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against the arming of merchant vessels, of the Democratic opponents of an un- big business of America means he deserves his renomination and will modified Covenant, Mr. Watson is very little businesses of America.” deserve re-election. As much could not much more opposed than Senator Smith Senator Harding would “replace the have been said for his fellow-Senator, to the whole plan of the League. Sena- distended executive powers . . . which Hoke Smith, of Georgia. Just before tor Smith's defeat, therefore, instead of nearly eight years of misnamed Democthe outbreak of the war, Senator Smith being a vote in favor of the League on racy have brought us," and would do it took an attitude which placed cotton the part of Georgia, is a most emphatic as follows: above the lives of American citizens vote against it.

By ceasing Governmental meddling on the high seas. A speech of his at Practically the whole significance, as with business and, on the other hand, that time evoked from Senator Lodge we have indicated, of Senator Moses's by establishing a closer understanding

between Government and business. a reply which ought to be preserved, renomination consists in its being a not only as a model of parliamentary vote on the part of New Hampshire

By employing only trained men in

executive places. address, but as a classic in American Republicans against the League.

By giving decent pay and promoliterature.

These three primary elections bring

tion to Federal employees. Thomas E. Watson, who replaces to the uncompromising advocates of

By abolishing overlapping depart

ments and jobs. Senator Smith (for in Georgia the the League of Nations little comfort.

By extending the merit system. Democratic nomination is equivalent

By eliminating wasteful expendito election) is one of those demagogic

tures through a National budget. leaders that have been a burden to THE REPUBLICAN POLICY

By readjusting internal taxation. public life in the South for many TOWARD THE FARM

By rearranging the tariff.

By restoring adequate railway transyears, who thrive on appeal to race and n September 8 Senator Harding

portation. class passion. His book on the French delivered an address at the Minne

By upbuilding the American merRevolution is a brilliant piece of work, sota State Fair, in which he discussed chant marine. and is evidence of the vigor and acute- the problems of American agriculture. By reconstructing the postal service. ness of his mind; but his success does not Unlike some theorists, he clearly rec- All of which is admirable in theory. promise much for progress in his State. ognized the fact that our farmers are

The vital question is, how much of it Besides Hoke Smith, Thomas Watson not looking for favors, but that they

will be translated into achievement? had for an opponent in the Senatorial merely wish to have their calling recogprimary Governor Dorsey, who rose nized as a basic industry entitled to

A SUBMARINE ROMANCE to the Governorship as a result of his profits equivalent to those which are the sensational prosecution of the Frank

of enterprises.

HEN true the case, which was a hideous example of Senator

and the lynching spirit. The people of tion of the fact that, once the farmers submarine S-5 came to be told, it was Georgia have not had much of a choice are enabled to secure reasonable profits even more singular than the first verin this Senatorial contest.

upon their capital and labor, they will sion, which seems to have been in part Watson's victory is attributed to his

themselves take care to provide for the conjecture of an imaginative reporoutspoken and implacable opposition to

themselves and their families all of torial brain. There was no buoy with the League of Nations.

those social and physical advantages wireless apparatus let loose by the subwhich have drawn our rural population marine as she sank to announce the to the urban centers.

news of the disaster. Nor was there


To this end Senator Harding urged hole cut in her hull by oxy-acetylene NEW HAMPSHIRE

that farmers be given a greater repre- flame-on the contrary, to have used n the Republican primaries in New sentation in government. He urged flame at all would have ignited col

that agricultural associations for the lected gas and blown the craft to pieces. Huntley N. Spaulding and the present co-operative buying and selling of farm What really happened was that Senator, Mr. Moses. Because of his products and supplies should be encour- the boat attempted a "crash dive” in

