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confront the Americans of to-day. He says:

Is it not evident that the frontier carries a great inspiration lesson for the present generation? The last material frontier has been conquered and the forests have all been explored. The waste lands are all charted and crossed by countless trails, and simply await the necessities of our expanding civilization to be subdued by the mec processes of irrigation. Nevertheless, America has just begun to face the test of her strength. A Nation of a few millions of people on the Atlantic coast has expanded into more than a hundred millions, and the very problems of existence are again, as in the frontier day, taxing to the utmost the ingenuity and the self-reliance of our leaders. Was there ever a time when selfreliance was more needed? Are not cheerfulDess and the American sense of humor demanded ? Was there ever an era in which a continental view-point, a firm reliance upon the orderly processes of democracy, and a high idealism were more vital ?

The author believes that the principles of real democracy are thoroughly assimilited by our people, including the great mass of those of foreign birth and parentage, but that democracy with us does not nclude the idea of equality in the sense hat would restrict the abilities and

opporunities of all to the limitations of those of lowest capacity. “It ought never be Dossible in America,” he says, group of people to organize millions of men to the extent where individual excelence is kept down by an arbitrary prohibiion upon self-realization and personal listinction. We must cling to the indiFidualism of the pioneer spirit, but we nust supplement the motto Trust thyself' vith this other wise counsel, Trust thy Cellow-man !

The author holds that the American public is constitutionally “liberal”—that is o say, open-minded and forward lookng. It is the hopeful, expectant attitude f the pioneer. It is bred into the sons of people who have opened up a new counry, and who have been always discountng the future. They habitually expect hings to change and conditions to imrove. They are receptive to new ideas nd tolerant of even violent dissenters. No advocate of reform could ask a fairer hance for his theories than he has in the orum and at the ballot-box in America. These are no obstacles to the introduction fany change, however radical, except that e approval of a majority of the people must be obtained. He quotes Morris Hilluit, the Socialist leader of New York, s saying that, “paradoxical as it may Pem, our very democracy las militated gainst the immediate success of Socialism.” hat is to say, it causes vexatious trouble nd delay to be obliged to convert so many eople before putting the Socialist docines into effect. Hence the “soviet lea and the attempt to put it into effect

Seattle and Winnipeg. Hence the disosition of the impatient and radical class

defy the Government and resort to Holence. It is a reversion from the peaceal methods of democracy and the ballotox, of reason and enlightened appeal, back the rule of brute force. The author is a thorough liberal, and such has a good word for the radicalhis place; and for the conservative-in s place ; which recalls the famous defense E the conservative by Herbert Spencer,

imself a thoroughgoing liberal. He Lught that there were two opposing forces zroughout nature and also in society, eredity and variation; while without ovazation there can be no advance, without


A Million Cars Made New

ISN'T your car actually running as well or nearly as well

as the day you bought it? Maybe better! Does it need anything to make it a new car except a smooth, glossy coat of enamel?

Let's see what that means.

Next Saturday afternoon give the car a thorough washing and allow to dry thoroughly. Pry off the top of a quart can of Murphy Da-cote Motor Car Enamel and flow on a coat with a soft varnish brush. Lock 'the garage doors. Next day roll her out, pack in the family and flash a bright, brand new car on the neighborhood.

Doesn't sound difficult, does it? More than a million car owners have done this very thing.

Da-cote is so smooth that it flows just a bit before setting, so that all brush marks and laps disappear.

Da-cote comes in black and several popular colors. Send for a color card and for the name of a merchant who sells Murphy's.


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enough to go around. We have felt this increasingly during the war, but it was true before the war. Approximately ninety million people of the United States, exclusive of outTying possessions, received an income in 1910 of somewhat more than $30,000,000,000, including all wages, interest, profits, and rents. It Es estimated that about $2,500,000,000 of this was taken for the support of Federal, State, and local governments. At least $4,000,000,000 more was taken for additions to the productive equipment or capital of the country. This leaves not over $24,000,000,000 for curTent consumption during the year, which gives $260 per person or $1,300 a year for a family of five. The richest country in the whole world Is not very rich.

