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New England - The Nation's Heritage

ICH as is her historical back- of water power and raw materials with

ground, the story of New Eng- the advantages of a skilled labor market,
land's industrial achievements is of far transportation and terminal facilities,
greater import. The birthplace of most proximity to seaboard ports. These are

modern commercial enterprises, after factors making for a greater New Eng-
three hundred years of competition, she land—for future prosperity.
still merits her title, “the workshop of
the nation.” Maine, for instance, ranks

Merchants and manufacturers, wish-
high among the states in the production ing to capitalize these New England ad-
of fine writing papers; Connecticut, vantages will find in the Old Colony Trust
highest in the manufacture of clocks, Company a banking institution equip-
firearms, silverware, fine tools. Massa- ped to render every financial service.
chusetts produces shoes for more than

We shall be glad to mail you our
half the people in the country; Vermont

booklet “Your Financial Requirements
yields 70% of all the monumental and and How We Can Meet Them, outlining
decorative marble. Rhode Island is our many facilities. Address Depart-
fifth in the manufacture of cotton goods, ment C.
while New Hampshire is famed for its

Plan to join in the Tercentenary Cele-
granite quarries and textiles.

brations of the First Pilgrim Landing, Today, no one section combines, as to be held in New England during the does New England, the natural resources coming year.






Royal Securities


All Classes of People Buy


Convertible bonds are exchangeable (Continued)

or convertible into stock of the issuik company), and issue bonds representing company. They are usually speculatit IWYTSTUENT SERVICE varying interests in this mortgage, in the

for their value is dependent upon the prik Next to Wheat

usual denominations of $100, $500, or of the stock, and their price factuates

$1,000, to a large number of people who col- sympathy with the stock. They are selda Canada's greatest manu

lectively loan you the full amount you a first mortgage.
facturing export trade is

Equipment bonds are secured by equi. in Pulp and Paper.

First-lien or first-mortgage bonds, as the ment, locomotives and cars, or both. The Two-thirds of the news.

names imply, are secured by a first mort- same is true of equipment notes and can print used in the United gage on all or part of the issuing com- trusts, and all three are considered exca

. States is imported from

pany's property. It naturally follows that, lent investments. Canada or made from

the more valuable the property securing Adjustment bonds are practically incor Canadian pulpwood.

the bonds, the safer they are, and it is well bonds. They are usually junior liens (tt

always to find out exactly what property is is, other issues rank ahead of them), andal We originally financed included.

a rule are issued at the end of receive very many of Canada's large pulp and paper oor.

Collateral trust bonds are secured by ships. porations, so that we are

collateral-that is, by deposited securities, Short-term notes, as their name implis in a position to advise

other bonds, or stocks. Their safety natu- mature within a short time from the dar you regarding investment

rally depends upon the value of the collat- of issue, usually not over ten years. Ve in their seourities.

eral. In the case of one collateral trust often they are unsecured by mortgage Write to-day for list of

bond we have in mind it is provided in the collateral, but may be by one or both. desirable offerings.

indenture that the collateral must at all Government and municipal bonds

times be maintained at a market value of generally regarded as about the safeste AGENCY OF

125 per cent of the par value of the out- all. Governments and cities are not so in standing bonds. In other words, if the ble to go bankrupt as private enterpris

bonds are issued to the amount of $100,- and their bonds are secured by the crea CORPORATION

000,000 the collateral must be worth of the government or municipality. TE (CANADA) $125,000,000.

credit is based upon revenue largely do LIMITED

Debenture bonds are merely promises to rived from taxes. Taxes, as the old sayin 165 BROADWAY NEW YORK

pay, and are not secured by mortgage. has it, are one of the two things in the They may or may not be valuable, depend- world which are certain. Further, the ing upon the issuing company's credit and classes of bonds are attractive because the

the character and amount of other bond are usually exempt from all taxes thes FIRST MORTGAGE FARM LOAN BONDS issues ahead of them.

selves. DANFORTH FARM MORTGAGES represent con

Income bonds are those upon which inservative Loans on productive farm lands worth more than double the amount of the debt.

terest is paid only in case it is earned. Not One Dollar lost in sixty-two years.

