The Hidden Life: Living Inside-Out to Release God's Blessing

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Createspace Independent Pub, 8. 12. 2005 - 106 strán (strany)
Pastors, churches and individual Christians are constantly searching for the right strategies for success in their ministries. Yet our production-driven culture has led us to ask the wrong question. The Bible repeatedly points us back to a deeper issue: who must I be? Contradiction, hypocrisy and neglect of our hidden lives too often choke off any fruit that God would bring forth. The flesh compels us to work to bear fruit. But just the opposite is true: it is our works that make us barren. We so easily compartmentalize and isolate inconsistencies in our hidden lives and think that we can still move forward in God's service. As a result, much of what we "do" for God is unnecessary, unproductive and unfruitful. For God brings forth His fruit not in those who do?, but in those who are?.

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