These are the conditions with which ciety has to deal. Whatever ideas one ay have about ideal conditions, we are onfronted with the stern fact that the manges must be accomplished without minishing the industrial product. With uman nature as we know it, at present -ciety cannot afford to reduce the incenves to personal exertion, nor can it afford ot to make full use of the individuals who ave exceptional talents in any line. It is pon this consideration that the right to 1oose one's own work and all the rights of rivate property are based. Most of us unnot conceive of the activities of one andred million people being stimulated ad directed upon any other basis.

There is a general desire among the aders of large industry that wage-earners all be interested in the business by hich they are employed, and how that fective interest shall be secured is being ndied in thousands of establishments. vidently the relationship must be of a ore or less permanent character. It cant be allowed that the man who has no ermanent interest in a business, who has zde no sacrifice for its upbuilding, who is ee to leave at will, shall have the same bice in its management as a man who has evoted a portion of his earnings to the urchase of an interest in the property. he one has a stake in the future of the usiness and the other has not. The difrence between their relations is fundaental. The desirable line of advance apears to be by what some one has called the peopleization" of the industries—that is, e wide distribution of ownership, and at has been shown to be entirely feasie. The “Railway Age” has lately called tention to the fact that if the railway nployees would devote an amount equivent to their last wage increase to the urchase of stock in the companies they vuld own a controlling interest in a short one. The action of the Brotherhood of ocomotive Engineers in establishing a illion-dollar bank at Cleveland is viewed mong bankers with favor, upon the belief at the mystery and suspicion which seems

surround banking will disappear if the ganized wage-earners are in position to now all about the services which banking enders to the community.

Mr. Emerson's book is written in a fine birit of sympathy with all sincere efforts - develop the social organization and imrove the common lot. There is a chapter pon“ Human Resources,” which is suffiently suggestive of its contents; eapons of Truth,” which is a plea for the ght kind of propaganda ;“Fifty Million Fapitalists,” in which he sets forth his beef that the cure for capitalism is more apitalists; the "American Spirit in

“ Vorld Affairs ;” and others, all written rith high appeal to social and world oblistions.




Wonders of a Puffed Grain

melt away:

Each Puffed Wheat bubble is a whole grain puffed to eight times normal size. A hundred million steam explosions have occurred within it.

Every food cell is exploded, so you see an airy, toasted morsel as flimsy as a snowflake.

Puffed Rice is whole rice puffed in like way. Puffed Corn is broken corn puffed to raindrop size. The texture is enticing, the flavor is like nuts. The airy granules seem to

But think what they are But these delightful bits are grain foods, fitted for digestion as grains never were before. Float the Puffed Wheat grains in milk and you have the greatest food in existence.

Serve with cream and sugar, mix with fruit. Douse with melted butter for hungryhour delights. Use like nut-meats on' ice cream.

In all ways these Puffed Grains are like flavory confections, yet they are supreme foods.

Millions now enjoy them. Serve all three in all the ways you can. No other grain food can compare with them.

Puffed Puffed Puffed
Wheat Rice Corn

Also Puffed Rice Pancake Flour

66 The

A pancake surprise We now mix Puffed Rice flour in an ideal pancake blend. It makes the pancakes fluffy and gives a nut-like taste. You will surprise your folks with the finest pancakes ever tasted when you use it. Ask for Puffed Rice Pancake Flour. It is self-raising-simply add milk or water.

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The Quaker Oats Company

Sole Makers



Advertising Rates : Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, etc., sixty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. In calculating space required for an advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired.

“Want” advertisements, under the various headings, " Board and Rooms,” “Help Wanted,” etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each “ Want” advertisement is set in capital letters without additional charge. Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the department may be arranged for on application.

Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance ten days before the date of issue when it is intended the advertise ment shall first appear.

Tours and Travel EUROPE 1921

Are you interested in it?