They are not usually regarded as highestInterest paid promptly when due.

grade investments, and are quite similar to For sale in $500 and $1,000 denominations and upward. Complete information furnished upon request.

preferred stock. Sometimes, as is the case Ask for Booklet and Investor's List No. 58.

with dividends on some preferred stocks,
interest is cumulative.
Refunding mortgage bonds are securities

tee, school teacher, mechanic, widow Foundod A.D. 1868

and farmer all buy INVESTORS BONDS usually issued to retire or refund another because they are SAFE, free from foco WASHINGTON

issue already outstanding. For instance, a

tuation, convenient and pay the highest

income consistent with railway may have outstanding several is

SHORT-STORY WRITING sues of first-mortgage bonds coming due at

A course of forty lessons in the history, form,
structure, and writing of the Short Story taught by various dates ; a refunding mortgage will

mortgage bonds

are secured by
Dr. J. Rerg Esenweln, for years Editor of Lippincott'o.
150-page catalogue free, Please address

be placed on the whole property, and the highest grade

city property and Dr. Luas wela Dopt. 68

bonds authorized by its terms issued and Springfield, Mass.

plants of strongest sold to provide funds for the payment of

industrial corpor


ations. They are INVESTORS BONDI WANTED IN the underlying first-mortgage bonds as they backed by a house with sixteen years old

BANKS mature. Sometimes they are called “first perience, affiliated with one of Chicago's Banks are employing hundreds of womon in every depart.

most substantial banks. No one has ever ment of bank work, oven up to cashier, The work is ideal and refunding bonds," " general mortgage suffered a loss on INVESTORS BONDS, for women-clean, pleasant, congonlal, with men's pay. Learn by mail. Catalog free. EDGARG. ALCORN, Pres. bonds," or consolidated mortgage bonds,

Learn about our partial payment American School of Banking, 44 McLono Bldg., Columbus, O. all three terins meaning more or less the

plan. Write for Booklet T-102 same thing. All these classes of bonds are porated), Ambler, Penna. Practical work in greenhouses,

INVESTORS vegetable and flower gardens, orchards, poultry plant, good investments or not, depending upon SECURITIES CORPORATION apiary, jam kitchen. Lectures by competent instructors. Regular Two Year Diploma Course, fitting women the number and amount of first-mortgage


COLUMBIA BLDG., LOUISVILLIL KY. for self-support or oversight of own property, begins January 17, 1921. Catalogue. Elizabeth Leighton Lee, Director. bonds ranking ahead of them. SITUATIONS WANTED SITUATIONS WANTED SITUATIONS WANTED

MISCELLANEOUS Profosslonal Situations Companions and Domestic Helpers Companions and Domestic Helpers DIRECTOR_of CORPORATION COM

TO young women desiring training in e LADY, 33, average health, ex-nurse and

AMERICAN, single, middle-aged man, po stetrical nursing a thorough Court of MUNITY WORK. Prominent and success- bookkeeper, wishes to go to California for

sition private family. Useful all around. ful rector of Episcopal church desires posi

year is offered by the Lying-in Haz winter assecretary-companion or assist Expert with garden, chickens chauffeur.

Second Ave. and 17th St., New York. Monti tion 'as layman. Eminently qualified. 9,182, mother with one or two children. State

Home considered equal with salary. Refer- allowance and maintenance. For furtbet Outlook. remuneration and full particulars in first ences. 9,176, Outlook.

formation address Directress of Nurses. INTELLECTUAL woman of German birth, letter. 9,169, Outlook.

