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the tragic precipice of suffering and to do with the personality of Presi- shire, are returned with firmness against disillusionment. dential candidates. The separate Na- a strong minority opposition. Tradi

. But the record was so against the tional ballot gave this great State, and tional progressivism did not avail

, opAdministration that the wayfaring man especially the great city of New York, position to woman suffrage did not bad no need to err therein. At first the chance it was looking for to vent avail, the cry of Cox against the the President held America back from its vast resentment upon what it con- Senatorial oligarchy” did not avail; her plain path at a time when every ceived as Wilsonism. And then, taking the people were for these Senators bø day of delay meant the needless sacri- up a fresh ballot for State purposes, it cause upon the matter which the elecfice of American lives, through haste almost cooled off enough to put the torate regarded as fundamental these and waste in the final inadequate prepa- very magnetic and democratic and

men were for America. ration. When the President had at widely trusted Al Smith across for The racial prejudice — Irish and Ger. last decided that the war did concern Governor again.

man and Italian-helps to account for us, he urged upon our allies the imprac- My judgment is that it would have the great Harding vote in New York tical conclusion of a peace without vic- been a mistake to do it, and that the City and in Boston. Prohibition was tory. When the triumph came, again the electorate balted just in time, if for no quite generally lost sight of, like woman President failed in leadership for Amer- other reason than that the experience suffrage, in the main decisions, although ica. When the veil of secret diplo- of the last two years at Albany has it was not simply the countryside but macy was lifted, there was disclosed to shown the futility of having a Legisla- the dry countryside that pulled Miller the American people a league of politi- ture of one party and an executive of through into the Governorship of New cal alliance which might keep the United another. Even with the best of inten- York. States perpetually embroiled in South tions, the results for practical progress The Socialists seem to have gained

, America, in Europe, throughout the are very poor. Throughout the State of but not so materially. Here again

, in . world.

New York there are greatly increased spite of the impulse given to Socialism The American people compared all taxes and expenditures and also wide- by the futile and ineffective leadership this with the common sense leadership spread demand for measures of advance against it at Albany last year during

of John Hay and Elihu Root and for the farmers and industrial workers. the regular and extraordinary sessions Theodore Roosevelt, at a time when The measures of advance can come only of the Legislature, the tidal drift to the modern foreign policy of America as fast as the State can properly admin- wards Republicanism and traditional touched high-water mark in effective- ister them and pay for them. The new Americanism held everything else in ness and wisdom. By comparison the Governor-elect, Nathan L. Miller, is, check-Socialism, prohibition, suffrage Wilson leadership seemed doctrinaire to my mind, almost ideally fitted by his resentment, the tariff, all the rest. and visionary and theoretical and con- demonstrated ability and wide experi- Just to show, however, that indepen trary to the National policies and ideals ence in practical affairs for the leader- dence is not a lost art, the electorate in of America.

ship of the commonwealth in the present New York insurged valiantly against To be sure, the economic burdens juncture.

the tidal drift in the case of Governor growing out of the war figured power- The farmers saved Miller in New Smith, and the city of Ogdensburg fully and resentfully in their conclusion. York. The industrial workers in the turned somersaults of decision. In that They expected some waste through our cities pretty generally supported Smith. community the electors, according to tardy entrance into the war, but not And hereby hangs a tale. The Farmer- the most recent returns, chose Harding such a stupid orgy of waste as ap- Labor party did not poll a large vote, the Republican for President, picked peared in great ineffective areas of but it is the most significant group in Smith the Democrat for Governor, effort. And since the conflict ended the electorate. In the great Eastern turned to Wood the Republican for the American people have not been im- States, where farming is on the decline Lieutenant-Governor, then back to pressed at all with the quality of brain and the factory workers are arousing to Harriet May Mills the Democrat for stuff that has been at work in Wash- better industrial relations, it behooves Secretary of State, although here the ington upon the problems of economic the Republican party, now so widely in contest was close and the figures may stabilization and reconstruction. Their power, to study both the farm and the

be reversed ; then they chose the rest hopes of a better order under a new Ad- factory and provide relief in time; the of the Republican State ticket, Dext a ministration may not have been high, farm out of gratitude for what the Democratic Mayor and a Republican but they at least felt like the Kentucky countryside has contributed to Repub- Common Council

