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farmers, and during the summer months we are subjected to endless annoyance, not only by having produce stolen which is near the highway, but also by having passers-by wade through corn and grain fields in order to get to the less convenient crops. City dwellers seem to have the erroneous idea that country property, no matter where located, is for their delight and use. A farm wife, living not far from here, found automobilists in her front yard picking her choice roses. When she remonstrated, they affected surprise at her interference and retreated in anger. An extreme case, you say. Yes, but there are too many such.

The paragraph in your publication to which I am referring may do no harm. Probably it will not. But all of us could travel de luxe if we saw fit to “ borrow" as that quartette did.

Now that I have relieved my mind, let me say that I know that you do not approve of that sort of thing. But it is the hit hen that flutters, and we have been hit many

tiines. I have read The Outlook for twenty years, always with the keenest interest and with the feeling that one of your basic principles is that of a square deal for all.

J. P. J.
Veazie, Maine.


$7.00 $8.00 $9.00 & $10.00 SHOES




SHOE he best known

shoes in the world. They are

BOYS' sold in 107 W.L.

$4.50 $5.00 $5.50 Douglas stores, direct from the factory to you at only one profit, which guarantees to you the best shoes that can be produced, at the lowest possible cost. W. L. Douglas name and the retail price are stamped on the bottom of all shoes before they leave the factory, which is your protection against unreasonable profits. W. L. Douglas $9.00 and $10.00 shoes are absolutely the best shoe values for the money in this country. They are made of the best and finest leathers that money can buy. They combine quality, style, workmanship and wearing qualities equal to other makes selling at higher prices. They are the leaders in the fashion centers of America. The stamped price is W. L. Douglas personal guarantee that the shoes are always worth the price paid for them. The prices are the same everywhere; they cost no more in San Francisco than they do in New York. W. L. Douglas shoes are made by the highest paid, skilled shoemakers, under the direction and supervision of experienced men, all working with an honest determination to make the best shoes for

the price that money can buy. W. L. Douglas shoes are for sale by over 9000 shoe dealers besides our own stores. If your local dealer cannot supply you, take no other make. Order direct from factory. Send

for booklet telling how to order shoes by mail, postagefree. CAUTION.-Insist upon having W.L.Doug.

President las shoes. The name and price is plainly

W.L.Douglas Shoe Co., stamped on the sole. Be careful to see

167 Spark Street, that it has not been changed or mutilated.

Brockton, Mass.


Wo Doreglas


RIGHT TO BEAUTY I came home from a canoe trip with my husband and three children sick at heart. I was thinking aftermany experiences that the average American family needed educating along the line of caring for and enjoying the most beautiful spots out of doors.

I have canoed over a big portion of the north country. I have been auto-bumming, I have camped in our National Parks, and it is one and the same story. Paper, cups, tin spoons, soiled paper plates, oiled paper, , newspapers-all left as litter to blow where they will, leaving not a place for the next party to eat or camp.

In Glacier National Park there are signs posted to clean up rubbish; yet all along the trails from one end to the other are remnants of lunch-boxes.

After canoeing down the beautiful St. Joe River, we camped for a number of days at Higman Park, St. Joseph, Michigan. It was a sad sigiit to see one party in particular at Higman Park build a fire against one of the beautiful gate pillars, which are made of Bedford stone and brick.

Picnic party after picnic party came in and the debris blew into my camp until I was disgusted. After one particular party had packed up I said to my children, “ I am going to take these overdressed Americans to task.” I approached them courteausly and I said, “ Is it possible that you are going away and leave your picnicgrounds looking like this, and leaving your papere to blow into my camp?” “Yes," they said, and laughed. I said, “ Talk about vandalism-you.are the best example I know. Don't come again.” As they were leaving they yelled, "Just pick up the papers and build


fire.” Farmers let me roam their fields to study birds where it is thickly posted with signs “Keep Out.” I treat other people's property as I would want mine treated, and I am always invited to come back. It is the fault of every individual

camper and picnicker that places of beauty are gradually being closed to the public. Goshen, Indiana,

M. H.


THOS. COOK & SON, New York Boston-Philadelphia-Chicago-San Francisco-Los Angeles



" Help

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Health Resorts


NEW JERSEY Advertising Rates: Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel,

Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, sixty cents per agate line, four columns to
the page. Not less than four lines accepted. Iu calculating space required for an
advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired.