EFFICIENT, practical woman desires pocapable nurse, etc., etc. (only support of AN experienced, practical nurse desires

sition as housekeeper in family, where at

MISS Guthman, New York shopper. child), desires position with scientist, pref- position as coin panion. Traveling no objec

least one maid is kept. Or would be compan- send things on approval. No samples. Rele erably residential. 9,177, Outlook. tion. References exchanged. Mrs. F. O'H. ion to elderly lady. 9,181, Outlook.

ences. 309 West 99th St. Business Situations Croom, Box 23, Atkinson, N.C.

Teachers and Covernesses

GRAPHOLOGY. Interesting chart COLLEGE graduate desires position reWIDOW, refined, Protestant, as nurse for

TRAINED teacher desires position as study. Complete analysis of handwrito quiring intelligence and industry and paying children or semi-invalid in Christian home.

teacher and companion to subnormal child. made for $5.9,063, Outlook. for same. Three years' teaching and one Experienced. 9,168, Outlook.

References. 9,157, Outlook. year's selling experience. 9,113, Outlook.

LADY of refinement desires position as
GOVERNESS.-Sensible, adjustable wo-

YOUNG BOY.-Specialist with boy! WELL-BALANCED, dependable man, for companion to elderly lady or invalid. Best man desires entire mental and physical care assume responsibility for live your

of several small children. references. 9,159, Outlook.

Able teacher.

Northern lake city, much outdoor life 16 several years in charge of large welfare or


Home nursing. Corrective gymnastics. Loganization, intends resigning to enter busi

MOTHER. daughter, aunt, companion. ness. A college graduate, intelligent, careful, Often a loved home is lonely for want of one

cality immaterial. References. Position of M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency good judgment. Has thrift and persistence of these. May I supply the deficiency to the

trust and responsibility only. 9,075, Outlook. established 1895. No charge ; prompt delivers (Scotch). Satisfactory reference covering lady in need ? Remuneration. References. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

44 West 22d St, New York. these points. Can raise sipall amount of

9,158, Outlook. money. Partnership wanted or other busi- WANTED, by refined Protestant woman, INVENTIONS wanted. Cash or royalty for

TYPEWRITING, shorthand, bookkeeping

normal, high school, and law couries the ness opportunity. Address Box 25, Milling- position as mother's helper or housekeeper.

ideas. Adam Fisher Mfg.Co., 217, St. Louis, Mo. oughly taught by mail. Typewriters ratedton, NJ.

No objection to country. References ex- PARTNER wanted in girls' summer camp. sold at si per month. Carnegie Colks Companions and Domestic Helpers changed. 9,160, Outlook. 9,155, Outlook.

Rogers, Ohio.
YOUNG English lady, fine education, offers
YOUNG LADY as companion; to go to her services as social secretary or companion


WANTED, in small private school, soren Florida or southern California. 9,140, Outlook. in English or American family. M. A.,

resident pupils, ages 5 to 10. Ideal clima

COPLEY CRAFT CHRISTMAS CARDS, HOUSEKEEPER.-Gentlewoman wishes "Silverlea," Rumson Road, Little Silver, NJ.

Miss Speer's Primary School, 19 East 3 position as managing housekeeper in conge

hand-colored, sent on approval. The line is Miguel St., Colorado Springs, Col. nial family. 9.163, Outlook.

LADY, as companion to young or middle- best known for its distinctive verses. Dis

aged lady. Take entire charge of housekeep- counts to those selling among friends. Jessie A. LIBRARIAN, several years' experience, ing, social engagements, and accounts if

WILL lonely lady, like myself, share on wishes position as companion or secretary.

McNicol, 18 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. ponse and her small quarters, New

Sari desired. Highest references. 9,173, Outlook. CHRISTMAS cards with envelopes. Artis- Write me. 9,179, Outlook. 9,164, Outlook.

