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PEDESTRIAN CAs glad to see in your issue of Sepember 22 an item voicing an idea h I have long entertained, which is

the automobile horn is out of its er sphere when used to warn pedesis to get out of the way, ccording to all law and precedent, on ind land, it is the duty of the stronger ke care of the weaker. atil the automobile made its appear

there was never a question at that pedestrian had the right of way on the it. Why should this law be nullified, at such a cost? hen the autoist sounds his horn for pedestrian to clear the way, he is doing isely what the ancient kings used to hen they sent their criers before them, ting, “ Make way, make way for his esty,” and enforcing their demands whip or staff. The autoist doesn't his crier before him, but he sounds horn and merely kills or maims those

are not active enough to get out of vay. he principal use of the horn, it seems ne, should be to signal other cars. If iutoist is about to pass another vehicle g in the same direction, let him sound distinct blast ; if about to turn a corner he right, let him sound two blasts. If s to turn a corner to the left, he will Id three blasts, and if about to slow up op he gives four blasts. his method would, it seems to me, be a improvement over the present method <tending the hand to indicate that the ist is about to do something. Espey would this be true with closed cars, with any car when it is dark. he only thing which will stop the ghter of the innocents is to stop the of the horn to warn foot travelers to out of the way, while the autoist takes mely and adequate measures for their Ey if they do not. at the case squarely up to the autoist the foot traveler is absolutely within rights when he crosses the street, as as when, if there is no sidewalk, he s in the street. ll this is not because I am an autoile hater, for I have been driving one st every day for the last sixteen years, find it most certainly indispensable in

JOHN J. SHAW. mouth, Massachusetts.

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If Arnold Bennett or H. G. Wells lived in your own town and wrote its story—if they put your fight and dreams into a novel about the village doctor and his eager young wife from the city—if they told with absolute honesty, tempered with gaiety and shrewd observation, of small-town ugliness and stupid talk and rich, undiscovered beauty-wouldn't it mean a good deal to you? Wouldn't be an event to be able to read it? It's with just that honesty and observation and gaiety that Sinclair Lewis has told the story of the real American small town, the real American woman of today, in MAIN STREET.

Just ready. $2.00. At bookstores or from

HARCOURT, BRACE & Howe One West 47th St.,

New York City






When you notify The Outlook of a change in your address, both the old and the new address should be given. Kindly write, if possible, two weeks before the change is to take effect.

RADO TAFT, the Chicago sculptor, has ust completed, after more than four s' work, a notable fountain group h is the first step in the plan to transthe famous “ Midway Plaisance of Vorld's Fair of 1893 into the most tic formal boulevard in the world.

l'ecently completed work is the untain of Time,” which adorns the west of the Midway, and is to have a comon piece, the Fountain of Creation," e east end. The Midway is a grassy - a mile in length and about one thoufeet wide, connecting Washington Jackson Parks. Through the center is it is proposed to build a canal to ect the lagoons in the two parks, and anal will be spanned by three orna

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(Continued) mental bridges, while on the higher ground on each side will stand statues of the world's greatest idealists.

The « Fountain of Time” shows the human procession passing in review before the great immovable figure of Father Time, who is represented by a rugged, craglike figure, reviewing a throng of hurrying people who are crowding toward a goal they cannot see. A warrior on horseback forms the center of the composition, which fades off at the ends into creeping



A WORLD power today, a

hermit kingdom yesterday! In 1848 Ronald Mc Donald, an American boy, cast adrift at his own request off Japan's coast and imprisoned in a temple upon landing, became the first teacher of Eng. lish in the Empire. The “Ronald McDonalds” made Japan see beyond her boundaries.

Know one foreign country and know it well. See what modern Japan has to offer you in trade, travel, art, literature or other phases of human endeavor. Let us look beyond our own boundaries!

The Japan Society, an Association of Americans founded in 1907, is endeavoring to make it easy for all to secure authentic information about Japan.

