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met with from a wicked and ungrateful world ; and that his despised servants may be owned by him in the sight of angels and men, to the great confusion of all those wretches that shall be doomed to everlasting torments; that publick justice may be done to those virtues their humility took care to conceal, which were sullied by the calumnies and slanders of wicked men ; and which by the false judgment of the world, were represented as the effects of folly and extravagance, and sometimes blasphemy.

The administration of which judgment is comby the Fa. mitted by the Father to his Son Jesus Christ. God ther to the will judge the world in righteousness by that man

Christ Jesus, whom he hath ordained. The Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his holy angels, and then shall he reward every man according to his works. The Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son. Christ commanded his disciples to preach unto the people, and testify, that it is Jesus that is ordained of God to be the judge of quick and dead; and the tribunal is called the judgment seat of Christ. Hence ob

ferve, that though the right of judging us belongs Why.

to God, whose servants and subjects we are, yet the execution of this power of judging is particularly committed to the Son of man; because all men should honour the Son, as they honour the Father ; that our blessed Saviour might receive publick honour in that nature wherein he suffered ; that he, who for our fakes stood before an earthly tribunal, might therefore be constituted judge of the whole world; that he, who was despised and rejected of men, might appear in the glory of his Father, attended with an innumerable train of holy angels; that he who was condemned and crucified to absolve us, might receive authority to absolve or condemn the whole race of mankind : and because being cloathed with a human body, he will make a visible appearance, which will be suitable to the other circumstances of that great day; all which will be performed in the sight of all the world. And

Again, mankind being judged by one in their own nature, a man like themselves, touched with a feeling of their infir



and men.

mities, greatly declares the equity of this judgment; because he understands all our circumstances, and whatever may influence our case, to lessen or increase Who hall. our crimes. And

judge angels Not only men, but angels also will be judged at the last day, the fallen angels are resérved in everlasting chains under darkness, unto the judgment of the great day. For the apostle says, know ye not that we shall judge angels; or sit with Christ, and approve that sentence against them which he shall then pronounce. And all men that have ever lived in the world, and those that iliall be alive at our Saviour's coming, shall be gathered before him, who is ordained by God to be judge of quick and dead; and they shall all stand before the judginent-seat of Christ, both small and great. Neither riches, power, nor honour, Thall deliver any great man from the hand of God, neither shall the poorelt slave be excused for his meanness; for they are all the work of his hands : neither will he have regard to such qualities and circumstances of persons, which do not appertain to the merits of the cause : passing judgment upon all, according to all things we have done in the body, whether they be good or evil.

Then the Judge will search into all our thoughts, words, and actions, for they being all subject to God's laws, we shall then be examined how we have kept Thoughts, or disobeyed them. Our duty to God, our neigh- Leeds:

words, and bour, and ourselves, will then be strictly confidered ; and especially it will be demanded how we have improved the talents we have been intrusted with ; particularly we shall be tried for the omissions of our duty, which is the main enquiry recorded in the procedure of that great day of the Lord, wlien we are assured that we must also give an account of every idle or wicked word we shall speak; and by our words we shall be justified, and by our words we shall be condemned ; nay, our secret thoughts shall then be exposed to publick view; for all wickedness taketh it's rise from the heart, and the design and intention with which a thing is done, frequently discovers the goodness or evil of the action; therefore God thall judge the secrets of mens hearts by

H 2


Jesus Christ, whose sentence will pass upon men according to the nature and quality of their deeds. The wicked shall go into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal.

Thus God will reward and punish us in the Degrees of next life, in proportion to the good or evil we shall punishment din ou and rewards do in our mortal state. For in that day, the de

grees of good and bad actions will be considered as well as their nature and quality. To whomsoever much is given, of him, shall be much required; he that soweth sparingly shall reap sparingly, and he that soweth bountifully shall reap bountifully. So our Saviour plainly teacheth us, by the parable of the talents, that men are rewarded according to the improvement they make. Of them, whoso hath gained ten talents, is made ruler over ten cities; and he that hath gained five talents, ruler over five cities. The apostle of the

Gentiles expressly affirms, that the glory of the Of glory and saints shall be different at the resurrection. And sorrow.

