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Advertising Rates: Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, etc., sixty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. In calculating space required for an advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired.


"Want" advertisements, under the various headings, "Board and Rooms,' Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each "Want" advertisement is set in capital letters without additional charge, Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the department may be arranged for on application.

Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance ten days before the date of issue when it is intended the advertisement shall first appear.


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Hotels and Resorts


HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washing-
ton Square
adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms
with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day,
including meals. Special rates for two weeks
or more. Location very central. Convenient
to all elevated and street car lines.




Guests have returned year after year-not alone
for ideal sport, but for the constant revival of
happy memories, the renewal of old friendships.


Delightful weather for December
like late Fall in New England.

For Reservations or Information address:

General Office, Pinehurst, North Carolina, or
LEONARD TUFTS, 282 Congress St., Boston




The HAMILTON Summerville

14th & K Sts., N. W. WASHINGTON, D. C.

A Select Family and Transient Hotel Ideal Location. Modern appointments and Home-like. Good table. American plan. Rates reasonable; special rates for a prolonged stay. Booklet.

IRVING O. BALL, Proprietor.


Spend Your Winter at the

Dunedin Lodge-On the Gulf

A quaint little hostelry preserving the air of
Ole Virginia in its hospitality, furnishing
and table. Every room with a sea view.
Private baths. Special rates for the season.


If You Are Tired or Need a Change
you cannot find a more comfortable place in
New England than


It affords all the comforts of
home without extravagance.


Pine Forest Inn & Cottages

Summerville, S. C., 22 miles from
Historical Charleston

Special early rates to Feb. 1
One of the finest winter resort
hotels in the Middle South. Here
you will enjoy rest and quietness
amidst tall Southern pines. In-
vigorating, dry, healthful climate.
Pure artesian water. Cuisine and
service on par with the best Met-
ropolitan hotels. Ideal weather for

Golf and Hunting
Special December & January

Superb 18-hole golf course. Reg-
ulated tennis courts. Livery of
carriage and saddle horses. Good
roads for driving and motoring.

Hotel Le Marquis Quail, Wild- Turkey, Fox and

12 East 31st Street

New York

Combines every convenience and home
comfort, and commends itself to people of
refinement wishing to live on American Plan
and be within easy reach of social and dra-
matic centers.

Rates with Illustrated Booklet gladly sent
upon request.

Deer Hunting

F. W. Wagener & Co.

Willard A. Senna

Address until Nov. 20, 1920, care of
Plymouth Inn, Northampton, Mass.

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Ideal Climate, Hunting, Fishing 8-room cottage, 3-room help cottage both furnished, small grove. Quick sale will take $8,000 cash next 30 days. Box 32, Cocoa, Fa

For Sale-Ideal Winter Home 7 acres best orange land on Dixie Highway and Caloosahatchee River, Olga, Florida Good fishing and hunting. Practically ne 8-room house, screened, porches screened. bath. Near P. O. and store. Also building t on Woodford Ave., Fort Myers, Fla. Splen did location. Address Mrs. A. C. WEAVEL 325 MacGregor Boulevard, Fort Myers, F



BOOKS on pedigrees, genealogies, and coats-of-arms. Every Anglo-Saxon and Celtic name. Kindly inquire for particulars. Cha A. O'Connor, 21 Spruce St., New York City. STORIES, poems, plays, etc., are wanted for publication. Submit MSS. or write Literary Bureau, 325, Hannibal, Mo.

BOARD AND ROOMS BRIGHT room, private bath. Board op tional. New York suburb. 9,197, Outlook.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES INVENTIONS wanted. Cash or royalty for ideas. Adam Fisher Mfg. Co., 217,St. Louis, Mo.

