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THE QUESTION Uncle Sam : “Am I Americanizing them—or are they Europeanizing

me ?!




(C) Harris & Ewing


(C) Harris & Ewing


Erst and O. E. Weller

, respectively

; Tirmeditle consists of Czechoslo0.

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league, Senator La Foilette, neverthe- Thomas J. Heflin, of Alabama, who reason for the establishment of the less defeated La Follette's Independent succeeds the late Senator Bankhead, Little Entente—the common menac candidate, and also Dr. Paul S. Reinsch, Democrat.

of Bolshevism. In resisting it Czecho the Democratic candidate and late Min- Thomas E. Watson, of Georgia, who slovakia stands worthily at the head o ister to China. From a purely non-par- succeeds Senator Hoke Smith, Demo- the Little Entente nations. In dealing tisan point of view, the Senate would crat.

with any unrest-agrarian, industrial have lost heavily if Mr. Lenroot had Scott Ferris, of Oklahoma, Congress- political—the Czechoslovakian Govern been defeated.

man, who succeeds Senator Gore, Dem- ment has already acquired enviall In the border States the Democrats ocrat.

balance and poise. Thus the counse had their troubles. In Kentucky and

which in an alliance a man like Bene Maryland Senators Beckham and Smith

could give would be of vital value THE LITTLE ENTENTE had to meet

Such Rumanian statesmen as Bratianu HE

Entente has been and Jonescu and such Jugoslav states and the issue of those contests is still

. It

men as the Serb Pasitch and the Croa undecided. Even in Oregon Senator vakia, Rumania, and Jugoslavia. It is Trumbitch appreciate the advantages of Chamberlain's return is in doubt.

due to the initiative of Eduard Benes, Czechoslovakian leadership in a com Czechoslovakian Foreign Minister. mon resistance to a common enemy.

The first reason for establishing this The Little Entente aims not so much THE PROBABLE RESULTS

Little Entente is the common menace at definite political union as at an equi If present reports are confirmed, of Hungary. In the opinion of Hun- librium and a unity of action more among the new Republicans in the Sen. garians, the Paris Peace Conference

stable, and hence more influential

, tham ate will be:

treated no enemy nation more drasti- have hitherto characterized the individ Samuel M. Shortridge, of California, cally than it treated Hungary, a state

ual policies and efforts of the thre who apparently has been able to over- which has represented a remarkable nations. come the great popularity of the present economic self-sufficiency. But the ConSenator, James D. Phelan, Democrat. ference, obstinately proceeding on idealSamuel D. Nicholson, of Colorado, istic ethnographical lines only, and


called at to Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Jugo- tention to the lip-reading lecture Charles S. Thomas, Democrat.

slavia territories vitally essential to on art given at the Metropolitan Mu Frank R. Gooding, of Idaho, former Hungary's well-being, particularly as seum for the benefit of the deaf and Governor of that State and opponent regards mines, forests, and transporta- dumb. But there are a great many of the present Senator, John F. Nugent. tion. The Hungarians, a proud people, persons who are not deaf, but only deaf

William B. McKinley, of Illinois, cherish thoughts of revenge. As soon ened—we are apt to call them “ karu Congressman, who succeeds Lawrence as they can they will strike with armed of hearing." Y. Sherman, Republican, the present force, now here, now there, to regain A league for the benefit of the hand Senator.

what they can of their former territorial of hearing has been in operation for Edwin F. Ladd, of North Dakota, a integrity. Indeed, they are already at ten years in the metropolis

. Its healwell-known professor in the State work in the Little Entente countries.

quarters are at 126 East 59th Street Agricultural College, a Non-Partisan Largely under the guise of Bolshevist It maintains an office and meeting-rooma Leaguer and nominal Republican, who agitation they are fomenting unrest and has some 11,000 yearly callers, le succeeds the present Senator Gronna. and spreading pro-Hungarian propa- conducts free lip-reading classes under

Frank B. Willis, of Ohio, former ganda there. In addition, the many the auspices of the Board of Educativa Governor, who succeeds President-elect thousands of former Hungarian Govern- and gives scholarships in lip reading in Harding.

ment employees, who derived their in- private schools. It procures aural exa? Peter Norbeck, Governor of South comes from official positions held in the inations, studies the problems of dea Dakota, who succeeds the present Sen- lost lands, have become so many agents

ness, and co-operates in efforts towards ator, Edwin S. Johuson.

for the reacquisition of those lands. its prevention. It maintains a shop in Among the Democrats:

Another menace forms the second which deafened men and women may


who, it appears, will succeed the

present ignoring economif.considerations, cave THE OUTLOOK has already camera

find a market for their handiworkthe sales are about $1,400 a year. It conducts eight clubs—for young people, for workingmen, for workingwomen, card clubs, sewing clubs, etc. It has a free bureau for employment and educational direction, and places four-fifths of its applicants. In spite of limitations, the deafened can concentrate, observe keenly, be efficient, thorough, persistent, reliable, and appreciative.

