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of the best of the “boosters” for seeing
the great West.
Wild Turkeys and Tallow Candles. B

Ellen Hayes, The Four Seas Company, Boston. An intensive study of the beginnings of a small town in central Ohio, this book will interest primarily the residents of Granville, the town described, but it pre sents a typical picture of the settlement and growth of a village of the Middle West, and as such will be valued.

BOOKS FOR YOUNG FOLKS Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel De Foe. Ilho

trated. Cosmopolitan Book Corporation, Nes
Fortunate is the boy who has not yel
read his “Robinson Crusoe ” and who is
ceives this edition, with its excellent typ:
and its beautiful pictures in color, as his
first introduction to good old Robinson.
glimpse of the book will make any lover el
De Foe wish he were a boy again.

France and Ourselves. By Herbert Adams

Gibbons. The Century Company, New York This is a good book. It shows us hor we can help France and how France cal help us. The general soundness of the author's opinions is evident when we consider what has taken place since his chap ters were written. They are all publishel just as written when the fighting was in progress. Not all will regard one of the author's opinions, however, as sound—that concerning the despatch to Europe of volunteer army led by Theodore Roosevelt no matter what the greater satisfaction in France later was at the arrival of an official army led by General Pershing. History of American Field Service in

France. Edited by James Norman Hall and
Charles Bernard Nordhoff. 3 vols. Hought

Mifflin Company, Boston.
Lafayette Flying Corps (The). Edited by

James Norman Hall and Charles Bernar
Nordhoff. Associate Editor, Edgar G. Ham
ilton. Illustrated. 2 vols. Houghton Mifflin
Company, Boston.

Of the various histories of individual Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Book Corporation. (C) C. B, C.

units and organizations which saw service

in the war, we have seen none to compare ROBINSON CRUSOE READING THE BIBLE-A DRAWING BY N. C. WYETH

in form and completeness with these reFrom a new edition of "Robinson Crusoe,” with pictures in color by N. C. Wyeth

ords of the work and personnel of the

Lafayette Flying Corps and the American present-day society, the Socialist theory of half a century been compelled to live under

Field Service in France. These volumes economic development, the Socialist con- a Government not of their own choosing. form a record of achievement, sacrifice, ception of a future social state, and the With the sympathy born of first-hand expe

and devotion to duty of which every achievements and present status of the or- rience, Mrs. O'Shaughnessy tells about ganized Socialist movement. them in the war and in the happier days formed the backbone of these two organi

American may be proud. The men who Spanish America: Its Romance, Reality, for them since the war.

zations may be regarded as having been and Future. By C.R. Enock, C.E., F.R.G.S. Great Fire of London in 1666 (The). By among the leaders of those who not only Illustrated. 2 vols. Charles Scribner's Sons, Walter George Bell, F.R.A.S. Illustrated. New York.

saw America's duty early and clearly, but

The John Lane Company, New York.
Mr. Enock's two volumes on Spanish An exhaustive history of London's great-

who also bore more than their share of America might well have been three vol- est tragedy. One doubts whether Chicago; into the reality of achievement.

the burden of translating that ideal of duty umes, so entertaining, interesting, and in

Boston, and San Francisco one hundred structive are they. The text is not clogged years hence will find historians of their

MISCELLANEOUS by an overweight of historical or economic

great conflagrations to write as complete information. It gives to the average reader

Romance of Madame Tussaud (The). By and interesting a book as this. Will Amer

John Theodore Tussaud. Introduction by just the kind of information he wants and icans ever love their cities as Englishmen Hilaire Belloc. Illustrated. The George H. needs concerning Central and South Amer- love London ? Many quaint pictures and

Doran Company, New York. ica—that is to say, South America without curious plans help to bring the London of People who think of Madame Tussaud's Brazil, regrettably excluded because of the

old days near to the reader and to elucidate Exhibition in London as a thing of the limitations of the title of the work.

