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tells us,


critic—his innate egoism and his catholicity

'of interest. In a less ebullient individuBY LLOYD R. MORRIS

ality the cultivation of the


would make

for boredom; in the case of Mr. Huneker JHE liberal soul,” remarked a scribe It is in the chronicle of Mr. Haneker's

a conscious and concentrated developmeut wise in his generation, “shall.be spiritual calisthenics on the steeple of ex- of personality has enriched our insight made fat.” Was it merely his self-perience that the reader of these volumes ”

into contemporary peregrinations of the recorded « vice of allusiveness” will find his richest fare. For all his

spirit. For Mr. Hüneker's ego has exwhich made James Huñeker filch a line avowed belief in the efficacy of the indi

panded by incremental accretion, and, from Walt Whitman for the motif of his viduals consumption of his own corpu- being a journalist, every new contact of avowals? Or is there a subtle malice in his lence, Mr. Huneker has burned up a large his sensitive perceptive apparatus has been quotation of Walt's declaration : “I find share of whatever adipose


so much grist to his critical mill. Of his no sweeter fat thạn sticks to my own blunted the edge of his emotions or dulled

catholicity of interest much could be said ; bones a deliberate recognition of the the fine contact of his intellect in drawing as a journalist he was called upon to deal validity and insidiousness of a philosophy himself up and down the steeple with an with music, painting, the drama, architecwhich would lead us to spiritual cannibalism infinite variety of ropes. And it is pre- ture, literature-he has run the gamut of while counseling us to stew in our own cisely his practiced mastery of these many

the seven arts frequently and escaped unintellectual juice? Who can tell ? But even ropes, his facile manipulation of them in

scathed. At bottom it is perhaps his relent80 caloric a diet would not dismay the re- the high winds of many arts, which has legs cultivation of his own reactions which doubtable Huneker, a coruscating spirit

has led him to savor the sensations of who has long partaken of the fruit of

many strange enterprises of the spirit; as strange cultures. Indeed, it has not, as his

wholesome a springboard for intellectual two stout volumes testify; he has made

curiosity as any other, and, in his own another excursion, and has returned with

case, certainly as valuable. “A critic,” he a cargo innocent of ivory and apes, but

should confess his limitations, containing here and there the brilliant

draw up at the beginning of a book a plumage of a peacock. For at last this

formal scenario of his temperament, prejgayly agile Proteus of interpretation has

udices, his likes and dislikes." Fortuexplored the adipose tissue of literature

nately, few critics have found it expedient with the scalpel of his wit—he is too prac

to follow consciously so heroic a method ticed a trencherman to use the truncheon

excepting George Bernard Shaw, who once —and has brought out an amazing portion

was paid for writing criticism—and have of baked meats.

thus spared readers the purgatory of perIn short, he has written his autobiog

petual prefaces. The accomplished work raphy.

of any writer is usually a sufficient indicaRather, these two volumes might be

tion of his limitations, and probably not termed the record of his conscious revela

even Mr. Huneker will escape being aption. Mr. Huneker is too delicate an inter

praised by posterity in the light of his preter of personality and mood not to real

published books. So that while his remiize what a less apprehending critic might

niscences have some value as indicating the suspect, that he had already written his

atmosphere of his writing, painting in, as autobiography in his earlier books. How could it be otherwise in the case of so per

it were, the elements of his spiritual land

scape, they are chiefly notable for those sonal a talent as his—a talent of which the

qualities for which Mr. Huneker's other quintessence lies in his own kaleidoscopic

and previous work is remarkable, and perceptions? But “Steeplejack" is none the less autobiography in a very special

they are the more pungent since in this

instance Mr. Huneker is interpreting himIn it Mr. Huneker has turned the

self in the light of his own personality, light of his interpretative insight into the

playing a cadenza to the theme and variaprocess of his own interpretation, and the

tions of his experience of life and art. reader, who is the gainer by this double given him his authority as an interpreter, The spiritual scenario which Mr. Hunemirroring of the spirit, receives a crystal

the poise, the vivid personality, the keen ker promises us is scrupulously set forth in liquid of no doubtful distillation. Why

penetration, which mark his contribution a full-flavored chapter entitled “ Eternity shouldn't a steeplejack make avowals ?