Go to your public library. Read“ The Japanese Nation" by Nitobe, “Modern Japan" by Clarke, and "Have We a Far Eastern Policy ?" by Sher-, rill. These books give the busy man a background of modern Japan. Your local library undoubtedly has other standard volumes.



infancy and withered figures of age. There is a suggestion of joyous onward movement in this procession and of the splendor and pageantry which life has achieved since that first day of creation, which the other fountain, “ Creation,” will celebrate. Eighty-nine separate figures compose the human procession in the “ Fountain of Time."

Ask the librarian for the Society's bulletins and pamphlets giving the views of Thomas W. Lamont, Frank A. Vanderlip, Henry W. Taft, Darwin P. Kingsley, Lewis L. Clarke and other Americanskeen observers of Japan today.

For commercial information read the "Japan Trade Bulletin” at your local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade.


HEN we bought Glacier National Park

from the Blackfeet Indians, the Government established them as cattle raisers in what remained of their reservation. Since then reports have come regularly that they were prospering. Within the last year, however, accounts of eye-witnesses disclose a condition far from prosperous.

The Blackfeet have twice received from the Government the nucleus of a herd of cattle. Although their reservation has frost practically the year around, it normally affords good grazing land, and their natural instinct for cattle raising has been encouraged by the Government. The first herd of cattle was lost to them when, at the advice of the agent, the whole tribe sent both cattle and horses to winter in the eastern part of the reservation. There were neglected fences, and in the spring not one head of live stock came back. Later skins bearing their brands appeared in Chicago packing-houses.

The second herd, given them somewhat later, has likewise been lost, this time because of three years' of drought followed by the severity of last winter. This sum


Japan Society 25 West 43rd St, New York


spiring study of some of the basic things of life.

Net, $2.00

THE OPEN VISION By HORATIO W. DRESSER. A new and stimulating study of psychic phenomena.

Net, $2.00


sheaf of thrilling tales by great authors.
A companion volume to the earlier, success-
ful“ Famous Ghost Stories." Net, $1.50

By CLAUDE RICHARDS. A discussion of

the choice of vocations, of timely value to
young men and women. Net, $2.00

Edited by WILLIAM P. TRENT and B. W.

WELLS. A remarkable collection of early
American writings with biographical intro-
ductions. Complete in one volume. $2.50


heroes of mythology and legend are gathered here. Illustrated.

Net, $1.00

By E. C. DAVIES. A charming account of

family life in Serbia. Illustrated. Net, $1.50

By CLARENCE HAWKES. The story of

a Scotch Collie that was almost human.
Illustrated in color.

Net, $1.50

By CHARLES B. KNOCK. For boys and
girls. Illustrated in color. Net, $1.25

By NELLIE M. LEONARD, A continua-

tion of the popular “Graymouse Stories
for little folks. Illustrated in color. $1.00


By J. L. SHERARD). The diverting adven-

tures of a bear cub. Illustrated in color. $1.00

By JOHANNA SPYRI. A little story of
Swiss peasant life by the author of
“ Heidi." Translated by Helen B. Dole.
Frontispiece in color.

Net, $1.00

Thomas Y.Crowell Co. PUBLISHERS :: NEW YORK


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$450 up

er found them with good hay crops but horses to help in the cutting Aside from cattle raising there are very y chances for work within the confines

the reservation. The Great Northern ailroad has given jobs to approximately e hundred, but there is a limit to availle work, and many of the tribe are desute. The steadily diminishing appropriations om the Government have been inadeate in the present acute situation. Last nter rations bought for the old and ingent Indians liad to be shared with the le-bodied, who were willing to work for em and were without other means of obining food. As a result both the old and e able suffered from hunger. It is a tedious process trying to make e Indian forsake the ways of his fathers. is instinct for hospitality and generosity terferes with the development of his ense of thrift. Generations of hunting nd wandering have made the Blackfoot Jerse to anything but cattle raising, while ne climate of his reservation makes anyning else impracticable. But at present e has no cattle.