the book's ample descriptive matter. past, displaced by the movies, will be surTRAVEL AND DESCRIPTION

prised to learn from this book that the Seeing the Far West. By John T. Faris, Alsace in Rust and Gold. By Edith

Illustrated. The J. B. Lippincott Company,

attendance at the show has during the O'Shaughnessy (Mrs. Nelson O'Shaughnessy).


past few years mounted into the millions Illustrated. Harper & Brothers, New York. A comprehensive book, profusely illus- The book tells in entertaining and anecdotal This is a book about Alsatians, the sim- trated, about the scenic attractions of the fashion the history of the Exhibition : ple, hearty, resourceful folk. They live Far West. Even for old travelers in the there are many good illustrations, inclulnear near enough to the Swiss to have some regions described it whets the appetite for ing some showing subjects in the Chamber of the sturdy qualities of that people. Un- more sightseeing. The style is entertain- of Horrors, the most famous feature of like the Swiss, the Alsatians have for nearly ing, and the book will take its place as one the “ wax works.”

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"-but it would have been a long, hard day without a Royal”

a THE HE Royal Typewriter speeds up the

day's work and sets the pace to the quickstep of efficiency. Because the Royal's rapid-fire action and adjustable personal touch takes the “grind? out of typewriting. For it adds to the sensitive fingers of the typist the one vital thing that the old-style typewriter subtracts-speed ! The speed with brains behind it—the reallife speed of the expert typist, setting the, pace that pays. Errorless speed is the kind of speed that countscommon sense has punctured the illusion of the other kind. All-day speed, throbbing evenly with the big, steady pulse of modern business-that's the speed of the Royal Typewriter.

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War-Impelled Migration position of Eamon de Valera, “President

of the Irish Republic,” differ from that of MERICAN immigration authorities

6 Citizen Genet”?

How might the Federal Government sands of Polish Jews and millions of Italians

curb the activities of De Valera? Should it? lave definitely planned to come to America

Can you explain how one might be a just as soon as transportation facilities will

friend of Ireland and at the same time permit. Similar statistics are true in regard not be a vilifier of England ? to other foreign countries. What questions

What is your opinion of reprisals? do these facts raise in your mind ?

Why don't the moderate men in Ireland The Outlook, in its editorial on immi

and England come together in an attempt gration, found elsewhere in this issue,

to break the Irish deadlock ? speaks of “ dealing with immigration at its

What is the Irish Home Rule Bill now source.” In what respects would this help passing through its last stages in the House solve our immigration problem ? Would

of Lords? Is it a fair proposal? Which, such a policy be fairer to prospective im

in your opinion, show the better attitude migrants than our present system?

in reference to the Irish question, the Some employers are saying that no other

British or the Irish ? checks than those already effected should

In the present state of affairs in Ireland be placed upon the coming of foreigners to

is there anything else for Great Britain to our country. Among other things, it is

do but make murder odious and unsafe? said that some employers want to see in

Define accurately the following : Prothe immediate future scores of thousands of men and women in this country begging probrious, epithet, Sinn Feiners, muss,

fessional propagandists, fatherland, opfor jobs, on the ground that wage-earners

fanatics. need this experience to teach them their place in our present economic order. Tell, Shall We Scrap the Treaty ? with reasons, what you think of the opin

"HERE are few inions of such employers. Are they thinking

What, with reasons, is your opinion of the soundly from the economic point of view? two possible courses which The Outlook

dustries in which Do, or do you not, agree with the opin- says are now open as to the Treaty of ion expressed by some that immigration

Versailles ? from any country should be limited to a

Has The Outlook answered its own

we have not solved certain percentage of those already admit- question, Shall we scrap the Treaty ? If ted? What are your reasons ?


think it has, can you express What also, with reasons, is your opinion of the proposal made by Representative Albert Johnson as stated in this editorial ?