CAPABLE young woman managing cater- tic, unique. 500. assortments, ten 5c. cards. EDUCATED Japanese woman, graduate ing select boarding house in winter resort for $1 assortments, ten 5c. and five 10c. cards. CHILD offered individual care and tra nurse, Christian, desires position as attend. past five years. Highest credentials. 9,175, Send money with order. Satisfaction guaran- ing in private home of experienced teacher ant to lady. 9,161, Outlook. Outlook.

teed. Rowe Publishing Co., Oneonta, N. Y. East Orange. 9,180, Outlook.





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Real Estate

An IrrigatedGarden
Salt River Valley, Arizona


Under the great Roosevelt Dam in the



Early Spring Tours EARLY GOLF and HUNTING


Pine Forest Inn & Cottages

will give you the rest and recreation which you are seeking, for the sports and innumerable pastimes in that gloriously beautiful, sunlit alpine land afford the

of exhilarating exercise and healthful distraction.


Under the leadership of

Sailing the end of January
Later Tours to ITALY and

Write for further information to
The Bureau of University Travel
15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass.



will make you a fine living and steady profits. Ten to twenty acres enough. Moderate cost, easy terms. Raise dates, oranges, grapefruit lemons, lettuce, early vegetables, cotton, al falfa, grains, sorghums, poultry, live stock, and dairy products. Write for free folder. c. L. Seagraves, Supervisor of Agriculture, Santa Fe Řy., 962 Railway Exchange, Chicago, or a letter to Chamber of Commerce, Phoe nix, Arizona, will bring you full information.


Ideal Climate, Hunting, Fishing 8-rooin cottage, 3-room help cottage, both furnished, small grove. Quick sale will take $8,000 cash next 30 days. Box 32, Cocoa, Fla. FLORIDA

Hill, lake, orange

section. Four-room, comfortable, furnished cottage for reasonable rent. Attractive home and orange_grove for sale cheap. DR. STOKES, Mohawk, Florida.


FOR RENT Two and One-Half Miles from Old Point Comfort A Southern home, on the water, completely furnished, in the historic town of Hampton, Va. An entirely reliable and delicious Southern cook, a furnace man, a yard man, and an automobile are included. Posses sion given December 1 for five months only. There are 9 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a sleeping-porch, a garage, and spacious grounds. Open fires throughout the house, gas and electricity. For full description address owner, Mrs. HENRY LANE SCHMELZ, Hampton, Va.

Summerville, S. C., 22 miles from

Historical Charleston

Special early rates to Feb. 1
One of the finest winter resort
hotels in the Middle South. Here
you will enjoy rest and quietness
amidst tall Southern pines. In-
vigorating, dry, healthful climate.
Pure artesian water. Cuisine and
service on par with the best Met-
ropolitan hotels. Ideal weather for

Golf and Hunting
Special December & January

Superb 18-hole golf course. Reg-
ulated tennis courts. Livery of
carriage and saddle horses. Good
roads for driving and motoring.
Quail, Wild- Turkey, Fox and

Deer Hunting
F. W. Wagener & Co.

Willard A. Senna

Address until Nov. 20, 1920, care of
Plymouth Inn, Northampton, Mass.

Are you interested in it?

BOARD AND ROOMS SMALL refined family living in country town desire two or three adult boarders; business women preferred. References exchanged. Telephone Englewood 1235 M.



MANUSCRIPTS BOOKS on pedigrees, genealogies, and coats-of-arms. Every Anglo-Saxon and Celtic name. Kindly inquire for particulars. Chas. A. O'Connor, 21 Spruce St., New York City.

STORIES, poems, plays, etc., are wanted tor publication. Submit MSS. or write Literary Bureau, 325, Hannibal, Mo.


Hotel Le Marquis

best place in all the South to spend Wayside Inn Lichfield Co. Conn


The HAMILTON 14tb & K Sts.,

Big international events
January and February.

If so, write to Secretary
For free information and sug-

JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION gestions write to the

Care Trafic Dept.

