The Complete Poems of Sir John Davies, Zväzok 1

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Chatto and Windus, 1876

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Strana xcv - But tell me, tell me! speak again, Thy soft response renewing— What makes that ship drive on so fast? What is the ocean doing?' Second Voice 'Still as a slave before his lord, The ocean hath no blast; His great bright eye most silently Up to the Moon is cast— If he may know which way to go; For she guides him smooth or grim. See, brother, see! how graciously She looketh down on him.
Strana 79 - O, what is man, great Maker of mankind, That Thou to him so great respect dost bear, That Thou adorn'st him with so bright a mind, Mak'st him a king, and e'en an angel's peer.
Strana 213 - Early English Poets. Edited, with Introductions and Annotations, by Rev. AB GROSART. "Mr. Grosart has spent the most laborious and the most enthusiastic care on...
Strana 213 - Da'vies' (Sir John) Complete Poetical Works, including Psalms I. to L. in Verse, and other hitherto Unpublished MSS., for the first time Collected and Edited. With Memorial-Introduction and Notes.
Strana lxvii - Nor as the spider in his web is pent; Nor as the wax retains the print in it; Nor as a vessel water doth contain; Nor as one liquor in another shed; Nor as the heat doth in the fire remain; Nor as a voice throughout the air is spread. But as the fair and...
Strana xxi - O thou invisible spirit of wine ! if thou hast no name to be known by, let us call thee devil.
Strana 86 - In that to God she doth directly move ; And on no mortal thing can make her stay, She cannot be from hence, but from above.
Strana 71 - But sith the brain doth lodge the powers of Sense, How makes it in the heart those passions spring? The mutual love, the kind intelligence 'Twixt heart and brain, this sympathy doth bring.
Strana 68 - Much like a subtle spider which doth sit In middle of her web, which spreadeth wide, If aught do touch the utmost thread of it She feels it instantly on every side.
Strana lxxix - Perhaps no language can produce a poem, extending to so great a length, of more condensation of thought, or in which fewer languid verses will be found.

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