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To the READER:

Aving Mewn in Chapter VII. of the preceding Treatise, ,

that Prayer is every Man's Duty, that the Practice of it is Advantageous and Neceffary, and that the Objections usually brought against it, are very unreasonable and fallacious, I rather chuse to refer you to what I have there faid, than to trouble


further Preface to these Devo. tions.

XP Note, When the Prayers for Morning or Evening are to be used with a Family,

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Those who have not time to use all the Prayers, &c. directed to be said every Morning and Evening, may content themselves with the use of the Prayer for Morning on page 5, and the Prayer for Evening on page 12.



For the USE of

FAMILIES and particular PERSONS.


Directions and Prayers for the Wozning. Ejaculations.

Directions. A Wake, O my soul! and fing THE be preparation for

Spending the day well, is to praises to thy God.

resolve then you first awake I laid me down and slept, and rose in the morning, and to firive as

carnestly as you can, to keep all up again: for the Lord sustain'd me.

worldly thoughts out of your Lord raise me up at the last day, that mind, till you have presented I may enter into the joy of the Lord. lifting up with your first breath,

Awake, O my soul! to righteousness your soul to the Creator and and sin not; that we may be glorified Preferwer of all things, in these together when I shall be awakened by lare printed on the next column. the last trumpet to appear before the judgment-seat of Christ. Glory be to thee, O Lord! for watching over me this night.

Directions. While your body is bufied in drefing itself, adorn your mind with piritual and religious meditations. Let the miscarriages of others, and your own daily experience, teach you to guard against those temptations into which business or company too fre. quently lead us : And resolve to embrace, and contrive to the utmost

, how to improve every occasion that shall offer it felf, for the service of God, the good of our neighbour, and the salvation of your own foul, in the course of that day.

Then being drefjed, according to your ability and present calling, kneel down before God, and seal your good refalutions with the following preparatory Prayer.


A Preparatory Prayer, for God's Grace and Asistance.

Slift memercifully, O Lord! in all my supplications and prayers; and dispose the

way of thy servant towards the attainment of everlasting salvation ; that


all the chan. ges and chances of this mortal life, I may ever be defended by thy most gracious and ready help, thro' Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer

A 2


A Prayer for the right Use of the

Holy Scriptures.

Then rising from your knees,

if your time and business will Lessed Lord! who haft caused all permit, improve your soul, by

holy scriptures to be written for fcripture, more especially of the our learning: grant that smay in such New Testament. But first bewise hear them, read, mark, learn, and affift you with his Holy Spirit, inwardly digest them; that may, by that you may fe under fand and patience,and comfortofthy holy word, make you wise into salvation, embrace and ever hold fast the blessed in some such form as you will hope of everlasting life, which thou read in the next column. And

consider, as you read those sacred haft given me in my Saviour, Jesus books, that they demand your Christ. Amen.

particular attention, and submision of judgment to believe

all that is contained therein ; Ejaculations,

and that God is speaking to you

in his holy word. This will exTo be used while reading the Scripture. you can, to suit your afections to

cite your endeavours, as much as

God's commands ; raise in you a ORD give me grace to obey this ful Majey bas revealed bis

dread to provoke him, whose awcommand.

threatnings against finners; a Or,

ready obedience to his will, in Lord deliver me from this tempta- miles; and a hearty thanksgiv

hope of obtaining his divine protion, this fin or this judgment. ing for the multitude of his mer

cies. In reading the great mysteOr,

ries of faith, proftrate your reaGlory be to thee, O Lord, for this son to revelation, and lift up mercy:

jour heart continually to God in

Some short sentence agreeable to Or,

the subje&t you are reading, afLord grant me thy grace to make ter the manner of those Jet in

the next column. But my calling and election sure,

Take notice never to read more at a time on one subject, than God has given thee a capacity to retain. Or, rather read a little at a time, and digest it well for thy comfort and practice, than tire the weakness of the field, and so reap no benefit from the

fountain of salvation. And if time pall permit, read some part of the useful instructions of this New Whole Duty of Man; for, variety is found, not only to please

, but to be the best way to in. Aručt human nature. And then offer up your morning facrifice of prayer and thank giving to God : if you have leisure and opportunity, in publick, at church, or in your family, or otherwise by yourself, in that, or some such form as follows, if on a Week, day ; but if on a Sunday, then use the prayer for Sunday Morning.




