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The Autobiography of

The Boston Transcript says: "To the great trio of American
autobiographies, Benjamin Franklin's, Booker Washington's,
and Henry Adams's, must now be added a fourth-the story of
Andrew Carnegie's marvelous career." Nothing stranger ever
came out of the Arabian Nights than the story of this poor Scotch
boy who built up a colossal industry, amassed an enormous
fortune, and then gave it away for the betterment of man-
Illustrated. $5.00.

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The Dame School of Experience
There is no more pleasure-giving or delightful gift than a book
by Dr. Crothers. This new volume contains some of his very
best essays including-Every Man's Desire to be Somebody
Else The Perils of the Literate-Natural Enemies and How
to Utilize Them-The Spiritual Advisor of Efficiency Ex-
perts The Hibernation of Genius-The Unpreparedness of
Liberalism, etc.


From the Diaries of John J. Leary, Jr.

"There is no more intimate picture of Roosevelt than this
which Mr. Leary has given. It is filled with characteristic
Rooseveltisms and is written with a fine appreciation of the
significance of every incident which is recorded. . . . Invaluable
to all who wish to know the man,
and to understand the course of
American politics in recent years."-Phila. Ledger. Illus. $4.00.

From the list of



Wyeth's Masterpiece

Eight full-page reproduc-
tions of paintings, and
sketches in black and
white, by N. C. Wyeth.



Mrs. Thomas Bailey

Lavishly Illustrated.



Henry Adams
With a Niece's Memories
by Mabel LaFarge



John Burroughs Illustrated. $2.00.


Agnes Repplier



Robert Haven


Robert Frothingham
Each $1.65. Lea. $3.00.
Uniform with "Songs of
Men." 3 vols. boxed.
$4.95. Lea. $9.00.

Send for the Piper, our record of free monthly book news and gossip. Houghton Mifflin Co., 4 Park St., Boston.

A Nation's Fate Was Sealed Fifty Yards from Where He Stood!



HERE was a rattling of rickshaws, and I went below. On looking over the wall, I saw that the Japanese were going away. Hasegawa's carriage had already gone. Koreans in court dress were fluttering to and fro. It seemed impossible as I stood there in the moonlight behind the hedge, that the fate of a nation had been sealed within fifty yards of where I stood! The ministers had signed !" Yes, it was so. The Japanese had subjugated Korea, and a country of 12,000,000 people must bow to the inevitable. Are you reading WILLARD STRAIGHT'S Life Story by Louis Graves now running in


The American MAGAZINE on the Orient

More than 60 Illustrations-Art Insert of Exceptional Interest

The story is attracting attention everywhere.

A Republic-With an Emperor Held in Reserve!

This is the case in China today. An unbelievable situation-but true. The young heir to the throne is now fifteen years of age. The rumor was that he had been restored to power. They are thinking of marrying him to the President's daughter, and thus satisfy all factions. And many other astonishing plans are being considered. Read JOHN O. P. BLAND'S revelations in "The Last Imperial Manchu" in the December issue.

Bible Stories Through Chinese Eyes!

These pictures by a young Chinese artist would alone make any issue of a magazine worth while. This boy went to hear a missionary in his native country. Never had he heard the old Biblical stories. He was deeply impressed. He visualized the sacred tales enacted among his own Chinese people. Chinese lions, tigers and phenix march two by two into a Chinese ark, built by a Chinese Noah. And they kill the Chinese fatted calf (in the shape of a chicken) for the Chinese Prodigal Son, returning penitent from a Chinese gambling hell!



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By L. Adams Beck By Charles Mayer

By R. Meyer Riefstahl By W. Norman Brown An Insert of Photographs


By Madame Yukio Ozaki
By Robertson Scott

Ave., N. Y.

the Orient, beginning with December, 1920. I enclose $1.00. Send the next five issues of ASIA, the American Magazine on ASIA PUBLISHING CO., 627 Lexington

Outlook 12-1-20



Business or Profession....

Canadian $1.20;

foreign $1.40

ASIATIC BOOK-SHELF These are but a few of the brilliant features of a brilliant number. There is no magazine quite like ASIA. What concerns Asia, concerns America-and the wide-awake citizen lives and learns of the politics, the beauty, the temperament of foreign lands. Read ASIA, and become well-informed.


