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BY THE WAY “When I first saw Richmond, in 1895," says a writer in “Collier's," "it belonged to the Old South. In the hotel a smiling colored boy stopped my bathtub with paper wad and put a tumbler over it to keep me from kicking it loose. The water served to me at slipper was so full of rel clay I mistook is for iced tea. Go there to-day and you will find–The tobacco interests of four nations with buying heal. quarters there. The focus of railroads tlaat are the most prosperous of the country. A dozen hospitals, six colleges, a great Amer ican cathedral, and hotels that are oases in the life of the traveler. The city has tlu commercial spirit of the North as keenly as Atlanta, but, glory be, it has not lost the social spirit of the South !”

The remains of Mary Campbell, Burns": “ Highland Mary,” were recently remore! from the Greenock Old West Kirk burying. ground and reburied in Greenock Cenie tery, in the presence of representatives of Burns Clubs from many parts of Scotland, and after impressive services. The reinterment was made necessary by the extension of the vast shipyards of Harlan & Wolf. the Clyde ship-builders. Mary Campbell inspired one of Burns's most pathetic songs, “To Mary in Heaven.”

“ Topsy-turvy” pronunciations :

"A lady here recently had this peetomaine poisoning.' Another had potaine poisoning.”

“Don't argue with old - ; he alwari goes off on a tandem.”

“A lady of my acquaintance, in discassing a friend's divorce case, said she had just received her elocutionary (interlocutory) decree.”

“Our washerwoman reports that the vocal teacher says her daughter has an exceptional voice and will be a madonna (prima donna).”

“My daughter and her bunch is goin' have a picnic to-day,” said our village Mrs. Malaprop, “and I've got to go ʼlong to shampoo (chaperon) the crowd.

From a local paper :

“The entertainment (interment) will take place in Maplewood Cemetery."

From another local paper:

“ The Lord Mayor who was emancipated as a result of his long abstance from food had been delirious for many hours and was unconscious when death came."

“At the conclusion of the school term prizes were distributed. When one of the pupils returned home his mother chanced to be entertaining callers. "Well, Charlie, asked one of these, did you get a prize: * Not exactly,' said Charlie, but I got a horrible mention.'

A ghost story of the comical sort is told in a recent book. At an English country house a lady was put into the haunted chamber. In the middle of the night she was wakened by feeling, to her horror

, that the bedclothes were being dragged off her. She held on to them desperately, but they were ruthlessly snatched away. She got up, dressed herself, and waited in speechless fear for morning. In the breaks fast room she was about to tell her fearful tale when another guest, a man, said to the hostess : “I woke so cold in the night that I went into the ghost room and took the clothes off the bed, to make myself

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The Standard Paper for Business Stationery

- made of the best selected rags, by men who for 50 years have produced only the finest Bond Paper, it is not surprising that Old Hampshire Bond should convey, by look and feel, an atmosphere of dignity and distinction.

Samples sent on Request. Hampshire Paper Company South Hadley Falls.

Masf: 320

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11. I knew you wouldn't put any one nere.” : a talk to advertising men, Arthur bane said recently that there are five ts that every advertisement should ess. “ It must be seen, it must be read, ust be understood, it must be believed,

it must make the public want the g it talks about.” A Negro preacher of this town,” a thern reader reports," said in his ordion sermon:'I was bought at the Lamb's - I was predestined, foreordained, ixed, suffixed, and affixed, and cannot infixed ; and I am not hell scared.'” he “ Empire State Express,” of the

York Central Railroad, between New k City and Buffalo, may fairly claim pe an “ institution.” It has now been ning for twenty-nine years ; October 26

the anniversary of the first trip. For ny years it made the westward run in at hours ; the schedule time is now nine rs, the reason given by the railway being

increased patronage and the conseat lengthening of the train to the capacof the locomotives made a lowered rate peed necessary. Photographs come from Paris showing ar on rats, which have been very deactive. But the despised rat once did French a good turn, according to Col1 Repington's just-published history of war. He says; “On the parapets of front trenches are what look like winy flower boxes. They contain chemical terials for making a smoke screen to the German gas when it comes. All rats in the trenches congregate round se smoke boxes when the gas comes, as y realize that they save them from sufation. This process of lifting the Gern poison gas was discovered quite by nce. During a gas attack some straw s set on fire by accident and forced the man smoke up. The rats came in arms to squat round the burning straw gave

the French the hint." Another rat story is told by Frances -t in 6 Wild Creatures of Garden and dgerow.” Miss Pitt came upon a nest baby rats, and the idea occurred to her give one of them surreptitiously to the mily cat to rear, its kittens having just en sacrificed, except one. She cautiously ced the young rat by the sole surviving ten, and the plan worked! The old cat rsed the baby rat, washed it, and treated n every way as a kitten. The rat learned know Miss Pitt as a friend, and became, e says,

of the tamest creatures I we ever known.” It proved a most amusfamily pet for nearly two years. Apropos of present-day speed in travel

by airplane, automobile, and motor·le, a subscriber writes that an Olio vspaper says that an old scrap-book otains a clipping stating that the Lanster, Ohio, school board in 1828 refused permit the use of the schoolhouse for a bate as to whether or not “railroads are actical.” The board members are said to ve reported :

You are welcome to use the schoolhouse to Lebate all proper questions in, but such things s railroads and telegraphs are impossible and zink infidelity. There is nothing in the Word f God about them. If God has designed that is intelligent creatures should travel at the aigh:ful speed of fifteen miles an hour he would have forecast it.