to our contemporary criticism. The char- and the Town Pump." (Parenthetically, it asks Mr. Huneker. And he observes : “It

acter of his avowals is best indicated by may be observed that perhaps no writer of is a dangerous occupation, and, oddly

himself: “It is the story of an unquiet English prose since De Quincey has evinced enough, one in which the higher you mount soul who voyaged from city to city, coun- 80 brilliant a talent in the invention of the lower you fall, socially. Yet a steeple

try to country, in search of something, he titles as has Mr. Huneker.) He conceives jack, humble as is his calling, may be a knew not what. The golden grapes of de- himself as essentially affirmative in his redreamer of daring dreams, a poet, even a

sire were

never plucked, the marvelous actions. “Out of the hodgepodge which I hero. I, who write these words, am no mirage of the Seven Arts never overtaken, call


life I had to distill some sort of poet, but I have been a steeplejack. I have climbed to the very top of many steeples losophy, the solemn temples of religion

the antique and beautiful porches of phi- philosophy,” he tells us. “I was never an

losophy, the solemn temples of religion agnostic. I always believed in something, the world over, and dreamed like the rest

never penetrated. Life has been the Bar- somewhere, somewhen—as Emerson has it. of my fellow-beings the dreams that ac

mecide's feast to me—you remember the In fact, I believe, and still believe, in company the promenade of pure blood

Arabian Nights '—no sooner did I covet everything. I am a Yes-Sayer' to life. through young arteries, and now, after a half

a rare dish than fate whisked it out of my Any extravagance but the denial of reality. century, I shall report these dreams and

reach. I love painting and sculpture. I The vicar of hell’ is he who teaches the their awakenings ; for the difference be

may only look but never own either pic- negation of things. Man is a vertical anitween the dream-world and what we are

tures or marbles. I would fain be a pianist, mal. True. But he is also mobile, an anipleased to call reality is something which

a composer of music. I am neither. Nor mal that adapts. Because of his numerous no poet, philosopher, or psychologist has

a poet. Nor a novelist, actor, playwright. aptitudes he is differentiated from his yet explained. . . . I dream, therefore I

I have written of many things, from archi- fellow-animals. His fall' was when he am, inight be the formula of a second Des

tecture to zoology, without grasping their went on all-fours and worshiped ignoble cartes. And who enjoys loftier dreams inner substance. I am Jack of the Seven sticks and stones as gods. The gesture was than a steeplejack? But alas! he must Arts. A steeplejack of the arts. An well meant, but the attitude undignified. always return to earth, else perish aloft

egoist who is not ashamed to avow it.” It was a throwback to the anthropoids. It from the cold.”

A mild appraisal, perhaps, and yet Mr. savored of a return to animalism. Yet it is 1 Steeplejack.” By James Gibbons Huneker.

Huneker has projected into it the most better to be a polytheist than an atheist. 2 vols. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. important elements of his equipment as a The gods are ever moving through thu



Courtesy of Charles Scribner's Sons


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heavens to remoter constellations. Nothing enjoyment in the carefully wrought char- gift of observation. He makes no pretenendures but mobility, changeless change. acterizations and ingeniously varied pres- sion to literary excellence, but has made Nevertheless we speak of stability, per- entations of soldiers, explorers, poets, and a book that is entertaining as well as ralmanence, immortality, the absolute when statesmen.

uable ethnologically. nature abhor's an absolute. The Eternal

Book of Bravery (The). Third Series. By Glimpses of South America. By F. A. SherReturn is now, it is the eternal recom- Henry W. Lanier. Illustrated. Charles Scrib- wood. Illustrated. The Century Company, der mencement."

ner's Sons, New York.

