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is safer with moderate men, such as to the families of the miners, in his unClynes, Thomas, Barnes, and Stewart selfishness, single-mindedness, and courBunning, I yet felt that in his devotion age, I had met no more Christlike man

in Great Britain than the miners' executive. It was painful to feel obliged to disagree with him on his policies.




Underwood & Underwood


Mr. Sherman Rogers,

vision, and constructive stability contin- United States to-day. I quote an exNew York City.

uously since he became President of the cerpt from a signed article written by My dear Mr. Rogers :

A. F. of L. thirty-five years ago. Samuel Gompers in “McClure's MagIn a recent speech delivered by

I do not agree with all the princi- azine” of April, 1919 : you in Boston you made the statement that organized labor had stood for

ples of the American Federation of “I do not know that I am entitled stability and construction during the

Labor, but I do sincerely contend, as to very great credit because I am not a last twenty-five years, and that you

Samuel Gompers so eloquently stated Bolshevik. With my understanding of believed Samuel Gompers, President

American institutions and American of the American Federation of Labor,

opportunities, I repeat that the man had demonstrated highly commendable

who would not be a patriot in defense loyalty before the war and during the

of the institutions of our country would war, and that you personally believed the country owed Mr. Gompers as

be undeserving the privilege of living much as any single man for the success

in this country. ... If I thought that ful prosecution of the war. I believe

Bolshevism was the right road to go, whole-heartedly in your advocacy of

that it meant freedom, justice, and the better relations between capital and

principles of humane society and living labor, relations that will be founded

conditions, I would join the Bolsheviki. on the absolute certainty that a vast

It is because I know that the whole majority of the laboring men of the

scheme leads to nowhere, that it is decountry are absolutely square. I be

structive in its efforts and in its every lieve, as you do, that we have entered a new era so far as recognizing justice

activity, that it compels reaction and in industrial affairs is concerned, and

brings about a situation worse than the I also believe, as you have so vigor

one it has undertaken to displace, that I onsly stated, that, in proportion, there

oppose and fight it.” are just as many I. W. W.'s among the

In “McClure's” of April, 1919, Mr. ranks of capital as there are in the

Gompers wrote: ranks of labor, and that the I. W. W.

“ America is not merely a name, a capitalists are just as great a menace

land, a country, a continent; America to the country, and probably more so,

SAMUEL GOMPERS, AMERICAN LABOR LEADER, than the I. W. W. laboring man.

is a symbol. It is an ideal, the hope

of the world. . . . It is the duty of I agree with you on the fundamental principles of the ideas and

in his recent debate with Governor every citizen to stand by his country ideals

you are giving all your time to. Allen, in Carnegie IIall, that the Ameri- in times of stress and war as well as But, and I want to spell that “but” can Feleration of Labor is mainly re- in times of peace. The man who would with a capital “ B,” I think you are sponsible for the elimination of misera- not fight, or make the supreme sacrifice, dead wrong when you hold Samuel

ble sweatshop conditions, child labor, if necessary, to save and protect his Gompers up as a patriotic leader. I

especially child labor in the coal fields, home and his country, who would not think his acts in the last three

years should place him in the same category

and, in fact, I go Sam Gompers one fight for liberty, is undeserving and as other radical revolutionary labor

better by stating that in a great degree unworthy of living in a free country. leaders not connected with the Ameri

the American Federation of Labor Does that sound like the principles can Federation of Labor who believe under the leadership of Mr. Gompers of an I. W. W.? in destroying the present system and deserves much of the credit of placing In a report to the A. F. of L. Conestablishing the new-fangled and de- labor in America on a higher standard vention at Atlanta, Georgia, in Novemstructive notion : namely, the dicta- in regard to social and economic con

ber, 1911, Mr. Gompers said, in part: torship of the proletariat. ditions than anywhere else in the world.

