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Harrison, W., Esq., 20 copies. Moore, Admiral Sir Gra-
Hall, Captain Basil, R.N., ham, 4 copies.
4 copies.

Maule, Hon. Fox, M.P.
Haddon, Mr.

M‘Callan, A., Esq., 4 copies. Hall, W., Esq.

Martin, -, Esq. Hall, C., Esq., 2 copies. Mathews, C, Esq. Hall, W., Esq.

Melton, Mr. Hen., 12 copies. Halsted, J., Esq.

Mitchell, Miss.
Haes, John, Esq.

Murray, John, Esq.
Haselwood, E., Esq.
Helsdon, J., Esq.

North, Mrs., East Acton.
Hobhouse, W., Esq.

Novello, Mr., Dean-street.
Hoffman, A., Esq.
Houlding, -, Esq.

Ogle, Admiral Sir Charles,
Hughes, John, Esq.

10 copies. Hutcheson, J. W., Esq. Oswald, John, Esq.

Outram, Dr., Hanover-
Ibbettson, -, Esq., Regent's square.

Outram, Mrs.

Ouvry, Miss. Jones, R., Esq., Chapel

street, Grosvenor-place. Parry, John, Esq. Jones, S., Esq., Bartholo- Peake, R. B., Esq. mew-lane.


Purday, Mr. Z. T., High HolKeegan, Mr., Burlington-ar

born. cade.

Purday, Mr. C. Kenneth, Mr.

Purday, Mr., St. Paul's
Kenny, James, Esq.

Kilpack, Mr.
Kirkaldy, J., Esq.

Radstock, Right Hon. Lord

Ranking, Joseph, Esq. Leeson, J. E., Esq., Abingdon Rhodes, Mr. John. House.

Rhodes, Mr. W. Lewis, -, Esq.

Rhodes, Mr. G. Lilley, John, Esq.

Rippon, J., Esq. Limbird, Mr.

Roberts, J., Esq., 2 copies. Lover, S., Esq.

Ross, W., Esq., sen. Lyndhurst, Right Hon. Lord. Ross, W. C., Esq., A.R.A.

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Rogerson, —, Esq., Liverpool. Taylor, W., Esq., Brompton. Rovedino, Signor Tomaso. Toby, H. E. Esq., R.N. Rounding, T., Esq.

Tozer, Henry, Esq., 4 copies.

Tucker, R., Esq.
Somerset, his Grace the
Duke of, 20 copies.

Upton, E., Esq.
Somerset, her Grace the
Duchess of, 20 copies.

Walter, Esq.
Sykes, Admiral, 8 copies.

Watson, W., Esq. Shirreff, Captain, R.N., Watts, F., Esq., 4 copies. 4 copies.

Weeks, Henry, Esq. Savory, —, Esq., Regent's Wilkinson, Rev. T. Park.

Wilkinson, J. S., Esq., 2 coSawyer, John J., Esq., Park- pies.

street, Grosvenor-square. Williams, Mr. T., Charing Smith, G. T., Esq., Lynn. Cross. Stone, —, Esq.

Woodfall, T., Esq. Sylvester, Esq., Strand. Woolmore, Mrs.




CHARLES DIBDIN was born at a village called Dibden, near Southampton, in the year 1745 ; and, having very early lost his father, was removed to Winchester; where, from his previous love for, and proficiency in, Music when quite a boy, he was placed under the organist of the cathedral, and officiated in the choir till he was old enough to become a candidate for the situation of organist himself. His intuitive comprehension of the theory as regarding the “composition and accordance of sweet sounds” was so aided by a most excellent ear, that at the age fifteen he would return from an opera or a concert, and, from memory, draw out and fill a correct score of any overture, song, chorus, or concerted piece that had happened to strike his fancy. Friends advised him to try the metropolis as a more expanded field for his improving talent;


and he went to London with the intention of teaching singing and the harpsichord, when circumstances threw him in the way of Mr. Garrick, Mr. Bickerstaff, and the theatres. Mr. Bicker

. staff was so pleased with his dawning genius as a musical artist, that, after employing him to compose the music of great part of the opera of the “ Maid of the Mill,” he prevailed on him to appear in it, and sing his own compositions in the character of RALPH, the Miller's Son, in which he most completely established himself as a burletta performer of the first rank. The amazing success of his Music, and his MUNGO, in the “ Padlock," secured him a long engagement at Drury Lane; and after having furnished music for “Love in a Village,” “Lionel and Clarissa," “Love in the City,” and other pieces written by Mr. Bickerstaff, he commenced author as well as composer on his own account, and produced the words and music of “ The Waterman," "The Quaker,” “ The Deserter,” “ The Wedding Ring," and numerous other successful pieces at various theatres, as “ The Shepherd's Artifice," “ Damon and Phillida," “ Rose and Colin,” “ Annette and

" Lubin,” “The Recruiting Serjeant,” “ Poor Vulcan," “ The Islanders,” “The Touchstone," "The Mirror, or Harlequin Everywhere," “ The Mischance," “ The Ladle,” “ The Cobbler," “ The Metamorphoses," “ The Gipsies," “ Wives Re


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venged,” “ Chelsea Pensioner,” “Shepherdess of the Alps,” “ Jupiter and Alcmena,” “None so Blind as those that will not See,” “ Liberty Hall,” “ Harvest Home,” &c. &c. &c., and the much admired Songs, Dances, Serenades, and Processional Airs in the “Stratford Jubilee,” in honour of Shakspeare, the words of which were written by Mr. Garrick. His last dramatic efforts were Divertissement” at Covent Garden, for the introduction of his own most popular songs, and a ballad farce at Drury Lane, called “ Broken Gold.” He also wrote two novels, " The Younger Brother,” and “ Hannah Hewit, or the Female Crusoe;" his own “Professional Life,” “Musical Tour," "History of the Stage” (in 5 vols.), &c., &c.

In the year 1788, tired of dramatic contingencies, and feeling (as Charles Mathews did after him) that he possessed resources in his own mind to entertain an audience in a theatre of his own, he singly and individually wrote, composed, recited, sang, and accompanied, a medley monodrame, at Fisher's auction-rooms, in King Street, Covent Garden, under the title of “The Whim of the Moment, or Nature in Little;" in which Entertainment the


of“ Poor Jack” was alone sufficiently attractive to insure him a profitable season of some weeks; and this was the commencement of a series of similar fashionable and profitable exhibitions of unaided genius, which were the annual


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