“Want " advertisements, under the various headings, "Board and Rooms,"
Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each
insertion. The first word of each “ Want" advertisement is set in capital letters
without additional charge. Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double
rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is
charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by
us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the
department may be arranged for on application.

Sanford Hall, est. 1841
Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance ten
days before the date on which it is intended the advertisement shall first appear.

Private Hospital Address: ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT, THE OUTLOOK For Mental and Nervous Diseases 381 FOURTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY

Comfortable, bonelike surroundings; modern methods of treatment; oompetent nurses. 15 acres of lawn, 7% miles from New York; convenient to

village and railroad. Charming stone house Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts

park, flower and vegetable gardens. with bedrooms and 2 baths; steam heat.

Food the best. Write for booklet. Wonderful view of Palisades. Possession imMAINE

mediate. Very reasonable terms. For particSanford Hall Flushing New York

wars address Adolph Freud, Jr., 301. Main St, Delightful VacationCruises


Bulletin Office, Ridgefield Park, N. J. CUBA, PANAMA, COSTA RICA YORK CAMPSL.LOVA YORK,

Arse. Crest View Sanatorium

Spring and Summer Sailings. Particulars on request. Famous Rangeley region heart of mountains Greenwich, Ct. First-class in all respects,
American Travel Club, Box 0., Wilmington, Del.

facing lake. Log cabins, baths, open fires, bome comforte. H. M. HITCHCOCK, M.D.
central dining-room, Garage, golf near by,

For Sale at Seal Harbor, Me. boating, bathing, fishing: Fresh vegetables, ADELAIDE HOME for incuri Furnished cottage, with 9 rooms, bath, lawneggs, poultry, milk. Booklet.

and dry, large piazza ; and bungalow, 4 rooms, elderly people requiring care. bath, kitchenette, screened sleeping-porch. CONNECTICUT ply NURSE, 261 Lincoin Ave., Orange, N. J. Fine mtu. and sea view. Large trees. Apply to

E. W. Redfield, 248 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. TOURSANDCRUISES Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, Conn. BYRAM LAKE HEALTH FARM Only 100 miles from New York, between

Ten Tours
two lakes; fishivg, boativg, bathing, tennis

MT. KIsco, N. Y.
When ill or con valescent or in

OR SALE-College Inn. A real
and golf. Excellent table. Automobile parties.
of Luxury
need of rest or recuperation

in Ideal location Table supplied exclusively respect, ideally situated and arranged for MASSACHUSETTS by farm produce. Outdoor gymnasium, College im. Directly opposite rapidly grow

tennis, boating, fishing, dancing, etc. Resident ing college for women. Town and college

physician. Prospectus mailed upou request. need and will liberally support an Inn. Part HOTEL PURITAN

time to responsible purchaser. 2,971, Outlook. Commonwealth Ave. Boston

Dr. Vail's Sanatorium An exclusive resort


Globe Trotters call the Puritan one of Connecticut Valley. Massage, electricity, and
the most homelike hotels in the world,

Your inquiries gladly answered cians. Under successful management for 30

climate siunilar to 01-Costello Mar and our booklet máiled Sailing-Eastbound or Westbound-each

years. E. S. VAIL, M.D., Thompsonville, Ct. Hot Springs, Va., with mountain yiey, a

7-room furnished bungalow with all up to date month from September to January

comforts. Mrs. Chas. L. Mosby, Bedford, Va. From 5 to 9 months' duration

If You Are Tired or Need a Change The Bethesda White Plains,
you cannot find a more comfortable place in
A private sanitarium for invalids and aged

New Englaud than

who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address

for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241. OTHER FOREIGN TOURS

AGENTS. Mason sold 18 sprayers and autowashers

Saturday. Profits $2.50 Europe

each. Square deal. Particulars free. Rusler GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick

Company, Johnstown, Ohio.
Arabian Nights Africa

It affords all the comforts of

Doylestown, Palau institution devoted to
People to Get Well

INSYDE TYRES-inner armor for auto-
South America
home without extravagance.

mobile tires; prevent punctures and blow.

the personal study and specialized treat- outs; double tire mileage. Liberal protits. Japan-China

went of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, Details free. American Accessories Co., MARBLEHEAD,MASS. Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

Cincinnati, Ohio, Dept. 127. Send for Booklet Desired


(late of The Walter Sanitarium) RAYMOND & WHITCOMB CO.

Boston 4
A quiet, cosy little house by the sea.

