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game.". Two persons played this, man seizing one side of a fresh raw r skin and trying to jerk it from his ent and thus throw him to the d. Another recreation typical of the spirits of the Northmen was horseng, a pastime much preferred to -racing. Two stallions were matched ht, which they did with hoofs and being urged on by their owners with sticks. Applauding crowds of specno doubt got as much joy out of orm of entertainment as Britons of me period derived from bear-baiting. ning the pages of a reprint of Tho= “ Maine Woods, one comes across anecdote about his Indian guide : “I Polis if he was not glad to get home “No More Boiling Out That Radiator; but there was no relenting to his ess, and he said, It makes no differ

I'm Going to Buy a WASCO” to me where I am.''

» That has a stion of the Stoic philosopher ; but

“No more pouring hot water on carbureter and intake manieau evidently thought that it was a

fold-no more wearing out my battery cranking a cold, k intended to conceal the Indian's

oil-congealed motor. I'm going to start out on time every morneeling, for he concludes, “Such is the

ing from a WASCO-heated garage." n's pretense always."

WASCO saves the car's finish, prevents cracked water jackets, om “Strix," of Stockholm, Sweden :

frozen radiators, reduces carbon deposits, saves the bearings, ker Snus has a fight with stoker

tires, top. - makes caring for the car easy in winter. a. He is arrested and fined forty

The self-regulating hot water WASCO System requires attention Snus to the Judge Forty er, Judge! What! Did Runda die ?"

but once a day. Any handy man can set it up-no expensive

steamfitter necessary. Costs less than street car fare for coal. amples of “topsy-turvy pronuncia

Write for catalog that illustrates and explains the fuel
economp and automatic temperature regulation of Wasco.

104 Eastwood Station,
That was the Sunday school lesson
, Gwenyth ?” “It was about Adam

SYRACUSE, N. Y. Eva in the Garden of Sweden.”

WASCO is also used

for heating Offices, Che little colored girl was to recite,

Stores, Cottages, etc. Wake, sleepy Butterfly!

Some good territory

GARAGE HEATING SYSTEM Burst your narrow shroud !

open for live distribuThe Lord is risen!'

Originators of special er excitement she reverted to type'

heating system for


garages. leclaimed breathlessly :

'Wake, sleepy Butterfly! Bust your norry sprout!

De Lord's done riz'!'" little girl was studying in Sunday -1 about the Acts of the Apostles. -her, did all the Apostles get along one ax?' she asked.' Another little girl sang the line This aven's borderland,' as Mrs. Evans

• die land.' She said she had a friend e name of Evans and she thought she A WASCO 2 Car System. Other Sizes for 1 to 10 Car Garages. ising the right words." Another Sunday-school pupil had in lesson the word Guidance. She told eacher in a subdued voice that there TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES

two words in the lesson that ought St. John's Riverside Hospital Training o be in the Bible-guy and dance !"

School for Nurses small boy, when asked how he liked

THE ol, replied that he liked the teacher all

YONKERS, NEW YORK but didn't like to have so many

Registered in New York State, offers a 27 years' course

as general training to refined, educated women. Requirepefiers' (supervisors) coming into his

ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the
Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

By 2."

ALEXANDER MEIKLEJOHN Another boy said they all sat up,

SHORT-STORY WRITING ght when the teacher said Cigarette'

A course of forty lessons in the history, form,

President of Amherst College structure, and writing of the Short-Story taught by Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for years Editor of Lippincott's

150-page catalogue free. Please address visitor to San Diego was impressed

Ds. Esonweln Dept. 68

Springfield, Mass. the number of stores bearing the

The first published volume of Ship Chandler.' Returning to his ud home, he said he never knew that Mme. Henriette Auber

THE AMHERST BOOKS 6 Diplomée, professor of diction, pupil of Sarah Bernhardt,

issued in commemoration of the used so many chandeliers. I saw ever

offers morning instruction for children or adults; directs
French conversation for groups of ladies meeting at lunch-

100th anniversary of the college many places where they sold nothing eon; gives private tuition or drawing-rooin recitals. Address chip chandeliers. 112 East 71st Street, New York City

