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An Evening Prayer to be used by a young Person.


Oft mighty Lord and everlasting God, whose ears are always open unto the


of such as call upon thee faithfully; I most humbly befeech thee to pardon me in whatsoever I have offended thee this day, either in thought, word, or deed [bere mention such particulars as you can remember.] Enable metoresist and subdue every evil'inclination within, and every outward temptation. Aflift me daily with thy Holy Spirit, to increase in the knowledge and love of thee my God, and of my Saviour Jesus Christ

, thy Son, our Lord. Teach me the paths of thy commandments whilst I am young, that I

may never depart therefrom during the whole course of

my abode here upon earth. Sanctify whatever good instructions I have at any time received from the piety and care of my parents, guardians and teachers; help me carefully to remember them, and seriously to practise them, that I may ever be growing in knowledge of thy truth, and in the sincere practice of true virtue. I also praise thy holy name for all the blessings thou hast this day, or at any time shewn me; for all the helps of preventing or restraining grace thou haft vouchsafed me; for whatever I have done, which may be in any measure acceptable to thee ; for all the progress I have made in my learning, for thy preservation of me from all the calamities and dangers, which frail mortality is every moment exposed unto ; and particularly for [here mention any particular blesings you recolle&t God has bestowed upon you this day.] Take, I pray thee, my soul and body into thy care this night; bless and protect me: and all the mercies which I beg for myself, I heartily desire for all my

friends and relations, and for all men; that we may be all so guided in this present life, as to arrive safe in thy heavenly kingdom, through Jesus Chriftour Lord and Saviour; in whose most holy name and words, I further call upon thee, saying,

Our Father, &c.

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A Morning Prayer for a Servant.


God, the great Creator and Preserver of all mankind;

I bless and praise thy holy name for all thy mercies to my soul and body: and as thou hast given me another day, give me grace to spend it to thy honour and glory: Oh! what would become of me, if thou should’stenter into strict judgment with me! how should I stand before thy tribunal, covered with the guilt and shame of my fin! O God, I repent, awaken thou my repentance; I repent of - [here mention those fins, which most burden thy conscience.] Therefore be thou reconciled unto me, and pardon me, for the fake of Jesus Chrift; and not only pardon, but deliver me from the power and dominion of my sins.

I confess my corruption, do thou confirm and strengthen me ; create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me: and inflame my heart with thy holy faith and love ; that I may delight in thy commandments; that I may walk before thee in uprightness and fear, in faithfulness and honesty ; constantly and chearfully depending upon thee ; and doing the duty of my station, not with eye-fervice, but with singleness of heart, as knowing that I shall be accountable to thee at the lastday, as well for those duties, which I owe my master and mistress, as for those which are more immediately to be paid to thee my Creator, Preserver and future Judge.

Keep my tongue from all opprobrious and reproachful language; from all lying and flandering; and my hands from all injustice and deceit. Give me always a thankful, humble, and contented spirit ; that I may ever praise thy infinite bounty and mercy, even for every act of kindness or charity, which I receive from Men.

Send thy blessing upon this whole family to which I belong; low in all our hearts the seeds of unfeigned charity, that we may all enjoy the comforts of a mutual affection, and afsistance and aid in our several stations; and grant that we may meet in the family of heaven, there to adore and praise thee, love and enjoy thee to all eternity, through Jesus Christour


Lord ; in whose most holy name and words, I presume to say,

Our Father, &c.