Hotels and Resorts BOARD AND ROOMS

ONE paying guest desired by two ladies Companions and Domestic Holpors
MASSACHUSETTS living alone. Single room, private bath. Meals
optional. 20 minutes from Penn. station.

WANTED-Matron for Protestant bome 9,048, Outlook.

taking care of 25 girls between ages of 8 and Parties enrolling now. Moderate

16. Experience and social training necessary. prices. Most interesting routes.

Mention age, church preference, references Great success 1920.

BOOKS, MAGAZINES and salary expected. Mrs. Ferry, 869 Field BERKSHIRE HILLS, MASSACHUSETTS


Ave., Detroit, Mich.
TEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.,
Boston, Mass.

WANTED, by Nov. 1, experienced work.
THE GREYLOCK STORIES, poems, plays, etc., are wanted for ing housekeeper in family of two adults in

publication. Submit MSS. or write Literary Mount Holly, N.J. Good home and every comAt the Western End of the Mobawk Trail Bureau, 325, Hannibal, Mo.

fort; will be treated as confidential helper and NOW OPEN BOOKS on pedigrees, genealogies, and

companion. W. A. S., Mount Holly, N. J. SEND FOR COPY OF coats-of-arms. Every Anglo-Saxon and Celtic

WOMAN of refinement with ability to pame. Kindly inquire for particulars. Chas. direct wanted as assistant matron in boys' “ Williamstown the Village Beautiful” A. O'Connor, 21 Spruce St., New York City. department of an institution for feeble

minded near Philadelphia. Salary $45 per NEW YORK CITY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

month and found. 9,049, Outlook.

WANTED - Cottage matrons, salary $74 so, to

INVENTIONS wanted. Cash or royalty for monthly and maintenance.

Address New ideas. Adam Fisher Mig.Co., 217, St. Louis, Mo. York State Reformatory for Women, Bedford

Hills, N. Y.
Care Trafic Dept.
12 East 31st Street


SPECIAL subjects-historical, industrial, WANTED-Competent teachers for public New York

miscellaneous-expertly prepared. Authors and private schools. Calls coming every day. TOKYO

Research Bureau, 500 Fifth Ave., New York. Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, Combines every convenience and home for 120-page Guide Book Free

Albany, N. Y. comfort, and commends itself to people of When writing please mention " Outlook."

WOMEN'S refinement wishing to live on American Plan

WANTED-Teacher for high school science

GOODS and be within easy reach of social and dra

for winter months in private school in Southmatic centers.

LADIES' PURE LINEN hand-embroi

ern winter resort. 9,062, Outlook. INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURS to

Rates with Illustrated Booklet gladly sent

dered handkerchiefs made on white or colored EUROPE


linens-initialed with one cross-stitched iniSail in April, May, and June. upon request. tial if desired ; rolled and embroidered in

SITUATIONS WANTED Churches, Galleries, Alpine Summits, Italian

any color. Write for illustrations. The Irish Hill Towns. Superb routes, splendid leaders. HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washing- Linen Company, Davenport, Iowa.

Business Situations Art, Music, Literature, History, French, Spanish adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms


WANTED-Work in psychological labore 65-A Franklin St., Boston, Mass. with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day,


tory. Two years' college training. Some er. including meals. Special rates for two weeks

perience in mental tests and tabulations or more. Location very central. Convenient

Young, but enthusiastic. References. 9,017,

Professional Situations
TOURS TO to all elevated and street car lines.


WANTED - Registered trained nurse for SECRETARY-stenographer, young woman and

public health work in rural community. Salary

of experience

and ability. Highest references. $100 per month and uniforms. Board, teleCountry Board

9,035, Outlook.

phone service, and office expenses paid by Asso-
ciation. Address Visiting Nurse Association

ESTATE MANAGER desires position. Sicily and Greece WANTED—Adult Boarders of Somerset Hills, Box 45, Far Hills, N.J. Conscientious, progressive, executive. Wide

experience in everything pertaining to the on old-fashioned Virginia farm. Excellent

Businoss Situations
Italy in May

care and upkeep of a modern estate. Pure table, conveniences. Delightful fall and winter

RAILWAY traffic inspectors earn from

bred live stock and soil improvement a spe W te for further information to season. Shooting, riding, etc. 3,059, Outlook.

