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Advertising Rates: Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, sixty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. In calculating space required for an advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired. "Want" advertisements, under the various headings, "Board and Rooms," "Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each "Want" advertisement is set in capital letters without additional charge. Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the department may be arranged for on application.

Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance ten days before the date on which it is intended the advertisement shall first appear. Address: ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT, THE OUTLOOK 381 FOURTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY

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Hamilton Hotel


The Queen of Winter Resorts " The largest and finest hotel on the Islands-and of fireproof construction; modern in equipment and operation. Golf, tennis, boating, riding, driving, dancing, fishing, bathing in the sea, glass enclosed sun parlor 200 feet long Grill. 400 outside rooms-250 with connecting bath. Open Dec. 20. -Hamilton Hotel Company, Ltd.Management of J. A. SHERRARD N. Y. Office, 425 5th Ave., Spur Travel Bureau. (Booklet.) Cable address" Hotel Bermuda "


The HAMILTON 14th & K Sts.,

N. W.

A Select Family and Transient Hotel Ideal Location. Modern appointments and Home-like. Good table. American plan. Rates reasonable: special rates for a prolonged stay. Booklet.

IRVING O. BALL, Proprietor.


Hotel Le Marquis

12 East 31st Street

New York

Combines every convenience and home comfort, and commends itself to people of refinement wishing to live on American Plan and be within easy reach of social and dramatic centers.

Rates with Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon request. JOHN P. TOLSON.

53 Washington Square adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day, including meals. Special rates for two weeks or more. Location very central. Convenient to all elevated and street car lines.


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LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to People to Get Well the personal study and specialized treat ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D. (late of The Walter Sanitarium)


Idylease Inn New Jersey

A modern health r

sort, delightful in autumn. Let us send you our booklet. D. E. DRAKE, M.D.

The Bethesda White Plains,

N. Y. A private sanitarium for invalids and age who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 21


Christmas in New York Apartment in

Chelsea for rent Dec. 19 to Jan. 2. Large studio and alcove furnished, bath, steam, electricity, fireplace. One or two persons. $55. 3,157, Outlook.

Property Wanted to Lease Small School Wanted

Address, with particulars, 3,147, Outlook.



BOOKS on pedigrees, genealogies, and coats-of-arms. Every Anglo-Saxon and Celtic name. Kindly inquire for particulars. Ch

East Coast A. O'Connor, 21 Spruce St., New York Car.

243 Fifth Ave New York (FLAGLER SYSTEM) St. Augustine, Florida

Only 16 minutes from Penn. Station
Open Throughout the Year

New York's Newest and Finest Suburban Hotel Kew Gardens Inn is a residential Hotel of Charm and distinction operated entirely on the American plan. An excellent table, with room arrangements, newly equipped and beautifully furnished, in one, two, three or more rooms, with one or more private baths. Moderate prices. Golf-Tennis Under KNOTT Management GEO. H. WARTMAN, Manager Telephone Richmond Hill 3892 NORTH CAROLINA



Guests have returned year after year-not alone for ideal sport, but for the constant revival of happy memories, the renewal of old friendships.


Delightful weather for December-
like late Fall in New England.
For Reservations or Information address:
General Office, Pinehurst, North Carolina, or
LEONARD TUFTS, 282 Congress St., Boston

STORIES, poems, plays, etc., are wanteil publication. Submit MSS. or write Literary Bureau, 325, Hannibal, Mo.


RUGS, rich looking imported rugs 3 feet by 6 feet, $1.50 each in dozen lots. Sample rug $2.00, prepaid. Sun Supply Co., 1821 Sun Bldg., New York, N. Y.

BOARD AND ROOMS ATTRACTIVE room, next bathroom. Near 88th St. Private cultured family two. Best cooking, Business gentleman. Permanent Second floor. $25 weekly. Martin, 1227 Madison Ave., New York. Telephone Lenox 4458 MIDDLE-aged gentleman, convalescing from tuberculosis, desires board, with either room and sleeping porch or bedroom and sitting room, within fifty miles of New York City. 9,281, Outlook.


INVENTIONS wanted. Cash or royalty for ideas. Adam Fisher Mfg. Co., 217,St.Louis Me WOMAN associate wanted in established girls' camp. Would consider sale. 9,24, Outlook.


WHIFF from the Maine woods. Pretty covered real fir balsam pillow, size 12" x 16", $1 by parcel post. Mrs. Wallace A. Weston, Madison, Me.