" opposition to the League of Nations the aged. He urged the discontinuance of too shallow water (she is 230 feet long), effort to defeat Mr. Moses took on a

price-fixing for farm products, and tariff stuck her bows into the mud, and respecial significance. In spite of the fact protection where needed. He appealed mained in a slanting position, with her that his opponent had the advantage of for a more liberal administration of the stern projecting some forty or being in special favor with the women Farm Loan Act in order that farm feet. Her resourceful sailors made their of the State because of his record as tenancy might be reduced. All of these way up to the top of the projecting Food Administrator, and that Senator recommendations are measures which it stern, bored a small hole with a ratchet Moses had been an opponent of woman would be in the power of a Republican drill, and ran out a wire as a flag-pole suffrage, Mr. Moses's victory was over

Administration to initiate or put in with a sailor's shirt as a flag. This whelming. It seems evident, therefore, force. They are specific enough to de- queer ensign and the strange thing that in opposing the League of Nations serve close study, and to influence the beneath it were seen by the Alanthus, Mr. Moses has had the support of his country vote upon election day.

a wooden ship operated by the United constituents.

States Shipping Board. The submarine Mr. Lenroot was one of the leaders

at a distance of ten miles looked like in opposition to the unmodified Cove- MR. HARDING TO

a whale with a flag on it. The Alannant of the League of Nations. Though BUSINESS MEN

thus drew near and began rescue prepanot as extreme as Senator Borah or n his latest address, that of Septem- rations. Happily, the steamship George Senator Johnson, he was one of those ber 11, at Marion, Ohio, to a depu- Goethals

came within

range of the most insistent upon reservations which tation of business men, Mr. Harding flag signals of the Alanthus, which had President Wilson would not accept. explained that “ American business is no wireless, and it was the Goethals

Though Senator Hoke Smith was one everybody's business;" that the really which sent out the wireless news of the







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crowded hospitals and churches with many more hundreds of crippled and suffering people, and led some halfmillion of people to abandon their homes, at least temporarily. The terror of the great earthquakes of Messina in 1909 and Avezzano in 1915 were recalled and renewed. In loss of life and in the ruin of a great city the Messina disaster was incomparably Italy's greatest earthquake disaster; at least 50,000 human beings perished at that time. With all such disasters, even when they are so comparatively unimportant in their destructive results as the recent series of earth shakings in California, there is an element of terror and panic which only the stout-hearted can bear with equanimity.

Tuscany was the scene of the most serious damage in the recent Italian experience, but shocks were felt almost

as far south as Naples. Fivizzano, a disaster-1

little city on the slope of the Apennines, news which was picked up by holes at match play must be almost a amateur wireless operators, and through record.

some seventy miles northwest of Florthem reached the public.

Evans, in the progress of the tourna

ence and perhaps a third of that disTo Chief Engineer Grace, of the ment, overcame the national champions

tance from Spezia, was the worststricken Goethals, must be accorded the praise of Great Britain, France, and Canada

of a dozen or more towns and villages

in that vicinity. Reports state that over for the rescue of the forty men and and four former American title holders. officers of the S-5. He saw the danger In the final round Evans regained the

four hundred people were killed there. of employing flame, and patiently title, which he first won in 1916, by de

The stories of suffering and rescue are and laboriously drilled with his own feating Ouimet seven up and six to heartrending yet inspiring in their ac

counts of the devotion of sailors from hands a circle of fifty or more small play. The crowd at the match numholes with a hand ratchet, working bered some twelve thousand. Some of

a war-ship, doctors, nurses, and count

less volunteers. The shock, as is often steadily all night. This done, he cut the the spectators may be observed in the spaces with a cold chisel and, as one picture which accompanies this account.

the case, followed the general line of

the mountain correspondent says, pried out the metal

A volcanic crater

range. with a crowbar, much as one would get

opened at the top of a mountain nine THE TERROR OF off the top of a tin can. Through this

miles from Spezia. Even the Swiss THE EARTHQUAKE

Alps felt the shocks. hole

VERY earthquake

Modern geology leans to the belief

that most disastrous earthquakes are their perilous confinement. Commander Cooke, of the S-5, reported that his men

Italian statesman. The shocks of Sep. caused by shifts of strata along fissures acted with coolness and heroism ; the

tember 7 and later days destroyed hun- or faults. Volcanic agencies may, how

dreds of lives—estimates vary widelycrew sent a round robin to the Presi

ever, play a part in such disturbances, dent in warm praise of their commander, and all joined in recognition of the skill and intelligent action of their rescuers.