$110 to $200 per month and expenses. Travel

cialty. Agricultural college training supple. The Bureau of University Travel

if desired. Unlimited advancement. No age

mented by common sense. Best references; limit. We train you. Positions furnished under

married, 31 years of age. 9,040, Outlook. 15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass. Health Resorts guarantee. Write for booklet CM27. Standard INTELLIGENT young woman, B.A., post

Business Training Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. graduate work, with experience in these
WRITE photoplays: $25-$300 paid anyone

fields, desires part or full time position in it Hotels and Resorts

for suitable ideas. Experience unnecessary;

search, editorial, or publicity work. 9,044, Yonkers, N. Y. Psycho-therapeutic treat- complete outline free. Producers League,

Outlook. ment for mental, nervous, functional dis- 438, St. Louis.

YOUNG woman, thoroughly educated, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA orders and addictions. Booklet upon request.

SOCIAL workers and secretaries. Miss

wishes employment as editor's assistant. Ad

dress 117 East 21st St., New York City. 14th & K Sts.,


Richards, Providence, Enst Side Box 5. Bos

ton 16, Jackson Hall,' Trinity Court, Fridays Companions and Domestic Helpers N.

New Jersey

eleven to one. Address Providence. WASHINGTON, D. C.

A modern health re sort, delightful in autumn. Let us send you

WANTED-Young man, Baptist, for direc- AMERICAN woman of refinement would A Select Family and Transient Hotel

our booklet.

tor of religious education for Baptist Sunday like care of gentleman's home. Capable of Ideal Location. Modern appointments

school in the Middle West. Salary $3,000. shopping for family and house and attending and Home-like. Good table. American

State training and experience. Apply to S. M. to all details. Can furnish cook. Highest plan. Rates reasonable ; special rates for

Green, 3815 Magnolia, St. Louis, Mo.

references. 8,986, Outlook. a prolonged stay. Booklet.

LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick
IRVING 0. BALL, Proprietor. Doylestown, Pa.lau institution devoted to

People to Get Well
Companions and Domestic Helpers panion to elderly lady or invalid. Good

GENTLEWOMAN desires position as com the personal study and specialized treat

DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria reader, musical, cheerful, experienced. Best FLORIDA went of the invalid. Massage, Electricity,

managers, governesses, matrons, house- references. 9,018, Outlook. Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to


Miss Richards, Providence, East
Side Box 5. Boston, Fridays, 11 to 1, 16 Jack-

REFINED, well-educated AMERICAN REFINED HOME has accommo

(late of The Walter Sanitarium)
son Hall, Trinity Court. Address Providence,

woman, 35 years old, with hospital training,

desires to travel either as companion of winter season for 2 adults. Sitting

WANTED-Experienced mother's helper nurse, EXCELLENT references. Minnie E. room and private bath. Garage on premises.

for four children, ages 7, 6, 4, 1 years. For

Walker, Conimicut, R.I. Short distance from ocean, Daytona Beach.

White Plains,

The Bethesda
For particulars address Box 373, Daytona, Fla.

particulars address 185 Brown St., Provi-
N. Y.
dence, R. I.

POSITION as companion or housekeeper
A private sanitarium for invalids and aged

PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and

by woman of refinement. 9,052, Outlook. Spend Your Winter at the who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address

employee: housekeepers, matrons, govern- SUPERVISING housekeeper or companfor terms Alice Gates Bug bee, M.D. Tel. 241.

esses, secretaries, mother's helpers, attend- ion. Experienced American gentlewoman Dunedin Lodge-On the Gulf

ants, dietitians. '51 Trowbridge St., Cam- desires position in refined Christian home of A quaint little hostelry preserving the air of

bridge, Mass.

school. Excellent references as to personality Ole Virginia in its hospitality, furnishing

Real Estate

and ability. 9,055, Outlook. and table. Every room with a sea view.

