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The principles of this Essay con

fiftent with the interests of
Science, and the rights of
mankind. Imperfection of
the School-logic, pag. 406 — 434

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The subject continued. Efti

mate of Metaphyfic and Metaphysical writers. Causes of the present degeneracy of Moral Science,

434 - 512

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Pag. 19. lin. 15. dele such

34. 55. lin. ult. read Bouju,
144. lin. penult, read conviction
218. lin. 7. dele the
227. lin. 24. for eminence read note
248. lin. penult. read Avery
253. lin. antepenult, read #nutes
361. lin. 5. for same read some
528. lin. 22. read possibly

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