; by Mrs. them,

Is but supreme in misery! &c.
Sheperdess; by Miss Minors. And being left alone, while in a foli-

The scene represented a plain, liloquy, he starts at hearing musick surrounded with woods.

On one

at a distance, after which two aerial side the isle and cottage of Athelney ; fpirits encourage him by singing two on the other, Rocks and herds in E comforting stanzas ; and then the distant prospect ; with a hermit's hermit comes to him, and advises cave. in full view, over-hung with him to fortitude, and to attach him. trees, wild and grotesque.

self firmly to the virtuous deeds and AI. opens with a shepherdess offices of life, but to life itself loote. Singing a hiymn for the return of ly; whereupon Alfred answers, March, 1751.


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