Some seven hundred people, mostly persons

of moderate means and ninetyfive per cent of them deafened, have paid the expenses for about a decade of this pioneer organization. It needs more money. We believe that we have but to mention this fact to bring quick and generous response.



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Underwood & Underwood


VEN in the midst of a Presidential
election the race between the fish-

THE AMERICAN SCHOONER ESPERANTO, WINNER OF THE INTERNATIONAL FISHERMEN'S ermen of Gloucester and the fishermen of Nova Scotia deservedly attracted almost Nation-wide attention. Of late are sailed by real veterans of the Banks. with the Administration of Woodrow years the builders of fishing vessels both Some of the great yacht clubs would Wilson the policies and practices with of our own Eastern seaboard and of be acting in a very neighborly fashion which he and his party had become Nova Scotia have profited much from if they offered a trophy for such an identified. The American people have the lessons learned by the designers of international race. Such an annual race had nearly eight years of experience in racing yachts, but the fishermen have would serve both as an encouragement of peace and in war with the kind of Gov. wisely and necessarily never departed good design and as a fitting commemora- ernment exemplified by Mr. Wilson from those standards of sound and sea- tion of the finalsettlementof the century- and, under his influence and control, worthy construction which were char- old controversy between Great Britain adopted by his party; and they have acteristic of the earliest of our defend- and America which arose from the con- decided that for a time at least that ers of the America's Cup.

flict of interest between the fishermen experience has sufficed. They want a Representing the Gloucester fleet of Nova Scotia and the fishermen of change. They saw no chance of getting was the schooner Esperanto, sailed by Massachusetts.

that change by continuing the DemoCaptain Marty Welch. Opposing him

cratic party in administrative power. was the schooner Delawana, champion

No amount of argument during four of the Nova Scotian fleet, sailed by THE ELECTION OF months of campaign could withstand Captain Himmelman. The races were


the cumulative power of more than sailed off Halifax, and the courses were

seven years of facts. In undertaking to some forty miles in length, so laid as to ANY tributaries flowed into the meet this situation, Governor Cox has provide all varieties of sailing.

I dented flood deluged the land

stream which in almost unprece- argued that he, and not President The victory was to be determined by

Wilson, was the candidate ; but the a series of three races, but the Ameri- with votes for Harding and Coolidge people were not voting primarily upon

. can vessel won the first two races held, Public opinion, as expressed in an elec- a candidate, but upon a set of policies thereby taking the trophy and the tion, has a common effect, but has no and practices, and those policies and purse. In both races the American ves- common source. It is never possible practices both Mr. Cox and his party sel manifested its superiority in a point fully to analyze the causes which result had approved and accepted as their inof sailing which has long been the in a National election. The voters who heritance. Unlike Grover Cleveland, greatest stronghold of both American united in choosing Senator Harding as who was repudiated by his party and windjammers and American racing the next President did so for diverse opposed by Mr. Bryan, his party's nomyachts, namely, a beat to windward. reasons.

inee, Woodrow Wilson has had the satThis is the point in which seamanship Nevertheless, in spite of the confu- isfaction of placing his stamp upon his and design affect the result most tell- sion which attended the campaign this party, and thus of submitting through ingly. It is a matter of gratification to year, there was a

common purpose his party his stewardship to the judgfind that American fishing vessels and which animated the great majority of ment of his fellow-countrymen. And his American fishermen are still superior those who voted for the Republican

those who voted for the Republican fellow-countrymen have chosen to have in this regard.

candidates. It was a purpose, in large now another kind of stewardship. It is to be hoped that these races measure, formed before the candidates of

One of the policies which the Amerbetween Nova Scotian fishermen and either party were nominated. The mind ican people have obviously wished to Gloucestermen will be made an annual of the people was early made up and abandon is that which is termed oneevent, open only to vessels which are was not subject to persuasion by words. man power or personal government. real veterans of their industry and which This

purpose was to bring to an end Long before he was President Mr. Wil


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