CHRISTMAS cards with envelopes. Arti tic, unique. 50c. assortments, ten bc. ca $1 assortments, ten 5c. and five 10c. c Send money with order. Satisfaction gu teed. Rowe Publishing Co., Oneonta, N

GREETING cards designed by Erst Jonson. Brilliant bits of color recalling the illuminator's art of long ago. Send for sam ple. Discounts on 25. Ernst Jonson 551 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.

DUPLICATING DEVICES "MODERN" DUPLICATOR.-A business getter. $2.25 up. 50 to 75 copies from pen. pencil, typewriter. No glue or gelatine 40,000 firms use it. From dealers or on 10 days' trial from us. You need one. Write for free booklet BL. Durkin, Reeves & Co, Pittsburgh, Pa.

LANTERN SLIDES LANTERN slides made and colored. High est grade work. 25 years' experience. Edward Van Altena, 6 East 39th St., New York City.


Business Situations RAILWAY traffic inspectors earn from $110 to $200 per month and expenses. Travel if desired. Unlimited advancement. No age limit. We train you. Positions furnished under guarantee. Write for booklet CM27. Standard Business Training Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.

WRITE photoplays: $25-$300 paid anyone for suitable ideas. Experience unnecessary complete outline free. Producers League 438, St. Louis.

EMBROIDERERS on infants' silks and flannels. Work sent out of town. Barringer. 29 East 31st St., New York City.

IHE Kirkwood Companions and Domestic Helpers

On Camden Heights SOUTH CAROLINA


OPEN JAN. TO MAY 18-hole Golf, Riding, Climate T. EDMUND KRUMBHOLZ

TWO young girls, preferably sisters or friends, to run Ford car, do light housework. and make themseives generally useful country home. No cooking or laundry. Ad dress Box 58, Radnor, Pa.

WANTED-Nurse for little children and baby of six months. Also mother's helper to do sewing and baby's washing. 149 South Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

CLOUDS (Continued)

Middle West in the course of its fabriion. Doubtless there are many others. e ship Southern cotton to Massachusetts, 1 back to Texas in the form of manutured goods. The Western paper mills p paper to the East and the Eastern Der mills send their paper to the West. The iron ore that is brought from Duluth Cleveland goes back to Minnesota in ntless different forms, and probably -third of our railway tonnage consists articles whose transportation would be necessary if we could relocate our faces scientifically.

Of the need of greater intelligence and elligent economy and expenditure I dly need speak. It is so obvious that it uires no demonstration, though it may aire much study.


My point is that the present depression business and every depression that has r occurred is largely due to waste-to waste of war, which is, I think, largely idable, to the waste of mistaken or orant speculation, to the waste of mate, of labor, of capital, and to unintelligent nomy and expenditure.

f, from a close study of the rainbow t I believe to be discerned in the clouds t now overhang the world of business, can discover how to reduce this waste, hard times will speedily be ended and winter of our discontent will soon be de glorious by the sun of a greater and hore substantial prosperity than we have r known.

ne Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York

Pinmends teachers to colleges, public and private schools. ises parents about schools. Wm. O. Pratt. Mgr.

orton Hospital Training School

for Nurses


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This Year

A grave dearth of story-plots now confronts motion picture producers. They will pay you handsomely for any suitable story-ideas. Literary genius is not a prime factor. Learn how you can write for the screen in your spare time.

5000 New-Story Ideas for Photoplays

(This figure does not include material needed for religious, commercial
and educational films)

This year, scores of new motion picture writers will be developed. Many of them will be men and women who never wrote a line for publication. They will be people with story-ideas who are willing to learn in what form producers want them submitted. $100 to $500 is being paid for comedies; $250 to $2,000 for five-reel dramatic scripts. This dearth in photoplays opens a wonderful opportunity for you.

A little over 2 years ago the photoplay famine began. Producers are now searching the country for new writers who know the technique of motion picture story-writing. Few can come to Los Angeles to learn. A plan for home study had to be devised. So Frederick Palmer (formerly staff writer of Keystone, Fox Triangle and Universal), assembled a corps of experts who built a plan of study which new writers could master through correspondence. It brings the studio to you. It tells you in clear, interesting language the fundamental principles necessary to market your ideas.

In only 2 years we have developed dozens of new writers. But the demand for more motion picture story writers is great-and growing.