WANTED-One large room, or two rooms,
New York Phila. Chicago San Francisco
Private baths. Descriptive booklet.

in suburb of New York, very accessible, by two business women. October 1. References

exchanged. 8,819, Outlook. WANTED Refined woman wishes

four paying guests at BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

beautiful home on Hudson during lall months. BENNETT'S TRAVEL BUREAU

Garage room. .Jersey cream and milk. Fresh INVENTIONS wanted. Cash or royalty for BERKSHIRE HILLS, MASSACHUSETTS vegetables and fruits. Piazzas, sun room, open ideas. Adam Fisher Mfg. Co., 217, St. Louis, Mo. INDEPENDENT AMERICAN TOURS

fireplaces. Private bath. 2,997, Outlook. SOUTH AMERICA

FOR THE HOME AROUND THE WORLD At the Western End of the Mohawk Trail

Real Estate

DOMESTIC SCIENCE correspondence 506 Fifth Ave., New York

courses. Good positions and home efficiency. NOW OPEN

Am. School Home Economics, Chicago. SEND FOR COPY OF

" Williainstown the Village Reautiful"

Returning from Ontario Storm of at Barrie!

Look in
Closing an estate. Fine house for sale or

STORIES, poems, plays, etc., are wanted for

publication. Submit MSS. or writ 3 Literary YORK CITY

to rent, furnished, overlooking Kempenfeldt
Bay, Lake Simcoe. Bux 933, Barrie, Out.

Bureaul, 325, Hannibal, Mo.

WOMEN'S GOODS If so, write to Secretary

MARY MOORE hand made dresses, one to For Sale-Conn. Shore Cottage with 12 East 31st Street

six years, are for mothers desiring something JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION

provements. Large; north exposure;

different for their little girls. If your dealer suitable for studio. Address 3,007, Outlook.

does not handle them, write direct to Wiliam New York

Moore Co., Retail Dept., Davenport, Iowa.
Care Traffic Dept.

Combines every convenience and home

comfort, and commends itself to people at FOR SALE or RENT

Business Situations and be within easy reach of social and drafor 120-page Guide Book Free

Completely Furnished, 8 and 4 Room Cottages, 2 WRITE photoplays : $25-$300 paid anyone matic centers.

acres in grove, facing Indian River,near Rock- for suitable ideas. Experience unnecessary; When writing please mention " Outlook." Rates with Illustrated Booklet gladly sent ledge. Secure now. Blair, Box 32, Cocoa, la. complete outline free. Producers Loague,

upon request.

438, St. Louis.
For Sale - In Jacksonville, Fla.

RAILWAY. traffic inspectors earn from

$110 to $200 per month and expenses. Travel ton Square

Select location, Attractive house, steam heat, if desired. Unlimited advancement. No age Small private party, with expeadjoining Judson Memorial Church. Roonis

4 bedrooms, 3 baths, living-room, dining-room, Jimit. We train you. Positions furuished under rienced leader, will make a leisurely with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day,

sum jarlo', kitchen. Garage for 2 cars and 2 guarantee. Write for booklet CM27. Standard tour of the Orieut, October to March. including meals. Special rates for two weeks

horses. $30,000. Write for terms. MARION Business Training Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. HELEN G. SMITH, 132 East 19th St., New York. or more. Location very central. Convenient

TERRY, 41 West Tenth St., New York City. RELIGIOUS WORKER, man, well qualito all elevated and street car lines.

fied, whole time, by Presbyterian church, Best Buy in Fla. 12-room bungalow suburban city. Address B, 15 Park Row,

worth price all. 78
Hotels and Resorts

New York, Room 1,714.
acres. River front. 15-acre orange grove.

1,000 boxes fruit last crop: Price $12,000. An- Companions and Domestic Helpers ENGLAND

FENTON HOUSE Adirondacks other good one-12-room house, 5-acre orange
18 Cottages

· DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria
grove, $7,000. J. O. CROSBY, San Mateo, Fla.
Altitude 1,571 ft. A noted place for health

managers, governesses, matrons, house

keepers. GREENE'S HOTEL and rest. Write for folder and particulars.

Miss Richards, Providence, East C. FENTON PARKER, Number Four, N. Y.


Side Box 5. Boston, Fridays, 11 to 1, 16 Jack24 Gordon Street, Bloomsbury, London W. C.

son Hall, Trinity Court. Address Providence, Bed and breakfast 6/6, dinner 3/..