Altogether the incident makes one feel proud of American courage, endurance, and resourcefulness.


but alive. They had been two days in "Erally like a Tost battle," said an

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and shifts of strata may take place far ment to release MacSwiney on the basis money for the purpose of putting the beneath the earth's surface.

of a blind bargain with the forces of Government and its resources at the

anarchy. Such a pact would be a bar- disposal of men who wish to use it for ITALY'S INDUSTRIAL CRISIS gain with the wind.

their own financial benefit, even to the ot only has Italy suffered severely

extent of unrestrained profiteering, and from earthquakes but she has been

for the suppression of the rights of their passing through a most serious indus- CAMPAIGNING BY

fellow-men even at the point of the

bayonet. This is not merely a newstrial crisis. Her metal workers made

SLANDER demands for shorter hours, more pay,

paper reporter's interpretation of the and representation upon controlling

speech ; it is a quotation from a steno

HEN comparatively obscure boards of the companies which em

men try to get into public graphic report. Mr. Cox has not been

men try to get into public misquoted. These are his own words. ployed them. These demands their

office by besmirching their

That he did not use them inadvertently employers refused to meet. A shortage political opponents, the American voter

is shown by the fact that he repeated of raw materials and of coal, combined

is too likely to shrug his shoulders and with the threatening attitude of the call it "politics.” Charges of corrup

the gravest part of his charge. In the workers, led to the declaration of a

course of that speech he was interrupted tion have not been taken seriously by one of his audience, who said that " lockout.” Thereupon in Milan and enough by the American electorate

Mr. Cox had not named an individother industrial centers the workers because they are so often lightly made. took possession of the factories, which

ual or corporation who had given a The cry of Wolf, wolf !” has sounded

“ they have in some instances fortified

penny. Mr. Cox replied that the Chairso often that the voters have come to with machine guns.

man of the Senatorial Campaign Combelieve that the wolves are not only mittee, who is a Republican, could The best information which we can


but are not even predatory. secure goes to show that at present

call in the persons who could produce

It is perhaps for this reason that the disturbance is industrial rather than

the names of the contributors. And the charges repeatedly made by Gov

of these contributors he went on to political, and that the workers are not

ernor Cox have not been regarded bent

say: upon the establishment of a genu- seriously. If they had been made by ine soviet government, although it is an obscure candidate or by a political

They are making their contributions entirely possible that in the presence of subordinate they perhaps might not have

in order to procure the use of the so much inflammable tinder the indus

bayonet if industrial controversies deserved attention ; but they have been arise. That is a grave charge. I know trial revolt may be changed to a politi- made by a man who aspires to the whereof I speak. cal upheaval: Italian Socialists are greatest office in the land, and made

What is the evidence that Mr. Cox against repressive measures in the pres

emphatically and definitely. If these ent disorder. Premier Giolitti depends charges are true, they form the most

has presented in support of this accusaupon the Socialist support. It is there- important issue of the campaign. In

tion? He purported to offer that in the fore probable that the present Govern- fact, it is hardly too much to say that

same speech from which the above quo

tations are taken. That evidence conment will not resort to arms to oust they raise the most important political sists entirely of documents purporting the workers except as a last measure. issue that it is possible for a free people

to describe the methods for raising Extreme measures of repression would to face. No nation can be free which doubtless result in the overturning of

money for the Republican campaign maintains a corrupt government and the present Ministry, though they might which consists of a corrupted people.

fund. It has wholly to do with the not result in the overthrow of the

amount alleged to be raised and the

Mr. Cox has charged that the Repub- apportionment of that amount among Italian Government. lican party is planning to buy the Presi

various communities. These documents dency. In order to ascertain what Mr.