Official Agency of the

SWISS FEDERAL RAILROADS for 120-page Guide Book Free

When writing please mention " Outlook."
241 Fifth Avenue, New York City, N. Y.
or to your favorite Tourist Agency

Hotels and Resorts


The Ideal Winter Resort perb routes ART, LITERATURE pleudid leaders atisfactory prices SPANISH, ITALIAN PRINCESS HOTEL

5-A Franklin St., Boston, Mass. BERMUDA

Directly on the Harbor. Accommodates 400.

Open Dec. 6 to May 1.
Florida West Coast Reached by Steamers of Furnes Bermuda Line,

-Whitehall St., N. Y. our golf courses, tennis, fishing, zooting, motoring over perfect roads.

CONNECTICUT he healthiest place in America. The

Board of

, Ell give further information.

The foothills of the Berkshires. A restful place for tired people. Good food and a com

fortable home. 2 hours from New York. BookBENNETT'S TRAVEL BUREAU let A. MRS. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor. hos Bennett & Sons, H. W. Dunning Co., Established 1850

Established 1885 California-Bermuda-West Indies


506 Fifth Ave., New York
200 Spreckels Building, San Francisco, Cal.

A Select Family and Transient Hotel

Ideal Location. Modern appointments
1921 and Home-like. Good table. American

plan. Rates reasonable: special rates for Parties enrolling now. Moderate

a prolonged stay. Booklet. prices. Most interesting routes.

IRVING O. BALL, Proprietor.
Great success 1920.
EMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.,

Boston, Mass.

Spend Your Winter at the
RAYMOND-WHITCOMB Dunedin Lodge-On the Gulf

A quaint little hostelry preserving the air of TOURS E CRUISES

The Best

Ole Virginia in its hospitality, furnishing
and table. Every room with a sea view.

Private baths. Special rates for the season.


voyages of continual de. light under the sunny skies and


Commonwealth Ave. Boston along the romantic shores of

THE DISTINCTIVE BOSTON HOUSE the blue Caribbean. Sailing

Globe Trotters call the Puritan one of

the most homelike hotels in the world. February 12, March 5 and 26.

Your inquiries gladly answered

01.Costello Tigr and our booklet mailed a ALSO A remarkable Cruise Tour of

If You Are Tired or Need a Change SOUTH AMERICA

you cannot find a more comfortable place in

New England than
and other tours to
California and Hawaï
Florida and Nassau

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HELP WANTED 12 East 31st Street

Business Situations

RAILWAY traffic inspectors earn from New York

$110 to $200 per month and expenses. Travel

if desired. Unlimited advancement. No age Combines every convenience and home limit. We train you. Positious furnished under comfort, and commends itself to people of guarantee. Write for booklet CM27. Standard refinement wishing to live on American Plan

Business Training Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. and be within easy reach of social and dra- WRITE photoplays: $25-$300 paid anyone matic centers.

for suitable ideas. Experience unnecessary ; Rates with Illustrated Booklet gladly sent complete outline free. Producers League, upon request. JOHN P. TOLSON. 438, St. Louis.

SOCIAL and industrial workers, secretar

ries. Miss Richards, Providence, East Side HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washing- Box 5. Boston, 16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court,

ton Square Fridays eleven to one. Address Providence. adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day, Companions and Domestic Helpers including meals. Special rates for two weeks

PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and or more. Location very central. Convenient to all elevated and street car lines.

secre employee: housekeepers, matronis, taries, governesses, dietitians, attendants, mother's helpers. 51 Trowbridge St., Cam

bridge, Mass. Country Board DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria

managers, governesses, matrone, house

keepers. Miss Richards, Providence, East WANTED—Adult Boarders Side Box 5. Boston, Fridays, 11 to 1, 16 Jack

son Hall, Trinity Court. Address Providence. on old-fashioned Virginia farm. Excellent

EXCEPTIONAL opportunity for capable table, conveniences. Delightful fall and winter

woman who will appreciate good home with season. Shooting, riding, etc. 3,115, Outlook.

pleasant surroundings in southern Delaware.
General housework. Address P. O. Box 123,

Laurel, Delaware.
Health Resorts

WANTED, in small boarding-school for backward children, refined American Protestant woman of middle age as attendant;

also young woman with some knowledge of LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick music as nursery governess. Dorethy-Hall

People to Get Well
Doylestown, Po. An institution devoted to

School, 30 Highland Ave., Orange, N. J.

