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As Barnum did it:

a white elephant from trunk to tail

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The White Elephant of Siam ONE of the biggest fakes


The real sacred white elephant ;

from a sketch made on the spot ever concocted laughable a story as ever has been told! P. T. Barnum perpetrated it, and an unsuspecting public, loving to be fooled, fell for it. You know the white elephant of the East - sacred keeper of the spirits of royalty

of royalty — himself a dweller in regal palaces - with retinues of priests and servants ! There was Barnum's offer $250,000 for the loan of the elephant for a year -- priests, attendants

, etc.! What happened, how a ruse was invented, its success, are told in the remembrances of Charles Mayer's circus days, in


Courtesy of George H. Doran Co.


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by the way, has been recently somewhat exercised over the fact that James M. Barrie devotes himself to plays at the expense of novels. Perhaps this antipathy toward the play is a literary heritage from Charles Lamb, whose one play—a farce—was so bad that Lamb himself helped boo it off the stage. RICHARD BARRY tells what kind of

newspaper men our two leading Presidential candidates are. He covered the Russo-Japanese War for“Collier's,' "Century,"and" Westminster Gazette." He is a novelist and playwright, but, above all, a newspaper man. GEORGE KENNAN is America's lead

ing authority on Russia. His book Siberia and the Exile System quainted the world with conditions in Russia and stimulated the democratic movement in Russia itself. He was expelled from Russia by the Czar for his exposures. He covered the SpanishAmerican hostilities as well Russo-Japanese War for The Outlook. He unearthed the Delaware frauds for The Outlook and did as much as any one else to drive the late J. Edward Addicks out of public life. WARWICK JAMES PRICE cultivated

his love of letters at Yale, and later became editor of the Philadelphia "Press." He has written extensively on history, literature, and international politics. W AYNE C. WILLIAMS, author of "The

Law of the Air,” is a Denver lawyer. The lofty altitude in which he

may have inspired his article.

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as the


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OPEN TO NEW READERS ONLY Fill out the coupon and take a trip to Asia


New York City

Among other good features of the October Issue :
The Story of Willard Straight

The tale of a young American of vision and action
in the fascinating life of the East, laying the founda-
tion for today's great International Consortium for
loans to China which may solve the Far Eastern

Louis Graves.
The Way of the Farmer in Japan

And how Japan's victorious army and navy, and
the smoking chimneys of Osaka, rest on the bent
back of the farmer and his wife, standing up to their
knees in their paddy fields, raising no less than 4,000
different kinds of rice.

Robertson Scott.
On the Trail of the Lord Tiger
Hunting the big animal in Indo-China.

H. C. Flower, Jr. Hero Hunting in Persia

Meeting the Khans of Central Iran. Harold Weston.


627 Lexington Avenue, New York City Send the next five issues of ASIA the American Magazine on the Orient, beginning with October, 1920. I enclose $1.00.



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Canadian $1.20; foreign $1.40

Published weakly by The Outlook Company at 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Subscription price $5.00 a year.

We want you to

taste this wonderful | The Outlook


CONNECTICUT The Curtis School for Young Boys Has grown forty-five years and is still under the actire direction of its founder. Entering age nine to thirteen. $1,000.

GERALD B. CURTIS, Assistant Principal




Copyright, 1920, by The Outlook Company


Vol. 126 September 22, 1920 No. 4

A Country School for Girls

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All you need to do is to send us your name and address.

For just this little extra effort on your part you secure the finest mackerel that the sea produces. Packed the minute they are brought into Gloucester by the fishing boats and sent to you in sturdy little pails in which they keep perfectly until used.

Remember, these are selected mackerel—the kind the Gloucester fishermen pick out to take to their own homes. We are old fishermen ourselves, have been for more than half a century, and we know fish. We offer only the choicest. Fat, tender, mouth-watering mackerel that will give you an entirely new idea of how good a mackerel breakfast or dinner can be.

Then there is our salt codfish. White, steaklike pieces without bones all ready to make the most delicious fish cakes or creamed codfish. In fact, we pack nearly every variety of sea food. Clams, lobster, shrimp, sardines, tuna, salmon - all fresh from the sea, carefully selected and perfectly packed.

Everything sent you on approval. You do not pay for them unless you are entirely satisfied.