Drought left him without hay last winer, and he was ignorant how to shelter his carving cattle from the extreme weather. Those that had survived the drought died f exposure. The tribe, left without work, ithout food, without adequate shelter, windled until there are not fifteen hunred in all three of its branches. Pneubonia, trachoma, and tuberculosis found bem without blankets, without medicines, -ithout nurses.

Without question, the Blackfoot needs mmediate help or this winter will be more ragic than the last. Nothing but a child efore our civilization, he is dependent on ur care and generosity. He needs blankets, ld clothes, food, medicines, and nurses. He watches the mails for gifts from his ew white friends. He needs them despertely. Three months from now will be too ate, for already the first bitter frosts have eached him, and without aid he cannot survive another winter.


SOUTH AMERICA Including the best there is to see in South America

A ise-Tour and the celebrated trip over the Andes. Down

January 29th the West coast on the luxurious Pacific Line 70 days—$2200 up steamer “Ebro"-up the East coast via the Lam

port & Holt Line. Seventy days of pleasure on land and sea. An extended program of sight

seeing in all the principal cities of South America. WEST INDIES January 15th, S. S. Ulua ; February 19th, S. S. Cruises

Toloa, of the Great White .Fleet. These new 23 days under steamers, built for cruising in the tropics, offer the Tropical skies

comforts of an ocean liner. Visiting Havana, Santiago, Port Antonio, Kingston, Cristobal, Panama

Canal, Port Limon, San Jose and Havana. Tours

Honolulu, Japan, Manchuria, North and South To the ORIENT China and the Philippine Islands. Sailing from

Vancouver January 13; from San Francisco January 24, February 5 and 20, March 16, April 2 and 30, May 28 and June 25; from Seattle March 11. Small

parties under personal escort. Write for details. CALIFORNIA and Conducted tours leaving each week from the FLORIDA Tours middle of January throughout the winter to Cali

fornia and Florida. Stopover privilege enabling individuals to return independently or with a later tour. Write for details.

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Training for Authorship

The Four Great American Autobiographies

In the Boston Transcript, Lindsay Swift of the Boston Pub-
lic Library says: To the great trio of American auto-
biographies, Benjamin Franklin's, Booker Washing-
ton's, and Henry Adams's must now be added a fourth.

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The Autobiography of ANDREW CARNEGIE

How to write, what to write,

and where to sell, Cultivate your mind. Develop your literary gifts.

Master the art of self-expression. Make your spare time profitable. Turn your ideas into dollars. Courses in Short-Story Writing, Versifi

tion, Journalism, Play Writing, Photoplay

Writing, etc., taught personDr. Esenwein ally by Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for

many years editor of Lippincott's Magazine, and a staff of literary experts. Constructive criticism. Frank, honest helpful advice. Real teaching

Ono pupil bas roceived over $5,000 for stories and articles written mostly in spare time-"play work," ho calls it Another pupil received over $1,000 before completing her first course. . Another, a busy wife and mother, is averaging over $75 a week from

photoplay writing alone. There is no other institution or agency'doing so much for writers, young or 'old. The universities recognize this, for over one hundred members of the English faculties of higher institutions are studying in our Literary Department. The editors recognize it, for they are constantly recommending our courses.

We publish The Writer's Library, 13 volumes; descriptive
booklet free. We also publish The Writer's Monthly, the lead.
Ing magazine for lucrary workers; sample copy 20 cents, annual
subscription $2.00. Besides our teaching service, we offer a
panuscript criticism service,

150.Page illustrated catalogue free. Please Addras The Home Correspondence School

Dept. 58, Springfield, Mass.

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Advertising Rates : Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, etc., sixty cents per agate line, four colamns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. In calculating space required for an advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired.

* Want” advertisements, under the various headings, “ Board and Rooms, Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each “Want” advertisement is set in capital letters without additional charge. Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the department may be arranged for on application.

Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance ten days before the date of issue when it is intended the advertise ment shall first appear.


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Early Spring Tours

, THE HOLY LAND, Summerville


Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts BOARD AND ROOMS SOUTH CAROLINA

ONE paying guest desired by two bude NEW JERSEY

living alone. Single room, private bath. Mai Newfoundland,

optional. 20 minutes from Penn stadir. New Jersey

9,141, Outlook. EARLY GOLF and HUNTING

A modern health resort, delightful in autumn. Let us send you


our booklet.

