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Strana 97 - Almighty's form Glasses itself in tempests; in all time, Calm or convulsed, in breeze, or gale, or storm, Icing the pole, or in the torrid clime Dark-heaving; boundless, endless, and sublime, The image of Eternity, the throne Of the invisible,— even from out thy slime The monsters of the deep are made; each zone Obeys thee; thou goest forth, dread, fathomless, alone.
Strana 99 - Ireland, to be taken out by every person who shall use any dog, gun, net or other engine for the purpose of taking or killing any game whatever, or any woodcock, snipe, quail or landrail, or any conies, or any deer...
Strana 327 - In all cases where a man has a temporal loss or damage by the wrong of another, he may have an action upon the case to be repaired in damages.
Strana 101 - Persons shall, on Conviction thereof before a Justice of the Peace, forfeit and pay such Sum of Money, not exceeding Five Pounds, as to the said Justice shall seem meet, together with the Costs of the Conviction...
Strana 171 - If A. starts a hare in the ground of B, and hunts it into the ground of C, and kills it there, the property is in A, the hunter; but A. is liable to an action of trespass for hunting in the grounds as well of B. as of C.
Strana 167 - That the aforesaid provisions against trespassers and persons found on any land shall not extend to any person hunting or coursing upon any lands with hounds or greyhounds, and being in fresh pursuit of any deer, hare, or fox already started upon any other land, nor...
Strana 309 - ... years after. Pigs have been known to live to the age of thirty years; the rhinoceros to twenty. A horse has been known to live to the age of sixty-two, but averages twenty-five to thirty.
Strana 309 - Ajax, and dedicated him to the sun, and let him go, with this inscription: — "Alexander, the son of Jupiter, hath dedicated Ajax to the sun.
Strana 110 - ALMIGHTY — that power to whom man himself is indebted for his faculty of reason : not, indeed, that it might be made, as in this instance, an idle and arrogant boast, but that it should be used to give honour and reverence to his Maker. The more the wondrous works of the Creator are studied, the more will this truth become incontestable — that it is He only who has given to certain animals, or to certain tribes, an innate propensity to live, by free choice, near the haunts of man, or to submit...
Strana 101 - ... land (whether there shall or shall not be any such right by reservation or otherwise), or for any gamekeeper or servant of either of them, or for any...

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