, next a Democratie mountaineer about whom young Teddy lican success, the factory out of regard Recorder, and then a Republican Dis Roosevelt has been telling in his


for the safety of the party in a day trict Attorney and a Republican As speeches, who went into a railway res- when the electorate may be in a far semblyman, and finally picked the taurant in the Kentucky mountains to less exuberant mood of decision; and Democratic State Senator ; and, to cap get something to eat. And the waitress both for the sake of the democratic the climax, two thousand wrote in the brought him the food and swished unity and economic welfare of the Re- name of a woman for the School Board. away again; and in the course of a public. Governor Smith's chief error If the infection of Ogdensburg spreads quarter of an hour she swished back in New York has been his failure to the days of the leadership of a political and said, Will


have more tea or understand the psychology and the machine are numbered. coffee?And the mountaineer said: environment of the up-State farmer. The tumult and the shouting dies “Gal, if this yar stuff in this yar cup This was shown in his attempt to force and, alas! already feuds lift their heads is tea, gimme coffee; but if it's coffee, through a milk commission bill to fix between the lines of the despatches gimme tea. I'm bound to have the price of milk at the cow, and also from Marion. Soon there will be quakchange.”

in his veto of the Daylight Saving ing fears and aching hearts and disap And that is about what there is to Repeal Bill, which ran counter to the

Repeal Bill, which ran counter to the pointed hopes where only yesterday was it-North, South, East, or West. habit and comfort and convenience of the universal exuberance of victory

. There are

a few incidents in the practically every farmer in the State. And the Republican leadership will eastern part of the country which are The contests for the United States face, with what success doth not yet worthy of particular mention. The

Senate are especially illuminating appear, the enormously difficult prob

. enormous majority for Harding in the Wadsworth in New York, Brandegee lems of the new age upon which we State of New York of course had little in Connecticut, Moses in New Hamp- have entered.





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TESTWARD and skyward from

The Outlook's windows poises

Diana, Goddess of Hunting. Earthward from the slim beauty of her gallant figure lies Madison Square Garden, combining in its form and its presiding genius the religion of Ephesus and the architecture of Spain. Madison Square Garden, as most Americans know, is the great assembly hall of New York City, which has sheltered under its wide roof during its useful lifetime all manners of human activity. There Buffalo Bill pursued his lumbering bison ; Barnum and Bailey and Forepaugh have used it for their tent. It has witnessed the birth of motordom and testified to the conquest of the air. It has been the home of creeds and the battleground of politics. It has heard Alexander Dowie and William Jen. nings Bryan. It has seen the election of a Negro President of Africa, and it has echoed to the voice of Theodore Roosevelt calling a nation to war.

Yes, Diana has had many tenants housed in the vast structure over which she presides, and now flaming posters on the walls of her home declare that it is again dedicated to an art and a profession which goes back in history far beyond recorded time—the art and profession of human combat as finally regimented by the late lamented Marquis of Queensberry.

After languishing for a number of years, boxing for decisions and purses has been legally restored in New York State and the Garden has been captured by a gentleman well and favorably known to the sporting world as “Tex Rickard," who is devoting its familiar hall to the promotion of prize-fighting and the filling of his own ample purse.

Since boxing has been legally restored to the metropolis and has chosen to take up its abode under The Outlook's windows, it seemed but a natural thing to pay it a call, an act to which Mr. Rickard manifested no observable objection and a privilege which he seemed willing to extend to an editor of The Outlook as freely as to any one else with the necessary cash for a ticket.

I am not an authority on what our French allies call le box. I do not even pretend to be able to sort out of a welter of blows the various steps which lead to the award of a close decision on points. I think I can tell when a man is knocked out. I can observe closely enough to know whether a boxer is being hit in the stomach or the jaw. I believe I can recognize a left hook when I see one started. I say when I see one started advisedly, for I once saw one started in my direction from the general

vicinity of a gentleman with a cauliflower ear, a nose which resembled in its general outline the course of the river Meander, and a leathery complexion which seemed to have been pounded loose from its substructure by a series of fistic controversies which might well have begun in the Roman Colosseum. This veteran of the ring was endeavoring to teach me the principles of selfdefense.

"Lead for my chin," he said, genially. I swung with all my force for the point indicated. He had made no attempt to guard his face, and the blow appeared to cause him some surprise.