ROOMS–Single rooms and bath, dontie to

NORTH CAROLINA room and bath, in private family. Lacri

wanna Railroad. Must give references. 4.2 Outlook.

BOOKS, MAGAZINES Under the leadership of Pine Forest Inn & Cottages


BOOKS on pedigrees, genealogies, o Sailing the end of January


coats-of-arms. Every Anglo-Saxon and Cek

name. Kindly inquire for particulars. Chai Summerville, S. C., 22 miles from

A. O'Connor, 21 Spruce St., New York City Later Tours to ITALY and

Opens for its 25th season. A quarter-
Historical Charleston

STORIES, poems, plays, etc., are wanteit:

century of happy Southern sport life! publication. Submit MSS. or write Liten NORTHERN EUROPE

Bureau, 325, Hannibal, Mo.

Write for further information to

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Special early rates to Feb. 1 Informally Nov. 8th-Formally Nov. 20th The Bureau of University Travel

PRINCIPAL-Man or woman, for high-cha 15 Boyd Street

Newton, Mass.
One of the finest winter resort

GOLF-SHOOTING-RACING-MOTORING- resident and day school for girls. Colin
hotels in the Middle South. Here
RIDING-DRIVING— TENNIS-AIRPLANING preparation and junior college work. Super

focation, very attractive equipment. Iures TRAVEL IN EUROPE you will enjoy rest and quietness Delightful weather for November and

ment necessary. Fall opening with splendo amidst tall Southern pines. In

December-like late Fall in New England.

faculty and excellent enrollment. Wonde te Superb routes ART, LITERATURE Splendid leaders HISTORY, FRENCH vigorating, dry, healthful climate.

prospects. Immediate possession, if desired For Reservations or Information address:

Present owner would retire. Particularly Satisfactory prices SPANISH, ITALIAN Pure artesian water. Cuisine and

General Office, Pinehurst, North Carolina, or

correspondence to those who can fill ans INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURS service on par with the best Met

tions. 9,101, Outlook. 65-A Franklin St.,

LEONARD TUFTS, 282 Congress St., Boston
Boston, Mass. ropolitan hotels. Ideal weather for

INVENTIONS wanted. Cash or royalty to

ideas. Adam Fisher Mfg.Co., 217.St. Loua Golf and Hunting BENNETT'S TRAVEL BUREAU

Health Resorts

FOR THE HOME Representing H. W. Dunning Co.

Special December & January California-Bermuda-West Indies

DOMESTIC SCIENCE correspondena Japan-China Egypt-Palestine Tournaments

courses. Good positions and home etticiency SOUTH AMERICA

Am. School Home Economics, Chicago. 506 Fifth Ave., New York Superb 18-hole golf course. Reg

HELP WANTED 200 Spreckels Building, San Francisco, Cal. ulated tennis courts. Livery of carriage and saddle horses. Good

Business Situations roads for driving and motoring.

RAILWAY traffic inspectors eam frog

$110 to $200 per month and expenses. Tror Quail, Wild- Turkey, Fox and

if desired. Unlimited advancement. No Parties enrolling now. Moderate prices. Most interesting routes. Deer Hunting

limit. We train you. Positions furnished under

guarantee. Write for booklet CM27. Stawia Great success 1920.

Business Training Institute, Buffalo, N. S. TEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.,

F. W. Wagener & Co.
Boston, Mass.

WRITE photoplays: $25-$300 paid anja
Sanford Hall, est. 1841 for suitable ideas. Experience unnecessary

complete outline free. Producers League Willard A. Senna

Private Hospital

438, St. Louis.