have been submitted to the Senatorial A BARGAIN WITH THE WIND Cox's charges are the country has been

Investigating Committee and have been HE Mayor of Cork and his fellowreferred to his Pittsburgh speech. In

examined. Witnesses have been calleil convicts who have been starving that speech he made this statement:

and sworn and their testimony taken. themselves as a protest against their I charge, therefore, again a planned As a result the evidence shown is this : imprisonment are reported as

assault on the American electorate. It

The Republican National Committee death.

can't be hidden. The hosts are mar-
shaled ;

engaged a man by contract to conduct the

aminunition is

money In last week's issue of The Outlook

prepared, but it will not succeed. The net

drive” for funds similar

or manage a we quoted a despatch from the Lon

is spread in sight of the quarry. What to that which he had conducted on bedon “Times” which stated that Lloyd is the game except to becloud the pub- half of many organizations, notably the George, the British Prime Minister,

lic mind on the subject of the League Young Men's Christian Association ; had said that, if guaranties were given

of Nations issue and world's peace?
The “normalcy,” so I think it is pro-

according to that plan the country was that the murder of policemen in Ireland

nounced, voiced by the opposition

districted and amounts were assigned would cease, MacSwiney and his fellow candidate, as visioned by his master, to be raised from various communities. hunger strikers would be released. We is bayonets at the factory door. Un

Among the documents submitted were are glad to report that apparently no

restrained profiteering at the gates of
the farm. The burden of government

some typewritten sheets which constisuch bargain has been concluded.

on shoulders other than their own,

tute suggestions made as to the amount It might be expedient for the author- and the Federal Reserve System an

of the sums apportioned or the quotas. ities to release MacSwiney. It is both annex to great business. When the These suggestions were, it was proved, legal and just for them to permit him American people fully grasp the sinis- never officially adopted. That, however, to suffer the consequences of his own

ter menace hanging over them, they
will shun it as a plague.

is a minor issue. Engaged in this underact. But by no stretch of imagination

taking to raise money for the Republic could it be considered either expedient, This is a definite statement that the can campaign were many men who had legal, or just for the British Govern- Republican party is undertaking to use been engaged in similar efforts to raise




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money for the Young Men's Christian paign funds was not only inefficient, Didn't you observe how many of the Association and similar organizations. but was injurious. Political commit- had gone off in æsthetic and Some of the slogans familiar in other tees got money from whatever sources spiritual charm ? How many had lost drives were used for stimulating the were most available, and got that the glamour of soul that they used to interest of the people engaged in this money secretly. Only a small part of hold for you, and could talk of little drive. A good many of these slogans a coinmunity ever contributed to the but the stock market, golf, the high seem to us, and would seem to a good party fund, and as they made these cost of living, what make of car they many, ineffective, common place, and in special contributions they naturally ex- used, and how enormous their income some cases commercial and materialistic. pected special favors. This was the old tax was last year, and, oh, the EightIn the whole amount of evidence, how- gum-shoe" method, and it was bad. eenth Amendment-most of all, the ever, there is nothing, not a phrase or To change that method for one which is Eighteenth Amendment !” a word, to support Mr. Cox's charges organized, public, and fair is to perform It was almost uncanny of the Youngthat the Republican organization is a very valuable public service. In trying Old Philosopher to say this, for we had trying to buy the Presidency or to buy to discredit this attempt to put the returned from a certain college reunion it for the purpose of being able to use raising of political funds upon a sound much disillusioned as to a number of bayonets for the suppression of the and fair basis the Democratic candidate old chums; and though we had not workingmen.

for the Presidency is doing all he can to framed our thoughts or become articuThe hearings at Chicago by the Sena- retain the old " gum-shoe" method. late with our wife concerning this sad torial Committee have been elaborate Political parties must have political circumstance, we could not but help and long continued. No person testify- funds. They must have them in order giving it

giving it definite consideration for ing before that Committee has supple- to give information concerning their

many days. mented Governor Cox's alleged evi- candidates to the voters. If that money “I think,” went on the Young-Old dence with any evidence of any kind is raised openly and honestly and is Philosopher,