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N your issue of August 4 you very kindly gave the Educational Section of the League of Woman Voters a most interestng editorial, and I think I owe it to you o acquaint you with the results attendant pon that editorial. From all over the Jnited States, as far away as Hawaii, we ave received requests for information rearding our work. Although it is now October 21, requests are still coming in for nformation, and up to date we have reeived over five hundred communications egarding it from all sorts of peopleousewives, teachers, public speakers, nd men and women desiring civic in


It should be most gratifying to The Outlook to realize the breadth of its field and ne response that one editorial can evoke. FLORENCE C. WHITNEY, Chairman Educational Section. Bronxville, New York.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS COPLEY CRAFT CHRISTMAS CARDS, nd-colored, sent on approval. The line is st known for its distinctive verses. Disunts to those selling among friends. JessieA. cNicol, 18 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. UNIQUE table runners, Japanese crape, for eakfast or luncheon table, with appliqué signs and stitchery. Ideal Christmas gift. lor schemes-yellows, blues, and greens. ate preference. $5 per pair. Address K. bed, 1523 Wayne Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. LADIES' PURE LINEN hand-embroidered ndkerchiefs on white or colored linens th colored threads interwoven forming the rders. Six different patterns in box for ristmas gift, $6. Order to-day. The Irish nen Company, Davenport, Iowa.


Business Situations RAILWAY traffic inspectors earn from 10 to $200 per month and expenses. Travel Besired. Unlimited advancement. No age it. We train you. Positions furuished under arantee. Write for booklet CM27. Standard siness Training Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. WRITE photoplays: $25-$300 paid anyone - suitable ideas. Experience unnecessary; mplete outline free. Producers League, , St. Louis.


ompanions and Domestic Helpers PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and ployee: housekeepers, matrons, ies, governesses, dietitians, attendants, ther's helpers. 51 Trowbridge St., Camdge, Mass.

WANTED-Nursery governess or mother's per to help care for three chldren of six, r, and three years. References required. 8. Thomas F. Bayard, 9 Red Oak Road, Imington, Del.

WANTED, by English family, English or otch refined lady, not over 27 years, as ther's helper and companion in country minutes from New York. Maid kept. Peral interview necessary. 9,190, Outlook.


Tours and Cruises


A Cruise Tour
January 29th

70 days-$2200 up



23 days under Tropical skies $450 up




Including the best there is to see in South America and the celebrated trip over the Andes. Down the West coast on the luxurious Pacific Line steamer "Ebro "-up the East coast via the Lamport & Holt Line. Seventy days of pleasure on land and sea. An extended program of sightseeing in all the principal cities of South America. January 15th, S. S. Ulua; February 19th, S. S. Toloa, of the Great White Fleet. These new steamers, built for cruising in the tropics, offer the comforts of an ocean liner. Visiting Havana, Santiago, Port Antonio, Kingston, Cristobal, Panama Canal, Port Limon, San Jose and Havana.

Honolulu, Japan, Manchuria, North and South China and the Philippine Islands. Sailing from Vancouver January 13; from San Francisco January 24, February 5 and 20, March 16, April 2 and 30, May 28 and June 25; from Seattle March 11. Small parties under personal escort. Write for details. Conducted tours leaving each week from the middle of January throughout the winter to California and Florida. Stopover privilege enabling individuals to return independently or with a later tour. Write for details.


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in every line of household, educational, business, or personal service-domestic workers, teachers, nurses, business or professional assistants, etc., etc.-whether you require help or are seeking a situation, may be filled through a little announcement in the classified columns of The Outlook. If you have some article to sell or exchange, these columns may prove of real value to you as they have to many others. Send for descriptive circular and order blank AND FILL YOUR WAŃTS. Address Department of Classified Advertising, THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York


Companions and Domestic Helpers

DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria managers, governesses, matrons, housekeepers, social workers, and secretaries. Miss Richards, Providence, East Side Box 5. Boston, Fridays, 11 to 1, 16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court. Address Providence.

REFINED woman to help dietitian; serve meals, keep some rooms in order. Simple country place. Mrs. Stanley Bright, Read ing, Pa.

Teachers and Governesses WANTED-Competent teachers for public and private schools. Calls coming every day. Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N. Y.

WANTED-Experienced English nursery governess to care for little girl six years old at Rochester, N. Y. Best references required. 9,196, Outlook.


Professional Situations DIRECTOR of CORPORATION COMMUNITY WORK. Prominent and successful rector of Episcopal church desires position as layman. Eminently qualified. 9,182, Outlook.