SOCIAL workers and secretaries. Ma Manager

For Mental and Nervous Diseases Richards, Providence, East Side Bor 3. Roma Address until Nov. 20, 1920, care of

ton 16, Jackson Hall,' Trinity Court, Friday

Comfortable, bomolike surround- eleven to one. Address Providence. Plymouth Inn, Northampton, Mass. ings; modern methods of treatment;

Companions and Domestic Helpers competent nurses. 15 acres of lawn,

COMPANION children. Refined for If so, write to Secretary


park, flower and vegetable gardens. woman of pleasant disposition in small for

Food the best. Write for booklet. ily. Mrs. Badger, 99 Argyle Road, Brookly JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION If You Are Tired or Need a Change Sanford Hall Flushing New York

Telephone 904 Flatbush.

MOTHER'S HELPER, young, educate! you cannot find a more comfortable place in Care Traffic Dept.

to help care for 3-year-old girl and assisto New Euglaud than

work of small New York apartment. Attrat LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick ive home. Liberal salary to right person

People to Get Well Write Brooke, 132 East 19th St., New York

Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to

PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer a for 120-page Guide Book Free

the personal study and specialized treatIt affords all the com

employee: housekeepers, matrong set per neut of the invalid. Massage, Electricity,

of When writing please mention " Outlook."

taries, governesses, dietitians, attendants home without extravagance. Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

mother's helpers. 51 Trowbridge Sc, Cat Robert LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D.

bridge, Mass. NEW YORK CITY

(late of The Walter Sanitarium) Hotels and Resorts

NURSE or mother's helper for two gira

one seven years, the other nine moute BERMUDA

The Bethesda White Plains,

at Scarsdale, N. Y. Good home for the A private sanitarium for invalids and aged Must

mult parson. American Protestant


good salarda The Ideal Winter Resort 12 East 31st Street

who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address sired and ability to fill position. Address

for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241. P. 0. Box 566, Scarsdale, N. Y. PRINCESS HOTEL New York

WANTED-Young woman of refinement to Real Estate

care for three little children. Give references Combines every convenience and home

with reply. Mrs John Petty. 431 W. Station comfort, and commends itself to people of


St., Germantown Philadelphia, Pa. refivement wishing to live on American Plan

WANTED-Nurse, baby 2 years. Must ser HOWE & TWOROGER, Managers and be within easy reach of social and dra- WINTER HOME Long Island year round. 9,137, Outlook.

matic centers.
Directly on the Ilarbor. Accommodates 400.
Open Dec. 6 to May 1.
Rates with Ilustrated Booklet gladly sent

Ideal Climate, Hunting, Fishing

DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafete

managers, governesses,
8-room cottage, 3-room help cottage, both
upon request.

Reached by Steamers of Furness Bermuda Line,

furnished, smnll grove. Quick sale will take


Miss Richards, Providence, Exo Whiteball St., N. Y.

$8,000 cash next 30 days. Box 32, Cocoa, Fla.

Side Box 5. Boston, Fridays, 11 to 1, 16 dec HOTEL JUDSON 53. Washington Square

son Hall, Trinity Court. Address Providence DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms


WANTED-Chambermaid. In writing sesi with and without batlı. Rates $3.50 per day: If Wanting a Location

references and wages required. Nr. k)

for a & K , including Special for two weeks

summer school, Painter, Fairmount Boulevard, Cleveland. O N. W.

or more. Location very central. Convenient colony, or summer home_by the sea, write

to all elevated and street car lines. WASHINGTON, D. C.

to ine. Samuel Sylvester, Lisbon Falls, Me. woman who

will appreciate good home will

EXCEPTIONAL opportunity for carab! A Select Family and Transient Hotel



pleasant surroundings in southero Delawar

General housework." Address P. O. Los Lu Ideal Location. Modern appointments


Laurel, Delaware. Kirklawn, at Rye, N. Y. and Home-like. Good table. American

33 States -$10 to $100 Farms

private plan. Rates reasonable: special rates for

an ACRE. Stock, tools, HOUSEKEEPER, to share the work Inn, 40 minutes from New York City. Suites crops often included to settle quickly. Write household with one other.

Could take chill à prolonged stay. Booklet.

1, 2, 3 rooms and bath. Maid service and for big illustrated catalog. STROUT FARM IRVING 0. BALL, Proprietor.