WANTED, two servants-cook and the personal study and specialized treat- mother's helper. Address Mrs. Gordon Glass, inent of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, South Nyack, N. Y. Telephone Nyack 322. Hydidtherapy. Apply for circular to

WANTED-Nursery governess or mother's ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D.

helper to help care for three chldren of six, (late of The Walter Sanitarium)

four, and three years. References required Mrs. Thomas F. Bayard, 9 Red Oak Road,

Wilmington, Del. “INTERPINES" WANTED-Three assistant farm matrons Beantiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over

to handle crops and stock, Salary, $52 &

month and maintenance. Address New York 26 years of workThorough, re


It atfords all the comforts of Round the World

home without extravagance. Japan - China Europe

NEW JERSEY Send for Booklet Desired




Madison Avenue and First Street

A homey, Christian house, accommodating
New York Phila. Chicago San Francisco

thirty guests. One block from the lake and
away from the business section. For further
information address Miss M. A. MERRIMAN.

State Reformatory for Women, Bedford tort Accommodations of

Hills, N. Y. superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sys- Teachers and Covernesses tein a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D., Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.

WANTED-Competent teachers for public and private schools. Calls coming every day.

Send for circulare. Albany Teachers' Agency, Crest View Sanatorium Albany, N. Y.

WANTED-Teachers all subjects. Good Greenwich, Ct. First-class in all respects, home comforte.

vacancies in schools and colleges. Interna H. M. HITCHCOCK, M.D. tional Musical and Educational Agency, Car

negie Hall, N. Y.

TEACHERS WANTED, men and women, The Bethesda White Plains,

for all departments of colleges and schools. A private sanitarium for invalids and aged Immediate and future vacaucies. The Interwho need care. Ideal surroundings. Address state Teachers' Agency, 717 Macheca Buildfor terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241. ing, New Orleans, La.

THE WELDON HOTEL dependable and ethical.com .com;

W. Ligon




René Billoux, a laureate of the French THE SHOE THAT HOLDS ITS SHAPE

Academy, belongs to the list of illustrious

printers. He was born in Dijon, France, in $7.00 $8.00 $9.00 & $10.00 SHOES

1870, and reared in an orphanage, where FOR MEN AND WOMEN

he was taught the printing trade. He left

the institution at twenty and traveled erYOU CAN SAVE MONEY BY WEARING

tensively in Europe. During the war he W, L, DOUGLAS SHOES

organized the French Printers' Relief HOE

Fund,” and for this and other services he he best known

was awarded a Prize of Virtue by the

French Academy. Through the French

BOYS world. They are

Government he has sent to all the associa

W.L.DOUGLAS SHOES sold in 107 W.L.

$4.50 $5.00

tions of printing employers and workers in ARE MASTERPIECES

and $5.50
Douglas stores,

the United States, according to an article

in the American Printer,” a souvenir de direct from the factory to you at

luxe, thanking them for their aid in the only one profit, which guarantees cause of liberty. to you the best shoes that can be produced, at the lowest possible At the Iowa Inter-State Fair, a news cost. W. L. Douglas name and paper despatch says, special honors were the retail price are stamped on

carried off by girls and boys' clubs of the bottom of all shoes before

North Dakota. They won three first they leave the factory, which is prizes-on calves, pigs, and lambs—while your protection against unreason

in the sewing exhibits the girls won first

honors over eleven States. North Dakota able profits.

and Nebraska, the report says, won inore W. L. Douglas $9.00 and $10.00 shoes are honors than any other State represented absolutely the best shoe values for the at the fair. money in this country. They are made of the best and finest leathers that money A serio-comic incident is related in the can buy. They combine quality, style,