Open to New Readers Only

Fill out the coupon and take a trip to Asia
627 Lexington Avenue, New York City


[From the "National Safety News"]

T last it has come to pass-a No-Accident Week in fact as well as in name. During the three years in which there has been any public safety work to speak of, one large city after another tried to go through a single week without an accidental death, and while some really remarkable reductions in accidents were brought about, the results always fell just a little short of the goal. St. Louis in 1918 came through its "No-Accident Week" with one fatality, as against ten for the preeeding week and twenty-five for the corresponding week of the previous year; Cleveland last year during its "No-Acci dent Week" reduced its score on this account from sixteen during the corresponding week of the previous year to six; the Lehigh Valley cities in a noteworthy "No-Accident Week" campaign in the spring of this year came through with only one fatality.

And then Milwaukee proved that it could be done. With a population of more than half a million, with thousands of visitors in her midst, with 46,000 automobiles and motor trucks operating on her streets, Milwaukee passed through the week of September 26 to October 2, inclusive-the week of the ninth annual Congress of the National Safety Council-without a single fatal accident. This in the face of an average of six accidental deaths for the entire previous year and an average of seven accidental deaths for the previous month.

Milwaukee has the honor of being the first large city to achieve this record, which is proof positive of what organized effort for safety can accomplish, and evidence of the fact that if a community is sufficiently aroused the accident slate can be kept clean not only in one specially designated week but throughout the year.

The records of Dr. F. N. Franklin, Coroner of Milwaukee County, show an aver age of seven accidental deaths a week for the month just prior to the ninth annual Safety Congress. For the week that the National Safety Council was in town there

is a blank page in his book, and that is the page of which he and the citizens of Milwaukee are rightly most proud. As for minor accidents during Safety Week, it is estimated by Dr. Harry E. Bradley, Chairman of the Safe Drivers' Club of Milwaukee and Police Surgeon of the Milwaukee Police Department, that the injury cases at the emergency hospitals of the city de creased forty per cent during Safety Week.

The saving in life was due to the intersive campaign of the Safety and Sanitation Committee of the Milwaukee Association of Commerce. One of the most effective features of the campaign was the novel method of recruiting the children in the schools and their parents for the cause of safety. One hundred and twenty-five thousand letters, in the original handwriting of the children, written in the classroom at school, were taken home to their fathers and mothers, together with a pledge card. The child's letter requested its parents to sign the pledge of carefulness and co-operate in every way to prevent accidents on the street, in the home, and at work. Milton C. Potter, Superintendent of Schools in Milwaukee, estimates that fully ninety per cent of these pledges were returned, signed by the parents. Interest in this drive was stimulated among


the children by the offer of "100 per cent certificates," signed by the President of the National Safety Council and the manager of the Milwaukee Safety Council, to every schoolroom which made a 100-percent record in returning the signed pledges.

Each of the 46,000 automobile drivers of Milwaukee received at the outset of the campaign a letter urging the utmost care in driving and complete co-operation to prevent accidents. That these letters were effective is shown by the record of the week. With the letters were sent applications for membership in the Safe Drivers' Club, sponsored by the Milwaukee Safety Council. Within ten days 12,000 drivers had applied and been admitted to membership, each paying $1 membership dues.

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More than 720,000 leaflets carrying St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

safety messages on "jay walking," safe driving, blood poisoning, and other common hazards were distributed in bundles and packages of all sorts sent out by department stores and other business houses. Every bundle that went into a home during the week carried a safety message. A safety message was carried in every business letter from practically every concern in the city.

Safety sermons were preached by the ministers and priests of all creeds in practically every church of the city on the Sunday preceding the opening of the Congress.

The street-car company of the city ran a safety street car covered with safety banners, slogans, and decorations, on which a loud siren whistle was in constant blast. This car hauled a gondola trailer on which was a wrecked automobile with the devil at the wheel, pointing to the certain consequences of carelessness. The whole presented a most spectacular and impressive safety lesson.

The interest of the press was obtained, and each of the large Milwaukee daily newspapers conducted a safety contest of some kind.