York. In that brief quotation we have the

Boys and older people too will find ex- A wide-awake business man here gives essence of Huneker; the undimmed youth citement and something more in these his impressions of South America. They of spirit, the pragmatic philosophy of critstories of adventure in which men and are vivid, readable, and comprehensive

. icism, the cultivated and sophisticated tem

“made good.” The brave ones told The chapters are short and the book is per of emotions and intellect, which have

of range from cowboys to missionaries, the abundantly illustrated. made it possible for him to reproduce viv

scenes from New York to Omdurman, and In the Tracks of the Trades. By Lewis R. idly the heightened sensations awakened the themes from plain fighting to struggles

Freeman. Illustrated. Dodd, Mead & Co.,

New York. by fluent experience. Superficially, per

involving mainly moral courage. haps, the formula may appear a facile one. America First. By Lawton B. Evans. Illus

The voyage in the South Seas here do But the formula itself is nothing. What

trated. The Milton Bradley Company, Spring

scribed was much less eventful in the way

field, Massachusetts, peculiarly distinguishes Mr. Huneker as a

of mishaps than Jack London's trip in

These stories of brave men and great critic is the finely sensitive quality of his

the Snark, which apparently started the deeds from the days of John Smith to fashion both for voyages to and books perceptions; even intellectually lie is our most delicately emotional critic. A subtly


those of Sergeant York will be read with about the fascinating islands of those dis

eager interest by children who have learned tant waters. Mr. Freeman sailed 13,500 fused temperament, as responsive, spiritu

that no stories are more wonderful than miles without accident or serious trouble." ally, to sensory stimulus as the violin string

true ones. to the bow of a Kreisler. And with an

He has made a very readable book about Fourth Down. By Ralph Henry Barbour. D.

his adventures; his photographs deserve equivalent capacity for harmonics.

Appleton & Co., New York.

better printing Mr. Huneker, with Whitman, finds his Quarter-Back Bates. By Ralph Henry Barown fat sweetest. The reader of his remi- bour. Dodd, Mead & Co., New York.

Old Cape Cod. By Mary Rogers Bangs. Ilus

trated. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. niscences will echo Cæsar's words: “Let The football season would be incomplete me have men about me that are fat.” without at least one school football story

The author has delved to good purpose from Mr. Barbour. This year we have two.

in the forgotten lore of the Cape, and has “Fourth Down” is a new tale of the boys

made a book replete with the flavor of the THE NEW BOOKS at Yardley, and not only, football play and sea captains make the book lively

old days. Good stories of pirates, Indians

, but the development of character under Hearts of Three. By Jack London. The Mac

reading. stress are brought out with all the writer's millan Company, New York.

usual graphic ability. A posthumous story by Jack London, in

Peace Tangle (The). By John Foster Bass

. “Quarter-Back Bates which descendants of the famous pirate,

is equally ex- The Macmillan Company, New York.

citing and deals with the adventures of Sir Henry Morgan, engage in a rival hunt Dick Bates in the famous Parkinson prep

This is a far more comprehensive book for his treasure buried somewhere in the

than the recently published volumes by Mr. school. Of course he makes the team, but South Sea Islands. The idea of the tale is

Keynes and Mr. Baruch on the present inonly after struggles and by much pertinacity. bold and its execution is spirited.

ternational situation. We know of no better

volume to commend either to the man in Little Warrior (The). By Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. The George H. Doran Company, Connecticut Wits (The), and Other Es

the street or to the serious student to the New York.

says. By Henry A. Beers. The Yale Uni- latter the book's value is doubled by the As in Mr. Wodehouse's “A Damsel in versity Press, New Haven.

inclusion of up-to-date maps and a notably

Scholarship and humor are admirably adequate index. In his Introduction the Distress," this amusing tale affords a laugh

blended in these essays by a veteran able contrast between English and Ameri

author tells us that his chapters were can up-to-date slang. There is also an teacher and writer of literature. They hastily written. They bear little evidence enjoyable glimpse of American stage life follow some of the curious and little-known

of it. In any event, the matter reveals a behind the scenes. The tale is capital bur- byways of authorship and literary history.

keen observation, a rich experience, and a lesque with a warm touch of human nature. Points of Friction. By Agnes Repplier, Litt.D. ripe maturity of judgment. Mr. Bass

Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. Mary Wollaston. By Henry Kitchell Webster.