“ Century” in connection with the death workmanship and wearing qualities equal of the Prince Imperial in Zululand, in to other makes selling at higher prices. They are the leaders in the fashion centers

1879, when he was ambushed and killed of America. The stamped price is W. L.

by Zulus. A few articles associated with Douglas personal guarantee that the shoes the Prince were obtained from Cetewayo, are always worth the price paid for them. the Zulu King, and forwarded to the es. The prices are the same everywhere; they Empress Eugénie. The Prince's watch was cost no more in San Francisco than they

not among them. An old Zulu warrior w do in New York.

questioned about this. “The little beast, W. L. Douglas shoes are made by the you mean? Oh, we were afraid of it, so highest paid, skilled shoemakers, under we killed it.” Having no notion abont the the direction and supervision of experi- nature of the mysterious mechanism, they enced men, all working with an honest

thought the ticking of the watch meant a determination to make the best shoes for the price that money can buy.

live creature, so they stamped it out of

existence !
W. L. Douglas shoes are for sale by over 9000 shoe dealers
besides our own stores. If your local dealer cannot supply
you, take no other make. Order direct from factory. Send

Probably in no similar area in the world for booklet telling how to order shoes bymail,postagefree. can as many beautiful homes be found 23

in the few thousand square miles near CAUTION.-Insist upon having W.L.Doug.

President las shoes. The name and price is plainly

W.L.Douglas Shoe Co. London. Numerous pictures of these atstamped on the sole. Be careful to see

167 Spark Street, tractive places fill the advertising pages of that it has not been changed or mutilated.

Brockton, Mass.

“ Country Life” (London); and if so many are for sale, what must be the total num

ber? Among those advertised for sale in a IMPORTANT TO When you notify The Outlook of a change in recent issue of that journalis“ Craig-y-No3

your address, both the old and the new address Castle,” the home of the late Adelini Patti. SUBSCRIBERS should be given. Kindly write, if possible, The extent of her place, as well as the (to an two weeks before the change is to take effect.

American) seemingly meager provision of bathrooms, is indicated by the statement that the castle contains thirty-four bed and dressing rooms and three bathrooms. With

457 acres of land, its price is given as only GUNN DESK TOPS

£30,000, which in American money at preso Inlaid with GREEN BATTLESHIP LINOLEUM

ent rates of exchange is only a little more

tban $100,000. Some other operatic star, Eliminates GLASS, GLARE and WEAR

one would think, would be tempted by this “bargain."

A workman in a Western electric-light plant, a newspaper despatch says, swung his right fist and hit a fellow-employee on the point of the jaw. The blow nearly

knocked the man out—but saved his life. The New Gunn Desks, equipped with Perfection"Writing

He had taken hold of a plug which had Beds inlaid with Green Battleship Linoleum, withstand

been charged by a short circuit, and could hard usage; flush wood border with rounded edges.

not break away. His mate sensed the situ.

ation and instantly struck the blow which Colored print and full particulars mailed free on request

loosened the grip that might have prored

fatal. (Patent Pending) THE GUNN FURNITURE COMPANY

Apropos of the paragraph about the word “mugwump

in the issue of The 1877 Broadway GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.

Outlook for October 20,


We foreglas



a subscriber


writes : “I beg to call your attention to Jolin Fiske's The Beginnings of New England,' at page 230, where he says: • In Eliot's Bible the word which means a great chief—such as Joshua or Gideon or Joab—is Mugwump. Mr. Fiske in a foot-note adds that the word has remained in local use in some parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut all along, and in Illinois in 1840 a certain Democratic candidate for county commissioner was called the great Mugwump.

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Send for free copy of GOOD FORMS FOR RECORD MAKING
showing hundreds of ready ruled and printed forms for accounting

“ Most of the examples of mispronunciation

you have published are taken from the speech of ignorant persons. At a recent meeting, however, a well-known bishop. and a noted banker agreed in mispronouncing the word consortium. Webster and the Century dictionaries both give kon-sor'shi-um.”