$3,000 for a Story Plot

Our students come from all walks of life -mothers, school-teachers, clerks, news paper men, ministers, etc. One student, recently enrolled, received $3,000 for his first story. The recent successes of Douglas Fairbanks," His Majesty, the American," and "Live Sparks," in which J. Warren Kerrigan starred, were written by Palmer students. And many of our students have taken staff positions in studios.

Special Contributors

A series of lectures by the following foremost authorities, covering every technical phase of the motion picture industry is included in the Palmer plan:

Frank Lloyd and Clarence Badger, Goldwyn directors; Jeanie MacPherson, noted Lasky Scenario writer; Col. Jasper Ewing Brady, of Metro's Scenario staff: Denison

sa three years' course. January class now forming. HONEY CHOCOLATES

ly for information to Superintendent,


John's Riverside Hospital Training School for Nurses


gistered in New York State, offers a 2 years' courseeneral training to refined, educated women. Requirets one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the ctress of Nurses. Yonkers. New York.

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mpanions and Domestic Helpers ETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria agers, governesses, matrons, houseers, social workers, and secretaries. Richards, Providence, East Side Box 5. on, Fridays, 11 to 1, 16 Jackson Hall, ty Court. Address Providence.

ACEMENT BUREAU for employer employee: housekeepers, matrons, govses, secretaries, dietitians, attendants, mer's helpers. 51 Trowbridge St., Camge, Mass.

DOWER desires lady as housekeeper, cularly qualified to care for his two g, daughters and his moderate-sized in congenial suburban environment. equalifications and remuneration exed. 9,280, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses ANTED-Competent teachers for public private schools. Calla coming every day. for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, ny, N. Y.

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Clift, Fox Scenario editor; George Beban, celebrated actor and producer; AI E. Christie, president Christie Film Co.; Hugh McClung, expert cinematographer,etc.,etc.

Elaborate FREE Book

For those who are really interested in this great new opportunity we have prepared a book, "The Secret of Successful Photoplay Writing." It lays before you the Palmer Course and service in greater detail. If you have any story-telling ability, you owe it to yourself to write for this book. Remember that many photoplaywrights have never written a line for periodicals. Producers want outline plots written from a knowledge of their specific needs.

There is one peculiar thing to remember about the Palmer Plan: Unlike any other course in special training, one single successful effort immediately pays you for all your work.

Palmer Photoplay Corporation Department of Education 575 I. W. Hellinan Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.

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An Acceptable Gift for any Parent SONS and DAUGHTERS By Sidonie M. Gruenberg

Author of Your Child To-Day and To-Morrow, etc.

A study of the nature of the child in a series of short discussions of various concrete problems-Selfishness and Sacrifice-Character as Habit-Responding to the Environment, Principles of Punishment, etc.

Price $1.10. Postage 6c extra FEDERATION FOR CHILD STUDY 2 West 64th Street

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Teachers and Governesses
TEACHERS WANTED, men and women,
for all departments of colleges and schools.
Immediate and future vacancies. The Inter-
state Teachers' Agency, 717 Macheca Build-
ing, New Orleans, La.

EMERGENCY vacancies in colleges and
universities. American College Bureau, Walter
Agnew (Ex-president Hedding College), 419
West 119th St., New York.

Companions and Domestic Helpers
CULTURED lady would chaperon young
girl in New York City or would care for
semi-invalid going to California for the
winter. 9,253, Outlook.

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Companions and Domestic Helpers REFINED young lady desires to accompany party to California or Florida. Will act as companion. 9,290, Outlook.

CULTURED young woman as coinpanion or home manager. Experienced, adaptable, cheerful. 9,289, Outlook.

POSITION as working housekeeper (no washing) by young married woman with small child. Excellent references. Hospital training. Country preferred. Mrs. Eli B. Perry, Saddle River, N. J.

MASSEUSE-Refined young woman as masseuse or companion. References. 9,282, Outlook.

WANTED-Position by domestic science graduate, experienced in institutional and cafeteria work, Best references. 9,292, Outlook. CULTURED woman, Christian, desires position as useful companion to lady, or assist with housekeeping where servants are kept. City, country, or travel. Highest credentials. 9,293, Outlook.

SITUATIONS WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers WANTED, by graduate nurse. position as companion-secretary to semi-invalid. References exchanged. 9,284, Outlook.


MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will send things on approval. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

GRAPHOLOGY. Interesting character study. Compl te analysis of handwriting made for $5. 9,249, Outlook.

CHILD needing special training wanted in teacher's private home near New York. Physicians' and parents' references. 9,291, Outlook.