WANTED-Man and wife to take charge of Health Resorts

cottage of 20 boys in an institution, the man to YEAR ROUND HOME

instruct a class in printing. Application should MAINE

12 rooms, 2 baths, about 4% acres, 200 feet be made to Guy Morgan, Supt., Dobbs Ferry,

“ INTERPINES" frontage on both Great South Bay and South N. Y. SEPTEMBER RESORT

Country Road. $20,000 ; $7,000 cash, $13.000 WANTED-Nursery governess, Protestant, THE FIRS

Sunset P. O., Beautiful, quiet, restful and houvelike. Over mortgage. HELBER W. SMITH, Islip, N. Y. for country home. Care of three children, two
Deer Isle, Me. 26 years of successful work. Thorough, re-

boys and girl, age 6%, 4%. 3; not attending Hotel, Tents, Cottages. Center of the Penob- liable, dependable and ethical. Every com.

33 States -$10 to $100 Farms

school. Must be refined and intelligent, un scot Bay Resort Region. tort and convenience. Accommodations of

an ACRE. Stock, tools, derstanding young children, have good Rates reduced for September, with special superio" quality. Disorder of the nervous sys- crops often included to settle quickly. Write health. Age not over 35. Must be responsible advantages of table, rooms, and recreations. temu a specialty. Fred. W. Seward. Sr., M.D., for big illustrated catalog. STROUT FARM person. References required. Reply to Mrs. Booklet.

S. B, KNOWLTON. Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Gosheu, N. I. AGENCY, 150 B. M. Nassau St., New York City. Eugene du Pont, Greenville, Delaware.



Country Board



Are you interested in it? Hotel Le Marquis

Japan-China-Philippines HOTEL JUDSON 5.Washing



—that Cause Discomfort and Ill-Health


GOATS In The Outlook, date of July 14, is a review of Rockwell Kent's book, “ Wilderness.” One paragraph reads as follows:

In the other class are the drawings which are mainly concerned with portraying the life of the artist, his son, and their companion, " old man Olson, on the island, surrounded by the animals of the Arctic regions and the wild glories of the aurora borealis. It is difficult to express any preference between the shining symbolism of the one class and the human beauty of the other.

The island mentioned is called Fox Island, an unsuccessful attempt having been made at one time to establish a fox farm there. It is a mountain at the entrance of Resurrection Bay, and lies some eight or ten miles south of the town of Seward. The bay is always free from ice, and supplies can be obtained from the town. The temperature at Seward is seldom below zero, and probably differs little from that of the island. Probably the nearest approach to "animals of the Arctic regions are the possible traces of some domestic goats shipped in from the States and at one time herded on the island by “old man Olson.” The “wild glories of the aurora borealis," while strikingly beautiful here, are said by those who have lived in the far north to be but a faint reflection of the au- . rora borealis as seen in the Arctic regions.

“The primitive life” mentioned in the review of “ Wilderness" is so common to the pioneer of Alaska that no one but an artist would ever think of retailing it.


Superintendent of Schools. Seward, Alaska.

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SITUATIONS WANTED Businoss Situations

Toachors and Covornossos Companions and Domostic Holpors Toachers and Covornossos UNUSUAL opportunity for unusual wo- WANTED - Governess,, experienced, for POSITION wanted, first-class inn, where GOVERNESS, exceptional references, exmau, preferably in early thirties (Christian). two girls eight years old. Fourth grade, ability catering to boarders with home style Stenographer and office assistant in promi- French, music. Entire charge. Salary $60.

perienced, wishes position with children from Box 645, Warrenton, Va.

food and comfort will be appreciated and devent physician's office. Requisites : energy,

three to six years old. 8,850, Outlook.

sired. Go anywhere, but Southern resort or ainbition, perfect physical health, tranquil YOUNG but experienced nursery gov.

WANTED, by refined and capable yomg

West preferred. Or charge first-class linen disposition, tactful, impressive personality, erness for two little girls eight and five years

woman, position as governess, assistant in

rooin. Ten seasons managing one house. discerning and logical mind-interested u old. Must be capable of teaching them and

home, or companion. Position of trust.

Ready October first. Housekeeper, Box 564, watters medical and surgical-dexterity in willing to travel. French or English pre

8,846, Outlook.

Montrose, Pa. Ilove of English and thorough knowledge of ferred. Address P. O. Box 114, St. Davids, Pa.