“ I meant lead for my chin like this,” he tapped my own reflectively with his right. “I didn't mean hit it like' I saw a left hook started in my direction, and it was not until some time later that I learned that his sentence had been completed by the word “that." So I say advisedly that I think I can distinguish a left hookat least during the initial stages of its progress.

When I presented myself at the portal of Mr. Rickard's colosseum, I found that quite a few others had been before me and had gobbled up most of the available calling cards which Mr. Rickard requires from guests seeking his hospitable roof. Only a few priced (with war tax) at eleven dollars each remained. Evidently the art of boxing finds more willing or more opulent patrons than the art of Thespis. I confess that most of the patrons who surrounded me looked as though they



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Photograph by H. H. Moore, of the Outlook staff


It was a six-round bout. A good deal of damage was done to the circumambient air but little to the contenders. The boxers appeared to tire more from their own

exertions than from the effect of the blows which they exchanged. After each round they came back grinning for more. The blows appeared to be either short jabs without much force or wide swings which glanced harmlessly from the sweating bodies. Once, indeed, one of them slipped to the floor for a four-second count, but he climbed up again, ducked into a clinch, and appeared little worse for the punishment he had received.

My pudgy left-hand neighbor observed, feelingly : “I paid eleven dol

. lars for this seat. What didja pay for yours ? Eleven dollars ? Ain't it rotten to pay such money to see such lemons ?'' I wondered how long his corpulent form would withstand the pounding of even such lemons as these two striplings.

The ring cleared. A new set of con

testants advanced. They were very earFroin the Painting by ge W. Bellows

nest souls, but a bit erratic in their "SUDDENLY I REMEMBERED A DARING STUDY OF LIGHT AND MOVEMENT IN THE PRIZE RING methods. There were body blows exFROM THE BRUSH OF GEORGE BELLOWS"

changed where the smack of glove and would have to labor several hours even to fame. Doubtless I was surrounded flesh was heavy enough to be heard far at modern union wages to acquire the by many other worthies of the sporting from the ring At each such blow the necessary admission fee, but perhaps world, but, alas! I knew them not. roar of the crowd swelled in exultation. it is unsafe to judge the size of purses Promptly on the appointed moment It was plain that fighting rather than by the cut of coats in these enlightened the lights in the ceiling of the great boxing met its deepest desires. The days. And probably few of Mr. Rick- hall grew dim. Beneath the second voice of a crowd is a strange and eloard's guests ever felt called upon to gallery a circle of light remained, quent thing. You need not tell me that waste their substance on first editions of punctuated here and there by the red

animals with but a single cry have any Shelley or lessons in æsthetic dancing. exit signals. Over the inclosure known difficulty in expressing all of the basic

I entered the Garden just before the as the “squared ring ” a huge chande emotions—hate, fear, courage, despair, preliminaries began. A babel of voices lier blossomed into light, à circular admiration, and disgust. All of these rose from the floor and floated down cloth cutting off its rays from most of emotions manifested themselves in the from the galleries. It was

a well

the assembled multitude. Later I was varying roar which filled the wide walls behaved crowd seeking its place in to discover that the figures in the trun

of the Garden. The yappings of indi

. orderly fashion. It was a neighborly cated cone of illuminated smoke be- vidual voices could be heard only from crowd exchanging appropriate repartee neath the chandelier seemed strangely those who were near by. Twenty feet across vast spaces and greeting old familiar to my eyes. I could not trace away they were swallowed up in a 'acquaintances with back-slapping and the familiarity to any recollection of tumult which came from fifteen thoushouts of "Ah, there, Bill." an actual scene until suddenly I re

sand throats, but which voiced the emoI found my seat at last, located be- membered a daring study of light and

tions of the crowd as though it came tween a puffy-faced citizen and a keen- movement in the prize ring from the from a single pair of lungs. eyed youth in a slouch hat who ap- brush of George Bellows. As the hall As the second fight progressed the peared to know the ancestry, past darkened the babble of the crowd blows which fell upon the eyes of oue performances, and future prospects of changed to a concerted roar—a roar of the contestants seemed to promise an all the evening's entertainers. I hesi- made up of vowel sounds which rose early closing hour, but he fought back tated to enter into conversation with and fell like surf on the shore. The gamely and in the end won the decision. this gentleman lest my ignorance of referee, a cat-footed gentleman in The third bout produced two men und the