(The Standard Dictionary, however, pronounces the word kon-sor'ti-um, and ile eminent gentlemen named may, after all, have “looked it up.”)

“ The danger of using the telephone in communicating unfamiliar words is seen in the case of a clergyman friend of mine who yielded to the lure of the press and gave his sermon topic in advance as Babylon the Great.' This refined gentleman was reported as planning to preach on * Baby on the Grate."",

(The ancient Greeks were without the telephone, but it will be recalled that Dean Swift made them responsible for a somewhat similar verbal mixup. Seeking to show the derivation of English from Greek, he said that a famous Greek ruler was very fond of roast eggs, so that innkeepers in Athens would call out when they saw him, “ All eggs under the grate.” This, says Swift, became corrupted to “ Alexander the Great.”)

“A quarto edition of a Connecticut county history states that


tbe products of one town is decorated cocoanut."

“ An advertisement in a daily paper asked for a second-hand osculating fan." “ In a mission school


class was reading, by verse, the parable of the ten talents. One little chap laboriously read, • I feared thee because thou art an oyster man.'

“ A Mexican friend who speaks excellent English said to me that something - happened in the winkling of an eye.' That isn't what we say,' I said to him, but it is a great deal better than what we do say.'”

“The lawyer proved a lullaby, irregardless of the facts.”

NATIONAL BLANK BOOK CO.,20 Riverside, Holyoke, Mass.

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Full Speed Ahead!

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The Royal Road

to Knowledge

Periods of unsettled conditions, changes and readjustments such as we are now going through are not new to the world.

The Charts of Civilization show that in the past such periods have always preceded good times, growth and prosperity.

As interpreted from these charts, the greatest era of prosperity the world has ever seen is just ahead,

What Are These Charts?

No Matter What Your Life Work You'll find these charts of real value. Business men, bankers, doctors, lawyers, educators, architects and builders, engineers, artists, sculptors, authors,

amatists, chemists, physicists, sociologists, students, in fact, men and women in every

field of human endeavor are increasing their earning power through the knowledge embodied in these charts.

Mothers find them invaluable for guiding their children's education.

Teachers and college professors use them every day, increasing their ability to instruct and enhancing their own prestige.

Students in colleges and high schools save time and effort by utilizing the Charts of Civilization.

Elbridge Gerry, a subscriber reminds us, did not sign the Constitution of the United States. In a picture published in The Outlook of October 6, showing part of a pageant celebrating the signing, he was represented as so doing. Either the pageant-maker or the photographer seems to have made a mistake in this matter, for the authorities agree that Gerry refused to affix his signature. Curiously cnough, one of liis objections to the Constitution was that “ treaties of the highest importance may be formed by the Presiilent, with the advice of two-thirds of a quorum of the Senate.” This apparently seemed to the Massachusetts statesman to savor of autocracy. Was he, in this, a prophet unhonored in his time?

A compact summary of the Life Story of the World in chart form. The set comprises six graphic charts 13x19 inches, printed in red and black on strong, high-grade paper and neatly bound in durable, heavy brown cover. On the back of each chart is a complete list of authoritative books covering the subject matter. What They Will Do for You

They enable you to discuss with authority the development of any phase of Science and Invention, Literature, Laws and Customs, Philosophy and Ethics, Drama, Architecture and Art, the important contributions made by each nation and their influence on modern life.

A New Idea Never before was so much valuable information compressed into such simple form. To secure it in any other way, would require extensive study at heavy expense. Yet the Charts of Civilization are yours for $3.50—no other charge. Mail the coupon today with check or money order. CLOYES-LYON CO.,

108 West 34th St., New York, N. Y. Enclosed is $3.50 for which send one set of Charts of Civilization. If not satisfactory I may return it within ten days and you will refund my money. Name....


Address.. Cily.


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