MINISTER, middle-aged, youthful spirit, with rich pastoral experience, good preaching ability and social tact, who cannot for family reasons take permanent pastorate in his denomination, but is capable of effective service, would act as supply minister for a church for a year or more, or would take financial secretaryship of benevolent society. Has some means, so not over-anxious about salary. Good references from pastors and business men. Did expert survey work for Interchurch Movement. An acceptable speaker at soldiers' camps during war. Has organized community churches. Conservative in theology, but progressive in spirit and methods. 2,000, Outlook.


Business Situations SECRETARY-stenographer. Experienced, educated young lady desires position in small office. References. 9,186, Outlook.

WANTED, by experienced young woman. part time secretarial or executive work. Typist. References. 2,001, Outlook.

AMERICAN having banking, commercial, foreign trade, and exchange experience de sires high class connection. Could invest if required. Highest references. 2,006, Outlook. Companions and Domestic Helpers

AN experienced, practical nurse desires position as companion. Traveling no objection. References exchanged. Mrs. F. O'H. Croom, Box 23, Atkinson, N. C.

LADY, as companion to young or middleaged lady. Take entire charge of housekeeping, social engagements, and accounts if desired. Highest references. 9,173, Outlook.

THOROUGHLY competent woman desires position as companion to party traveling for winter. Excellent references. 9,195, Outlook. POSITION as matron or managing housekeeper. Nine years' experience. Best references. D. D. R., Berwick, Me.

POSITION as companion, chaperon in girls' school, or managing housekeeper by woman of refinement. 9,198, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED infant's nurse. Baby under six weeks. Country position. Salary $50. Write M. S., 314 West 76th St., New York City.

COMPANION-housekeeper with ten years' reference in private family will be at liberty to take similar position January 1. 2,003, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses TUTOR. Young, virile clergyman availa ble as tutor-companion. Excellent tutorial testimonials. 9,194, Outlook.

PROFESSOR of English, Western college, would accept suitable place, tutor or companion, during his leave of absence beginning February first. 9,188, Outlook.


Teachers and Governesses TUTOR-companion. Young man, genial, refined, fond of and popular with boys. Athletic, well educated. Will travel. Highest references. 9,191, Outlook.

YOUNG MAN, unmarried, desires position in an institution with boys. Experienced teacher both in grade and commercial subjects. Has had experience as assistant superintendent. Can furnish best of references. 9,185, Outlook.

TEACHER, college graduate, best pedagogical training, highest references, wide experience, desires to board in her beautiful country home and to teach one or two children requiring individual care. One hour from New York City. 2,002, Outlook.


MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will send things on approval. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

GRAPHOLOGY. Interesting character study. Complete analysis of handwriting made for $5. 9,063, Outlook.

WANTED, in small private school, several resident pupils, ages 5 to 10. Ideal climate. Miss Speer's Primary School, 19 East San Miguel St., Colorado Springs, Col.

WANTED-Child. from three months to twelve years, in refined home 85 miles from New York. Every care and advantage given by cultured woman. Reasonable recompense. 9,189, Outlook.

ELDERLY gentlewoman, formerly principal of prominent Episcopal girls' school, wishes home either in town or country with refined people. Will pay approximately $50 monthly. 2,004, Outlook.

SHAWNEE, Oklahoma, a growing city, a good place to live. Write for information. Board of Commerce, Shawnee, Oklahoma. MARRIED couple, no children, owning unusually attractive suburban home, will consider co-operative housekeeping with refined married couple, Protestants, no small children. 2,005, Outl ok.

W.L. Douglas


$7.00 $8.00 $9.00 & $10.00 SHOES



The best known

shoes in the world. They are sold in 107 W.L. Douglas stores,

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direct from the factory to you at only one profit, which guarantees to you the best shoes that can be produced, at the lowest possible cost. W. L. Douglas name and the retail price are stamped on the bottom of all shoes before they leave the factory, which is your protection against unreasonable profits.