GENTLEWOMAN will write daily letters to invalid. Mrs. Bertyne Birkland, Beresford, S. D.

COUPLE owning attractive home, thirty minutes Times Square, will consider sharing Protestants; no children. 9,295,

same. Outlook.

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"I won't carry throat germs to those at home"

Any druggist can tell you how widely Formamint is recommended by throat specialists, physicians and dentists.


All day long-in the office or shop, in the cars, the crowded stores-you have been breathing in germs of sore throat, tonsillitis, influenza, what-not. In the warm crevices of throat and mouth they multiply with incredible speed.

Perhaps you are in rugged health and they find no weakened spot to attack. But what of those at home? They may be less able to resist these armies of ill-health and the home-coming kiss may bear the dread germs of disease.

A pleasant almost candy-like-Formamint dissolved in the mouth now and then during the day makes the mouth fluids antiseptic, keeps germ-growth within bounds, and forms a strong defence against disease.

If the throat is already sore, the frequent use of Formamint keeps the membranes bathed in this splendid antiseptic, allavs inflammation, prevents new infection and gives the tissues a chance to heal.

Children are glad to use them and should do so freely, as crowded school-rooms are fruitful fields for the spread of throat infection.


Formamint is our trade mark. It identifies our product.

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An example of the extreme democra of present-day conditions in Russia is give in George Lansbury's "What I Saw in Russia:" "One night I suddenly said that I would like to go to the theater. We asked our interpreter to ring up and try to get us seats. He came back beaming; we were to have the Czar's box at the national theater. So off we went, only on arrival to discover that a couple of working-class families had got there before us and we had to be content with the next box."


Advertisement writers are usually meticulous to a degree and know what they want when they prepare their copy. Some times they make mistakes, according to a writer in the "American Printer," but want their copy followed just the same. He cites an instance: An advertiser's copy read: "A few ladies' waists, just a might soiled." This was changed to "mite" by the compositor. The advertising man rushed in when he saw this in print and had it changed back to "might." He rea soned thus to the astonished printer: "A mite," he said, "is something you find on hens, not on ladies' waists!"

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The sagacious countryman sometimes delights in "putting one over on the alert city visitor, and occasionally makes a retort to which there is no rejoinder. An example from "Harper's:" One Saturday evening three Boston men arrived at an ancient seaport in New England. "What a desolate country!" one of them exclaimed as they drove to the solitary hotel. "We certainly have come to the jumping-off place this time. I don't believe we can even get a Sunday paper in this place. Can we, driver?" "Wal, not to-night!" the

driver drawled.


The Piedmont and Northern Railway is one of the Southern roads that are their job" of unloading freight cars, according to the "Railway Age." Fifty-seven cars loaded with automobiles recently arrived at its yard in Charlotte, North Carolina. A specially contrived derrick picked off the automobiles at the rate of about one every two minutes, and the fifty-seven cars were, it is stated, all unloaded and returned within twenty-four hours.

"When General Grant was proposed for a second term as President of the United States, the cry of 'Cæsarism' was raised." So reads an article in the December "Atlantic." This should read third term, a subscriber writes, and reminds us of the famous "306" delegates to the Republican National Convention in 1880 (after General Grant had been out of the Presidential office for four years and was again proposed as a candidate for President) who stuck by Grant till the thirty-sixth ballot. On that ballot James A. Garfield, who had not a single vote on the first ballot and only one on the second, received a majority of the votes and became the Presidendential nominee of the Republi


People of modest means who shop in Fifth Avenue stores sometimes wonder at the expensive articles seen there. An observing citizen recently reported that in one ultra-fashionable shop jeweled mesh bags could be had for $1,400 p, and hatpins for from $4,000 to $5,000. Do the Cuban millionaires get all these things? or

Indian princes? or South African nabobs? And what does a hat cost that bears a $5,000 pin?

The official printed roll of the Cherokee Indians, a subscriber writes, contains many queer names. Here are a few samples: Runabout Mink, Sunday Hogtoter, Lee Galcatcher, Ben Hungry, Anna Longbone, Jack Rabbit, Sister Rattlingourd, Goingsnake Kingfisher. It would be interesting to know whether these names are actually used by the Indians or whether they are merely English equivalents of presumably more mellifluous Cherokee syllables.

New Orleans has jumped ahead of Galveston, New York, and Baltimore as the greatest grain-exporting port of the country. Until last July the three cities named headed the list in the order given. This year, according to "Shipping," New Orleans will probably nearly double the grain exports of any previous year.