A halfscore of the delightfully keen

traces recent diplomatic history from the The Bobbs-Merrill Company, New York. witted and observant papers which Miss

secret treaties entered into by various In the life of Mary, we are told, there is a clash between fastidious honesty and Repplier is kind enough to write from time

nations through the Paris Peace Conferruthless sentimentalism. Her human symto time for the enjoyment of appreciative

ence and the subsequent period. He de readers. They are always welcome and

votes special chapters to conditions in Gerpathy leads her into a strangely casual invariably worth while. Particularly, we

many, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, lapse from virtue, but in time she comes to like that on “ Dead Authors,” deprecating kans, and Turkey.

Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia, the Ballove and be loved by an original genius

“the recent determined intrusion of spirits who understands her nature. The novel is

Particular interest attaches to the cona social study on rather a large scale. It into authorship."

ment on the League of Nations. The deals much with musical things and people

Talks to Writers. By Lafcadio Hearn. Se-
lected and Edited with Introduction by John

author reproaches President Wilson with and has a good deal of subtlety.

Erskine, Ph.D. Dodd, Mead & Co., New York. having“ made a great mistake in fighting Summons (The). By A. E. W. Mason. The Chapters from the lectures which Hearn

to tie the League to the Treaties,” and George H. Doran Company, New York. gave at the University of Tokyo during

adds: “The only bright light in the pres Mr. Mason, here as always, has an ex- his residence in Japan. There is real sug

ent situation is that the League citing and unusual story to unfold. This

gestiveness and stimulation in these disser- vital matters has given place to the Allied novel is hardly the equal of the “Four tations, though Hearn himself said, “No governments-in-council composed of their Feathers « The Broken Road,” for the books yet exist that will teach you literary

Prime Ministers. They have no limitation author attempts to mingle a not very suc- work, which will teach you the real secrets

on their power.” The present moment, cessful humorous vein with his natural of literary composition.” Some day he affirms Mr. Bass, would have been more plot-and-action type of fiction writing. It hoped there might be such books. The

favorable to the creation of the League. is good to see Mr. Mason back in the pub- assiduous student may find this to be one

The League should be managed, he says

, lishing field after a long absence. of them.

by “ really elected legislators from eaclı TRAVEL AND DESCRIPTION

country.” America should not enter it at Book of Boyhoods (A). Chaucer_to Mac- Among the Ibos of Nigeria. By G. T.

all except with broad reservations, chieds Dowell, By Eugénie M. Fryer. E. P. Dutton Basden, M.A., F.R.G.S. Illustrated. The J. concerning Article X. The fact that me & Co., New York.

B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia. have remained outside the League makes An attempt to reconstruct the boyhood People who like books about Africa, but our position all the stronger, he declares

: of famous men. This is a difficult job at look askance at them when they are written “as a disinterested negotiator in the new best, and the average boy probably will by inissionaries, would do well to read this Europe.” Above all, our efforts should no balk at

of these biographies. book. It is by a missionary of wide ex- be to change the League's character from “ Bookish children, however, will find perience, rare open-mindedness, and a real a political to a judicial and economic body.

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100,000 TO 150,000 MILES Abraham & Straus 4 R. E. Cobb Co.