CAPABLE young woman wishes position. slenography. Position is dignified. Pleasant

WANTED-By pleasant, adaptable domes

Teacher, musician; has done library and environmeut, iu private family and private

WANTED-Competent teachers for public tic science teacher, automobile trips with el- secretarial work. Good seamstress. Has

and private schools. Calls coming every day. house. Complete arrangements about Octo

derly man or woman or couple. 8,826, Outlook. Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency.

traveled. 8,848, Outlook. ber 1st. 8,851, Outlook.

WANTED-By middle-aged refined woman
Albany, N. Y.

COLLEGE graduate, 25, practical experi

of English birth, position as housekeeper, Companions and Domestic Holpors WANTED-An experienced nursery gov.

ence, school, hotel, desires position as assistcompanion, or to take entire charge of small,

ant dietitian. 8,801, Outlook. erness (American) for three girls, 6, 9, and 11 motherless child. At liberty September 1st. HOUSE-mother wanted, $60 monthly and years old respectively, all of whom attend References exchanged. Mrs. G. Nelson, Camp

EXPERIENCED governess desires position

to children over three. home; assistant house-mother, $50 monthly school during the winter. State experience,

Speaks German,

Ken-Jocketee, South Strafford, Vt. aud hope, must be good typist, September

French, English. Long and best references. references, and salary desired. Mrs. Albert WOMAN of refinement desires position as 14, in Seguin School, pupils (24) mentally W. Putnam, Highland Road, Rye, N. Y.

8,836, Outlook.

companion or chaperon. No objection to backward; 10 teachers, 5 governesses em- TEACHERS WANTED for positions at sal- travel. 8,831, Outlook. ployed. Also, governesses, $40 monthly, to aries up to $3,000. Special terms. Address THE

MISCELLANEOUS assist in physical care and entertainment of

MIDDLE-aged widow of noble birth would
pupils out of school hours; off duty mornings

like position as chaperon to young lady. Have
Macheca Building, New Orleans, La.
traveled extensively. Highest references.

WANTED, by experienced kindergartner, lv w 12, afternoong 1 to 3, Saturdays and Sun

small children to board. Modern farmhouse. days 4 consecutive hours, 1/4 days monthly.

8,830, Outlook.

SITUATIONS WANTED (No teaching, no household duties). Rooin

References. 8,814, Outlook.
GENTLEWOMAN wishes position, secre-

COLLEGE woman will care for a few chil(alove), board, laundry. Mention age, expe

tary, companion, managing housekeeper,

Business Situations nerice, church preference, references. Elsie

housemother in school or institution; any

dren in beautiful country home. Ideal condiM. Seguin, Orauge, N. J.

tions for mental and physical development. GENTLEMAN of refinement and a lifelong

where. Highest efficiency. Best references.

8,829, Outlook. social and executive experience, Protestant,

$20-$25 weekly. 8,828, Dutlook. PLACEMENT BUREAU for employers and employees. Superintendents, houseabout forty years old, now without home or COLLEGE girl fond of books and outdoors

WANTED-Experienced person who will keepers, matrons, governesses, secretaries, family, wishes position as resident secretary desires position as companion or mother's

take normal healthy girl baby, under 1 year attendants, mother's helpers. 51 Trowbridge and companion with single gentleman or helper. References exchanged. 8,834, Outlook.

old, into her home and give it entire care. I St., Cambridge, Mass. widower. Capable taking full charge of large WOMAN companion and secretary to

will pay $30 per week, provide clothes, and estate, grounds, household, domestice, caterWANTED, after Sept. 15, couple to do

pay doctor's bills. Location must be within

travel and housework, family of two, at Chestnut Hill,

ing, traveling and business connections. 8,827, shopper for woman in New York City. 98,845, Atty miles of New York City. Applicant must

be prepared to keep her for at least two years. Pa. Good references required. 8,772, Outlook. YOUNG woman of education wishes posi

Reply, giviug all details, 8,822, Outlook.

WANTED-For winter months, position WANTED-Young, lady as nursery, gov- tion as general assistant in architect's office.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, emess Youngest child six years. Live in

as housekeeper in home of sınall family or Studied at Mechanics' Inst. Business expe

established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery. Baltimore, address Mrs. Wm. F. Alexander,

widower by middle-aged woman of refine-
rience also. 8,811, Outlook.
ment who has had training and experience.