“It [the American Federation of I trust you will believe me an enthusiastic believer in the doctrines you

In regard to Samuel Gompers's loy- Labor] has pursued its avowed policy advocate, and trust also that you will

alty, his past private utterances, his with the conviction that if the lesser kindly write me how you can.


published articles, and his speeches and immediate demands of labor could inconsistent as to spoil your good

of record speak for themselves. The not be obtained now from society as it work by making the statement above veteran needs very little defense. All is, it would be mere dreaming to preach referred to.

that is necessary to prove that Mr. and pursue that will-o'-the-wisp, a new Sincerely yours,

Gompers is a real American and a society constructed from ruinbow ma

sincere friend of labor is to bring to terialsa system of society on which NOLLOWING is my answer to the light excerpts of speeches made by him even the dreamers themselves have never above letter: In the first place, or articles from his pen.

agreed." my views and those of Samuel You capparently term Mr. Gompers Permit me again to say that I am Gompers are not identical in all cases; an I. W. W. I emphatically state that not attempting a wholesale defense of yet I must confess that I hold few men the American Federation of Labor, Mr. Gompers in all of his beliefs, nor in in America to-day in higher regard than through the energetic and tireless ef- all of the tenets of the American Fedthe venerable President of the Amer- forts of its great leadler, has been and eration of Labor; I quote the above in ican Federation of Labor, who has still is one of the greatest bulwarks answer to the statement made in your demonstrated his sound judgment, clear ugainst Bolsherism existing in the letter of September 5.

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COX'S SMILE Governor Cox, who has been touring the West in his Presidential campaigu, had a narrow escape in Arizona when his train, as seen above, left the rails.

Fortune was with the touring party, however, and no one was hurt

(C) Edmonstop from International



The picture shows the Democratic Presidential candidate as

he was met by a delegation at San Francisco

These members of the G. A. R. were en roule to Indianapolis to attend the National encampment, and stopped over at Marion to

express their loyalty to the Republican Presidential candidate

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Many factories in Italian cities were recently seized by turbulent workers, and troops were called upon to quell disturbances and

guard property. These labor disputes have now, it is reported, been adjusted






WENw.addressed mostpreislito follstending therespondence was then i

Booth Tarlington :

Can still use your two to three han. dred word statement if it reaches as by next Monday. Send it if necessary by wire night press rates at our espense. Please wire to-day whether we may count on you.


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Author of “The Virginian,"? • Lin McLean," “ The Seven Ages of Washington, " The Pente

cost of Calamity,” etc.

Ernest H. Abbott :

Have tried to write something upon

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mental efficiency is at the lowest in its


The fundamental reasons seems to SHALL vote for Harding. For think many more such men are found in lie in personnel. Weak, vain men in this I have three reasons, any one the Republican party than in any other. high positions. Secretaries whose priof which alone would decide

Third, we also stand in need of vate and public utterances and actions First, we must return to Constitu- clear heads to manage our foreign pol- are incredibly childish; men whose first tional government. We have had eight icy. Our relations to the rest of the reaction to any project brought offiyears of personal government. These world are new, delicate, and of vital cially to their attention—even in waryears seem to me amply to justify the moment. Ilarding has long served upon is not whether the project is effective deep-rooted distrust of personal gov- the Senate Committee on Foreign Re- and desirable, but whether it can be ernment felt by the founders of the lations. He is equipped to deal with published! This also is first hand and country and the careful thought they these. He will run us into no extreme not rumor. Perhaps the Democratic took to guard against it.

either of entanglement or of isolation. party has abler men than those who Second, we stand in urgent need of To sum up. Through Harding and the have been allowed to keep the responthe very best equipped intelligence that Republican party, more than through

Republican party, more than through sible positions for the past eight years; can be found to direct our domestic any other man or party, we may

look but, if so, they have not been shown in affairs. We must have men not merely for Constitutional government, internal action. The proof of their existence is of brains, but of brains seasoned with stability, and profitable understanding still to be made. The Republican party experience, and of steady judgment. I with other nations.


STEWART EDWARD WHITE SAYS ONE REASON IS ENOUGH-AND COX SUPPLIED IT SHALL vote the Republican ticket In making this statement I speak not in November, principally because I, from hearsay, but from fifteen years' in common with most other citizens, inside experience.