Now write your name on the coupon below and slip it into an envelope. Our fish price-list will be sent you immediately and you can then send us

FANNY E. DAVIES, LL.A., Principal,

Washington, Conn.

Boston representative, MABEL E. BOWMAN, A.B., Vice-Principal, Cohagset, Mass.


53rd year. Young men and young women find here a home-like atmosphere, thorough and efficient training in every department of a broad culture, a loyal and helpful school spirit. Liberal endowment permits liberal tering, $350-450 per year. Special Course in Domestic Science. For catalogue and information address

ARTHUR W. PEIRCE, Litt. D., Principal. MASSACHUSETTS, Franklin.

WALNUT HILL SCHOOL 23 Highland St., Natick, Mass. A College Pre paratory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston. Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals.

A course of forty lessons in the history, form,
structure, and writing of the Short-Story taught by
Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for years Editor of Lipplaeott's

150-page catalogue free. Please address


Springfiek, Inc. NEW JERSEY KENT PLACE Summit, Nr.

N. Y. A Country School for Girls. College Preparatory and Aca. deinic Courses. Mrs. SARAH WOODMAN PAUL Miss ANNA S. WOODMAN


your order.

Crown Packing Company

Gloucester, Mass.

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OOSEVELT Military Academy


Company Gloucester, Mass.

“As Goes Maine So Goes the Country" 129 The Primary Results in Wisconsin,

Georgia, New Hampshire.... 129 The Republican Policy Toward the Farm ....

130 Mr. Harding to Business Men. 130 A Submarine Romance..

130 Cartoons of the Week.

131 A National Amateur Golf Championship.....

132 The Terror of the Earthquake. 132 Italy's Industrial Crisis....

133 A Bargain with the Wind..

133 Campaigning by Slander.

133 Spiritual Thoroughbreds..

134 I Came Not to Judge the World” 135

By Lyman Abbott
The Si ion in Southeastern Russia 136

By George Kennan
Current Events Illustrated..

138 Harding and Cox as Newspaper Men :

A First-Hand Study of the Professional Careers of the Presidential Nominees....

140 By Richard Barry The Law of the Air...

144 By Wayne C. Williams From an American Note-Book...... 146

By E. V. Lucas Pictures from Outlook Readers... 152 The Book Table : The“Just Issued'' of Fifty Years Ago 153

By Warwick James Price This Week's Outlook : A Weekly Outline Study of Current History..... 156

By J. Madison Gathany The Church as a Judge...

157 Concerning the Officer...

158 By Carson C. Hathaway And They Wonder Why Editors See Red..

160 The Shop Hand and the Farm Hand 161 Is This Typical ?.... Financial Department

164 Are We to be Intelligent Voters This Fall?..

167 By the Way...



ACADEMY provides your boy with an education and all-around training which will prepare him for firture

leadership. The aim of this Academy is always to develop manly youth according to the Roosevelt standards of patriotic Americanism. “Quentin Hall”fine new modern dormitory, gymnasium, swimming pool, shower baths, recreation room, study hall, etc. Strong Faculty. Academic Term commences September 22d. Enrollments now being received. Write to Headmaster for descriptive booklet. ROOSEVELT MILITARY ACADEMY

West Englewood, New Jersey

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The Pratt Teachers Agency

770 Fifth Avenue, New York Recoinmends teachers to colleges, public and private schools. Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES

Educational Advantages of French Switzerland For information concerning boarding schools for boys and girls in vicinity of Lausanne, inquire of American-AngloSwiss Educational AgencyBest references and patronage. MAJEL K. BROOKS, 1928 University Ave., New York City.



Broadway at 120th Street

New York City The charter requires that "Equal privileges of admission and instruction, with all the advantages of the Institution, shall be allowed to students of every denomination of Christians."

Eighty-fifth year begins September 22nd, 1920. For catalogue, address THE DEAN OF STUDENTS.

PENNSYLVANIA CHOOL of Horticulture ( S prateat, Aufbler, Fetnina. Iractical work in greenhouses

, vegetable and flower gardens, orchards, poultry plant, apiary, jam kitchen. Lectures by competent instructors. Regular Two Year Diploma Course, fitting women for self-support or oversight of own property, begins Jatiuary 17, 1921. Catalogue. Elizabeth Leighton Lee, Director.