W. L. Douglas $9.00 and $10.00 shoes are absolutely the best shoe values for the money in this country. They are made of the best and finest leathers that money can buy. They combine quality, style, workmanship and wearing qualities equal to other makes selling at higher prices. They are the leaders in the fashion centers of America. The stamped price is W. L Douglas personal guarantee that the shoes are always worth the price paid for them. The prices are the same everywhere; they cost no more in San Francisco than they do in New York.

W. L. Douglas shoes are made by the highest paid, skilled shoemakers, under the direction and supervision of experienced men, all working with an honest determination to make the best shoes for the price that money can buy.

W. L. Douglas shoes are for sale by over 9000 shoe dealers besides our own stores. If your local dealer cannot supply you, take no other make. Order direct from factory. Send for booklet telling how to order shoes by mail, postage free.

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HE toy industry abroad, especially in Germany, which has been the greatest toy country, is essentially a home industry, according to a prominent American toy manufacturer. Here it is a machine industry. "One American concern," he "produces six thousand mechanical trains daily, which are stamped out on ninety punch presses. A factory is now planned which will produce a million toy balloons every week. These toys are produced here at a cost which cannot now be duplicated abroad." Mechanical toys from Germany, however, are now appearing in the New York market, some of them of remarkable ingenuity, including a comical tin dognot a dachshund!-that throws back somersaults.


"Life's " understanding of feminine business methods: Lady (at bank teller's window)"I wish to open an account with you." Teller" All right, madam. How much do you want to deposit"? Lady-" Why, nothing. I want to draw out fifty dollars."

Latin quotations used in a charge to a jury are criticised by an Indiana judge. He says, as reported in the New York "Times:"

The first objection addressed to this instruction is that the court should not have used Latin in its charge to the jury. We concur in that criticism. The presumption is that jurors do not understand Latin, and there is no justification for the use of Latin in instructions. The Latin words, phrases, and sentences used in our law books have no place in the court's charge to the jury. Their meaning can be expressed with as much force and elegance in English, and a just pride in the accurate use of our National tongue would facilitate the administration of justice.


The astonishing agility and grace some famous dancers often makes their admirers a little envious. The feeling is well expressed in the following paragraph from the "Dramatic Mirror:" "Pavlowa is something spiritual. How I hate my heavy, lumberly, clumsy body after seeing what she reveals to me of the possibility of etherealizing motion! Such grace! Such harmony! Such rhythm! She weaves wings into your thoughts and invests you with spirit."

Here are a few advertisements that are interesting on account of their oddity: From the Kilkenny (Ireland) "People:" Wanted for country place, an experienced General; must be clean; able to wash, iron, and all usual housework; wages £15 a year and use of bicycle. Apply to Coolacurra, Ballacolla, Queen's County. From the "Irish Independent " (Dublin):

Native Irish Speaker (young), Oireachtas Gold Medallist for Traditional Singing, seeks post as Teacher (Convent preferred). Address

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From "Country Life" (London):

Magnificent oak, richly carved Billiard Table for sale, lately the property of a nobleman; may be viewed by appointment, etc. From the New York "World:" BIRTHS.-Mr. and Mrs. Avenue, announce the arrival of a bouncing baby boy.


At a Church of England service, says the Rev. W. B. Money in his "Humours of a Parish," Stainer's setting of the "" "Amen was sung. A Nonconformist

ng woman had been induced to attend. was asked afterwards how she liked service. "Well," she said,. "I don't k much of the choir, for they had to : the 'Amen' over ever so many times ore they got it right."

nother story told in the above-mened book illustrates the difficulties that et some clerical visitors. Mr. Money ed on an unregenerate cobbler who was The minister asked the sick man if would like his visitor to read to him. Ah,' he said in a voice full of scorn, 'I Pt want any of that child's stuff. What ants to know about is this here Waineght murder.'" The visitor felt it neces

to give the man a severe calling down his ribaldry. "To my intense astonisht," the author says, "this hard old man utterly frightened, and said in tones larm, Come, none of that, now; don't put anything on me!' He thought that as trying to put a curse on him!"