1 Hardy Furniture Co. Acme Cash Stores 1 Cody Transportation Co.

1 Hansen Motor Trucking Co. Adams & Piggott 2 Cohen Bros.

1 Harris & Mowry Co. Addison Auto Bus Co. 2 John Collins

1 Jesse B. Hart & Bro. Akers & Harpham Co. 2 John D. Coneau

1 Louis Hartman & Sons R. T. Allen & Bros. 1 Conrad-Baisch-Kroehle Co.

2 Haverty Furniture Co. American Stores Co. 1 Criss Bros.

1 J. Clark Helms S. M. Anderton 1 Crystal Spring Water Co.

1 Herrmann & Grace Co. Andre & Andre 1 Culmerville Auto Transit Co.

1 Hession, Florist Andrews & Horigan 1 W. J. Daly Co.

2 Higbee Co. Anthony Bros. 3 Davis Furniture Co.

1 Highland Motor Transfer Co. John Arata & Son

1 Denver & Pueblo Construction Co. 1 Highway Transit Co. Joseph R. Arbiter Co. 1 Frank J. Derry

1 R. A. Hilborn Atlantic Ice & Coal Corp 15 Diamond Spring Brewery

1 Holder Coal Co. Atlantic Refining Co. 5 August Doemling

1 Holm & Olson Christian Atz 1 Dorchester & Rose

1 Horstmeyer's Grocery Bakersfield Truck Co. 1 Downes Lumber Co.

1 M. L. Hullett A. L. Bartlett Co. 1 Duncan & Goodell

1 Hursen Undertaker, lac. F. X. Baumert 1 F. B. Du Pree

1 lodependent School District No. 51 Bekins Van & Storage Co. 1 Duquesne Transfer Co.

2 Interstate Auto & Supply Co. Benicia & Vallejo Stage Line 2 East Ohio Gas Co.

1 Interurban Auto Car Co. Bellevue & Allied Hospitals 1 T. Eaton Co., Ltd.

3 I. M. Iralson & Son Bergner Plumbing, Heat, & Sup. Co. 2 Chas. F. Eggers Lumber Co.

3 Jackson's Express & Van Co. Billow Undertaking Co. 3 C. R. Elder

1 W. K. Jeffries Block & Kuhl Co. 1 L. E. Elliott

1 Johnson Educator Food Co. J. B. Blood Co. 1 Emerick's Motor Bus Line Co.

6 Johnson's Express Co. Louis H. Bolce Co. 2 Emerson Piano House

1 Jones Store Co. Booneville Bottling Works 1 Factory Oil Co.

2 J. G. Justis Co. Boston Fresh Tripe Co. 1 Marshall Field & Co.

7 Kee & Chapell Dairy Co. Boston Furniture Co. 1 Field & Poorman

2 Edward Kelly Bradford Baking Co. 17 Fleming Bros.

1 Kelly-Springfield Tire Co. Albert A. Brager

1 Florida Motor Transportation Co. 18 Kimberly-Clark Co. Bra-Nola Co. 1 Flynn-Froelk Co.

1 George C. Kirkhope Geo. M. Brice 1. W. U. Fogwill

1 W. H. Kistler Stationery Co. Eugene W. Bronecki

1 Fort Valley Coca Cola Bottling Co. 1 Knickerbocker Storage Co. Buffalo Plumbing Supply Co. 1 Alexander Fowler

1 Knoble Bros. Bullock's 5 R. J. Francis Moving Co.

2 P. C. Knowlton & Co. City of Butte 1 Frank Franklin

1 G. W. Koehler Co. W. L. Byınes, Inc. 1 W. F. Frederick Piano Co.

2 Koblberg Bros. Caine-Grimshaw Co. 1 Fries & Schuele Co.

1 $. Kohn & Sons Co. California Ice Co. 1 Fullington Auto Bus Co.

1 Kraus Heating & Plumbing Co. Canton Provision Co. 1 Chas. Gaffney

4 J. S. Kroschewsky H. C. Capwell Co., Inc. 2 Gazette Printing Co., Ltd.

1 Theodor Kundtz Co. Carbon Coal Co. 1 General Baking Co.

1 F. Landon Cartage Co. J. B. Carr Biscuit Co. 1 Gifford's Express

1 S. Laskau Carter-Mullaly Transfer Co. 1 Gimbel Bros.


Lee Bros. Furniture Co. M. Catalano & Sons 1 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

2 E. Lehnhardt Estate Central Paper Co. 1 Grady Hospital

2 Lexington Dry Goods Co. Chandler & Rudd Co. 5 A. Graham & Son

2 City of Lincoln Police Dept. City Coal Co. 1 Grand Rapids Lumber Co.

1 City of Los Angeles Police Dept. City Ice Co.

1 Greenfield Electric Light & Power Co. 1 Los Angeles Gas & Elect. Corp. City of Cleveland, Police Dept. 3 Greenfield Transfer Co.

1 Walter M. Lowney Co. Cleveland Burial Case Co. 2 B. E. Grover

1 J. B. Lukens Cleveland Provision Co. 7 Gulf Refining Co.

1 E. B. McAlister & Co, Clover Leaf Dairy Co. 2 Fred Gunther Co.

1 Peter McCabe

2 A. J. McCarty

1 1 McCreery & Co.