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An Evening Prayer for a Servant.
Hou, O God, art my strength, and the rock ofmy fal-

vation; yet I have forgotten thee, tho' thou hastgiven
me my being; and gavest thine own Son, not only to free
me from the punishment due to my sins, but from the sla-
very and dominion of thein, and to procure for me life ever-
lasting; the displeasure of man, whose breath is in his nostrils,
has drawn me from my duty to thee my God, and I have
been more solicitous for the bread that perishes, than for thy
favour; which is better than all the world. Thus I have fin-
ned against my knowledge, thy word, and the motions of
the Holy Ghost, by repining and murmuring at thy provi.
dence, and being discontented with my condition, [here men-
tion thy particular fins.] Of which, O my God, and of all
my sins, I repent, and humbly beg the assistance of thy grace,
that I may do works meet for repentance, and serve thee in
truth, and with an upright heart, all the days I have to live. O
Lord, have mercy upon me, and forgive me all my offences;
and give me grace to withstand the world, flesh and thedevil;
and sincerely to endeavour to reform and amend my life, that
I may every day grow and increase in goodness, and be so much
the fitter for death, the nearer 1 approach thereto: So that
whenever it comes, let it find me in an unshaken faith, ani
humble resignation and submiffion, an holy contemptofearth,
and a devout love of heaven, which is a fit frame of spirit for a
dying person. It is true, and I am contented that thou hast
called me to be a servant; but thou hast called me to be a son
also, and an heir of eternal life: Ogive me grace to discharge
my duty faithfully. Watch over me, and the whole family to
which I belong, and let thine angels pitch their tents about us
to is night; that we may lie down securely; and let our sleep
be sweet and refreshing to us, for Jesus Christ his fake ; in
whose most holy name and words, I beg all things that I am
any way bound to pray for, saying:
Our Fatber, &c
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A Prayer

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A Prayer for Faith in God,
Lmighty and everlasting God! give unto me the in-

crease of faith, that I may obtain that which thou dost promise ; and make me heartily to believe what thou hast revealed, and to love that which thou dost command, thro' Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


A Prayer for an holy Hope.

God, in whom is all my dependance, and the hope of

all the ends of the earth, let me never be deftitute of a well grounded hope, nor yet possessed with a vain presumption ; suffer me not to think that thou wilt either be recon. ciled to my sins, or reject my repentance : but grant me fuch a hope, as may be answerable to thy righteous promises ; even such a hope, as may both encourage and enable me to purify myself from all filthiness both of flesh and spirit, that so it may indeed bring me to everlasting life, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.


A Prayer for the Love of God and bis Laws,
OST mighty Lord God, who alone canst order theun-

ruly willsandaffections of finful men; grant unto me thy servant, that I may love the thing which thou commandest, and desire that which thou dost promise, that so among the fundry and

many changes of the world, my heart may furely there be fixed where true joys are to be found. And because of the weakness of my mortal nature, I can do no good thing without thee; grant me the help of thy grace, that in keeping thy commandments, I may please thee in will and deed, through Jesus Christ our Lord." Amen.

A Prayer A Prayer for Sincerity towards God.

open, all de


Lmighty God! to whom all hearts are

fires known, and from whom no secrets are hid, and doft not only require outward acts of duty, but the inward disposition of the mind; teach me in all my religious actions always to have an eye to thy authority, to obey thy laws, and to make the sense of my duty the prevailing motive of my piety: so that no privacy nor retirement may encourage me to offend thee, nor any losses, nor crosses may hinder me from doing or suffering thy blessed will and pleasure. Oh! grant me always that sincerity of intention, that devotion may not be made a pretext to cheat and defraud my neighbour; nor yet the exercise of justice and mercy towards men, be made a plea for the neglect of my duty towards thee, my God; and that my charity to the poor may never serve to cover my intemperance; nor my sobriety exempt me from feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, when it is in my power. And finally make my life all of one piece, that all the duties thou commandest may be shewn forth by my actions, that, my greatest desire and aim being thy glory, I may be accepted by thee through the all-fufficient merits of Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer for Sincerity towards Men.



Rant, O Lord! that in all my dealings and conversation with

my fellow-creatures, I may always use true simplicity and singleness of heart, and never compass any

design by false devices and appearances ; nor betray my neighbour by not performing my promise: that I may never abuse men into a false opinion of themselves, by representing them to be better than I know them to be; nor permit my tongue to speak otherwise than out of the abundance of my heart: so that my outward actions may be exactly agreeable to my purposes and intentions; and this I beg in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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