Metaphysical Hazlitt: Bicentenary Essays

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Uttara Natarajan, Tom Paulin, Duncan Wu
Routledge, 13. 3. 2006 - 208 strán (strany)
The rediscovery and restitution of William Hazlitt as a canonical Romantic author has been among the latest and most significant developments in present-day Romantic studies. This volume, a collection of previously unpublished essays by the foremost scholars in the field presents Hazlitt as a philosophical, and not simply a 'familiar' essayist. It offers a comprehensive statement of the significance and transmission of Hazlitt's philosophical principles, in his own work and in that of his contemporaries and succeeding writers. This book is an essential contribution to a vital new aspect of Romantic studies and shows Hazlitt to be, as his memorial claims, 'The first (unanswered) Metaphysician of the age'.

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Part I Foundations
Part II Influences
Part III Parallels
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Uttara Natarajan is Lecturer in English at the Department of English and Comparative Literature, Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, and the author of Hazlitt and the Reach of Sense: Criticism, Morals, and the Metaphysics of Power (1998). Tom Paulin is G.M. Young Lecturer in English at Hertford College, Oxford and the author of The Day-Star of Liberty: William Hazlitt’s Radical Style (1998). Duncan Wu is Professor of English Language and Literature at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford and the editor of Selected Writings of William Hazlitt (9 vols, 1998).

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