1 1 Dorman McFaddin

1 1 McMahon Brothers

1 1 McMahon Transportation Co.

6 3 R. A. McWhirr Co.

1 1 Madary's Planing Mill, Inc. 1 1 Mandel Bros. 1 Marathon Auto Drayage Co. 1 1 Marsh-Murdoch Coal Co.

1 1 The May Co.

1 1 May & Co.

1 1 Henry P. Mayer Music House 1 1 John Meckes Sons Co.

2 1 Merchants Biscuit Co.

1 1 Mesaba Transportation Co.

6 1 Michaud Bros., Inc.

3 1 Michigan Seating Co.

1 1 Julius Miske

1 1 J. E. Monahan

1 1 Moore Transfer Co.

1 1 Moore-Handley Hardware Co.

1 1 Henry Morgan & Co., Ltd.

1 1 Morrison-Skinner Co.

1 1 Motor Transit Co.

1 1 Motor Transportation Co., Inc.

1 1 Mountain Auto Line

1 1 Timothy Murphy 2 Murta Appleton & Co.

1 2 National Plumbing & Heat. Sup. Co. ? 1 National Shawmut Bank of Boston 1 1 Nelson Farm

1 1 New Bedford Dry Goods Co. 1 A. J. Norris

1 1 North St. Paul Casket Co.

1 1 Norwich Motor & Machine Co.

1 1 Town of Norwood

1 1 V. G. Nottoli

1 1 O'Neill & Co.

2 1 Orchard & Wilhelm

1 1 Ott Hardware Company 1 Oxford Dye Works

1 4 Pacific Baking Co.

1 1 Pacific Fruit & Produce Co.

1 1 E. F. Pahl Co.

1 1 Palais Royal

1 2 G. E. Patteson & Co. 3 Pearson Paper Box Co.

1 1 Pelletier Co.

1 1 People's Store Co.

2 1 Perkinswood Transportation Co.

1 1 Perrett & Glenny

2 1 Pierson Engineering & Constr. Co.

1 1 Postum Cereal Co.

1 2 Portland Damascus Milk Co.




00,000 Miles and More

[blocks in formation]

1 Stevens Hardware Co.
19 Stewart Taxi-Service Co.
1 Strouss-Hirshberg Co.
1 Sturgis Jones Last Co.
1 Telling-Belle Vernon Co.
1 A. C. Titus & Co., Inc.
1 Tuolumne Lumber Co.
1 J. M. Traxler
3 Tucson Cornelia & Gila Bend R. R.
1 Turner & Westcott
1 Twin City Motor Bus Co.
1 Union Lumber Co.
1 United Cape Cod Cranberry Co.
1 United States Army Q. M. C.
1 United States Bakery
1 United States Laundry
1 United Transportation Co.
3 Waltham Laundry
7 Watkins Bros., Inc.
2 Watson Paint & Glass Co.
2 Webster Transportation Co.

[blocks in formation]

Acme Furniture Co.
Addison Auto Bus Co.
Akron Storage and Contracting Co.
Atherton-Fowler Furniture Co.
C. W. Baker
Benicia & Vallejo Stage Line
Berz Co.
Bledsoe Co.
Bonwit, Teller & Co.
Botzum Bros. Co.
Boulevard Transportation Co.
Bradford Baking Co.
Chicago Cooperage Co.
Frank A. Cholewinski
Clover Leaf Dairy Co.
Coca Cola Bottling Works Co.
Columbus Transfer Ca.
Conrad-Baisch-Kroeble Co.
Constance Lumber Co.
Cowlitz & Chehalis R. R. Co.
Denecke Co.
Denholm & McKay

150,000 TO 200,000 MILES 1 Dixon Transfer & Storage Co.