Price $2.50. Postage 10 cents some Georgia almonds,

OFF THE PRESS SOON se,' said the young girl at the candy

SELECTED GOSPEL HYMNS ter. I presume you mean “ Jordan

A choice selection from the famous unds," said the clerk. “Yes, that's

Herein are the favorite and the tenderest of the World's

212 SUMMER STREET BOSTON -; I knew it was something that began

best hymns; those hymns which have endured the longest

by the estimate of time. In durable cloth binding for all a G.'»

departments of the Church. $50 per 100, carriage extra. THE BIGLOW & MAIN CO., 156 5th Ave., New York

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Business Situations ESTATE MANAGER desires positie Conscientious, progressive, executive. W experience in everything pertaining to care and upkeep of a modern estate. Po bred live stock and soil improvement a cialty. Agricultural college training suppe mented by common sense. Best reference married, 31 years of age. 9,040, Outlook.

SECRETARY-College girl, knowledge correspondence, finances (bookkeeping ping, household jurisdiction, responsibili Exceptionally splendid references. Outlook.

YOUNG man, experienced, desires tion as physical director or general overs of boys at school or institution. Outlook. Companions and Domestic Helden

ENGLISH gentlewoman, traveled, en lent credentials, all responsibility of trao ing, Florida or California. Bazett, 610 7 139th St., New York City.

AMERICAN woman of refinement, P estant, desires position as companion or = tary. Good reader, cheerful, generally No objection to traveling. 9,100, Outlook.

ULTURED young woman as como or social secretary. Graduate nurse. travel. References. Alvirda Antes, 1956 St., Philadelphia.

POSITION as companion-nurse to me going South or West. References physic and clergy men. Miss Johnson, 112 8th N. E., Washington, D.C.

CULTURED, educated, middle-aged Pre estant widow would undertake manager of gentleman's home, the rearing of mothe less children, or act as companion-bor keeper to lady. New York or vicinity. K erences. 9,104, Outlook.

TRAINED nurse seeks resident positi institutional, private, or church work. recommended. Capable and cheerful. 9 Outlook.

MANAGING housekeeper wishes pas hospital or institution. Country preien References. 9,102, Outlook.

COMPANION. by quiet, refined y woman, for either young person or elle lady. References. 9,078, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as companion by cated, musically talented young Wom C. S. student. 9,077, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as companion or tendant to elderly woman or semi-ina Near Philadelphia preferred. 9,074, Outly

POSITION as companion or helper des middle-aged woman. Box 172, Norfolk, Co

POSITION as manager of household motherless children or private school woman with years of experience with vants, tact, and love of children. High references. 9,084, Outlook.

YOUNG woman of refinement, Protester wishes position as nursery governess or panion, willing to travel, or pastor's helper secretary. Best references. 9,087, Outlook

EDUCATED woman, years' experi managing own home, wishes similar con tion in southern California taking chard widower's home. Loves and understas children, Protestant. Highest reference 9,024, Outlook.

Teachers and Covernesses GOVERNESS.-Sensible, adjustable man desires entire mental and physical of several small children. Able tad Home nursing. Corrective gymnastics cality immaterial. References. Positio trust and responsibility only. 9,075, Outlet

YOUNG woman, grade teacher of ex ence, would like position as teacher or erness in private family. 9,085, Outlook.

CHILD-CULTURE. Young woman exceptional position with normal child ing affectionate understanding and whe some guidance. Describe needs fully Outlook.

YOUNG American gentlewoman as tarde of art in private school or college (Euro) training) or as secretary. Speaks From 9,090, Outlook.

MISCELLANEOUS TO young women desiring training in stetrical nursing a thorough course of year is offered by the Lying-in Hem Second Ave. and 17th St.. New York. Maar allowance and maintenance. For further formation address Directress of Nurses

MISS Guthman, New York shoppen send things on approval. No samples. Rele ences. 309 West 99th St.

PRINCETON PRIVATE SCHOOL FO SPECIAL CHILDREN. Limited to six pour Instructors college bred, qualified 27 ogists and experienced in the care and ta ing of subnormals. Satisfactory referens 9,057, Outlook.

GRAPHOLOGY. Interesting chance study. Complete analysis of handwa made for $5.9,063, Outlook.