... 163

offers a three-year course of training to young women preparing for the profession of nursing. An afiliation exists with

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY whereby students completing two terms of a prescribed course in the Department of Nursing and Health may obtaiu the diploma of the Hospital Training School in two

years. During the Senior year those who qualify and so desire may specialize in Executive Nursing and Hospital Social Service. Uniforms, textbooks, board, lodging and laundry furnished to students. For detailed information apply to the Directress of Nurses, St. Luke's Hospital, New York City.



Girls Beautifuly situated on Long Island Sound at Southfield Point, Stamford, Connecticut. High academic standards. 'Intermediate, General and College Preparatory courses. Music. Gymnastics, Athletics and Sports. Horseback riding, skating, etc. 52 minutes from Grand Central Station, New York. Number of resident students limited


BERNICE TOWNSEND PORTER, Assistant Principal JESSIE CALLAM GRAY, 121 N. Linden Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa.

St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

BY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. Single copies

15 cents. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $6.56.

Address all communications to


New York City

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 3 years' course-43 general training. to refined, educated women. Requirements one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York,

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a case

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I adde en pola septembere three



nearly a fifth of the population of progressive wing of the Republican GOES THE COUNTRY"

Maine. But woman suffrage was re- party in the State ; but there are indiNHE Maine election took place on sponsible for most of the increase in cations in the opposite direction. The September 13 for the purpose of Republican strength.

man chosen as the Republican nominee choosing a Governor and State The old adage, “ As Maine goes for Governor, John J. Blaine, was Auditor, a State Legislature and county goes the country,” is hardly true unless, once a Stalwart, once a Progressive, officers, as well as four Representatives in the September State election a plu- once a Wilsonite, and has now been the at Washington. Of the present Repre- rality of some 15,000 is obtained. This candidate of Senator La Follette and sentatives, all Republicans, three were year's record of over four times that of the Non-Partisan League. It seems candidates for re-election. The can- figure encourages Republican managers to be, as a correspondent of The didates for Governor were Colonel to assert that the National election bas Outlook in Wisconsin states it," Frederic H. Parkhurst, Republican, already been practically decided. of fifty-fifty-and the two fifties do not former chairman of the Republican

mix well.” Apparently, as this correState Committee, and Bertrand McIn

spondent states, “Non-partisanship tyre, Democrat, defeated by Governor THE PRIMARY RESULTS

has “ grafted itself into the Republican Milliken two years ago. IN WISCONSIN

party in Wisconsin, and Republican The chief issue of the election, for the n the popular primaries on the 7th politicians, after making a mighty fuss, first time in sixty years, was not liquor;

will probably end by accepting the new the Eighteenth Amendment has now set- dates were conspicuous, all nominated branch as an integral part of the party tled that. Nor was it wholly the League for the United States Senatorship- system-at least for this campaign.”

-' of Nations, although that was a strong Irvine L. Lenroot in Wisconsin, George The defeat in Wisconsin of Mr. Esch, factor. The issue was Wilsonism in

gen- H. Moses in New Hampshire, and Representative from a Milwaukee diseral—whether voters do or do not want Thomas E. Watson in Georgia.

trict, joint sponsor with Senator Cumto continue the kind of Administration Wisconsin has been for a number of mins for the Railway Reorganization we have had during nearly eight years. years a center of political experiment, Act, would seem to indicate a protest

a The result shows that Maine folks are and has furnished more than its share of

against that Act. The fact, however, more “ het up” about it than about distinguished and interesting men and that Mr. Lenroot voted for the Act and any issue ever before them; for the measures. Among those who rose to has made political capital out of the Republicans defeated the Democrats influence during the early period of fact indicates that the protest does not by over 65,000—nearly 20,000 more La Follette's influence was Irvine L. come from the State at large. than the previous Republican record. Lenroot. He was elected to Congress The Republican nomination will this It was a stunningly “solemn referen- as a Representative. He has, however, year at least probably prove equivalent dum."

never been a mere echo of Mr. La to election. While Republicans were confident of Follette. Six years ago he became Mr. victory, they could not anticipate such La Follette's associate in the Senate. THE PRIMARY RESULTS an avalanche because of uncertainty as His independence has earned Senator IN GEORGIA to two elements—the women's vote and La Follette's animosity. His nomina- HILE Mr. Lenroot's war record the French vote. During recent years tion, therefore, is an indication of a

in the Senate was marred by his French Canada has been the source of defeat for the radical elements in the vote for the McLemore resolution




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