1 Hudson's Bay Co. 1 East Ohio Gas Co.

1 M. L. Hullett 1 T. Eaton Co., Ltd.

3 Hunt Mercantile Co. 1 Eatonville-Tacoma Stage Co.

1 Independent School District No. 51 1 Eberhardt-Hayes Music Co.

1 Indianapolis Abattoir Co. 1 Chas. F. Eggers Lumber Co.

1 Edward Kelly
1 Emerick's Motor Bus Line Co.

3 S. Laskau
1 Florida Motor Transportation Co. 3 Lyons Express Co.
2 Hugo H. Foerster

2 M. J. Malloy
1 Foley Auto Delivery Co.

1 Massachusetts Baking Co. 7 Foster & Kleiser Co.

1 Memphis News-Scimitar 9 William L. Freeman

1 C. J. Milligan Co. 1 Friends Hospital

j Moran Trucking Co. 1 Fries & Schuele

1 Mountain Auto Line 1 Fuller Dry Cleaning Co.

1 J. Mullany & Co. 1 A. Graham & Son

1 Muscatine, Burlington & So. R. R. 5 Hale Auto Corp.

1 M. O'Neil Co. 1 Hardy Furniture Co.

1 Orchard & Wilhelm 1 Charles E. Harris

1 Pacific Coast Biscuit Co. 1 Highway Transit Co.

2 J. A. Poole 1 Holt Stage Line Co.

1 G. F. Reed & Son

200,000 TO 300,000 MILES
2 Florida Motor Transportation Co. 2 McLaughlin Transfer Co.
1 Fowler, Dick & Walker

1 McMahon Transportation Co.
1 Fuller Dry Cleaning Co.

2 Madera-Fresno Stage Co. 1 Fullington Auto Bus Co.

1 Malandre Bros. 1 Hansen Motor Trucking Co.

1 Maryland Transportation Co. 3 Harper Garage Co.

1 Mendham Garage Co. 1 W. J. Hay Co.

1 Mesaba Transportation Co. 8 Higbee Co.

2 Mountain Auto Line 1 Highway Transit Co.

2 Ocean County Coal Co. 2 Holt Stage Line Co.

2 Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. 1 Huddleston Park

1 Frank M. Pauli 1 Hudson's Bay Co.

1 E. C. Petrie 1 M. L. Hullett

1 Phelps-Dodge Corporation 6 Kirchners


1 Reemsnyder Co.

1 1 Mark Regan & Son

1 1 Rocky Mountain Parks Transp. Co. 1 Roshek Bros. Co.

1 1 Alvin M. Schoenfeld;

1 1 Schulze Baking Co.

3 2 Shepherd & Story

1 2 Smith Bros. Motor Truck Co.

3 2 Star Baking Co.

1 1 Chas. M. Steiff, Inc.

1 1 Tacoma Taxicab & Bag. Transf. Co. 1 1 James A. C. Tait & Co.

1 1 Telling-Belle Vernon Co.

1 1 Thompson & Thompson

1 1 Tooke Bros., Ltd.

1 1 20th Century Heating & Vent. Co. 1 1 Twin City Motor Bus Co.

3 1 United Home Dressed Meat Co. 1 1 United Transportation Co.

2 1 White Rapid Transit Corp.

1 1 White Transit Co.

1 Woodlawn Imp. Assn. Transp. Corp. 2

Armour & Company
Atlantic Refining Co.
Austin Motor Transportation Co.
Baum's Home of Flowers, Inc.
A, E. Berry,
Bonwit, Teller & Co.
Bower Transportation Co.
Broadway Taxi Operatiog Co.
Bumns & Campbell Co.,
Callfornia Ink Company,
George M. Cooley Co.
A. Dumani, Ltd.
Eatonville-Tacoma Stage Co.
Emerick's Motor Bus Line Co.

2 T. S. Reed Grocery Co.

1 2 G. F. Reed & Son

1 2 W. S. Roe

1 1 Alvin M. Schoenfeld

1 4 Arlington Setzer

1 2 Shepherd & Story

1 2 Smith Brothers Motor Truck Co. 1 1 W. P. Southworth Co.

1 1 Tri-State Telephone & Telegraph Co. 1 1 Tuscola Produce Co.

1 1 Twin City Motor Bus Co.

3 1 Warner & Company

1 1 Westfield Laundry Co.

1 White Transit Co.

[blocks in formation]
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