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OOD SPEECH WEEK, November 1-8, was observed more widely this year than at any time since its inception five or years ago. In schools, colleges, normal schools, women's clubs, and other organizations the campaign for better English was carried on vigorously during the first week of November, and if incorrect grammar, faulty pronunciation, slang, and their kindred evils were not at least partially routed it was not due to lack of enthusiasm on the part of English teachers and their students.

Very helpful suggestions and literature were furnished by the American Speech Committee of the Chicago Women's Clab, of which Mrs. Katherine Knowles Robbins, Fine Arts Building, Chicago, is Chairman. This material was sent out free except for the postage. The "English Journal," published in Chicago, has also been sponsoring this movement for better speech, as has the National Council of English Teachers. While certain general lines have been followed in most of the schools observing the week, there has been an opportunity for much originality in devising new and effective plans. Contests in spelling, pronunciation, extempore speaking, essay writingthe theme being some phase of the good English problem-posters exhorting the students and the community to "Watch

School for Nurses


Registered in New York State, offers a 2 years' courseas general training to refined, educated women. Requirenents one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

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Editors: FRANK MOORE COLBY, A.M., TALCOTT WILLIAMS, L.L.D., L.H.D., The fortunate recipient of this useful and valuable gift finds it in youth, in middle age and all through life "a guide, philosopher and friend;" and there is no need to say that the donor will never be forgotten, for the volumes will always stand a monument to good judgment in selection and generosity in giving. THE NEW INTERNATIONAL may indeed be truly designated as

The One Superb Holiday Remembrance

With this you'll quite agree if you will have us send our 80-page Illus-
trated Book, showing Specimen Pages, Engravings, Photos in
Color, Maps, etc., with information regarding the volume devoted to
Courses of Reading and Study. To find out fully about the work

Simply Send in the Coupon


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Out. 12-20

DODD, MEAD & Co., Inc. Publishers 449 Fourth Ave, New York City

Send me full information regarding The New International Encyclopaedia (Second Edition), with details of the present Special Price and Monthly List

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We are confident you will agree with us that with THE NEW INTERNATIONAL as an ever-cherished gift to someone in whose welfare you are interested, you can and will make this coming Christmas indeed memorable.




of Prize Questions, enabling me to win a $1.25 book each month.

Name Occupation Bus. Address. Residence

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Holiday Gift Books

Distinctive Fiction



This gripping story of the great Northwest is recommended to you as the best book that this popular author has yet written.

"There can be no question of Mr. Sinclair's ability to tell an entertaining story. Few of us ever doubted it after 'North of Fifty-Three,' but 'Poor Man's Rock' settles the matter once and for all."-Boston Transcript. "A first-rate story."-New York Sun. $1.90 nel




Jeffery Farmol brings back the pirate days of the Spanish Main in this new novel-and not since "The Broad Highway" and "The Amateur Gentleman" has he created such a picturesque company of characters or related such romantic adventures. $2.15 net


"Into the Blue Room thou shalt not look" By COSMO HAMILTON

In this powerful new novel the author of "Scandal" endeavors to show the after-effects of the war on the. souls of two men of diametrically opposite temperaments and upbringing. "The Blue Room" is sure to be one of the most widely discussed books of the year.

$1.90 net

A WORLD TO MEND By MARGARET SHERWOOD A new book by the author of "The Worn Doorstep," that is sure to appeal to all thinking Americans. "A World. to Mend' is very different, but is a worthy successor to 'The Worn Doorstep.' It is a book that any novelist might be glad to own."-Boston Transcript.. $2.00 net

THE DEVIL'S PAW By E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM Readers of "The Great Impersonation," a leading bestseller for Spring and Summer (which broke all Oppen. heim sales records), will enjoy this latest disclosure of German intrigue from the pen of "The Prince of Story Tellers." $1.90 nel




This outdoor story of mystery, adventure and surprise with its scenes laid in the Michigan woods, on Lake Huron and in Chicago, represents the best work yet done by one of the authors of "The Indian Drum" and "The Blind Man's Eyes.".