inside experience. Those of us who have had personal knowledge of inany were in the Army, and were basic failures of the present Adminis- fairly in a position to see, realize that tration. This decision I take in full it was more hampered by ineptitude appreciation that the times have been ex- in its political relations than history traordinary and difficult and the prob. tells us is usual. Lives there a citizen lems complex. Nevertheless I feel that who (occasionally) receives mail and in sacrifice of the ultimate to the ex- whose

memory extends

back over pedient this Administration has beaten eight years who has not had expeall records. It kept us out of war only rience with our mails? Any traveler to the extent of keeping us from ade- can testify to the appalling falling quate preparation for the inevitable. off in service and equipment under Its policy in Mexico I can temperately Government administration of the raildescribe as imbecile, for I know some- ways—and every one remembers the thing of Mexico. It played fast and deficits! There is no use in extending loose with the Navy until at the present the catalogue. It has become my opinion time the Navy is fifty per cent efficient that, in spite of the unusual times and and has lost fifty per cent of its morale. their demands, our present Govern

STEWART EDWARD WHITE Author of “The Forest," "The Blazed Trail," “ The Westerners,” “The Leopard Woman,"

• Gold,” “The Forty-Niners,” etc.

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has at least proved, able men; it has a bappen to be literally true, the personal tent goes further. Not only has the tradition of government, and some enunciation of them should be beneath political morale of the Nation been precedents of known worth by which the dignity of a candidate for the highest upset by the unseemly bickering of to guide itself. It also is against the office we have. Their publication could those in high place, but the social and peculiar form of one-man government quite safely be left to others; and the economic. Morale is from the top down. that, personally, I think has harmed us effect of them, if they had the vitality Quarreling above-stairs means quarrelimmeasurably.

of truth, would not be diminished. That ing below; waste and extravagance are So much for general principles. As Mr. Cox does not see this is to me a contagious. Inefficiency and poor manto candidates, I should vote for Mr. small but significant gauge of the man's agement at the head of a business Harding if I had only one indication capacity. If he is not big enough to mean the same thing all through. for comparison. I refer to Mr. Cox's see that the methods of the ward poli- But, granting that war was an emerpublic charges of corruption, bad faith, tician and the mud-slinging demagogue gency for which we were unprepared, insincerity, and the rest of what seems are not applicable to a campaigo for and that the chaos of administration to start like the campaign of a dema- the ruler of a country like this, he is not has its excuses, there are other things gogue. Even if all these charges should big enough for the job.

not so easily explained. To be honest, I believe that the Democratic party came

into power with two fixed ideas. The MARY ROBERTS RINEHART

first was a not unnatural one-to remain

in power. But the second one requires DECIDES THAT NO ATLASES NEED APPLY

explaining. The development of the SHALL cast my first vote in No- the worst possible conditions. Not at party was from the masses, and the vember, and that vote will be for once can administrative blunders be mass is always Socialistic until it acthe Republican party.

Had I cast remedied. Debts incurred cannot be quires property. Therefore wealth was my first vote ten years ago, it would canceled. It will take time to restore a crime, not in the concrete but in the also have been Republican, but with our standing with the world, and it will abstract. The party came into power this difference—that then it would have take effort and good faith to restore with a practical denial of class, and been mainly the result of heredity and the confidence of our people in the therefore at once awoke class consciousenvironment. Now my decision is, to Government.

ness. It went further, and instituted be honest, a compound of discontent I have spoken first of my personal class taxation, thus ignoring the fundawith present conditions, resentment at discontent with present conditions. mental fact that what is given to a man the negation by Woodrow Wilson of That includes several things. Our form free is without value. the representative form of government, of government is founded on repre- In the same way it denied wealth it and hope.

sentation in good faith, yet there has denied achievement, and as it espoused Two of these fundamental impulses been a consistent refusal on the part of


lost causes it espoused mediocrity. It are negative. I shall vote against the the Executive to recognize the will of has forgotten that Jefferson was an Democratic party. One is positive. I the people through their accredited aristocrat, a gentleman, and a scholar, want the Republican party to be given representatives. Our only check on the and remembers only that he wore no a chance. Although I am aware that to executive office is through our National frills upon his shirt. become heir to the past eight years, to legislative bodies, and their proper rec

Of the second reason for my personal come back to the changed social and ognition is essential. The Republican discontent I have stated the fact, and economic conditions that face the coun- nominee has had his training in the that is enough. Our President is our try and the world, to inherit not only National Legislature, is fully aware of President still, and an ill man. He is a blunders and debts that were avoidable their importance as representing the great man also, greater than we know, but also the aftermath of an unavoid- will of the people, and of their power but not so great that he, or any other able war, is to come into power under and authority. But my personal discon- man, can carry us, Atlas-fashion, on his

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