we are informed from our Saviour's own mouth, that in the day of judgment the condition of Tyre and Sidon, of Sodom and Gomorrah, hall be more tolerable than that of impenitent finners, that have heard and rejected the terms of Why. , falvation through Jesus Christ. By which we are

instructed to believe the justice and equity of God's providence, and to the reason of the thing ; nothing being a greater promoter of piety than the consideration that the least service shall not lose it's reward; and the better any man is, the greater disposition he hath for the enjoyment of God; and the more hardened he is in his wickedness, the more fufceptible he is of torment, and treasureth up greater measures of wrath against the day of God's vengeance ; of which day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels, which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. But,

As to the manner and the circumstances of The manner Christ's appearing. He shall be revealed from of his coming.

heaven with his mighty angels : he shall descend

with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, with the trump of God: he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and in that of his holy angels : he shall fit


pomp of his

of his ap

upon the throne of his glory, and all nations Thall be gathered before him ; and he Thall separate them, the one from the other, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

those that sleep in the grave shall awake, and the dead in Christ shall rise first, and they that are alive shall be changed, and caught up to meet the Lord in the air ; which sufficiently shews the glorious appearing of the great God, and our Saviour Jesus Christ, who shall then come glorious in the brightness and splendor of his celestial body; supported by that authority which his Father hath committed to him, of universal judge, accompanied with thousands of holy angels, who shall attend not only to make up

the pearance, but as ministers of his justice ; and feated in that bright throne of glory from whence he shall dispense life and death to all mankind.

From whence we should learn to govern our lives with that care and consideration, and with that due regard to the measures of our duty, that we may be What we

are taught able to give up our accounts with joy, and not with

hereby. grief; to keep that strict watch over ourselves by frequent examination, that our behaviour in this state of probation and tryal

, may obtain the favour and acceptance of our judge at his dreadful judginent-seat ; to restrain ourselves from committing the least fin, because there is none so inconsiderable as to be overlooked at that day of general account for all the world; not to encourage ourselves by the greatest fecrecy to the breach of any of God's holy laws, because all our actions shall be then exposed to publick view, and known by the whole world to our eternal infamy; not to be dejected by the slanders and calumnies of bad men, because our integrity shall then be cleared by him, who cannot err in the sentence he shall pass on us; to improve all those talents the providence of God hath intrusted us with, because we are but stewards, and must give an account of them all; to be fincere in all our words and actions, because in that day the secrets of all hearts shall be opened; to avoid all rash judging of others, because he that judgeth another, shall not escape the judgment of the Almighty'; to abound in such works as we know will particularly distinguish men at that day, as


H 3

feeding the hungry, cloathing the naked, &c. because our labour shall not be in vain in the Lord; and to be humble and jealous over our own conduct, because though we know nothing by ourselves, we are not thereby justified; for he

geth us is the Lord. And Also we should learn immediately to reconcile ourselves to God, by a sincere and hearty repentance, that the terrible day of God's wrath may not find us unprepared to enter into the joy of our Lord. We must be always upon our guard, that we may make a daily progress towards christian perfection, and constantly defend ourselves against the attacks of our fpiritual seducers. We must be frequent in all acts of piety and devotion, that when we are summoned to appear, we may, if possible, be found employed in religious exercises : we must be constantly begging God's grace, that the day of judgment may not overtake us unawares; but that by a patient continuance in well doing, we may wait for that glory, honour, and immortality, promised in the gospel to all those that believe in God through Jesus Christ.

VI. Christ before his passion had promised to The Holy send to his disciples the Holy Ghoit, to guide Ghost's

them into all truth, and to shew them things to come, and to glorify him; and when the day of Pentecoft was fully come, they were accordingly all filled with the Holy Ghost, who is the third person in the most adorable Trinity, distinct from the Father and the Son, and eternally proceeding from both; being called the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of the Son, as well as of the Father, and of one divine substance with them, hely in respect of his own divine nature; for as the Son was so begotien of the Father, as to be one God with him, in like manner the Holy Ghost so proceedeth from the Father and the Son, that he is one * and the fame God with the Father and the Son,

Whose peculiar office is to sanctify and renew Peculiar of

our corrupt nature, and to restore it to it's primi

tive perfection and dignity, to incline us to receive those truths, which are only spiritually discerned, and are foolishness to a carnal or natural man ; by opening our hearts

... that * See the first article of the belief as explained in this book, page 56.


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