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The Morning Prayer for every Day.
N. B. On Sunday instead of this prayer use that for Sunday Morning, on page 8.

Oft gracious Lord God! the spring of all our comforts

here, and the sure and certain foundation of all our hopes hereafter, in whom I live, move, and have my being. Look down from heaven upon me,who humbly begleave to renew my thanks tothy Divine Majesty. J confess, that under thy protection, I have this night slept secure; and praised be thy holy Name, that I am now in health and safety; therefore as long as live, y will magnify thee for my creation, my preservation, and all the blessings and comforts y enjoy. Oh then! most merciful Father forgive me all the unworthy returns y have made for the manifold favoursy have received from thee, and grant me for the time to come, such a sense of thine infinite goodnefs and mercy, that I may love thee with all my heart, with all my foul, and with all my strength, that y may study to please thee in all things, and be afraid of nothing so much as thy wrath and indignation. And that y may serve thee asy ought to do, preserve me from all the power of insnaring objects and make me truly sensible of the vani.. ty of this world ; neither permit me to be brought under the dominion of those lusts, which war against the foul. Grant me a right understanding of thy will, and grace fo to use this world, as not to abuseit; so that neither the cares of this life, nor the deceitfulness of riches may ever make me neglect the great work of my salvation. Create in me, O God! a clean heart, and root out thereof all covetous affections and desires, and let it be my great care and concern to lay up a treasure in heaven, and provide for eternity; so that being delivered from pride and vain-glory; from a fond conceit of myself, or a mean opinion of others, from a censorious and uncharitable spirit, from an envious and malicious temper, and from all those finful and corrupt affections, that are fo hateful in thy fight, y may be endued with that wisdom which is from a bove, which is first pure and then peaceable, with that meekness and humility, which is in thy sight of so great price, and with all those holy and christian dispositions that thou lovest, and which thou delightest to find in the fons of men. Oh! A 3


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that y may

my Savi


grant me always a true sense of my own frailty, of the shortness and uncertainty of this life, and of the eternity of that which is to come, that y may always be careful so to live, as

Thall with y had done when y come to die. Let neither fickness nor death ever surprise me, nor find me in a state unprovided; but grant,

finish the great work of my salvation before the night comes, when no man can work ; that so having laid up a good foundation of hope and comfort against the day of trouble and sickness, y may,whenever thou shalt be pleased to call me hence, chearfully resign up my soul into thy hands; and this y most humbly pray through the merits and for the sake of thy dear Son Jesus Christ our. Aflift me, O Lord, this day in all my honest labours and endeavours, and grant that y may take nothing in hand but what is agreeable to thee my God, to whom also humbly beg leave to commend

ту soul and body, and all that stand in relation to me, beseeching thee of thy great goodness to take us under thy protection, and defend us from all evil, and lead us in the

go, so that whilst we are engaged about things temporal, we may not forget the things that are eternal, nor be unmindful of that great account which we must give when thou shalt call us to judgment at the last day. Oh! leave us not to ourselves, but guard us from those snares and temptations that every-where surround us in this body of corruption. Guide us by thy good Spirit through the affairs and business of this life, that we may at last arrive at that place of everlasting rest and peace, which thou hast prepared for those who truly and sincerely love and fear thee, through the merits and intercession of thy beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord; in whose most comprehensive words, y offer up my imperfect prayers, saying as thou hast taught us, Our Father, &c.

Direcions. Here if your time will permit, add the prayers of general Intercession and Thanklgiving, as jou find them on pages 7 and 8, before you use the concluding Prayer.

The concluding Prayer.
HE Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of

God, and the fellowship of the holy Ghost, be with us all now and for evermore, Amen,

way we should



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