Independence in return

for helpful co-opert restaurant. Steam heat. Telephone Rye 256. AGENCY, 150 B. M. Nassau St., New York City. tion. Address Box 58, Radnor, Pa.

Are you interested in it? ?


matrons, bour

The HAMILTON 14th & K St.,

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Take Risks Prudence suggests that you give instant attention to cuts or scrapes, however slight. Apply New-Skin at once, as directed. New-Skin forms an antiseptic film that resists wear and washing. In keeping germs out of the wound, it assists in the natural process of healing.

15c. and 30c. At all Druggists.

he best known
shoes in the

BOYS world. They are

SHOES sold in 107 W.L.

$4.50 $5.00 Douglas stores,

and $5.50 direct from the factory to you at only one profit, which guarantees to you the best shoes that can be produced, at the lowest possible cost. W. L. Douglas name and

. the retail price are stamped on the bottom of all shoes before they leave the factory, which is your protection against unreasonable profits. W. L. Douglas $9.00 and $10.00 shoes are absolutely the best shoe values for the money in this country. They are made of the best and finest leathers that money can buy. They combine quality, style, workmanship and wearing qualities equal to other makes selling at higher prices. They are the leaders in the fashion centers of America. The stamped price is W. L. Douglas personal guarantee that the shoes are always worth the price paid for them. The prices are the same everywhere; they cost no more in San Francisco than they do in New York. W. L. Douglas shoes are made by the highest paid, skilled shoemakers, under the direction and supervision of experienced men, all working with an honest determination to make the best shoes for the price that money can buy.



Never Neglect a Break in the Skin"



W. L. Douglas shoes are for sale by over 9000 shoe dealers besides our own stores. If your local dealer cannot supply you, take no other make. Order direct from factory. Send

for booklet telling how to order shoes by mail, postagefree. CAUTION.—Insist upon having W.L.Doug.

We Doreglas

President las shoes. The name and price is plainly

W.L.Douglas Shoe Co., stamped on the sole. Be careful to see

167 Spark Street, that it has not been changed or mutilated.

Brockton, Mass.

Prepare by mail in spare time for this attractive profession, in which the love to Become a Banker:

are great opportunities. Send at once

EDGAR G. ALCORN, President,
American School of Banking, 41 McLene Bldg., Columbus, O.


SITUATIONS WANTED Teachers and Covernesses Companions and Domestic Helpers HOPKINS' Educational Agency, 507 Fifth POSITION as companion by middle-aged le. Governesses, nurses, housekeepers, sec- American widow. Would travel. Well educaries, companions, dietitians, attendants, cated and keenly interested in current affairs uchers,

as well as literature and music. Salary secWANTED-Competent teachers for public ondary. 9,151, Outlook. d private schools. Calls coming every day. MASSEUSE desires position with lady nd for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, going South for winter. Box 52, East Springbany, N. Y.

field, Pa. GOVERNESS, French, with pure Parisi- YOUNG LADY as companion; to go to ne accent, able to conduct fifth grade work, Florida or southern California. 9,146, Outlook.

two boys, five and eight. Physical care. CULTURED, experienced woman seeks eferences. Address Mrs. Ludington, 271 management of motherless household. HighLiitney Ave., New Haven, Conn.

est credentials. 9,142, Outlook.

CULTURED gentlewoman would board SITUATIONS WANTED and chaperon young girl in New York or

travel with semi-invalid. Correspondence Professional Situations

solicited. 9,143, Outlook. GRADUATE nurse, R. N., wishes to travel

REGISTERED nurse desires to accompany _th patient. 9,125, Outlook.

some one going South for expenses. 9,146,

Outlook. NEW YORK PHYSICIAN of twenty ears' successful private and hospital prac

LADY of refinement desires to accompany Ce is open for engagement to go South or

Party going South for

expenses. 9,147, -road with individual or party during Janu

Outlook. y and February, 1921. 9,136, Outlook.