3 years, Scotch or English Protestant pre WOMAN of refinement, Protestant, esperiPrivate baths. Special rates for the season.


ferred. Must understand the physical care enced and capable, wishes position as wande THAYER & RICHARDSON, Dunedin, Fla.

of children. Only those furnishing the very ing housekeeper and nursery governess in

: highest references will be considered. Loca- motherless family. 9,061, Outlook. MASSACHUSETTS

lake frontage, Berkshire foothills; 2 fur- tion, suburb Philadelphia. 9,053, Outlook. nished cottages, garage, bar. ice-houses, etc.,

ELDERLY lady would like position good condition; fruit, shade, fine views. Ideal

NURSERY governess for three children,

companion to some other lady who is quite If You Are Tired or Need a Change summer home; splendid site for sanitarium

7, 10, and 13, attending school. No experience

alone. Either home or travel. Good reader.

necessary, but must be fond of children. No you cannot find a more comfortable place in or bungalow colony. $18,000. 3,093, Outlook. menial work. Applicants must be young, well

Compensation secondary. 9,060, Outlook. New England than

educated, and refined. Pleasant home for the LADY of refinement would act as visiting AGENTS WANTED

right person. State salary desired. Write companion for a few hours daily to an old

Mrs. W. O. Badger, 99 Argyle Road, Brook- person or an invalid. References funished. WATER stills made of pure copper for dis

lyn, N. Y. Telephone Flatbush 904. GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS

9,064, Outlook. tilling water for automobile batteries, +-gallon WANTED-Chambermaid. In writing state NURSE would take patient from East to It affords all the comforts of

capacity. Full particulars. Charles Jarl, 1743 references and wages required. Mrs. K. V. Coast after December. Traveling expenses bome without extravagance. Leavenworth St., Omaha, Neb

Painter, Fairmount Boulevard, Cleveland, O. recompense. 9,032, Outlook.

The HAMILTON 1463 W.


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Tours and Cruises

Brooks' Appliance, the modern scientific invention, the wonderful new discovery that, relieves rupture, will be sent on trial. No obnoxious springs or pads.

Brooks' Rupture Appliance

Has automatic Air Cushions. Binds and draws the broken parts together as you would a broken limb. No salves. No lies. Durable, cheap. Sent on trial to prove it. Protected by U. S. patents. Catalog and measure blanks mailed free. Send name and address today. Brooks Appliance Co., 471F State St., Marshall, Mich.





Tells of the great opportunities in this attractive
profession, and how you can learn by mailin spare
time. Send for copy at once. No obligations.

American School of Banking, 66 McLene Bldg., Columbus, O.

How to Bea Banker

$450 up

SOUTH AMERICA Including the best there is to see in South America.

A Cruise Tour and the celebrated trip over the Andes. Down

January 29th the West coast on the luxurious Pacific Line 70 days—$2200 up steamer “Ebro"—up the East coast via the Lam

port & Holt Line. Seventy days of pleasure on land and sea. An extended program of sight

seeing in all the principal cities of South America. WEST INDIES January 15th, S. S. Ulua ; February 19th, S. S. Cruises

Toloa, of the Great White Fleet. These new 23 days under steamers, built for cruising in the tropics, offer the Tropical skies

comforts of an ocean liner. Visiting Havana, San-
tiago, Port Antonio, Kingston, Cristobal, Panama

Canal, Port Limon, San Jose and Havana.

Honolulu, Japan, Manchuria, North and South
To the ORIENT China and the Philippine Islands. Sailing from

Vancouver January 13; from San Francisco January 24, February 5 and 20, March 16, April 2 and 30, May 28 and June 25; from Seattle March 1 1. Small

parties under personal escort. Write for details. CALIFORNIA and Conducted tours leaving each week from the FLORIDA Tours middle of January throughout the winter to Cali

fornia and Florida. Stopover privilege enabling individuals to return independently or with a later tour. Write for details.