UNITARIAN FREE LITERATURE dress Mrs. Helen Whiton, Hingham le Mass.

tional Musical and Educational Agency, Car-

negie Hall, N. Y.
STORIES, poems, plays, etc., are wanted for

SUPERIOR woman with training and ex

perience wanted to conduct small group of A Select Family and Transient Hotel

publication. Submit MÁS. or write Literary Ideal Location. Modern appointments Bureau, 325, Hannibal, Mo.

young children during afternoon in neighbor

hood of Horace Mann School. 9,103, Outlook. and Home-like. Good table. American BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

GOVERNESS, French, with pure Parisiplan. Rates reasonable; special rates for

enne accent, able to conduct fifth grade work,
a prolonged stay. Booklet.
IRVING O. BALL, Proprietor.

PRINCIPAL-Man or woman, for high-class for two boys, five and eight. Physical care.
resident and day school for girls. College

References. Address Mrs. Ludington, 271

preparation and junior college work. Superior Whitney Ave., New Haven, Conn.

location, very attractive equipmeut. Invest- GOVERNESS.-Want refined young woSpend Your Winter at the ment necessary. Fall opening with splendid man as governess to teach boy of eight. Dunedin Lodge-On the Gulf prospects. Immediate possession, if desired, faculty and excellent enrollment. Wonderful French, music, and school lessons. State age,

religion, salary, and references. Courbet, A quaint little hostelry preserving the air of

P. O. Box 34, Station 0, New York. Ole Virginia in its hospitality, furnishing correspondence to those who can fill condi- WANTED-Grade teacher over twenty-five and table. Every room with a sea view. tions. 9,101, Outlook.

years of age in small house school for highPrivate baths. Special rates for the season. INVENTIONS wanted. Cash or royalty for grade backward girls. Good salary to right THAYER & RICHARDSON, Dunedin, Fla. ideas. Adam Fisher Mfg.Co., 217, St. Louis, Mo. I party. 9,086, Outlook.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agent established 1895. No charge; prompt deliver 44 West 22d St., New York.

YOUNG BOY.-Specialist with boys assume responsibility for live young Northern lake city, much outdoor life la Outlook.

SHAWNEE, Oklahoma, center of a gre farming country. Write for free agricult booklet. Board of Commerce, Shawnee, OB homa.

WANTED-Child to board, modem try home. Intelligent personal care weekly. 9,094, Outlook.

WANTED, for Metropolitan Opera, seats for Saturday afternoons in center just off center of dress circle. 9,186, Outlet

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LL the world loves a dog, but to

every family there is always one dog who is the dog. Such a dog was Mac, who lived and died as the devotel friend and companion of Travers D. Carman and his father. Mr. Carman's father was the owner and publisher of the “ Rural New Yorker” and a horti. culturist of note. Mr. Carman, the author of “Mac: A Dog of Honor," which

appears in this issue of The Outlook, has been for many years associated with The Outlook as its adver. tising manager. We suspect, however

, that if Mr. Carman could order the world to his liking he would write him. self down as “ vocation : writing, hunting, and fishing; avocation : business." He writes as one who knows by inheritance and training the true code of the woods.

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own story

SENATOR DAVENPORT's name is famil

iar to Outlook readers not only as that of a Nationally known authority on government and as a leader of progress ivism in New York State, lyut also as a frequent contributor on political sub

jects to our columus. The social devel. T LAST, the most dangerous, the most picturesque, the with its industrial processes, and there

opment of America is closely bound up most thrilling theater of the war is opened up to the fore it is distinctly appropriate that so

close a student of our political and general reader ! The mystery that shrouded the naval com- social development should devote himbat, made necessary by the presence of a treacherous foe, is lifted self to the preparation of a survey of ,

conditions in one of the most modern at last by America's supreme naval commander. It is a book that of American industrial centers. It is a will repay reading many times—in its extraordinary interest and enport tells of " Treating Men White

very human story which Senator Davits historical value. It is history by a man who helped to make it. in Akron Town.”

HEODORE MAYNARD is an English A human story Can you picture


poet who deserves well of American

readers. He has been a visitor to our Admiral Sims and his collabo- A premier who never showed shores for the last year, spending rator, Burton J. Hendrick, have the agony he suffered when there part of the summer at the celebrated

MacDowell colony of artists, writers, made it a vitally human story. To seemed no escape from barbarism ? and musicians at Chocorua, New Hamp -the precision of the naval expert,

shire. Two volumes of poems from bis the care of the historian, is added

A stern British admiral who pen have recently appeared in Ameri the touch of human interest and

can editions. cooked food for survivors of tor

The first of these volumes was re good, sound writing.

pedoed ships, and then washed the viewed in The Outlook for December dishes ?

