Joseph Andrews. Preface to David Simple, etc

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Strana 19 - Gibber and others. xT is a trite but true observation, that examples work more forcibly on the mind than precepts: and if this be just in what is odious and blameable, it is more strongly so in what is amiable and praise-worthy.
Strana 16 - Having thus distinguished Joseph Andrews from the productions of romance writers on the one hand and burlesque writers on the other, and given some few very short hints (for I intended no more) of this species of writing, which I have affirmed to be hitherto unattempted in our language...
Strana 15 - ... justice. In the same manner, were we to enter a poor house, and behold a wretched family shivering with cold, and languishing with hunger, it would not incline us to laughter (at least we must have very diabolical natures if it would): but should we discover there a grate, instead of coals, adorned with flowers, empty plate or china dishes on the sideboard, or any other affectation of riches and finery, either on their persons or in their furniture, we might then indeed be excused for ridiculing...
Strana 307 - Otways, and Lees? How would those harmonious lines of the last come from their tongues? • No more; for I disdain All pomp when thou art by — far be the noise Of kings and crowns from us, whose gentle souls Our kinder fates have steer'd another way.
Strana 13 - What could exceed the absurdity of an author, who should write the comedy of Nero, with the merry incident of ripping up his mother's belly? or what would give a greater shock to humanity than an attempt to expose the miseries of poverty and distress to ridicule?
Strana 24 - He was, besides, a man of good sense, good parts, and good nature ; but was at the same time as entirely ignorant of the ways of this world as an infant just entered into it could possibly be. As he had never any intention to deceive, so he never suspected such a design in others. He was generous, friendly, and brave to an excess ; but simplicity was his characteristic : he did no more than Mr.
Strana 45 - Surprise as would have entered in at your eyes had they beheld the Lady Booby when those last words issued out from the lips of Joseph. — "Your virtue!
Strana 322 - ... is, as you say, a disposition, and does not so much consist in the act as in the disposition to do it; but alas ! Mr. Adams, who are meant by the distressed? Believe me, the distresses of mankind are mostly imaginary, and it would be rather folly than goodness to relieve them.' — ' Sure, sir,' replied Adams, ' hunger and thirst, cold and nakedness, and other distresses which attend the poor, can never be said to be imaginary evils.' — ' How can any man complain of hunger...
Strana 12 - But perhaps I have less abhorrence than he professes for it; and that, not because I have had some little success on the stage this way, but rather as it contributes more to exquisite mirth and laughter than any other ; and these are probably more wholesome physic for the mind, and conduce better to purge away spleen, melancholy, and ill affections, than is generally imagined.
Strana 221 - I declare here once for all, I describe not men, but manners; not an individual, but a species. Perhaps it will be answered, Are not the characters then taken from life ? To which I answer in the affirmative; nay, I believe I might aver, that I have writ little more than I have seen.

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