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none of the serious paragraphs in the sing book just quoted from the author es on an "infallible cure for hicghs. "Laugh as much as you like," he , "but try it the next time you are in grasp of hiccups. Take a tumbler and it about half full of water, put your to the opposite side of the rim to what ordinarily would in drinking, tilt the s away from you instead of towards and so sip the water. That is all, but will want nothing more."

Topsy-turvy" pronunciations:
Every night at eight o'clock in that
ge the perfume' blew and the chil-
had to go indoors."

He was discussing the celluloid lights
he automobile curtains and remarked,
at there Sarah Lord ain't much good.
reaks right out.'

This happened at a Culebra hotel e where even the waiters sometimes e a joke:

Well, George, what have we for rt?'

Sand, sir, I 'spects.'

George couldn't understand why the laughed."

is is also an example of darky wit, gh not of the "topsy-turvy " kind: Mr. Smith, that ham you sold me am bad."

Why, 'Rastus, that ham was only d last week."

Dat might be, Mr. Smith, but it sho' 'a' had a relapse."

e following answers from examinapapers, which a subscriber sends, that words correctly pronounced by eacher may easily become "topsyes" in a pupil's ear:

The equator is a menagerie lion passaround the earth."

In India a man out of one cask can't y a woman out of another cask."

A vacuum is a large empty place e the Pope lives."

Trailing art beauties are small flowers." The clouds are a heavy midst which up into the air."

The trailing arbutus has a beautiful

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We All Pray

"Thy Kingdom Come"


The Witness Committee is dedicated to the
great task of making Christianity dominant
in our national life. Our national founda-
tions were laid by men of faith in Jesus
Christ. His gentleness has made us great.
America should be the first nation to sub-
mit to the gracious rule of Christ the King.

Will You Help Us Morally and Financially in this Effort?
Our Literature is Free. If you pay
for it, we can double the output.

The Witness Committee

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"We guard against germs

our throats

Any druggist will tell you how widely Formamint is recommended by throat specialists, physi cians and dentists.

"We first became acquainted with Formamint when our doctor, several years ago, prescribed it for an epidemic of sore throat. You know how it runs through a family.

"We like Formamint because it relieves so quickly and is so much more convenient than gargles and sprays, especially for the children who hate such remedies.

"Then you remember the 'flu' epidemic.
How fearful we all were of crowded, stuffy
places; theatres and shops; crowded cars and
illy ventilated school rooms. Again the whole
family 'Formaminted' their throats and mouths,
by using the pleasant tasting tablets freely,
whenever there was danger of contagion.

"Formamint must be really antiseptic, be-
cause none of us had the 'flu', and few had
sore throats, that whole winter.
You can put
our family down as Formamint enthusiasts.''



Formamint is our trade mark. It identifies our product.



For Cuts and Scrapes

A neglected cut may lead to infection.

Safety first calls for the prompt
use of New-Skin.

Besides being an antiseptic
New-Skin forms a covering.

It protects the wound while
nature repairs the damage.

15c and 30c. At all druggists



"Never Neglect a Break in the Skin"

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for comfort

Every pair guaranteed


Netting 6%, 6%% and 7%
There's Safety in the Soil

Note how interested Wall Street is in agriculture,
and you will see that farm land is the backbone of
all investment securities. There's safety in the soil.
You have no worries when you invest in our First
Farm Mortgages, furnished in amounts to suit.

During the 37 years we have been in business, not one of our clients has ever lost a dollar. Write for our descriptive pamphlet "S" and list of offerings.

E. J. Lander & Co.


Grand Forks,

Gargle or a mouth wash,

put a few drops of Absorbine, Jr. in a little water.

It is an herbal

antiseptic and germicide remarkably effective for

Checking sore throat in its incipient stage.

Reducing the swelling and taking out the soreness.

Cleansing the mouth and arresting infection.

Extensively used and highly recommended by dentists. It leaves the mouth cool and clean. $1.25 a bottle at most druggists of postpaid. Send 10c for liberal Trial bottle. W. F. YOUNG, Inc.

443 Temple Street,


Springfield, Mass.

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