Public Characters of All Nations: Consisting of Biographical Accounts of Nearly Three Thousand Eminent Contemporaries, Alphabetically Arranged, Zväzok 2

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Sir Richard Phillips & Company, 1823

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Strana 362 - Scottish dialect quite confounded me; so that, before I got to the end of a line, I had commonly lost the rhyme of the preceding one ; and if I came to a triplet, a thing of which I had no conception, I commonly read to the foot of the page without perceiving that I had lost the rhyme altogether. I thought the author had been straitened for rhymes, and had just made a part of it do as well as he could without them.
Strana 849 - A vindication of Homer, and of the ancient poets and historians, who have recorded the siege and fall of Troy, in answer to two late publications of Mr.
Strana 311 - ... memorable occasion, he was appointed Brigadier-General in the regular army, and received the special thanks of the President for his gallantry. The wound he had received compelling him to leave his command for a short time, G-eneral Hooker disappeared from participation in military affairs till assigned the command of one of the divisions of the army of the Potomac by General Burnside, who had recently been appointed its commander-in-chief. General Hooker was placed in command of the centre,...
Strana 364 - I put pen to paper; and then I write it down as fast as the A, B, C. When once it is written, it remains in that state; it being, as you very well know, with the utmost difficulty that I can be brought to alter one syllable, which I think is partly owing to the above practice.
Strana 406 - THE LIVES OF THE SCOTTISH POETS, with Preliminary Dissertations on the Literary History of Scotland, and the early Scottish Drama, by David Irving, AM Two volumes.
Strana 362 - The little reading that I had learned, I had nearly lost, and the Scottish dialect quite confounded me ; so that, before I got to the end of a line, I had commonly lost the rhyme of the preceding one ; and, if I came to a triplet, a thing of...
Strana 788 - In 1811, the regency gave him the rank of colonel; in 1812, that of brigadier-general, and soon after, that of general. His force, in 1813, consisted of 11,000 infantry and 2500 cavalry, and with this he cooperated in the blockade of Pampeluna, and recovered Saragossa, Monzon, Tafalla, Jaca, and various other places.
Strana 364 - My manner of composing poetry is very different, and, I believe, much more singular. Let the piece be of what length it will, I compose and correct it wholly in my mind, or on a slate, ere ever I put pen to paper; and then I write it down as fast as the A, B, C.
Strana 379 - He accompanied the British troops into Holland in August, 1799, as deputy adjutant-general, but was so severely wounded at the landing at the Helder, on the 27th of that month, that he was compelled to come home. On...
Strana 750 - Eton, and at Trinity college, Cambridge, where he took the degree of BA in 1774, and, in 1775 and 1776, gained some academical prizes.

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