Christian Faith in Contemporary Society: The Framework for Belief

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iUniverse, 2005 - 500 strán (strany)
Christian Faith in Contemporary Society is a comprehensive primer on biblical literacy written especially for:
  • Baby Boomers and others who by reason of illness or aging are contemplating their mortality and wish to explore Christian claims of eternal life,
  • Non-believing singles contemplating dating a devout Christian, who wish to know what they may be in for should they fall in love,
  • Mature Christians whose intelligent, highly-educated children or grandchildren are rejecting the faith,
  • Christians who wish to increase their knowledge of the faith for personal spiritual growth and greater effectiveness in presenting the faith to others, and
  • The curious uninitiated who would like in-depth knowledge of what the Christian faith is all about.

The author, a Harvard lawyer, has applied his professional skills to conduct a forensic analysis of the most formidable premise of the Christian faith-the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and his ascension into heaven while still alive-and reports on the results of that analysis. Because Christianity has played a key role in the development of Western civilization, a knowledge of Christianity is necessary for a proper understanding of our society. This book can help the reader gain that knowledge.

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