Important to

Subscribers When you notify The Outlook of a change in your address, both the old and the new address should be given. Kindly write, if possible, two weeks before the change is to go into effect.


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YOUR WANTS IN EVERY LINE of household, educational, business, or personal service—domestic workers, teachers, nurses, business or professional assistants, etc., etc.—whether you require help or are seeking a situation, may be filled through a little announcement in the CLASSIFIED COLUMNS OF THE OUTLOOK. If you have some article to sell or exchange, these columns may prove of real value to you as they have to

have to many others. Send for descriptive circular and order blank AND FILL YOUR WANTS. Address

Department of Classified Advertising
THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York


SITUATIONS WANTED ompanions ond Domestic Helpers Companions and Domestic Helpers NURSERY governess, English, experi- COMPANION to young lady, preferably

ced, references, wishes position. New York to travel abroad, by woman of refinement, referred. 9,033, Outlook.

education, varied experience. Best referCAPABLE Smith graduate desires position ences. 9,071, Outlook. 3 companion-secretary to woman going to WOMAN of experience and culture, urope. 9,036, Outlook.

traveled in this country and abroad, would WOMAN with years of experience in like executive position in school or will ouse management, child dietetics, aud child chaperou aud travel with private party. 9,067, alture would appreciate home where real Outlook. orth would be recoguized. Best references. 137, Outlook.

COMPANION (to young girl preferred) by

college graduate, experienced in managing ADAPTABLE, refined woman wishes posi- home and servants and in travel through oli as housekeeper where maids are kept. Europe, Japan, Canada, and California. 9,066, ompanion or entire charge of motherless Outlook. pild. Excellent references. G. Nelson, 3424 WOMAN of culture desires sole manageliver St., Chevy Chase, Washington, D. C.

ment of man's establishment; or act as LADY wishes non-resident position to read companion-chaperon to young girl; oversee

invalid or blind person, research, languages. upbringing of child, etc. Associations appre ould chaperon young ladies. New York ciated. Highest credentials. Address 12 y only. 9,038, Outlook.

Arnold Park, Rochester, N. Y. SOUTHERN woman of refined social stand- YOUNG woman of culture desires position g desires position as companion or chap as traveling or home companion to lady of

on. Experience in nursing and dietetics. reflueinent. Executive in care of home. 9,0-16, ngwer particulars, Box 416, Rayville, La. Outlook.


Teachers and Covernesses
EX-teacher, cultured young woman, desires
position tutor-companion to young girl. 9,065,

TO young women desiring training in ob-
stetrical nursing, a thorough course of one
year is offered by the Lying-in Hospital,
Second Ave. and 17th St., New York. Monthly
allowance and maintenance. For further in-
formation address Directress of Nurses.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will
send things on approval. No samples. Refer-
euces. 309 West 99th St.

PRINCETON PRIVATE SCHOOL FOR SPECIAL CHILDREN. Limited to six pupils. Instructors college bred, qualified psychologists and experienced in the care and teaching of subnormale. Satisfactory references. 9,057, Outlook.

CULTURED young lady wishes to join family or lady for winter in Europe. Assumes own expenses. References required. 9,041, Outlook.

MISCELLANEOUS LANDSCAPE GARDENING. Expert planting, pruning, grading, etc. Supervision, plans, or advice. Lessons on this delightful work by mail. Heber B. Clewley, Woburn, Mass.

WANTED-Child not under five, preferably in her teens, in refined home 120 miles from New York. Every care and advantage given for reasonable remuneration. 9,058, Outlook.

I want to see through” some one who is old and lonely; some one who will make satisfactory financial arrangement in exchange for devoted and loving home care. 9,059, Outlook.

GRAPHOLOGY. Interesting character study. Complete analysis of handwriting made for $5.9,063, Outlook.

LADY, with home in suburbs of New York, desires charge and education of one or two children. Terms must be liberal for advantages offered. Mrs. de Podesta, Dongan Hills, Staten Island.

UNITARIAN FREE LITERATURE. Address Mrs. Helen Whitou, Hingham Center, Mass.

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