44 West 22d St., New York.
Bay Head, New Jersey.
WOMAN of refinement wishes position as 8,841, Outlook.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will Teachers and Governossos secretary to Presbyterian minister. Type- MAN and wife seek position of trust as

send things on approval. No samples. Referwriting, but not stenography or bookkeeping, caretakers, charge of institution, or traveling

ences. 309 West 99th St. TEACHERS wanted for emergency vacan- Best references. Sue H. Campbell, 44 Park companions. Wife a stenographer. Refer- PROTESTANT parent wishes board, councies-colleges, universities, public and private St., North East, Pa.

ences. 8,838, Outlook.

try or suburbs New York, in exchange for schools. Ernest Oip, Steger Building, Chicago. WANTED - Situation as church visitor, LADY of culture and standing would like

chores in refined family for companionable, WANTED at once, Protestant lady, age 35, superintendent of religious education, or thoroughly experienced teacher, for girl 14.

position as companion, chaperone, or would

ready, sturdy boy thirteen, farm experience, pastor's helper, by middle-aged woman of bring up motherless child. Has traveling and to attend nearby high school. 8,843, Outlook, Country. Good salary Send picture and ref- large experioncé. 8,820, Outlook.

teaching experience, speaks German and TRAINED nurse, now in England, would erence to Box 15, Fairville, Chester Co., Pa. SECRETARY-Young woman, refined and French fluently. References exchanged.

bring invalid or children to New York or WANTED-Tutor about 25 years old, for cultured, good personality, wishes position 8,840, Outlook.

Montrea). Apply Miss Irene Goodicar, care two boys, 13 and 11. Must be healthy and 'foud as secretary in New York. Knowledge of LADY of refinement, education, and cul

Miss Edith Hardy, 85 East Ave., Rochester, of outdoor sports, as well as able to give

N. Y. stenography, typewriting, and bookkeeping. ture wishes position in Protestant American regular grade work. Family expects to spend 8,844, Outlook.

family to direct the intelligent upbringing of

LADY of social standing would take into part of winter in South. Reply with full par- EXECUTIVE secretary and community

children and to manage household. Refer- ner home and chaperone young lady wishing ticulars. 8,824, Outlook. center manager desires similar position or ences exchanged. 8,798, Outlook.

to spend the winter in New York. References WANTED-Teachers all subjects. Good any executive position October. E. P. Noble, DOMESTIC science graduate with twenty

exchanged. 8,839, Outlook. vacancies in schools and colleges. Interua- Jamestown, Rhode Island.

years' experience wishes to teach domestic CHILD lover would give intelligent care to tional Musical and Educational Agency, Car

science or to take position where executive delicate or subnormal child at her 11-acre uegie Hall, N. Y.

Companions and Domestic Helpers ability, New England training, and home home in pineland suburb of Miami, Fla. WANTED, early in September, nursery POSITION wanted by cultured lady, Prot- economics knowledge will be useful. Write or 8,767, Outlook. governess for three children attending school, estant, energetic, adaptable, as useful com- wire B. L., 655 N. Fair Oaks, Pasadena, Calif. CLERGYMAN and wife, having comfortyoungest eight years old. Preference given panion to lady living in California. Would

AN American woman of refinement would able home in Florida, would assume entire to one capable of teaching music and French travel. References. 8,821, Outlook.

like charge of gentleman's home. Capable of charge of orphaned or motherless child, best or Italian. Write, stating age, nationality, YOUNG woman with education and ex- managing servants, buying supplies, arrang- educational advantages, for reasonable comand experience, also salary desired. Refer-perience is looking for responsible position ing menus, and attending to details. Highest pensation. References giveu and required. ences required. 8,804, Outlook. in tea room or cafeteria work. 8,818, Outlook. references. 8,787, Outlook.

8,805, Outlook.

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BY THE WAY That was a picturesque ship-launching a few weeks ago when Mrs. William F. Cody, widow of “ Buffalo Bill,” christened the steel cargo-carrier Cody at the Hog Island shipyard. Mrs. Cody is seventyseven years old, and she traveled 2,500 miles to christen the ship in honor of her noted husband and of the war work of the

citizens of Cody, Wyoming. ENO'S

An ill-dressed and slouchy man, so a FRUIT

writer in “ Harper's Monthly,” says, enSILT

tered a haberdasher's shop in Kansas City DERIVATIVE

and demanded silk shirts. The salesman

showed some at twelve dollars each. 6 Are COMPOUND

those the best you have ?” The haberdasher coughed and finally admitted that he had a line at fifteen dollars. The customer took three, and drew out a crisp

fifty-dollar bill. The salesman thought of dro

the change. “Perhaps you would like some collars too?” he suggested. The soggestion met with an instant negative: “I have never worn a collar in my life, and I

don't intend starting in now. This package contains Eno-a very agreeable aperient

