Gallus: Or, Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus. With Notes and Excursuses Illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Romans

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Longmanns, Green, and Company, 1873 - 535 strán (strany)

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Strana 477 - Haec ego procurare et idoneus imperor et non Invitus, ne turpe toral, ne sordida mappa Corruget nares, ne non et cantharus et lanx Ostendat tibi te, ne fidos inter amicos Sit qui dicta foras eliminet, ut coëat par 25 Jungaturque pari.
Strana 19 - ... Corinthian saloon stood vessels of precious Corinthian bronze, whose worn handles and peculiar smell sufficiently announced their antiquity ; together with two large golden drinking cups, on one of which were engraved scenes from the Iliad, on the other from the Odyssey. Besides these there were smaller beakers and bowls composed of precious stones, either made of one piece only and adorned with reliefs, or of several cameos united by settings of gold. Genuine Murrhina vases also, — even at...
Strana 216 - Tu mediastinus tacita prece rura petebas, Nunc urbem et ludos et balnea villicus optas ; 15 Me constare mihi seis, et discedere tristem, Quandocunque trahunt invisa negotia Romam.
Strana 374 - The vast collection of bottles, glasses, and other utensils discovered at Pompeii, is sufficient to show that the ancients were well acquainted with the art of glass-blowing in all its branches ; but it is not the less true that they sometimes used, much as we do, horn for lanterns, which Plautus terms Vulcan in a prison of horn...
Strana 208 - ... se cuique dulcedo. nulla praeterea lex quae puniat inscitiam capitalem, nullum exemplum vindictae. discunt periculis nostris et experimenta per mortes agunt, medicoque tantum hominem occidisse inpunitas summa est. quin immo transit convicium et intemperantia culpatur ultroque qui periere arguuntur.
Strana 29 - Immediately adjoining this apartment was the library, full of the most precious treasures acquired by Gallus, chiefly in Alexandria. There, in presses of cedar-wood, placed round the walls, lay the rolls, partly of parchment, and partly of the finest Egyptian papyrus, each supplied with a label, on which was seen, in bright red letters, the name of the author and title of the book. Above these again were ranged the busts, in bronze or marble, of the...
Strana 399 - Hooc quae difficili turget paganica pluma, Folle minus laxa est, et minus arta pila. As the paganica is opposed in both places to the follis and the pila, and no fourth kind is mentioned in addition to them, we must suppose that one or other of these three balls was used in all varieties of the game. The words paganica, folle minus laxa, minus arta pila, are incorrectly explained by Eader and Mercurialis, as applying to the contents of the ball.
Strana 114 - Friends,' said Lentulus, smiling, • they are pea-hen's eggs, which have been put under the hen ; my only fear is that she may have sat too long upon them, but let us try them.
Strana 335 - Si qua videbuntur chartis tibi, lector, in istis sive obscura nimis sive Latina parum, non meus est error : nocuit librarius illis dum properat versus adnumerare tibi. quod si non ilium sed me peccasse putabis, 5 tune ego te credam cordis habere nihil.
Strana 217 - O demens, ita servus homo est ? nil fecerit, esto : Hoc volo, sic jubeo, sit pro ratione voluntas.

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