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Alppealing to Women

in Clovertising

FIFTYpercent of all adver dainty Strathmore Paper and you

add all the power of suggestion tising matter is intended to appeal to women. Does it

to all the logic of words.

We have prepared an inter appeal to them 100%? A booklet may be written as

esting series on Expressive Adver

tising demonstrating the power interestingly as you please of suggestion and sense appeal -but it fails of 100% effec- inherent in Paper, Type, Illustiveness if it is cold and tration and Color. We will gladly unfeminine in appearance.

send you the series upon request. But clothe its text with the lux Strathmore Paper Company, ury and daintiness of a luxurious, Mittineague, Mass., U. & A.

"You have a printer who knows"


Expressive Papers

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a son of the late John Marshall Harlan,

for years Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and a brother of James S. Harlan, former member of the Inter-State Commerce Commission. He was formerly minister of the First Presbyterian Church of New York and of the Third Church of Rochester. He was for six years President of Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois. J.

in this issue the record of his investigations into the plight of the Amer

LANK OOSE ican farmer, is a member of the faculty

OOKS of the Scarborough School, founded by Frank A. Vanderlip, and located at

These multi-column rulings are The National Columnar Sheets Scarborough-on-Hudson. This school

offered in single sheets, perforated are clearly and accurately ruled is doing pioneer work in many phases

pads and bound books. The col- on excellent paper. of modernized educational methods.

Whenever Mr. Gathany conducts The Outlook's umns run from 2 to 36, variously you want something in the Weekly Outline Study of Current arranged. They are used in cost ac- way of a blank book” have your History, which is used in schools and counting, business analysis, audit- stationer show you

National colleges throughout the country. Ohio

ing, and permanent record making. Columnar Books. State University alone has placed an order for more than one thousand copies

Send for free copy of GOOD FORMS FOR RECORD MAKING," of The Outlook per week for class-room

showing hundreds of ready ruled and printed forms for accounting. purposes. ELSIE SINGMASTER (Mrs. Harold

OOK Lewars) has long been a contributor to The Outlook. Edward J. O'Brien in his critical reviews of the American

20 Riverside, Holyoke, Mass. short story has repeatedly given dis


A course of forty lessons in the history, form, stories in The Outlook. Her home is in University of Cape Town

structure, and writing of the Short-Story taught by

Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for years Editor of Lippincott's Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She is a

150-page catalogue frco. Please address Chair of Bio-Chemistry

TJIE 101E CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL graduate of Radcliffe College, where

Dr. Boonwelo Dept. 68

Springfield, Mass. she received the degree of Litt . B: (Physiological and Pathological Chemistry) | Santech a phlete Personel tactical error internetu pigme

CHOOL of Horticulture (Incor. Mrs. Lewars has contributed fiction not

vegetable flower gardens, orchards, poultry plant,

apiary, jam kitchen. Lectures by competent instructors. only to The Outlook, but to the Applications are hereby invited for the Chair of

Regular Two Year Diploma Course, fitting women Bio-Chemistry in the faculty of medicine at the for self-support or oversight of own property, begins Jan"Century,” the “ Atlantic Monthly, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

nary 17, 1921. Cataloglie. Elizabeth Leighton Lee. Director. “Scribner's," and the

The salary is £900 p. a. rising by biennial in"Saturday Evening Post." She is crements of £50 p. a. to £1,100 p. a. There is a LIFTON SPRINGS SANITARIUM

CLIFTON the author of two novels, “Katy

temporary war bonus according to Government
scale (at present £126 for a married man).

TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES Gaumer" and "Basil Everman;" her The Professor must become a member of the

27th year third novel, University Teachers' Superannuation Fund.

CLIFTON SPRINGS, N. Y. “Ellen Levis," will be

Appointments are generally restricted to candi- Offers a three years' course of General Hospital Trainpublished next January by Houghton dates under 35 years of age, but in the case of a

ing with affliation with the New York Nursery &

Child's Hospital, New York City, for Pediatrics and Mifflin Company.

candidate who has been engaged in teaching or in re- Obstetrics. The Course includes besides general Medisearch in South Africa this restriction need not apply: cal and Surgical training, hydrotherapy, electrotherApplications, together with testimonials, should apy, inassage,, occupational therapy, laboratory tech

nique, special dietetic instruction in the modern study P.G. PERRIN, who

writes of “ Edward be sent to the Secretary, High Commissioner for and treatment of nutritional disorders, and doctor's • Doty, Pilgrim Father," is a mem- the Union of South Africa, 32 Victoria Street,

office work.

Next class admitted March first. ber of the Department of English in Westminster, S.W., England, from whom further

The School Prospectus will be mailed on application particulars may be obtained.

addressed to the Superintendent. the University of Maine.