On Johnny's first day at school, says

the " Argonaut," he was given a registrawhich has been used for over fifty years as a pleasant

tion card on which his mother was to write yet certain aid to digestion, and corrective for the

his birth record. The following day he organs of elimination.

arrived without the registration slip. “ Johnny,” said the teacher, "you must bring an excuse for being tardy, and don't forget the slip about when you were born.” All out of breath, the next day Johnny

rushed in, holding a note from his mother. (DERIVATIVE COMPOUND)

“ Teacher," he gasped, “I brought the ex

cuse for being tardy, but I forgot the one A spoonful of Eno in a glass of water makes a refreshing, bub

for being born."
bling drink. It promptly gives tone to the system by removing the
cause of lassitude. The entire digestive tract is stimulated


The Trans-Siberian Railway, an article healthful action; and headache, nausea, biliousness and nervous

in the “Railway Age” states, stretches ness quickly vanish. A bright eye-an active mind-a vigorous step-and regular habits--so characteristic of buoyant good

over the most tremendous country in the

world and is constructed in fitting style. health, follow the occasional use of Eno.

Nearly all of it is double track in effect. Eno can be taken anytime, anywhere, by child or adult-with

We saw hundreds of station-houses in perfect safety and most satisfactory results. It is sold by all druggists at $1.25 a large bottle.

Siberia, and not one of them but pleased

the eye with its symmetry, convenience, Prepared only by J. C. ENO, Ltd., London, S. E., England

and cheerful color." The damage done by Sales Agents: Harold F. Ritchie & Co., Inc. New York Toronto Sydney

the Bolsheviki, the writer declares, was only temporary. “It takes a good deal of

: dynamite to bring down a steel bridge of solid Russian construction," he says. The running schedule is slow. “Russian trains

are run on the staff system. The steel UNITIE VIATILE WITTE TITLE VUITE UNIVE ITE UITE INTE INTIL INTIAL UNTILITE WITLE NITI UTWA URAILA UTIWE UNCUT staff, maybe two feet long, is the engineer's

authority to proceed, and it is released in each station through an electrical device by the station-master at the stop ahead.”

Italy is trying to attract foreign tourists YOUR WANTS again, and has formed a society, the Ente

Nazionale per Industrie Turistiche (Na

tional Bureau for Tourist Industries), to in every line of household, educational, business, or personal foster and develop pleasure travel. This

visiservice-domestic workers, teachers, nurses, business or profes-tors motoring in Italy may now obtain 200

kilograms (50 gallons) of gasoline a sional assistants, etc., etc.—whether you require help or are month-not a very large amount, but suf

ficient for from five hundred to a thousand seeking a situation, may be filled through a little announcement miles' travel, and that means enough to in the classified columns of The Outlook. If you have some

see some of the most wonderful sights of

the world. article to sell or exchange, these columns may prove of real Another plan for seeing strange sights value to you as they have to many others. Send for descriptive comes from France, in the announcement

of the Compagnie Latécoère. This aerial circular and order blank AND FILL YOUR WANTS. Address

line will take you from Toulouse, at 8:30

A.M., over the Pyrenees to Barcelona, Department of Classified Advertising,

Spain, by lunch time. Next day you lunch

at Malaga, then fly across the MediterTHE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York

ranean to Tangiers. Then you sail above the Atlas Mountains to far-away Rabat, a green oasis of the Sahara, or even to Fez,

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where it is said the company has opened the Grand Vizier's palace as

a hotel. These are indeed the days of the magic carpet and the seven-league boots to those who fear not adventure in the air !

“ Have you any cooks on hand ?” asks the housekeeper, as reported in the Louisville “ Courier-Journal.” “Six in the anteroom.” “Ask 'em to look me over and see if there is anybody here I might suit."

You can't fool a smart American. Cornelius Husk, on his first visit to the seaside, says a paragrapher, went down to the beach at low tide, and saw a big fishing smack lying high and dry on the mud flats. “Hey, mister," he said to a fisherman,

a “how do you get that big boat down to the water ?” “ We don't take the boat down to the water, mate," said the fisherman. “ The water comes up to the boat.” Cornelius Husk gave a harsh laugh. “Say, mister,” he said, “I may be from the country, but I ain't goin' to swaller that.”