game prove mortifying, but I was white, stepped into the ring. Two box- equally matched in weight, but with the soon assured as to his generosity of ers in gorgeous bathrobes took their balance of skill falling heavily in favor view.point, for every remark which I places in opposite corners, surrounded of the lighter man—127 pounds against ventured drew forth an encouraging by their rubbers and seconds. The 140. He carried the fight with him in and invariable, “You said it, Bo." It referee fingered their bandaged hands every round of the ten, dropping bis was good to know that one had “said in search of concealed horseshoes and opponent in the seventh and eighth it,” even if one was not entirely certain dynamite. An announcer, who needed each time for eight counts. More than as to what. one had said. A survey of the voice of William A. Prendergast once he seemed on the verge of larding my other neighbors disclosed an almost but who did not possess it, went through a knockout blow. He kept his oppoexclusively masculine gathering, though the time-honored practice of introduc- nent at a distance with his straight here and there a woman's face showed ing all the distinguished gentlemen as- right arm, while he landed with his left in the tobacco smoke. A red-headed sociated with this particular bout. A almost at will. Once his opponent, cling gentleman whom I had mistaken for

gong like the gong on a hurrying ambu- ing to the ropes with his left arm and the. Mayor of New York in search of lance signaled for silence, and the two feebly attempting to ward off the blows information as to the proper method of featherweights stepped forward. Shorn which broke through his defense, caught conducting a meeting of the Board of of their gorgeous apparel, the slender a series of left jabs in the stomach Estimate and Apportionment proved, on figures faced each other. The gong which left him white and reeling. The closer examination, to have no such claim sounded again, and the fight was on. lighter boxer fought with his chin

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tucked in, his blows seeming to spring again the gladiator in green saved him- loomed darkly against the cloudless from a complete co-ordination of mind self by swiftly ducking under his oppo sky. What of your new tenants, Diana? and muscle. He was a fighting machine nent's extended right for a clinch. Do they hunt as you would have them which bored tellingly through his oppo Always green broke away reluctantly hunt? Do they play the game as you nent's guard. My pudgy friend on the at the command of the white-haired would have it played ? If Diana could left saw only the failures of the loser, referee. The end came in the tenth speak, I wonder what her answer and again voiced his disapproval of the round. Following his green-clad oppo- would be ? management in failing to provide bet- nent into the corner, the knight in Even in that far-distant time when ter food for his fare. But the crowd purple drove a straight right to green's Utopia has come to earth I think there thought otherwise. It was an occasion jaw. Green went down for the count of will be boxing a-plenty. It is a clean upon which good boxing combined with nine, and as he rose to his feet he of the sport, or can be made so, but I think hard fighting won its complete ap- purple clothes followed his opponent as that in Utopia they will order some proval.

he toppled and slithered along the ropes. things differently. I think the ringside For the fourth and last time, the ring Purple caught him again as he clung to in Utopia will be surrounded by cleancleared, and this time the two contest- the opposite side of the ring with a series limbed" athletes who are themselves ants were greeted with a boom of flash- of terrific blows to his unguarded jaw willing and unafraid to exchange hard lights and redoubled cheers. They were and face. The one in green wilted blows. Perhaps in, Utopia the ringcontestants for the right to challenge limply and hung helplessly over the side seats will go to those with the best for the light-weight crown. It was the lower barrier; only the gong saved him bodies and not to men with the fattest bout of the evening-scheduled to go from being counted out. But when the purse. The pudgy gentlemen whose fifteen rounds to a decision or to a bell rang again for the eleventh round fear of losing bets is only exceeded by knockout if such a happy event was in Green's seconds had thrown up the their fear of personal blows will be store for the eager crowd.

sponge. As the end came the whole relegated to the top gallery or beyond. For a time the contest seemed an crowd stood on their seats yelling and And those who fight in a squared ring even one, but as the fight wore on it cheering, and then hastened out into will fight, not for greater purses than was obvious that the gentleman in the the cool October air.

the salaries of kings and presidents, but green tights suffered more than bis Overhead the stars were shining for the love of a manly game. But Utopurple-panted opponent. Again and faintly and Diana, Goddess of Hunting, pia lies a long way ahead.