24, 1919. The second, as its title dis Did you know

closes, " A Tankard of Ale: An AntholThat only once in the life of

An American naval officer held ogy of Drinking Songs,” which Mr.

Maynard edited, deals with an art or the British Empire has a foreign

in suspicion because of the initials occupation which Americans for all on his clothing?

time have decided officially to deny to naval commander's colors been

themselves. unfurled

British naval station ?


IE Book Table for this week con

tains an article by the Editor-inThat there actually was a time

Chief of The Outlook, Lyman Abbott, when the submarine menace made

on the life-work of one of the most

daring and constructive of American the future of all civilization look

missionaries, Daniel Bliss. Dr. Bliss dark?

was a personal friend of Dr. Abbott's. This article is an authentic interpreta

tion of the great work of an outstan$$$$$$$$$$ PP $$$$$$$$$$ ing character in American religious,

and educational history.





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Its lasting value,
makes it an ideal gift. DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & CO.
Order several copies

Garden City, N. Y.
now, lo give your best

Send me....copies of
friends this Christ-

| Victory at Sea," for which I en-
mas. Avoid last min. 1 close $ (Net $5.00 each.)
ute shopping! If your !
bookseller cannot sup-

i Signed...
ply you,

this coupon.


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A compact reference library of exact, scholarly information for practical use. This Supreme Authority” answers all kinds of questions about

. 6 words, people, places, questions of what, why, how. Hundreds of thousands of men and women, leaders in all lines of activity, use this storehouse of facts as a means to culture and success.

You Are the Jury

Salient Features
Here's the Evidence

400,000 Words and Phrases including the

new Words, such as Bolsheviki, brisance, ace, that settles the matter when it comes to selecting Taube, fourth arm, ukulele, tank, Freudian, a dictionary :

escadrille, vitamine, lorry, Rotarian. THE NEW INTERNATIONAL is the standard of the Fed

Proper Names, Foreign Phrases and Proverbs, Noted eral and State Courts. Standard of the Govt. Printing Fictitious Persons, and Abbreviations are all in one

vocabulary order. Office. Standard of nearly all school books. Indorsed by

30,000 Gazetteer Entries. State School Supts. All States (32 in number) that have 12,000 Biographical Entries.

6,000 Illustrations. 2,700 Pages. Colored Plates taken official action regarding the adoption of diction- and Engravings. aries for schools recognize the Merriam Series as au

100 Valuable Tables of Coins, Weights, Religious Sects, etc. thoritative. Universally recommended by Statesmen,

The only Dictionary with the new divided page.

The type matter is equivaleut to that of a 15-volume College Presidents, Educators, and Authors. Standard of encyclopedia.

Synonyms more fully, clearly, and carefully discriminated than the newspapers. Grand Prize, Panama-Pacific Exposition. ever before in an English dictionary.

Capitalization of Proper Names clearly indicated.
TESTED by a Big Business Concern

REGULAR EDITION. Size, 12% *9%5 inches. Weight, 14%4 lbs. “We tested the New International in a peculiar way to find its adap- INDIA-PAPER EDITION. Size, 12% x 94 2% inches. tability to our business. The test consisted in taking 37 of the most Weight, 7 lbs. technical and unusual terms that we could find, applying to the elec- One half the thickness and weight of the Regular trical industry. Excepting in one case, that of a compound word,

Edition. Printed on thin, opaque, strong, and complete definitions were found for each one of these electrical

expensive India Paper. Has an excellent print

ing surface resulting in remarkably clear imterms.-Puget SOUND TRACTION,,Light & Power Co."

pressions of type and illustrations. FREE to Outlook" Readers : Page not ustrations, samples of both papers,


, , India and Regular. Free to “Outlook" readers : a useful set of Pocket Maps.


Gentlemen : Send specimens of Regular and India-Paper, Illus., terms, etc., with free maps, per offer in The Outlook.


G. & C. MERRIAM CO., Springfield, Mass., U. S. A.


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