From the London “Morning Post :"

A French boy in an English school wrote “ too ” when it should have been “to.” His master was pleased to be sarcastic, and said (we can only represent it arithmetically): “There are three 2's in

, the English language. Write that out twenty times and then perhaps you will remember it.” After puzzling for a while the boy asked how it was to be done, and the master had to admit that he was bowled out. It is one of the few English sentences which cannot be written.


One chance in three you're eating wrong

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Enough food, probably

, but not enough of the right kind. Are you getting these vital elements ?






HIS morning someone probably oxygen to every cell. The phosphorus with-
greeted you with the old familiar out which, a scientist said, there could be no
question “How are you?”—and thoughts.
you said, "Oh, all right." Most

And the calcium upon which the develop-
“ All right."

ment of the whole bone framework of our But did you really mean it? Are you feel.

bodies largely depends. ing right up to the mark-all right? Or do Only in the entire wheat grain can all of you sometimes feel that the

the needed elements be pace is telling on you; that

secured—the proteids, rest” is what you need ?

The sixteen vital

the carbohydrates, the fats, If the truth were known

elements of nutrition

and these vital mineral

elements. a lot of us would show up be

Oxygen Sodium

Hydrogen Chlorin low par. Our vital reserves

aren't what they should be.

The 16-vital-elements
Sulphur Manganese

Experts in nutrition say


Iodine that right here in America

Thousands now draw from

Nature's larder these sixteen one person in every threerich and poor alike-suffers

vital elements in Pettijohn's, from malnutrition without

a whole wheat breakfast realizing it.

food of rich and gratifying

taste. In the three square meals

Each grain of wheat contains all of

these 16 vital elements, but 12 of you and your family get them are largely lost in the removal

Its steaming fragrance each day there's enough

of the six outer layers of the grain, awakes sluggish appetites in

commonly called the bran food probably, but very

old and young alike. Its likely there's not enough of

natural nut-like flavor will the right kind.

delight you and your


you feel If you lack vitality; if a

belon normal

in energy, child of yours doesn't seem

With cream and a bit of

lack vitality, to thrive, the chances are

feel" run


if you wish, it makes

dloun" you're not getting a suffi

a vital energy ration of

you're not cient supply of certain food


particularly luscious flavor.

enough of elements.


Try Pettijohn's if you're elements in

your food The 16 vital elements

feeling below your normal

in energy and vim. Give Sixteen natural food ele.

its natural bran laxative a ments (as shown in the

chance to set you right, as panel) are needed to keep

nature intended you should the body strong and well.

be. Give its sixteen vital All of these are vital ele

Vitality Scales

elements a chance to renew ments.

your strength. Nature provides them in the wheat grain Let your children have Pettijohn's. more nearly in the proper proportion than in Their bodies crave the food elements it any other food, save possibly milk.

supplies. But many of the most important of these Your grocer has Pettijohn's-or will gladly elements are lost in modern methods of

get it for you Make tomorrow's breakfast wheat preparation, through removal of the of this sixteen-vital-elements food. six outer layers of the kernel, commonly called the bran. The iron, for instance, Made by the Quaker Oats Co., 1626-K-1 which makes red blood to carry the life-giving Railway Exchange Bldg., Chicago, U. S. A.

Life insurance policies of over a million dollars are not uncommon now, according to a daily paper. In Chicago alone several men carry policies of that amount or more. In one recent instance the president of a big Chicago company had his life insured for $1,250,000 in favor of the company. The corporation itself will pay the premium, amounting to $62,500 per annum, it is stated. Evidently the services of this man are regarded as so exceptionally valuable that the company believes it should discount his possible loss.

From "Meggendorfer Blaetter," of Munich:

Slim Poet (to poetess of ample proportions)—“I have read your poems, Miss Flora. Do you get your ideas from experience ?"

“No. They come from within.”

“ Then we may expect many more volumes from you?”

From "Karikaturen," Christiania, Norway (where modern methods of pedagogy have apparently not penetrated):

Friend of the Family—“You are doing better at school, my boy. Your teacher, I hear, has not beaten you once this month.”

Youngster—“ No. Teacher has rheumatics."

From “ Lustige Blaetter,” of Berlin:

Burglar (to terrorized young girl)—“I mean no harm, miss! I've only come to rob the house!”

The worship of pedigree and title is satirized by a writer on “Snobocracy” in this anecdote of the conversation of two women of fashion : “I come from a very old family,” said the first ; “one of my ancestors was beheaded during the reign of Henry the Eighth.". "How perfectly lovely !"

“ sighed the other.



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