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Vivet extento Proculeius aevo
Notus in fratres animi paterni;
Illum aget penna metuente solvi

Fama superstes.
Latius regnes avidum domando
Spiritum, quam si Libyam remotis
Gadibus jungas et uterque Poenus

Serviat uni.
Crescit indulgens sibi dirus hydrops,
Nec sitim pellit, nisi causa morbi
Fugerit venis, et aquosus albo

Corpore languor.
Redditum Cyri solio Phraaten,
Dissidens plebi, numero beatorum
Eximit Virtus : populumque falsis

Dedocet uti
Vocibus, regnum et diadema tutum
Deferens uni, propriamque laurum,
Quisquis ingentes oculo inretorto

Spectat acervos.



ÆQUAM memento rebus in arduis
Servare mentem, non secus in bonis
Ab insolenti temperatam

Laetitia, moriture Delli;

Whether, through life entire, thou sorrowing pinest, Or whether, livelong festive days, reclinest

In grassy nook, indulging in

Falernian from the inner bin-
Where the huge pine-tree and the poplar white
To weave a hospitable shade delight

With mingling boughs, while, fugitive,

With the brook's curve, clear ripples strive. Hither with wine and perfumes bid them bring Sweet rose blossoms too briefly blossoming,

While age and means so let it be,

And black threads of the sisters three. From house and purchased groves must thou be gone - Villa which yellow Tiber laves—and on

The riches piled by thee on high

Thine heir will enter forcibly.
Whether thou'rt baseborn, homeless, indigent,
Or opulent, and of antique descent

From Inachus, all one to thee,

Stern Pluto's victim equally.
Unto one goal we all are forced : of all
Shakèth the urn, whence soon or late shall fall

Lot of a place in Charon's boat
To banishment eterne to float.

Seu maestus omni tempore vixeris,
Seu te in remoto gramine per dies
Festos reclinatum bearis

Interiore nota Falerni;
Quo pinus ingens albaque populus
Umbram hospitalem consociare amant
Ramis ? Quid obliquo laborat

Lympha fugax trepidare rivo?
Huc vina et unguenta et nimium breves
Flores amoenae ferre jube rosae,
Dum res et aetas et sororum

Fila trium patiuntur atra. Cedes coëmptis saltibus et domo Villaque flavus quam Tiberis lavit, Cedes et exstructis in altum

Divitiis potietur heres.
Divesne prisco natus ab Inacho
Nil interest an pauper et infima
De gente sub divo moreris,

Victima nil miserantis Orci.
Omnes eodem cogimur, omnium
Versatur urna serius ocius,
Sors exitura et nos in aeternum

Exilium impositurà cumbae.

It is generally agreed that Xanthias was a fictitious name. It is

rather a wonder therefore that more use should not have been made of the scope afforded for conjecture as to the real personage intended by it.

Blush not, my Phocian Xanthias, with shame
For love of your maid-servant. Before now
Enslaved Briseis, with her tints of snow,
Presumptuous Achilles overcame.

Captive Tecmessa's graceful symmetry
Ravished her captor Ajax Telamon :
Atrides, by the girl his arms had won,
Was set on fire in midst of victory-

When the barbarian legions fled away
Before the conquering Pthian, and, bereft
Of Hector, Pergamean Troy was left
To the exhausted Greeks an easier prey.

Be sure blonde Phillis comes of parents whose
Condition will their daughter's husband grace.
Yes, certainly, she comes of royal race:
Unjust domestic gods are what she rues.

Don't fancy that from the vile rabble she
Was chosen for you, or that one so true,
So far from any mercenary view,
Was of base mother born: it cannot be.



Ne sit ancillae tibi amor pudori,
Xanthia Phoceu ! Prius insolentem
Serva Briseis niveo colore

Movit Achillem ;

Movit Ajacem Telamone natum
Forma captivae dominum Tecmessae;
Arsit Atrides medio in triumpho

Virgine rapta,

Barbarae postquam cecidere turmae
Thessalo victore et ademptus Hector
Tradidit fessis leviora tolli

Pergama Grais.

Nescias an te generum beati
Phyllidis flavae decorent parentes :
Regium certe genus et penates

Maeret iniquos.

Crede non illam tibi de scelesta
Plebe dilectam, neque sic fidelem,
Sic lucro aversam potuisse nasci

Matre pudenda.


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