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\HE close of a hot May afternoon your motherland you taught us how to army? Because the Seventy-first Pun

in Agra, the air quivering over be united in spite of differences, you jabis are a unique organization, the

the tracks of the cantonment encouraged us to meet on the broad only native Christian regiment. The station, and on the platform a surge plane of humanity, ignoring all acci- position of a native convert is always of dark-skinned men in the King- dental differences of race, rank, and painful. He is an outcast even to the Emperor's khaki, whose cheers almost age. You set for us

an example of Untouchables, lower than the pariah. drowned the utmost efforts of the full service and sacrifice, and have shown Even the army cannot ignore caste, regimental band. Those who climbed us how to make ourselves worthy sons that tradition which is in the blood of the bridge across the tracks to dis- of our motherland and loyal soldiers every Hindu, and the position of a cover the cause of the tamasha could and citizens of the British Empire.” native Christian soldier among his see the center of interest. It was a The Major was in no mood to be Hindu-can one call them comrades group of three-a man, a woman, and a touched by ornate phrases. He was suf- under the circumstances ? little dog—all garlanded to stilling with fering physically from the usual prickly strained that as the number of native the flower wreaths which an Oriental heat of India, augmented by frangipani Christian soldiers increased it seemed hangs upon those whom he delights to blossoms down his neck, but he was not only advisable but necessary to honor. It was the farewell tribute of also undergoing the even more acute unite them in a regiment of their own. the Seventy-first Punjabis to their mental anguish that afflicts an English- In 1917 this was done, and the SeventyDepot Major, just starting home for man who has done his duty and is con- first Punjabis were brought together, six months' leave. fronted by an emotional public recog- company by company, from other regi

, The crowning glory of the demon- nition of the fact. Embarrassed as he ments. Their first station was at Ferstration was an address printed in was by the spectacular praise, he was ozepur, and from there they were moved gold, the composition of the regimental touched too. This was not an ordinary to Quetta, where they got into serious Chrysostom. Much time and labor had leave-taking; the service which it trouble. It is not strange that most of gone to the framing of its quaintly crowned had been far outside the com- the converts are of the low castesprecise sentences, but if spontaneity monplace. The Major's voice was a religion that preaches equality naturally was lacking genuine feeling was there. little husky with something more than has a stronger appeal to a man who is “Honored and Beloved Sir: In these the ubiquitous Indian dust as he began at the hopeless bottom of the ladder days of bustling activity, when mere his reply. He looked over the crowding than to one who is serenely secure of his words are held of small account, we dark faces to the tall chaplain who had position at the top. The convert is have assembled here this afternoon not been his comrade in the struggles, the hated by the caste he has left and deto give you a formal farewell but to disappointments, and the triumphs'that spised by the high caste, and when the tell you how greatly you have won our were the background of this scene, and of the Seventy-first Punjabis respects and made a portion of our they exchanged an understanding smile walked through the Quetta bazaars affection and best memories your own. as the Major's voice deepened on the they were greeted as bhangi (sweepers) You, sir, embodied in yourself the key-word of their common effort- and kafir (infidels). Endurance, to them, cardinal virtues of a successful officer- bhai bandi-brotherhood.

presently ceased to be a virtue, and kind but not indulgent, strict but not Why should there be more bhai trouble ensued in which some lives were stern, noble but not proud. As an Eng- bandi among the Seventy-first Punjabis lost. As a result the regiment was at lishman true to the finest traditions of than in any other part of the Indian once transferred to Bussorah, where




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evitable. Even the ardor of new faith cannot always level the wall of caste. A high-caste convert applied for a commission in the depot force, and when he arrived was put on probationary work by the Major. He was prepared to confront hardness and to bear per: secution by those of his own kind, but comradeship with those born to a caste below his own he could not endure. For his like, as for the Sikh of good family whose Christianity could not sustain him through the same ordeal, this regiment is not the place. Bhai bandi must rule. The highest officers set the example-witness the gold-lettered memorial of the Major's purgato torial apotheosis at Agra Station.