"A real mystery story."-Philadelphia Press. $1.90 nel

For Sale at

Little, Brown & Company

The Leading Children's Book


By THORNTON W. BURGESS Author of "The Bedtime Story-Books," etc. This is a companion volume to "The Burgess Bird Book for Children," which has had such a wonderful reception since its publication a year ago. It is written in the same vein, a story book which at the same time is an authoritative hand book on the land animals of America, so describing them and their habits that they will be instantly recognized when seen. Every child and not a few adults will delight in going to school to Old Mother Nature with Peter Rabbit and his friends. With 32 full-page illustrations in color and 16 full-page illustrations in black-and-white from drawings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes. $3.00 net

Miscellaneous Books



A keen and penetrating biography of England's foremost statesman, by the author of "Uncensored Celebrities." All the prominent personalities of the day pass across the pages of this book, which is likely to be regarded as one of the most readable biographies of the year. $3.00 net



Mr. Warren, an American who for many years was the London correspondent of The Boston Herald, writes personal reminiscences of such men as Robert Browning, John Stuart Blackie, Tennyson, Gladstone, George Meredith, Whistler, and many others. $2.50 net


By ABRAHAM MYERSON, M. D. This book analyzes the sources of the housewife's difficulties and traces their effect in her aches and pains. It aims to discover the housewife to herself, to give her husband understanding and sympathy, and to teach the physician and society how to help her. $2.25 net


By JAMES J. WALSH, M. D. In this new book, Dr. Walsh brings out the intimate relationship between religion and health. He shows that the practice, of prayer and of sacrifice and the observance of mortification and fasting and abstinence as well as of the holidays prescribed by religion have proved of great value for health. $2.25 net all Booksellers.

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For Christmas Give Your Friends

The Most-Quoted Periodical in America”

Christmas shopping is bound to be something of a nuisance. Simplify yours by giving your friends a year's subscription to The Outlook. Its calm, enduring qualities of leadership have won for The Outlook a place in the English-speaking world unlike that of other periodical. Other journals have come and gone, but The Outlook has remained a persistent, uninterrupted tradition in American letters.


The Outlook for 1921 will be composed of the 52 most interesting issues ever published. Send your remittance now, together with the names and addresses of the people you want to remember in this sensible manner, and we will put into the Christmas mails for them a card telling them that through your courtesy they may look for The Outlook each week during 1921.

Your Speech,"

GOOD SPEECH WEEK (Continued) ""Modulate Your Voice "Replace Slang with Good English," a countless other slogans, original pla showing the value of good English in bu ness and social life, have been some of t numerous devices used to focus attenti on this important question. The campai is not limited to the negative side of mere correcting errors in grammar and pr nunciation, but has the much wider scop of working for clear, convincing spee and a pleasing, well-modulated voice.

In cities where there is a large foreig element much emphasis has been plac on the Americanization idea of helpi foreigners to acquire our language. number of business firms have also be taking up the project with a view to in proving the speech of their employed Classes have been established by Marsha Field & Co., of Chicago, and the M shall and Illsley Bank of Milwauke The National Motion Picture League h published a bulletin pointing out erro and slang in the reading matter of moti pictures. Boston, Detroit, Cincinnati, Ch cago, Birmingham, Alabama, and L Angeles are among the cities which ha been especially active in pushing the go English campaign. The Woman's Club Cincinnati has arranged fourteen pr grammes for this winter on such topics Organization of the Better English Circ Diction, Incorrect Forms, Common Error Letter Writing, etc. For information a one interested may write to Mrs. Elm G. Lawrence, 856 Locust Street, Waln Hills, Cincinnati. Valuable leaflets wi suggestions for schools, clubs, etc., mayb secured from Miss Helen Bagg, Chicag Woman's Club, Fine Arts Building, Ch cago, by sending ten cents. It is earnest to be hoped that all lovers of good Eng lish will interest themselves in this mov ment so necessary in combating the risin tide of crudity and harshness in our Amer can speech. MABEL C. CORBIN.

Galesburg, Illinois.

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course you're reading Roosevelt' letters to his children. Everybody doing it. He was fond of all children. friend of mine in Washington obtained hi permission to present her two little boy to him when they were about six and eigh years old. As she was impressing or them what a great man they were to se and how good they must be, Six-YearsOld looked up, wide-eyed. "Will he show us his bear?"