LADY as companion-housekeeper or house

mother in school. Excellent references. Business Situations

Middle age. 9,134, Outlook. COLLEGE graduate desires position re

GRADUATE dietitian (registered nurse) airing intelligence and industry and paying

desires suitable position. Successful with I game. Three years' teaching and one

children. Good housekeeper. Institutional ear's selling experience. 9,113, Outlook.

experience. Excellent instructor, refined, YOUNG woman as secretary, experience

well bred, Protestant, Overseas service. usiness and social, offers services for position

Eastern credentials. Boston, New York, or trust or as companion in home. Travel op

Philadelphia interview. 9,135, Outlook. nal. Highest Chicago references regarding WANTED, by graduate nurse of wide exaracter, service, education, and personal- perience, position as factory nurse. Excellent 7. 9,133, Outlook.

references. Salary $1,200. 9,120, Outlook. ompanions and Domestic Helpers

CAPABLE, executive woman of refinement

and force, manager summer inn Pennsylvania EDUCATED young woman, traveled, sec. mountains ten years, desires similar position tarial experience, wishes position as social winters. Active supervising all work. Florida cretary or

traveling companion. 9,149, or California preferred but not essential. utlook.

Reference. 9,115, Outlook.

SITUATIONS WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers

GENTLEWOMAN desires position as companion to elderly lady, or invalid. Good l'eader, musical, cheerful, experienced. Best references. 9,119, Outlook.

FORMER teacher, pleasantly modulated voice, would read to invalid or coach children of school age. Highly recommended. 9,111, Outlook.

MIDDLE-aged gentlewoman for companion to elderly lady or semi-invalid. 9,117, Outlook.

COMPANION or governess by well educated young lady experienced iú managing home and servants. Highest references. 9,121, Outlook.

GRADUATE nurse desires position in California or Florida. References. 9,129, Outlook.

YOUNG woman of refinement wishes position as nurse or companion with people going either southern California or Florida. References. Address Miss M. Green, Back Bay P. O., Boston General Delivery.

POSITION by young lady as traveling companion, traveled extensively, or position as mother's helper to some one going South or West. Fond of children. Permanent position. 9,126, Outlook.

Teachers and Covernesses FRENCHWOMAN, 41, married, offers services for passage to Europe. Déjoux, Cornwallville, N. Y.

YOUNG American gentlewoman as teacher of art in private school or college (European training) or as secretary. Speaks Freuch. 9,090, Outlook.

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE TO PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL. Cadillac, seven- passenger suburban sedan completely rebuilt last June, just out of paint shop. Owner prepared to give unqualified guarantee that the car is in perfect me chanical condition. An opportunity to piu' chase one of the compauy's best models, which has been thoroughly tried out, and every fault eradicated. H. B. Wilcox, 39 E. 75th St., New York.

SHAWNEE, Oklalioma. A growing city. A good place to live. Write for information, Board of Commerce, Shawnee, Okla.

CHILDREN given kindergarten advantages. Summer New England home, winter New York apartment. 9,150, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED mother offers to little girl comfortable suburban home two hours. from New York. Opportunity. Compensation reasonable. 9,131, Outlook.

VISITING READER, one hour or more, in New York, 9,154, Outlook.

TO young women desiring training in obstetrical nursing a thorough course of one year is offered by the Lying-in Hospital, Second Ave. and 17th St., New York. Monthly allowance and inaintenance. For further information address Directress of Nursey.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will send things on approval. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

GRAPHOLOGY. Interesting character study. Complete analysis of handwriting made for $5. 9,063, Outlook.

YOUNG BOY.-Spezialist with boys will. asgune responsibility for live youngster. Northern lake city, much outdoor life. 9,079, Outlook.

OWNER of comfortable bungalow in the Oranges will exchange 2 rooms and bath, rent, heat, and light free, for care of bungalow, with reasonable arrangement as to meals. Married couple preferred. Best references required. 9,123, Outlook.

MISCELLANEOUS WANTED, to take child in refined, loving, Christian home 120 miles from New York. Best of care. Reasonable remuneration. 9,118, Outlook.

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