Outlook has given to its own question, how President-elect Harding believes that

would you answer the question ? "only the immigrant who can be assimi

Is that “ lated and thoroughly imbued with the

States is as devoted as ever to the princiAmerican spirit” should be allowed admis

ples for which the Nation really fought"? sion to our shores. If so, how could we

Define and explain: Lodge reservadetermine who such would be?

tions, promulgate, intrinsically, autoWhat is Canada's immigration policy? matically, the law of nations, internaThe Outlook thinks we have much to learn

. from it. Do you?

In his book entitled « The American and at the same time Why have we not a thorough and con

World Policies" (Doran) David Jayne sistent immigration policy? Can you out

Hill discusses what, in his opinion, the wise line such a policy? Is the lack of it in- course and sure ground for America to dicative of the way in which a democracy

take as to the Peace Treaty should be. He handles vital and human problems? also tells us what the Senate really fought

cut shows a Durand Here are some valuable books on the for and why. Have you read this book? immigration question :

Some other books worth while reading Steel Rack for bars. “Schooling of the Immigrant," by F. B. in connection with this topic are The Thompson (Harpers); “Immigration and

Peace in the_Making,” by H. W. Harris
Americanization," by G. Davis (Ginn &
Co.); “Our Foreigners," by S. P. Orth

Rainsford ()
(Yale Univ. Press); “ The Immigrant and Doughboy in France," by Edward Hun-

are also made to store the Community,” by Grace Abbott (Cen- gerford (Macmillan). tury); “ Americanization," by W. Talbot (H. W. Wilson).

The Green Hyphen
Can you make clear why “Irish sentiment

in the United States has manifested itself are
in an emphatically un-American way”?

a Is Sinn Fein a religion or a fanaticism ? the If it is neither of these, what is it? brating this fall the landing of the Pilgrims?

What was the “ Citizen Genet” incident What reasons can you give why French and wheels. in American history? Wherein does the men, Germans, Irishmen, and all other i These questions and comments are designed not

nationalities represented here in America ouly for the use of current events classes and clubs, should join in celebrating the tercentenary


. debating societies, teachers of history and English. of the landing of the Pilgrims? and the like, but also for discussion in the home

From reading the editorial and the arti

1573 Ft. Dearborn Bank Bldg. 573 Punk Row Bid; and for suggestion to any reader who desires to study current affairs as well as to read about them. cles, what do you learn about the manners,


customs, habits, and beliefs of the Pilgrims?


that satisfactorily some dif If you do not like the answer which The ficult storage problem. Los trerea nevidence liat a thine United Bars are perhaps the

most difficult things to store conveniently

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compactly. The above

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(Dutton); From Upton to the Meuse," Durand

Durand Steel Racks

Who Were the Pilgrim Fathers ? compactly such di

Reach in connection with ease editorial by verse articles as cles by Mr. Abrams and Mr. Perrin, which shares, automobile

For what reasons is it a good thing that radiators, fenders, tires


New York

Make it a Roosevelt Christmas

His own presentation of his career

1 home

hearth 1 Doran Book

Light Essays E. V. LUCAS

Theodore Roosevelt and

His Time


Shown in his own letters

[blocks in formation]

The career of no historic personage approaching Roosevelt in

eminence and interest has ever been set forth so fully, so au-
thoritatively, so humanly.

The extraordinary qualities of this book are

pointed out by those best equipped to judge: Professor BRANDER MATTHEWS:

“Mr. Bishop has given us a work which does for one President of the United States what was done for an earlier President

by the publication of Grant's Personal Memoirs.'” Dr. NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER, President of Columbia University :

“I can think of no similarly complete and vivid record of the

life and public work of any statesman and man of affairs.” W. H. P. FAUNCE, President of Brown University :

“Mr. Bishop's own style and method are like transparent glass through which we see Mr. Roosevelt as he was.”

2 Vols., Mustrated, $10.00

Robert Cortes

a MEN AND BOOKS AND CITIES the genial philosopher WALKING-STICK PAPERS ake a whimsical survey of the ountry at large, from New York California.

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At your Bookstore


Ready now, Write for my Booklet.

or from us

347 Madison Ave., New York

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