Applications must reach the Secretary to the High
Commissioner not later than 31st January, 1921.

A. W. ABRAMS, who throws new light

Registrar. upon a famous Puritan picture, lives in Albany, where he is chiet The Pratt Teachers Agency White Plains, N. Y.

70 Fifth Avenue, New York of the Visual Instruction Division of Recommenda tenchers to collegen, Public and private schuoole.

Registered in New York State, offers a general the University of the State of New

about schools. m. (). , Mgr. hospital training of three (3) years. Affiliation York.

with New York City hospitals for special courses. Morton Hospital Training School

Next class admitted February 1st, 1921. School for Nurses

prospectus upon application to SUPERINTENDENT. These two contributions by Mr. Per- Offers a three years' course, January class now forming. rin and Mr. Abrams, together with an

Apply for information to Superintendent,


, -The Outlook,

Registered. The Rhode Island Hospital, beautifully located character and aims of the Pilgrims,


in a spacious park of twenty-five acres, accommodating five constitute a trilogy of articles dealing Registered in New York State, otters A 2X years' course

hundred patients, offers exceptional advantages for training as general training to reined, educated woinen. Require in all departments. Three-year course. Educational rewith the tercentenary of the landing of

inents one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the quirements-two years' High School or equivalent. Modern Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

Nurses' Home with attractive living conditions, thoroughly the Pilgrims which may be considered

equipped laboratories, lecture and demonstration rooms,

WALNUT HILL SCHOOL reading-room, library and recreation room. as The Outlook's contribution to the

Allowance 23 Highland St., Natlck, Mass. A College Pre- ample to cover personal expens' 3. For information apply to celebration of that notable event. paratory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston.

Superintendent of Training School, Miss Couant, Miss Bigelow, Principals. Rhode Island Hospital Providence, R. I.




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The White Plains Hospital

Rhode Island Hospital pears in this issue) by Lyman Abbott

, St. John's Riverside Hospital Training Training School for Nurses


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How To Do Your Christmas Shopping

In An Easy-Chair

The horrors of Christmas shopping are again Is there any more tranquil way of Christmas upon us. If it were any month but the twelfth, shopping? You can be spared much of its most of us would decline to batter our way from troubles and annoyances by giving a year's counter to counter. But, for the sake of giving, subscription to The Outlook to those of we enter crowds that would ordinarily call for your friends who would appreciate it as much the moleskin and the nose guard.

as you do.
As a special Christmas offer, you may give The Outlook for one
year to five people for $17.50, a cash saving to you of $7.50.
The regular subscription price of The Outlook is $5 per year

No Bill Until After The Holidays In a further effort to help lighten the burden of your To each person for whom you subscribe for The Christmas giving, you will not be billed for such Christmas Outlook in this manner we will send an attractive Chris

: subscriptions until after the holidays. It is unnecessary mas card notifying them who it is that sends them The to send any money now.

Outlook as a Christmas remembrance.


Why To Give The Outlook for Christmas A box of candy soon disappears; an umbrella may soon be time in The Outlook. Some of them are undoubtedly the

but The Outlook renews itself each week, a constant famous names of the future. reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Among the poets who have helped distinguish the pages of Its calm, enduring qualities of leadership have won for The The Outlook of recent years are Joyce Kilmer, Witter Bynne, Outlook a place in the English-speaking world unlike that of Yoné Noguchi, Amelia J. Burr, Harry Kemp, Alfred Nora any other periodical. Other journals have come and gone, but Angela Morgan, Henry van Dyke, Arthur Guiterman, Gabriele The Outlook has remained a persistent, uninterrupted tradition d'Annunzio, "Theodosia Garrison, Clinton Scollard, and Edit in American letters.

Wharton, Lyman Abbott, dean of American editors, presides over its editorial board. Of what other periodicals do you even know

DISTINGUISHED HUMORISTS the name of the editor ?

Thomas L. Masson, Tudor Jenks, Don Marquis, Christopher It is as though The Outlook walked with you arm in arm, Morley, E. V. Lucás, and Montague Glass are representative discussing with you each week the world's most important of Outlook humor. events, and interpreting them with an understanding and a rare For politics and economics, The Outlook has enlisted the good humor that you are sure to relish.

contributions of such men as Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Calut Lodge, Franklin K. Lane, Frank A. Vanderlip, Otto H. Kalo

William G. McAdoo, Myron T. Herrick, Theodore Marburg Did you know that The Outlook was one of the first periodi- and Frank Trumbull. cals to recognize and publish the work of O. Henry, Myra Kelly, The Outlook's gallery of contributors includes Zona Gale, Ernest Poole, Elsie Singmaster, and 'W. Ť. Benda ? leading American, European, and Oriental men of letters and me) Watch some of the unknown names that appear from time to of affairs. Its contributed articles invariably have distinetion SEND NO NO MONEY NOW Just send us the names and addresses of five friends to whom

you wish to give a year's subscription to The Outlook for Christmas. We will notify them just before Christmas, and will send you a statement after the holidays



of the

The Outlook

The most-quoted weekly journal in America'

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York City

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