But it was the lion of the White House and not the bear that they saw. He talked to them in his most delightful manner, and when their father rose the President ex claimed:

"But I want to give them something What can I give them?"

The only thing within range of his vision which could meet his desire was a bunch of roses on his desk, and, with the anteroom crowded with people waiting to see him, Roosevelt stripped the thorns from the stems that they might not prick the eager little fingers. Any clever politician might have given them the flowers; only a father would have had that tender fore

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York City thought.



sake of the child I dream of now

Il set the board with



ted cream from the Jersey cow, s from the white hen's nest; wberries, scarlet and dewy-wet, d in a cool green leaf,

- buttercups gay in the center set smile in a golden sheaf.

ong ago, and long ago, I mind my berries tasted

weeter for a cool green leaf from off the maple trees

ow I know life's journey through, naught of love lies wasted

Then the years have kept so clear such little things as these.

Isake of the child that once was I,

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-eet brown biscuits and butter gold,

gs from the white hen's nest.

e robin in the apple tree sang

the gold of the sunset skies,

nd the child that was I looked out at me arough the joy in the other's eyes.

Long ago, and long ago, I mind the eager coming,

And how the small red station gleamed against the woodland wild,

The scent of sun-warmed clover fields, the dark bees' lazy humming, And the wondered, breathless. gladness in the heart-beats of a child.

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The time for Vapo-Cresolene is at the first indication of a cold or sore throat, which are so often the warnings of dangerous complications.

It is simple to use, as you just light the little lamp that vaporizes the Cresolene and place it near the bed at night. The soothing antiseptic vapor is breathed all night; making breathing easy, relieving the cough and easing the sore throat and congested chest.

Cresolene is recommended for Whooping Cough, Spasmodic Croup, Influenza, Bronchitis, Coughs and Nasal Catarrh. Its germicidal qualities make it a reliable protection against these epidemics.

It gives great relief in Asthma.

Cresolene has been recommended and used for the past forty years. The benefit derived from it is unquestionable Sold by Druggists. Send for Descriptive Booklet 31.

"Used while you sleep



Cresolene Antiseptic Throat Tablets for the irritated Throat, composed of slippery elm bark, licorice, sugar and Cresolene. They can't harm you. Of your druggist or from us. 10c in stamps. THE VAPO-CRESOLENE CO. 62 Cortlandt St., New York. or Leeming-Miles Building Montreal, Canada

The Letters of William James

Edited by his son, Henry James

These letters, covering the writer's life from his boyhood to
the end, form a genuine autobiography of one who may well
be called the most interesting man of thought in America
since Emerson. Great in many ways, William James's
genius revealed itself most naturally in letters. His contacts
with life were remarkable for their range and vitality, and
in these volumes there appears the record of every phase of
his life's activities-through them all running the golden
thread of ardent friendship for which he had a supreme gift.

[ocr errors]

¶The letters appear in two volumes in both a "Trade" and a
"Limited" Edition. The Limited Edition, prepared for those
who wish their libraries to include the best of the best, con-
sists of 650 numbered copies only, printed on largè paper,
with a special binding, and with rare illustrative material
not contained in the Trade Edition. Both editions, how-
ever, are fully illustrated and beautifully manufactured.
"A splendid present for the literary or professional man and woman.

Trade Edition, two volumes, $10.00
Limited Edition, two volumes, 20.00

NOTE: As the Limited Edition numbers only 650 copies and is already largely bespoken, a prompt order is advised

Atlantic books, ordered for gifts will be attractively wrapped and sent direct with Christmas card bearing the name of donor, on request.

IS CHIVALRY DEAD? N your issue of October 20 a lady from Missouri, basing her remarks upon the sit tight" custom of some American men, scusses the supposed demise of chivalry. For several years I have given particur thought to this matter, having rather nusual opportunity for observation, inasuch as my business takes me to every ction of the country and requires me to avel thirty thousand miles a year. It has een my privilege also to study steam-car nd trolley-car conditions in most of the puntries of Europe and in some of those Asia and Africa.

I am quite certain that there are two des to the question-yes, several sidesnd that, in the interest of clear thought

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