The jobless but persevering man applied to the stage manager for work, says the "Argonaut. " The manager was hearing the candidates for the chorus. He asked the persistent applicant to sing. The man responded with some hesitation. Disgusted, the manager stopped him. Why, you can't sing a note!" he said, wrathfully. "I don't claim to be able to sing," was the reply; "and I don't want to sing. am a stage carpenter. I only sang to please you people."


"Topsy-turvy" pronunciations:

"When I was a small lad, an older brother read from the Bible, ' And Moses was an oyster man, and made ointment for the shins of the people.' When I grew up, I found that he was something of a joker and suspected that this home-made Scripture was an evidence of this propensity."

"The Ten Commandments must be interpreted by the Sermon on the Mount,' said the minister. One member of the confirmation class wrote this: "The Ten Commandments must be turpled by the serpents on the mountains."

A reader sends in this example of newspaper English:

"We urge our patrons to report irregu lations in the delivery service."

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"Your story of the visitor to the English church who didn't think much of the choir because they had to sing Amen over so often reminds me of another," a subscriber writes. "A small boy went to a revival meeting. A woman evangelist addressed "NO NIGHT THERE"

the meeting. The boy afterwards said the woman preached a fine sermon but 'wouldn't do what the preacher told her to.' What do you mean, Johnny?' his mother asked. "Well, the preacher said Amen two or three times out loud so any one could hear and she wouldn't stop talking.'"

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By Dr. SAMUEL M. CROTHERS, and other
Unitarian Sermons SENT FREE on application to
Mrs. C. W. GEROULD, 186 Upland Road, Cambridge, Mass

(The "City Four-Square")

A beautiful Sacred song for Church or Home
50c per copy postpaid

The Biglow & Main Co., 156 5th Ave., N. Y.

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Vapo resolene,

Established 1879

The Vapor Treatment for Coughs and Colds

The time for Vapo-Cresolene is at the first indication of a cold or sore throat, which are so often the warnings of dangerous complications.

It is simple to use, as you just light the little lamp that vaporizes the Cresolene and place it near the bed at night. The soothing antiseptic vapor is breathed all night; making breathing easy, relieving the cough and easing the sore throat and congested chest.

Cresolene is recommended for Whooping Cough,
Spasmodic Croup. Influenza, Bronchitis, Coughs
and Nasal Catarrh. Its germicidal qualities make it
a reliable protection against these epidemics.
It gives great relief in Asthma.

Cresolene has been recommended and used for the past
forty years. The benefit derived from it is unquestionable
Sold by Druggists.
Send for Descriptive
Booklet 31.


while you sleep

Try Cresolene Antiseptic Throat Tablets for the irritat

ed Throat, composed of slippery elm bark, licorice, sugar and Cresolene. They can't harm.you... Of your druggist or from us. 10c in stamps. THE VAPO-CRESOLENE CO. 62 Cortlandt St., New York. or Leeming-Miles Building Montreal, Canada


ARRIET WA LACE ASHBY'S father was a men ber of Preside Roosevelt's Count Life Commissio She is the daught of "Uncle Henry Wallace, late e tor of Farmer." Her hu


band, Newton D. Ashby, is an Iom farmer and a scientist of the soil. Mr Ashby has been a homekeeper an housekeeper on the farm for over twen years, has bred, grown, and exhibite her poultry for years, and has long bee editor of the Women's Department an the Poultry Department of " Wallace Farmer."

UKITA is edito in-chief of the "T iyo," the most inf ential magazine Japan. He has be called Japan's for most leader of libe alism. He studi political science Yale, and was lat appointed to t chair of Politi Science at Waseda University. He h written numerous books, foremost amo them being "Social Ethics" and "T Civilized World."


SKY is a Po born in Warsa but educated Russia. Like Jose Conrad, she decid to write in Engli because she regar English as the rich of the European la guages. As a res of having writt

several volumes of Russian poetry, she however, generally regarded by litera critics as a Russian writer.


KELL has le tured for ni years in Ne York on intern tional problem She conducts

lecture course the Plaza Hote She is a vigord supporter of t League for P litical Educ tion. During h

recent visit to Ireland she met all th leaders of the various parties, includin Arthur Griffiths, Sir Horace Plunke Stephen Gynne, and Sir George Clar in Belfast. In France the Governmen put a military car at her disposal an sent her through the devastated region

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