Philosopher," that people are much

“ tending to support Governor Cox's spent for legitimate purposes, the like race-horses. There are thoroughaccusations. No officer of the Demo- amount of the fund is not a vital ques- breds; and there is an underdone breed, cratic organization has acknowledged tion. Any money that is needed for a sort of riffraff that make startling knowing of any such evidence.

legitimate purposes should be raised, spurts, cross the line nobly now and In the face of this fact Mr. Cox has the more general and public the method then, and finally, suddenly, drop in put himself in a position of making of raising it the better. The charge

of raising it the better. The charge their tracks, unable to run the race to serious charges for which he has not the that the Republican party is using the the end. There is an aristocracy of the slightest proof. He has done his best quota method is true, and good citizens body as well as of the mind; a spiritual to undermine the faith of American ought to rejoice that it is true.

something in the human frame itself voters in the honesty of American The other charge is that the Repub- that quite justifies that Biblical phrase, political organizations, and he places lican party is trying to buy the Presi- “Know ye not that ye are temples of the gravest of doubts upon the integrity dency for the purpose of using the Gov- the Holy Ghost ?' and which there is of the mass of voters themselves. To do ernment to the financial profit of special no gainsaying. If, .combined with that this without evidence is to make an interests and for the purpose of sup- thoroughbredness of the body, you find attack upon the Nation itself. If it is pressing the workingmen with the bay. in a man a delicacy and superlative exnot treason, it is because the legal defini- onet. That charge is without founda- cellence of soul and mind and heart, tion of treason does not comprise such

tion. Those who have made it ought to then you discover the type that lasts, an act. It partakes of the nature of be ashamed of themselves and ought to that. holds the fort in desperate days,' treason, for, in so far as it arouses

be called to account for their public to snatch a line of Stevenson, and that class animosities and undermines confi- offense.

magnificently refuses to surrender. That dence in self-government, it destroys

kind of man goes on to the end of his the loyalty of the citizens.

days, finely sensible of his civic duties, To recapitulate, Mr. Cox has made


his family duties, and his duties of one charge and in an attempt to prove


mental development. the truth of it he simply proves the

“ The trouble with most of us is that truth of another charge and not the AVE you ever noticed," said the we fall by the wayside, having gradone he has definitely made. There are

Young-Old Philosopher, “how uated from some university, feeling that, thus two charges before the country.

so many

of your old friends de- the first line crossed, the last line has One is that the Republican party has teriorate, mentally, as the years rush

likewise been crossed ; whereas the race undertaken to raise a camgaign fund,

has but just begun. Tolliver's business variously estimatel, by means of quotas We said we had ; but we contended absorbs him to the exclusion of his according to the method used in the also that many of them improved. former love of Hazlitt's Table Talk' Liberty Loan drives, in the drives for

“I grant you that-most certainly I or Burke's Sublime and the Beautithe Young Men's Christian Associa- grant you that,” he was quick to agree, ful;' and Tucker, who once loved tion, the Red Cross, the Knights of with that generosity of mind which is Wordsworth, hobnobs only with Wall Columbus, the War Camp Community so delightful a part of him. “But may Street. When he played golf after Service, and similar organizations. This I ask if you have recently attended a leaving college, he had the good sense charge is true. We are glad it is true. class reunion, or anything like that, to pause, every now and then, true to Mr. Hays of the Republican National where men foregather ?”

that sane and saving admiration of Committee has done a service in put- We said we had-only last June, Wordsworth that was in him, and say ting the raising of campaign funds after a hiatus of more years than we of the landscape, 'How wonderful it is!' on the same basis with that of the cared to acknowledge.

Now, alas ! he has interest only in the raising of Liberty Loans and welfare “Then," he continued, smiling, "you ball and the proper club; and the counfunds. The old method of raising cam- must know what I am about to get at. tryside is but a means to an end-a bit

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