"If you try to tell any story about the regiment,” said the Padre, skillfully steering a Ford through the bewilder


you get in the Major. He's splendid, sets a fine standard for the boys, comes

to communion with them, and—” he since May of 1918 it had been part of a self-supporting business affair under paused before his climax while he deftly the South Persian Field Force, per- the wise direction of the Padre. It swerved around a buffalo which was forming creditably all the duties re- stocks pop, cigarettes, cards, peanuts, inviting bumps in the middle of the quired of it.

popcorn, and the important trifles of road—“ and I've only heard him swear The depot-the nucleus where the intimate haberdashery that a man wants once. He said one of the men was damn men are training for the drafts that when he wants them. The pop, of slack—and he was, too." are sent out-moved from Quetta to course, is for summer. In winter there The companion tribute came from Delhi, then to Agra, and is now in is a tea bar that does a roaring trade the Major, enjoying the relaxation of the city of the Taj, a scattering of between the checker tournaments that civilian clothes and a steamer chair ov brown huts on brown-trodden sand of a are a rival to the gramophone.

the windward side. great parade-ground. On this field we The thought of that popular instru- “If you're talking about the regi. have one more instance of England ment brings back that Y hut as I

ment, you can't say too much about the and America joining hands, for the it one April afternoon. Warm, yes; Padre. He's tophole, as good as they're depot chaplain of the Seventy-first but a paradise of cool shade compared


made, if he did pray that I wouldn't get Punjabis has always been an American to the outer glare of pitiless sky and a passage home till we got those new missionary. The present incumbent parched yellow earth ; at one end the floors down in the Y house. I got it, brings to the difficult work considerably actively patronized shop counter, at the though-praying a bit myself.” over six feet of muscular piety, sports- other the gramophone playing indis- The Major chuckled, then there was manship, and humor-also a family criminately Indian records and our own a

a little pause while he thought back adored by all the wives, children, and ragtime. Popular music in India has to that hard-baked harvest field at puppies in the married quarters. The not the respectable status which it en- Agra. Padre of this regiment holds no "cushy” joys with us, and their favorite songs * It's a wonderful opportunity, you post. He is not only the spiritual ad- are usually composed and sung by the know," he mused aloud. “ All that viser of the men, but the head of the ladies, whose presence in the bazaars is tamasha at the station—that wasn't for Y.M.C. A., the manager of the co-opera- one of the reasons for the co-operative me, of course. It was for the idea me tive store, and almost, like Pooh-Bah, store. The tall Padre las taken a ,

represent. My word, how uncomfortaLord High Everything Else. The co- daring advantage of this by setting the ble I was with those beastly flowers operative store is a highly necessary Psalms to the raciest and catchiest going down my collar! But even the institution. The market at Delhi, on tunes. Perhaps the very audacity of little dog understood what it was all the very steps of the great mosque and this venture has made for its success ; about and didn't try to get his wreath flaming with religious fervors and at any rate, the men's interest has been off, though he hates to be dressed up.

I animosities as it does with color, had so held that they have made no absent- got it because I was the first C. O. who even more dangerous possibilities than minded and unseemly lapses to the had been with the depot long enough to Quetta; and even in less inflammable original words.

carry on a continuous policy-to make Agra the men must be kept away It has not been possible always to them feel what the British officer means from the bazaars as far as possible, not be so successful in plucking brands to the Indian army. Hundreds of ofionly to avoid incidents like the Quetta from the burning. When the regiment cers do the same thing every day of unpleasantness, but because those allur

was young, it was hailed by the mis- their lives, only the men don't have the ing marts purvey not only needful arti- sions with an enthusiasm that threat

sions with an enthusiasm that threat chance to understand it as ours do. cles but wares neither necessary nor ened disaster. They not only sent their Bhai bandı isn't a specialty of the harmless, and also society which ig- hopeless cases to this stern school, but Seventy-first, but it means more from nores caste, but not to edification. In recommended them for commissions, your officer when you've never had it the Y lut-which is more truly a hut apparently hoping that the combina- before from any one you could look up than some of the buildings we call so- tion of discipline and responsibility to. Of course one has to be carefulthe co-operative store occupies one might work a miracle of regeneration. strict discipline, no playing favorites end of the long, ramshackle structure In one case out of four it did, but the but that's the real bhai bandi, after all

, floored with hard-trodden earth. The worm turned, and the regiment is now isn't it? They look to us for impartial shareholders of the store are the men who no longer a home for incurables.” justice; they don't understand it and started it with their savings, and it is There are other troubles that are in- can't give it, and what's the good of a

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