Joseph Andrews. History of the life of the late Mr. Jonathan Wild the great

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Derby & Jackson, 1857

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Strana 138 - I would have thee know, friend" (addressing himself to Adams), "I shall not learn my duty from such as thee. I know what charity is, better than to give to vagabonds.
Strana 29 - A young man, who belonged to the law, answered "He wished they had passed by without taking any notice ; but that now they might be proved tp have been last in his company ; if he should die, they might be called to some account for his murder. He therefore thought it advisable to save the poor creature's life for their own sakes, if possible; at least, if he died, to prevent the jury's finding that they fled for it. He was therefore of opinion, to take the man into the coach, and carry him to the...
Strana 25 - IT is an observation sometimes made, that to indicate our idea of a simple fellow, we say, 'He is easily to be seen through:' Nor do I believe it a more improper denotation of a simple book. Instead of applying this to any particular performance, we chuse rather to remark the contrary in this history, where the scene opens itself by small degrees ; and he is a sagacious reader who can see two chapters before him.
Strana 124 - Her hair was of a chestnut brown, and nature had been extremely lavish to her of it, which she had cut, and on Sundays used to curl down her neck, in the modern fashion. Her forehead was high, her eyebrows arched, and rather full than otherwise. Her eyes black and sparkling; her nose just inclining to the Roman; her lips red and moist, and her underlip, according to the opinion of the ladies, too pouting.
Strana 238 - my definition of charity ' is, a generous disposition to relieve the distressed.' — ' There is something in that definition,' answered Peter, ' which I like well enough ; it is, as you say, a disposition, ' and does not so much consist in the act as in the disposition ' to do it ; but, alas ! Mr. Adams, who are meant by the ' distressed ? Believe me, the distresses of mankind are * mostly imaginary, and it would be rather folly than
Strana 238 - How can any man complain of hunger," said Peter, "in a country where such excellent salads are to be gathered in almost every field? Or of thirst, where every river and stream produce such delicious potations? And as for cold and nakedness, they are evils introduced by luxury and custom. A man naturally wants clothes no more than a horse or any other animal; and there are whole nations who go without them; but these are things perhaps which you, who do not know the world " "You will pardon me, sir,"...
Strana 157 - Are not the characters then taken from life ?" To which I answer in the affirmative ; nay, I believe I might aver, that I have writ little more than I have seen. The lawyer is not only alive, but hath been so these 4000 years ; and I hope God will indulge his life as many yet to come.
Strana 29 - A lady, who heard what the postilion said, and likewise heard the groan, called eagerly to the coachman to stop and see what was the matter. Upon which he bid the postilion alight, and look into the ditch. He did so, and returned, ' That there was a man sitting upright, as naked as ever ' he was born.' — ' OJ — sus ! ' cried the lady ; ' A naked ' man ! Dear coachman, drive on and leave him.
Strana 16 - ... hung so easily, that he had all the symptoms of strength without the least clumsiness. His hair was of a nut-brown colour, and was displayed in wanton ringlets down his back. His forehead was high, his eyes dark, and as full of sweetness as of fire. His nose a little inclined to the Roman. His teeth white and even. His lips full, red, and soft.
Strana 124 - Fanny was now in the nineteenth year of her age ; she was tall and delicately shaped ; but not one of those slender young women, who seem rather intended to hang up in the hall of an anatomist than for any other purpose.

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